#2575 (Un)masked

Ok, enough with the anonymity. It’s about time I show you my face…

Mask. 😂

I bought these coffee and charcoal face masks from the Rachael Finch range, way before I fell pregnant, so it’s been at least a year they’ve been in my house that I HAVEN’T used them.

I figured, if it’s taking me so long to use them when I am pre-baby, imagine how much less time I’ll have for them once baby arrives…

It’s not even like there is much work involved, but it’s doing something that is out of practice, or out of your usual routine that makes it hard. Even though it isn’t.

It took me all of one minute to mix it up…

A couple more minutes to apply to my face…

10 minutes of lying there and meditating/visualising peacefully with said mask.

Then another good five minutes to get it off (it hardened well!)

So like, 20 minutes in total really!

It was a wonderful idea, and something I will definitely try to inject more time for, even when baby is here, now that I know how achievable (and short a time) it really is.

I just better make sure I don’t apply the mask and then attend to baby. You know… poor thing might get a shock or something.

“Where is my Mum and who the hell are you?” 😂😂

Incognito Mama. 🎭

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