#2159 Watching the clouds roll in

It’s been such a hot… no not, even day, or spate of days… try week! Maybe even weeks! Geez!

So I was super rapt to know a change was coming this late evening. My goal was to stand outside in the rain and get soaked, so I stood there, waiting…

Then I thought I should get a better view, so I went UP ⬆

And I waited there.

Baby girl joined me, so did Hubbie. We watched the sky. So stormy. A big grey cloud threatening, coming closer, closer…

Surely in like a matter of minutes, it would pelt down with rain!

Guess what?


Well I’m not outside of course, we went inside soon after we realised the clouds seemed to disappear as they arrived in our part of town, every time. 🤔

But, even though ominous and grey, they were still beautiful. ☁💖

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