#468 Churchies give me coffee and a muffin

Ahhh. Hot, sweet, hot, sweet (did I say hot?) coffee, accompanied by a perfectly executed warm egg and bacon muffin. I almost didn’t have this. If I didn’t act precautionary and stuff extra coins into my coffee purse (yes I have a coffee purse), I totally wouldn’t have had it AT ALL. At the usual time … Continue reading #468 Churchies give me coffee and a muffin

#166 The scent of a coffee

Pushing a trolley half-filled with groceries alongside an antsy, soon-to-be-climbing-the-sides baby girl, I caught the aroma as I sped past a café. The dizzying heights of addictive caffeine hit me in an instant, inflating my nostrils with the heavenly scent, travelling deep into the depths of passionate refuge. “At home you’re going to have a … Continue reading #166 The scent of a coffee