#2402 2 cakes

I’m excited, because things are finally falling into place.

Like the cakes.

For two years we’ve missed out on throwing a birthday party for our baby girl, so now, we will have 2 CAKES.

One for her, and one for me. After all, I AM a birthday girl too! 😉

I’ll wait until the birthday party for the proper cake reveal, but I’m excited. I’m kinda over the birthday cakes we’ve had in the past… nothing against them, really, some were really nice. But a lot of the time, it’s just a different flavoured mud cake, or it’s just sickly sweet cream layered between sponges in a variety of psychedelic colours with as many additives in them than anything else.

I’ve gone a little old-school this time. I’ve gone back to my roots, gone European.

I found this cake shop, and these people literally are OUR people. They are from our background, make cakes from our culture. Both mine and baby girl’s cakes are two small cakes sandwiched together, so that there will be four flavours within both!

I will divulge, because some things just can’t wait, and what the hell let’s get excited together. 😁😁😁😁

Baby girl’s cake is one part swiss chocolate – apparently a popular kids cake choice – with layers of fresh cream, sponge, and of course chocolate. Drooool. The other part of her cake is strawberry cream. Again sponge, fresh cream, maybe even strawberry cream, and slices of strawberry throughout. OMG.

My cake is the one I’m a little more excited about. The cake lady recommended I do this hazelnut one, I will call it hazelnut something… she said it’s a real favourite amongst the adults and that it’s a very, very good one. I said sold. She could have called it hazelnut shit and I still would have said sold. (It’s not shit, but you know what I mean.)

The other half is… DUM DA DUM… ferrero rocher! OMG, take my money now!

So she did actually, a deposit. 🤣

It feels good to tick things off my list, even though it feels like there are a million things left to do… but it’s all for a good cause, so I know the next week will be busy, satisfying, and joyful.

And full of cake dreams. 😍🎂🍰😍

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