#2048 The working day off

I was so happy that today was a public holiday.

Baby girl is on school holidays.

Even Hubbie had the day off work.


I was still working from home… and I was happy about it!

I don’t know why, but it made all the difference in the world that Hubbie was home.

It meant that it was less of a balancing act for me, what with working, and then tending to baby girl’s needs all day…

It was just nah, my stuff. All my stuff, and nothing else!

And I guess, knowing that my family was nearby, despite the work… it was a good feeling.


#2045 Decadent dessert

I made this tiramisu on Saturday night.

I have been eating it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I have to. I mean, it’s not like I can just go to somebody’s house and be like, here, have some alcoholic/caffeinated super decadent dessert… there is no one close enough like that within my lockdown kms.

(I would share, honestly, seriously I would).

Yes, I said alcohol. Frangelico my dears, an entire cup’s worth!

And the same quantity of coffee too!

Topped off with a sprinkling of chopped up hazelnuts mixed through cocoa powder…

Nom nom nom nom nom.

#2044 Spring heater

Can I just say, re today’s weather…


If you live in Melbourne, you will know my extreme confusion. But then again, living here my whole life, I shouldn’t really be surprised by Melbourne weather anymore, even in September…

Even in Spring…

Even when we’ve had warm days exceeding 20 degrees…

NONE of that matters, when you’re in Melbourne.

Today, FREEZING. I put the heater on so many times today, and got the rudest of cold blasts when I ventured outside to get my cat, Mister F.

He for some insane reason, wanted to stay outside! Despite wind, the rain, the freezing temperature…

Despite the stronger than Winter weather!

And I am so grateful for the heater. Brrr.

We had such a close call yesterday, we were nearly without the heater today. That would have been a nightmare and a half. At bedtime I switched on baby girl’s salt lamp, and the globe blew, resulting in a power surge flicking the safety switch off in our security box.

All of the lamps connected to electricity wouldn’t work in her room, and then we realised, shock horror, the heater also wasn’t working!

But a quick visit into the dark of night to flick it back again, and all was good in the world again…

PHEW. So, so close.

It made me that much more grateful for the electric warmth today, on this freezing cold Spring day.❄🔥💖

#2043 No-job Sunday

I try to catch up on little bits and pieces on Sundays.

Today, I had no urge to do any of that, whatsoever.

Call it grey-day blues. Call it lockdown weariness.

I called it, listen-to-my-body day.

How often do we get a chance to do nothing, and we are allowed to do so?

You know what I mean… most of the time when don’t feel like doing anything, we actually don’t have the possibility of actually not doing it.

We still have to do it! Because, well, life.

But today, I felt like doing NOTHING, and guess what? I actually could afford the down time.

I actually had a few things on my to-do list, but I let it all go and did very, very little.

And I feel fabulous for it. 💖🙏

#2042 Finishing Freddie


We finally finished this 500 piece puzzle today!

You know where the hardest part comes? At the end. That may sound weird, ’cause you might think, ‘well you’ve got less pieces, how can it be harder?’

See all those light blue pieces? Yeah, and those dark navy blue pieces?

They are all the same. We had to leave most of those ’til last, and some pieces were put in place where they didn’t belong, because sometimes, sometimes, a piece will match with another almost perfectly, and you can, shock horror, put it in the wrong place.

Combine puzzle pieces all the same colour, with misplacing the wrong piece in place, and all of a sudden you find yourself backtracking A LOT.

We fortunately didn’t need to backtrack too much today (we did it on other days, lol).

Gee it looks good finished, doesn’t it?


#2041 Time for Twilight

Well, if you haven’t judged me before, get ready to become Judgey Mc Judgeface.

Guess what I watched tonight, on Netflix?



I can’t explain it. Well I can, a little. I saw some short clips from the movies on facebook a while back, and something about it planted a seed in me.

The pale-faced, skin-shimmering, vampire teenage unrequited lust/love seed.

I read the books, A LONG time ago. And then of course there were the movies, which I can say not so sheepishly (because these end up becoming the best memories) that I hung out at the cinema with my friends at midnight, waiting for it to tick over to the next day just so we could watch the new movie as soon as it struck 12am, with like, no kidding, a thousand other girls.

The best, and funniest memories. 🤣

Now I’m saying ‘judgey,’ because I know a lot of people raise their eyebrows at stuff like Twilight. They argue, it’s not literature, it’s not well-written, and it’s just a whole lot of pained glances and pining away.

I actually don’t care. To me, it’s entertainment. I liked it back then, and I realised tonight, I actually still like it! I put it on, and even Hubbie found himself getting caught in it, saying “Shh, what did he just say?” He even remembered (yes I dragged him along back in the day) the part where Edward stops the car from slamming into Bella, before it happened… I had even forgotten that part!

🤣🤣 Oh God. I love the guy.

To me, it is YA/vampire, which I don’t mind a bit of considering the Angel fan that I am, and of course I love YA… having the he’s-so-dangerous-I-want-him-but-he’s-bad-for-me trope is a pretty strong one, let’s face it, especially in the teen department where everything is so passion-fuelled and angst-filled already, so the combo is like PWHOAR!

The Twilight series got people reading, thinking… and I think that’s a really good thing. People get sooo riled up about how appropriate or acceptable it is, when really… it’s just a book, or it’s just a movie.

You know, I like Jane Austen too? Shakespeare even? Oh the horror, how can I, how can I put them in the same blog post?!

You don’t have to read it, or watch it if you don’t want to! Fancy that newsflash.

Anyway, if you like me have just gotten some Twilight-feels, you can check it out on Netflix… Until tomorrow. Yep, all four movies finish their subscription with the service, TOMORROW.

Bloody timing. (Pardon the pun).

#2039 Signs of Spring no.4

Here as some cool snaps from today.

From our front yard:

The orchid features again, and we have so many birds of paradise, two of them are even kissing like above. ⬆💋⬆

And this is a tree that folds over the fence from our neighbours’ yard. Every year I eagerly anticipate it blooming like this: pink and white, so bright and beautiful.

It only lasts a few weeks at most, but it makes that whole area look sooo pretty.

Lastly, a couple more at the front of the house. Our kinda recently transplanted olive tree, doing well, and a tiny plum tree, recently planted, already blossoming.

Love Spring. 💖🌹💐🌷🍃🌿