#2459 It’s good to be Friday

This week has just been a really big, full, mind-f$%k of a week.

I’ve already outlined the reasons earlier this week, many times, so I won’t do it again.

But I’m tired. My head is full. There is so much happening. It hasn’t been easy. It’s felt unrelenting.

Yes, it’s also been fun. But so, so busy.

And so to put an end to this week, and go ahhh…

Looking forward to a sleep in. 😴

Looking forward to just, cleaning the house and doing the washing! 🧽🧹

Looking forward to blasting a few (or 8) records from the player. 🎢

Looking forward to the sunshine. 🌞

Looking forward to catching up with friends. πŸ’–

All of this has me grateful that I’m finally, HERE. πŸ™

#2458 Revisiting the tulips

It’s been a busy school holiday period, what with 🀰and appointments, being busy with house renos 🏑 and then the normal everyday joys of work and routine keeping us going on going on with not much free time.

We have had some fun, but I’ve been yearning to take baby girl out for a whole day, to see and do something special, specific to the school holidays.

After a 4 year break, half of it due to covid, we ventured back to Silvan to visit the tulips at the Tesselaar Tulip Festival.

I tried to make the day as special for her as possible. I said yes as often as I could – yes to craft activities, yes to watching Paw Patrol on stage, yes to the fairy figurines she wanted to buy, yes to the cookies… πŸ™„πŸ€£

I am now so pooped beyond recognition and I think so is she, that I’m almost glad to be staying home tomorrow and working. πŸ˜†

#2457 Choc full of information

It’s been a day of information.

Interesting information.

Insightful information.

Comforting information.

Overload of information!

And then finally, there was some ‘chocolate research’ that resulted in some sweet information…


I have to admit, this was shared amongst three, I DID NOT eat that thing on my own, no way! Especially being kinda like my last supper…

It’s school hols, what the hell!

#2456 Half way

We had a few cool things happen today.

But nothing compares to the fact that today I am officially HALF WAY there.

Half way through my pregnancy! 😁😁🀰🀰

I think my belly is decent sized already. My calendar is getting filled up with appointments way into next year. And the baby room has had a beautiful refurb, and even as a fairly blank canvas with minimal baby furniture, is looking stunning already. πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

The nausea is gone (thank God! πŸ™πŸ™) the cravings rear their heads every now and then (hello salty foods and OJ) and baby kicks on a very regular basis, morning, night, and after I eat. πŸ˜πŸ˜†

20 weeks down… 20 weeks to go?

It is all happening! πŸ₯°πŸ™

#2455 Family support

It’s been a bit of a tricky day for me.

But I take comfort and find calm in the support around me, from many members of my family.

Their reassuring, realistic and steadfast words help me to believe, I can do this.

Baby girl’s sweet hugs.

Hubbie’s encouraging words.

My Mum’s flippant remarks (those work too, I assure you!)

My sister’s deep care and experience making me feel assured.

My cousin’s wealth of information, helping me to feel less alone, ‘I’m not the only one.’

It’s crazy to think, I have what I want, but I’m still getting there.

Life isn’t perfect. If anyone knows this, it’s me. And yet despite the challenges I’ve faced along the way, I still have the deepest gratitude for the life I live, and feel profoundly lucky to have what I have.

Which is love. Family support. Those that are there for me during hard times.

Thank you. πŸ™πŸ’–

#2454 Park and paint

Today I had a lot to be grateful for.

And the source of gratitude came in ticking things off the list…

Renos from the list, and family time on the list.

The latter, which is sooo important.

A perfect Sunday is created when you strike a good balance between being productive, but also having some relaxing down time. We painted the first coat of the window frame in our bedroom today before the sheers and blinds go in (‘we’ meaning Hubbie did the hard yakka, and I did the project managing πŸ˜†) and then spent the afternoon venturing down to Flinders for an afternoon walk, some ice cream and park play.

Then we sandwiched the Flinders drive with a second coat of paint as the sun shone brightly through our bedroom at the end of the afternoon. Again I was the ‘overseer’ as Hubbie finished the job, and we felt super content and productive as we reflected on the Sunday that was. 🌞😁

#2453 Dancing and d&ms

Tonight was such a great night.

It really makes a difference when ALL family members are happy.

Baby girl had her cousins… I had my family and cousins… and well, Hubbie just gets along with everyone. πŸ˜†

There was dancing, there was d&ms… there was even drive-through at the end of the night. 🀣

One of those nights that are so good, you want it to keep going… and going…

#2452 The best shopping gift

I like this photo.

I took it today, while resting amidst shopping for a coffee/tea break with my Mum, and baby girl.

We took her out today for a bit of shopping, and just for a day out. I think often with loved ones, well me anyway, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to make the day just right, perfect, hoping it will fulfil all and any prior expectations.

But the only real important things are moments like these. Sitting and chatting. Speaking your truth. Feeling loved and supported in a safe space.

It doesn’t matter what you buy. Because time spent with loved ones is the most valuable commodity.


#2451 Living like a tourist

The one thing about living bayside that bugs me the most?

Tourists coming here and living my life when I am not doing it!

Living where we do, it becomes an ultimate hotspot in warm periods and over long weekends and public holidays.

Today was a public holiday, at the start of a LONG weekend.

And, it was sunny.

Of course, the people were out and about!

However, I was working today. Even so, having the sun out, shining through the window, and Hubbie and baby girl walking through the house made me feel good.

But… we wanted a tad more. So as soon as I clocked off, we headed off to the Main Street, to tourist with the rest of them. 😁

We grabbed some ice cream, lining up for 15 minutes behind the hoards of people, and then did a slow meander down between the park and the beach, before doing a walk across the sand, then a stop at the park for baby girl.

So many years ago we were like those tourists. In fact we loved it here so much, we decided to actually move. But often as is life, it gets away from us, and we end up going through the motions and the routines, obsessed with our to-do lists, more than we do the living in the present moment, which is how it gets, I think for everyone, from time to time…

It takes effort, it takes balance and it takes patience, but living your life and enjoying it is very well worth it.

And if it means you have to act like a tourist to make it happen, well so be it. Just as well I have a bed locally to sleep in. 🀣

#2450 Happy day in many happy ways

Today was one of those exceptionally full days. There early wake-up, appointments, brunches and finishing jobs, starting jobs, car and home and car and home, and then even a Zoom seminar to top it all off.

No wonder I’m feeling absolutely spent. πŸ₯±

But it was a good day, in so many ways.

I started off my day with a GTT test – the glucose tolerance test as a part of pregnancy. I had to spend two hours at the pathology centre, and contend with rising and then falling sugar in my system on a bare stomach, but the time actually went quickly, and I even spent the second hour writing on my laptop (which I brought with me, tee hee hee).

Fast forward to later on in the day, and our painting upstairs is done! That is super exciting for us, now we just need the blind people to come and install our sheers and blinds, which will be happening soon.

I got a parcel of belly cream which I placed on order not too long ago, and I ended the day doing a one-night Zoom seminar via the Australian Writers’ Centre, focusing on story openings. I think the tutor Pamela Freeman is amazing, having taught me before in another online AWC class, and I got so much from this one tonight on tightening and sharpening the beginning chapter of your novel, my head was absolutely swimming with information and trying to work out how I would make it work!

But perhaps the most touching and heart-warming parts of the day were very, very simple.

Sure, we had a beautiful brunch together, that was a family brunch, not a couple brunch, because baby girl is on school holidays…

And even though I gorged on food after fasting (mine AND theirs!), the sweetest moment actually came before that when I walked into the cafe, looking for them, after having left the house super early for my GTT, and found them at a table. Their smiles were so sweet, they were so welcoming, and there was something really lovely about coming in and finding my family waiting for me, it made me feel like home…

There was a face painter on the Main Street, and baby girl lined up after our brunch to get a face hand painting done for free, as part of the school hols…

And though that was sweet too, it wasn’t the best.

Standing in line with her waiting to get it done was the highlight. The face painter was actually her face painter, the woman we had recently for her birthday. She recognised us by name and asked how we were, and I asked how she was, and an unspoken agreement occurred between us, unsaid but felt and recognised by us and only us in the crowd and queue of people all around, because of the very personal conversation we had had that day of baby girl and mine’s party, right before we had announced we were expecting again.

So I was thinking of her while talking to her, and then this flute player, she had what can only be described as one of those traditional flute type instruments, but it’s not a flute, the instrument is wooden and has like 5 or 6 holes that you blow across and sounds like mountain music, and this person who was playing and just literally 2 metres away from us, starting playing an Abba song.

And as I realised the song, the meaning, the moment, who was there, all that had transpired, and where we now were in life, it all really got to me, and I got teary. The song has great meaning for me, and every time I hear a song like this on the ‘other side,’ I get super grateful as well as super emotional.

I’m counting all the happy times, ’cause God knows the Universe owes me a thousand rain checks.


β€œChiquitita you and I know

How the heartaches come and they go and the scars they’re leaving

You’ll be dancing once again and the pain will end

You will have no time for grieving

Chiquitita you and I cry

But the sun is still in the sky and shining above you

Let me hear you sing once more like you did before

Sing a new song Chiquitita.”