#2514 The ‘other’ anniversary

It only occurred to me earlier in the week. My nephew was scheduled to have a procedure today, and as I thought about the date, the familiarity of November 24th started to sink in.

Of course. It was my ‘other’ anniversary.

2 years ago, I had a procedure. Well two actually, I can reveal that, more now. I shared this info with my sister the other day, saying that it was a day of rebirth for me, and hopefully it would be a day of rebirth for him too. He and I now shared a big thing in common.

November 24.

When I step back from the day, nothing physically changed for me, not that I was aware of anyway. Nothing was found to be ‘wrong’ with me. I went home the same day. And to some extent (SOME) I went about the rest of my days as I had before.

The procedures had found nothing out, leaving me as clueless as I was when I went into it.

But mentally, emotionally, something huge had shifted. It had shifted in me. I was stronger. I felt more confident. I also felt like I could tackle a lot more than what I previously thought. I realised I was courageous, when before I had felt like a coward.

2 years on, and I can’t believe where I am now.

It was always part of my wildest dreams, but to be on the other side of that dream is something else.

A few important things punctuated this day.

Firstly, I sent positive energy my nephew’s way, and soon heard back that he was doing well, recovering and at home. Thank goodness. 🙏

Thirdly (yes I’m jumping) I finally got my car back! Enough said, freedom is back.

But in the middle lay the sweet stuff. I had a hospital check-up… for my pregnancy. 🤰🥰 I wonder what the November 2020 version of SmikG would have thought about the insight that in Nov of ’22 I would be talking about iron reserves, sugar, my fundus being checked (and being spot on in the middle!) being happy about gaining 6 kilos, and hearing baby’s heartbeat, while also getting a distinct kick for the midwife (because baby kicks all the time).

She would have lost her mind. She would have been unbelievably happy. But that version of me had to go through what she did, to get to this place.

To get to me.

I am grateful to that version of me, for her bravery, her strength. Mostly I’m grateful that she held on, and never gave up.

I will make sure to keep the tradition going. 💪

It may have done not much at the time, but I swear, I will never forget this date.

November 24 changed my life. 🙏

#2473 6 years of the bay

Exactly 6 years ago, on October 14th, also a Friday, we moved our lives to the other side of this city.

It somehow feels like a lot of time has passed, while in some ways it feels like it’s flown by.

There has been a lot of growth though.

We have grown. All of us. Baby girl has grown up here. She’s established her friendships and school life here, and that is something we’ve always wanted.

We finally know the secret back streets, best places that do coffee (priority) have our favourite and then our experimental beaches, as well as our reliable local grocery spots where we seem to spend so much time at.

Our house has changed. We have done a lot to it, renovations and face lifts and improvements, and yet, there is still much more to go.

But, baby steps.

Lastly, our home has grown in love. Years ago we welcomed a feline friend, saved from the local shelter no less, and the love is happily growing even more… we are making way for a new member of the family to make their arrival in about 4 months time.

Yes, things have changed. They are meant to. But our resolve to make a better life for ourself, our child/ren, our pets! has not wavered, and I think we are doing alright.

It’s a forever work in progress, a project I am happily committed to.

To many more years of beach-bum-loving folk. 💗🌅

#2424 22

So I got cranky at Hubbie tonight.

It was a fairly minor thing.

But still, I was cranky.

And I was walking around the house all cranky-pants, when he piped up “Hey, I forgot to tell you. Yesterday was our anniversary! I remembered but then forgot to say it yesterday.”


I had forgotten our original anniversary date of when we first got together. 🤦‍♀️

I had forgotten yesterday, on the actual day.

I had forgotten this whole week.

I had forgotten this whole month!

Everything in my brain has been baby baby baby. Pregnancy, baby, and then birthdays too.

But no anniversary. 😬

As soon as he said the words, the crankiness started to fade away.

I mean, of course. Why I was cranky felt important to me, but really, it was not.

And my pregnancy hormones were fuelling all kinds of shit up.

Then I cried a bit, so I felt better.

All was good again.

(Typical. 🙄🤦‍♀️)

But really, the important thing again… 22 years. 22 years ago we became boyfriend and girlfriend, and of course having a baby on the brain is the only thing allowed to deter me from this special fact.

I loved baby girl’s response… so 9-year-old-ish.

“Hmmm, cool… I don’t really care.”


Typical. 🙄😂

#2358 This Winter’s day

Today is the shortest day of the year, and I love it even more because it’s our engagement anniversary, AND also the Winter Solstice (which is what the shortest day is), being the beginning of the potential of great new beginnings, new adventure, cleansing ourselves of the past, so on and so forth.

Also, my daily calendar provided a very simple quote today, which I also loved:

If you want to learn more about the shortest day/Winter Solstice, you can click here or here or here, because basically I love this day so much, being a metaphor of greater hope and literal meaning of longer and warmer days, that I have written about it so many times before, of course.

Happy reading. 💞

#2320 Photos of a Saturday night no. 3

Celebrating love.

Sharing our happiness.

Listening to old school tales, revelling in the wonder.

Playing one last song, then one last song… five songs later, and still, one last song.

Having one last drink, then one last drink… five drinks later, and still one more drink. 😆

Eat the cake. All the cake.

3 drinks at once. Because 1 at a time just won’t cut it.

Love these nights. They are truly the best 🙏💖

#2310 Well timed presents

Yesterday anniversary…

Today anniversary presents. 😁😁

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok on Pexels.com

And it makes it all the more nicer because it wasn’t really planned… we were doing jobs on the other side of town, had time to stop at our old shopping centre, and we both walked home with something new.

“Happy anniversary!” we said to each other. 😆🥰💞😁

#2309 13 can be a lucky number

It was a fairly regular day, in that we all either worked or went to school, but we came together at the end of it to head out to dinner and celebrate 13 years of marriage. 🥰

Dinner was actually amazing. The gnocchi were as soft as pillows, and the sauce was nom nom nom. The wine was a bit too good for a school night, but that’s fine, I’ll survive and be able to get up tomorrow. 😆

We came home, I got into my PJs so I was nice and cosy, and we put on our wedding video, the ‘highlights’ version.

We got sooo sucked into it. There is nothing like watching back a precious day where you were so happy, and becoming happy all over again. We knew we had it good on that day, but looking back now and seeing our loved ones by our sides, we realise even more how magical it was. 💫

It was the perfect way to spend the night. 💞

#2291 A Good Friday

This year’s Good Friday was lovely and great and relaxing in so many ways.

I was Easter baking and cooking, but there was no rush, just nice and easy, no stress.

It was the anniversary of our furry friend Mister F coming to live with us! It’s been 3 sweet, tricky, and sometimes annoying years living with a master manipulator such as this cheeky pussy cat we have come to know and love. But we are absolutely in love with him, ALL of us, and we are constantly amused by his antics, as he is probably amused with us being so amused with him. 😏😻

And I had some time, to read! I really need to allocate more time to myself, even in like, 15 minute blocks. Instead, today I had over an hour (😁😁) and it made me happy to no end.

Of course there was also the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal, and watching it has kinda become a tradition for me. It can be incredibly sad and heart-wrenching listening to some of the stories, and it definitely plants your feet firmly on the ground, putting life into perspective by learning of others illnesses… but it is also uplifting and hopeful, what with the charity and help and good nature of human kind put on show.

I will end on this true fact: children should not be sick. Give so they may grow. 🙏💖

Donate here: http://www.goodfridayappeal.com.au

#2242 Accidental anniversary

OMG, so I just stumbled upon a discovery.

You know when you stumble upon a realisation that you honestly had no idea of, but it’s like something is silently whispering into your ear and then, you search and you… REALISE?

So this was the timeline of my realisation only moments ago.

Hmm, I think I’ll write about editing my novel. Yeah I enjoyed that today.

I mean I could write about that today… but like, I’m not editing for a publisher. Maybe I save it for when I’m with publisher. 😉

But I have nothing else to write about really… hold on. I mean, I have done a lot of these gratitude posts. Let me look at how many…

Today is #2242.

2,242 days of gratitude. Wow. I started in 2016. I won’t forget that year.

February 2016, that’s right. That ill-fated day.

Hold on, isn’t it my carcrashgratitude anniversary at the end of this month? Let me have a look…

My first post occurred on the 24th of February 2016!

Guys, I have been doing this for 6 years and 1 day! 😮😮

And that’s how I came to my accidental discovery today. My blogging anniversary with this blog was yesterday and I didn’t even know it.

Happy gratitude blog day to me. 😁🥰

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com