#2209 A better tide

As expected, the tide has turned.

I knew that the worst had to be behind us yesterday, and I was 100% correct. The tide turned, and with it we found ourselves at a different beach to our usual one.

We met up with some friends there, and the day was honestly spectacular. To the deeper waters, the expanse of water and sand and people as far as the eye can see, the kids playing, and then the extra catch-up which continued at our place after the beach… it was a really beautiful day.

Having been in lockdown for so long over the past few years, and then getting out and needing to self-isolate so much due to sickness, well you really come to realise how important and valuable good company is. Not just company, but good company. Company where you talk and talk, you keep finding out great things about each other, and the vibes just keep on rolling.

There is happiness, laughter and relatability. Life is good when you discover this, and we have realised recently, more than ever, that we want to have the right people around us, and having fun with them as much as we possibly can.

Grateful to have days like this, where the adults have as much fun as the kids do. 🙏💖

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