#2316 Front seat girls

I have a secret.

Don’t tell baby girl.

Some time ago we removed the car seat from my car. She is getting older, and besides that, she’s a very tall girl, so it was becoming redundant anyway. From what I’ve read, the ‘loose’ law is that children must be 145cm before they can travel without a child seat in a car. I say loose, because I believe in Victoria anyway, it’s not enforceable, it’s just recommended.

She is 140cm.

She is sooo close. Still we don’t mind, and we know plenty other kids (one of her friends is over a head shorter than her!) who are already travelling without a child seat. 😏

She is so excited to be out of it, but more often than not she wants to sit up the front, next to me. Now, I tell her firmly, until she is 145cm, or until her next birthday, she has to sit in the back because it’s safer for her full stop… that is my rule.

And yet she still somehow gets her way.

She’s suggested that on Fridays she can travel up the front with me, and I’ve agreed. And then there are days like today after school, where she asked if she can jump next to me on the way home from school…

And how could I say no?

So here is my secret… that I can never tell her…

I actually really love having her up there next to me. 💖😁

It’s so much fun, me and my buddy, my mini me, sitting side by side. She changes all of the stations, because she can, and always needs to put the window down too, in cold weather and all.

I can’t tell her though, or else she will never sit in the back seat again!

Today she turned it to my ipod, and we were just cruising there along the Esplanade on the way home, and some perfect pumping tunes came on so we turned it up.

Me, my princess, the water, the sun and the music. It was bliss. 🙏💞

2 thoughts on “#2316 Front seat girls

  1. Oh isn’t it such a joyful yet tearful moment! They’re still your baby but all grown up. It’s these little things you don’t realise are “things” until they become “things” ! Lol! 💙❤️💙❤️


    1. So true! Also, you miss them being little, but at the same time enjoy this new grown up child next to you… but still miss that chubby face! Oh so bittersweet!


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