#2447 The 9 night getaway

Tonight we begin our 9 night mini holiday. 🥰

The last time we went away for a duration nearly as long as that was when we were in Europe on our Honeymoon for 5 weeks…

13 years ago!

And tonight, we get to have decent break, finally, yet again…

The location?

Downstairs. 🤣

We are getting away downstairs, to the spare room. Because the two rooms upstairs (including our one) is going through a little renovation.

We’re getting both rooms painted and blinds and sheers put in. The smell of paint will be great no doubt, and this job won’t be done overnight either. The paint dust and smell needs to literally settle, then early next week, the windows will get furnished!

Then, and only then, can we move back to our brand new bedroom. 😁

We’ve spent the last 5 days moving stuff out of those two rooms, bar for some heavy furniture, like the bed, cot, dresser, etc. We’ve brought out pillows downstairs, our alarm clocks, even our doona!

It is super weird to be sleeping in another part of the house, but also kinda exciting. Hubbie keeps joking it’s like we’re going away, and I gotta agree, it does feel like that, there is an amount of novelty attached to the event…

Because, you know what they say…

‘A change is as good as a holiday.’

And we are literally sleeping somewhere different for a change!

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