#2208 Better than this

What a weird holiday this is turning out to be.

There is so much moodiness. So much unsettledness. Things are uneasy, uncertain, and oftentimes it’s just crap.

Today represented all of that. After having off days (when we were sick), then on days (when we went out and had heaps of fun), this was most definitely an off day once again.

We did NOTHING. Well except for take baby girl to her first swimming lesson of the year, then after that, NADA.



I can’t even said I did anything overly productive at home. We were flat, uninspired, and lacking real motivation for anything.

But, I have a thought! A theory really. Mercury is currently in retrograde and affecting communication up until Feb 3, so things are bound to be crappy amongst all of us for a while yet.

It’s important to note, because knowing this if you’re hearing bad news, or someone won’t get back to you, or there is just massive mixed communication, well you can be kinder in your response and subsequent action because the planets are ALL to blame.

It makes me feel better, anyway. 🤷‍♀️

So what am I actually grateful for? Well, tomorrow can’t be any shitter than this. The shit, crappy, annoying day is over, and tomorrow has to be better.

Surely… 🤞🙏

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