#2614 The ‘other’ anniversary

It only occurred to me earlier in the week. My nephew was scheduled to have a procedure today, and as I thought about the date, the familiarity of November 24th started to sink in.

Of course. It was my ‘other’ anniversary.

2 years ago, I had a procedure. Well two actually, I can reveal that, more now. I shared this info with my sister the other day, saying that it was a day of rebirth for me, and hopefully it would be a day of rebirth for him too. He and I now shared a big thing in common.

November 24.

When I step back from the day, nothing physically changed for me, not that I was aware of anyway. Nothing was found to be ‘wrong’ with me. I went home the same day. And to some extent (SOME) I went about the rest of my days as I had before.

The procedures had found nothing out, leaving me as clueless as I was when I went into it.

But mentally, emotionally, something huge had shifted. It had shifted in me. I was stronger. I felt more confident. I also felt like I could tackle a lot more than what I previously thought. I realised I was courageous, when before I had felt like a coward.

2 years on, and I can’t believe where I am now.

It was always part of my wildest dreams, but to be on the other side of that dream is something else.

A few important things punctuated this day.

Firstly, I sent positive energy my nephew’s way, and soon heard back that he was doing well, recovering and at home. Thank goodness. 🙏

Thirdly (yes I’m jumping) I finally got my car back! Enough said, freedom is back.

But in the middle lay the sweet stuff. I had a hospital check-up… for my pregnancy. 🤰🥰 I wonder what the November 2020 version of SmikG would have thought about the insight that in Nov of ’22 I would be talking about iron reserves, sugar, my fundus being checked (and being spot on in the middle!) being happy about gaining 6 kilos, and hearing baby’s heartbeat, while also getting a distinct kick for the midwife (because baby kicks all the time).

She would have lost her mind. She would have been unbelievably happy. But that version of me had to go through what she did, to get to this place.

To get to me.

I am grateful to that version of me, for her bravery, her strength. Mostly I’m grateful that she held on, and never gave up.

I will make sure to keep the tradition going. 💪

It may have done not much at the time, but I swear, I will never forget this date.

November 24 changed my life. 🙏

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