#2318 The cat-pat break

People are creatures of habit.

So are animals. Creatures of habit. 😆

Once I do something that appeals to Mister F, he very quickly catches on, and the next day you will find him seeking or waiting for the same thing.

When I work from home I sit at my desk by the window and he knows now (creature of habit he is) that he will find me there if he goes to the back door. And sure enough, come around 11am, after he’s dug his hole and gone on his adventure, he will come back, look at me through the back door and –


He’s not that loud, it’s more of a teeny meow. But he will sit there, lick himself, send me messages via his green eyes through the door, all for me to let him in so he can have his late morning nap inside. 😆

I usually take him straight to the laundry because I’m working. If we had a door in the room I work, I would close it and let him sleep next to me, but alas no door, and I can’t let him wander around while I sit there… who knows what he would get up to. 🤔

So he naps in the laundry, a good 4 hour nap. 😏

But the last few days I’ve been letting him take his time, and wander, supervised. 😆 I let him in, and he rubs against my legs…

And I’ve decided to relax a bit too, enjoy the work-at-home perks, and I’ve been having cat-pat breaks.

I pat him. It’s like 3 minutes out of my day, but I follow him around the room, or he follows me, I’m not quite sure… it’s a bit of a chicken-egg scenario, but nonetheless there is wandering and walking, and then I pat him.

When I stop patting him, he looks up at me, pressed firmly against my leg, like “why?”

So I pat him again. 💖

He is happy. I am happy. I have a bit of a break away from the desk.

I like this working from home business, and I think he much prefers it too. 😻

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