#2449 Baby parcel

Hubbie messaged me early this morning, alerting me that something we had ordered for the car was arriving today.

He was excited.

So some time after it had arrived, when baby told me there was a parcel at the door, I had to ask her twice.

Sure enough, there was.

Gone are the days of covid and lockdown where we were going trigger-parcel-happy, and I was losing track of what I had ordered, what had arrived, and what was still to come.

Sure Hubbie’s car part was here… what was this package?

And it was addressed to me.

It occurred to me then… ahh yes. That belly cream. It’s arrived. That’s it.

But when I looked at the sender’s address and saw where it came from, my confusion only grew again!

What had I ordered from a popular baby clothes brand? Hold on, I hadn’t, which meant…

Now, I was excited. 😁

Work, schmork. Baby girl and I eagerly opened the parcel, and I was beaming from start to end.

It was a beautiful parcel sent to me by one of my besties. OMG.

Baby clothes to get me through the first few months. All neutral of course, but so gorgeous and cuddly and warm, OMG! I was so excited and grateful, sending her an ecstatic thank you, and then just beaming at them all, so, so happy.

Surprise parcels are the best. I feel blessed. πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ™πŸ™

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