#2210 A year in planning

Just over a year ago in early Jan, we were in San Remo. And during our trip there, we happened across an amazing surf beach called Smiths Beach on the way to Phillip Island. We only dipped our toes (and legs!) in at the time, but vowed we would be back days later.

True to our plan, we headed off on day 3. We even bought a boogie board on the way over, and wandered past a really nice cafe… and then minutes later our car overheated, we pulled over, and were suddenly in the midst of a 3 hour wait for car emergency assist in 30 degree heat. 🤦‍♀️

When we got the car somewhat moving, we were close enough to walk to the aforementioned cafe, where the owner there was absolutely amazing enough to drive Hubbie back to our car with water to help cool it down, as well as give us a contact number for a mechanic in town. We were able to get back to the resort, get the mechanic’s help, and a couple of days later head home with a newly fixed car!

But, we never got to swim at Smiths with that island boogie board.

Today… finally! It happened.

We went back to the cafe with a little bottle of something to say thank you again, and had a delicious meal there. The name is The Haven Wave Cafe in Newhaven, and if you are ever passing there, know that you will be in extremely safe, friendly and hospitable hands, with actually really yummy food! We now know that for sure.

Once we had filled our bellies, we headed 10 minutes down the road to Smiths Beach.


I mean, I live near the beach, and I was IN LOVE with this beach. It has great waves, really good for beginners with boogie boards, but also great for those wanting to go a little deeper and catch a wave with their surfboard.

We had the best time, the best day, and as we were all taking turns using the boogie board, getting swept up in the ocean, laughing out loud and screaming like kids, I had an idea.💡

I think we have borne a new tradition.

Drive up to Phillip Island early in the day. Stop at Haven Wave Cafe for a late brunch to fuel up, then go down the road to jump and swim for hours on end at Smiths Beach.

Sounds like a bloody perfect day if you ask me. 😍

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