#2403 Black and white like her mumma

Here are some phrases that baby girl uttered while watching the Pies take on the Demons in Friday night footy earlier this evening.

“Tackle him!”

“Don’t let them BREATHE on the ball!”

“Get the ball, get it, get it Collingwood!”

This was all hilarious for me to hear, because I had been saying those exact things earlier too. 🤦‍♀️🤣

She is a mini me, down to the footy team that we barrack for. For some reason though, she is actually a lover too, saying that she likes ALL footy teams, except for one… I will keep that to myself so as not to offend anyone out there. 😁🤣

But she is black and white, like her mumma. Evident in her shouts tonight, her screams. I can’t even tell her to quieten down. I was screaming just like that weeks ago, and went into such a frenzied state barracking for them to win, which they did, that I developed a headache that night from all the yelling. 🤦‍♀️

I think it’s sweet, and so, so cute, because it’s become a little like family tradition. I watched my Mum get heated over the footy over the years, yelling and swearing at the TV, or radio, and now I too am getting heated, and baby girl is taking it all in… whoops. 😬

Passion. It’s all passion. And watching the last quarter with her, whispering our hoorays because Hubbie was already in bed for work tomorrow, shaking our fists in the air and grinning at each other, was such a special moment, I was so glad to share it with her. 💖

My little Pie, my mini me. 🥰🥰⚫🤍⚫🤍

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