#2315 The best laugh

You know that annoying thing that kids do, when they imitate every thing you say, like a personal parrot?


Baby girl was doing this such thing after school. We were having coffee time… which means I have the coffee, and she has the milk.

And then she started to copy everything I said.

I usually try to ignore it, and laugh it off. I even try to go on and keep talking, but it’s highly distracting, hearing your words echoed to you again…

And again.

And again.

So I decided to throw her off.

I took a sip of my coffee, and she copied by taking a sip of her milk…

Then I lifted my head upwards, and started gurgling the coffee in my mouth!

She started coughing! I quickly gulped down the coffee and was like, “cough it out, cough it out!”

She did a few really good coughs, and as soon as she had regained her breath, she started cracking up! She was laughing and laughing, and I couldn’t help myself, soon I was doubled over in laughter too.

She does this laugh cackle, but it’s in this cute and really addictive way – you can’t not laugh. And we were just there making each other laugh, we couldn’t even look at each other without breaking up again.

It reminded me of how much I used to laugh as a kid and a teen, and how much of that it seems we lose as we get older… which is why it’s vital to hang around kids. They keep you young and remind you of all the fun, silly stuff, the stuff that is so important to keeping the child in you alive.

They may do silly things, but in doing so they encourage you to be silly back… and keep things light.

Lightness. Silliness. It’s what we all need more of. I know I do. 💖

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