#2448 The grass is greener downstairs

Still on the reno and our altered sleeping arrangements.

Whenever I get home from anywhere, I immediately get changed into trakkies. I can not do it soon enough. Even more so being pregnant, and even with my comfy pregnancy jeans (they are comfy with their high elastic tummy coverage) I STILL need to get into my trakkies, pronto.

This afternoon after I got home with baby girl from her swim class, she headed off into the shower, and I looked up the stairs, in the direction I usually head when I need to get changed… my bedroom.

But no. Upstairs was now officially a painting site with drop sheets everywhere and furniture taped away and protected under more clear sheets, it being day 1 of painting and all.

Our bedroom, temporarily, was now downstairs.

And I didn’t have to go up the stairs to get changed.

OMG. I had no idea how annoying this task was, even more so these last few months, until literally this afternoon. I was marvelling at how amazing it was to simply walk to another room on the ground floor, and not have to chug upstairs!

It was bliss!

When Hubbie came home and went to get changed, he soon discovered the same thing… “Oh my God,” he said. “This is the best!”

My only concern now is that this is so good, not even having to use stairs, that we won’t want to go back to our original room once the reno is done. I hope that the reno is so good, it entices us back. 😁

For now, we will enjoy the grass on the other side… or the bedroom on the ground floor. 🛏️

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