#1541 Day 43 of getting there: a chocolatey package

I’ve been ordering a bit online, so I had to run through the list in my head as the delivery man handed me a super-light box that read “this way up.”

What was so fragile that it needed direction as to how it should stand?

Kids clothes?


Exercise pants?

None of the above.

It was a chocolate bouquet!


And it had to be held upright, to keep the arrangement looking all lovely and ready to eat. 😋

Gifted by sis and bro, for our anniversary.


We love you guys. ❤❤❤

#1540 Day 42 of getting there: The Wedding Day

Today, we went to a WEDDING.

Now before you all dob me in and I’m dealt with a $1600 fine, let me add that we went to a wedding… in our memories.

We put on our wedding DVD in fact, as it was our anniversary. It made it all the more poignant, seeing all our friends and families around us for one of the biggest day’s of our lives, and knowing that right now, we couldn’t be around ANY of them.

The viewing was magical. We sat down all together, baby girl even put on a white dress for the event (she was upset that she wasn’t there!) and we laughed, we cried.

No I lie. I CRIED.

Of course.

Sharing the viewing with my loved ones today was something truly special… and I’m surprised to realise that this iso thing is making me appreciate, and really get used to, family alone time.

I’m in no rush to get back to the life I used to have, just yet.

Not when I have so much love in the house, and so many memories to keep me happy and warm inside.


#1532 Day 34 of getting there: eating on the rocks

I was sooo happy to hear earlier this week that the seafood prestigious The Rocks restaurant was doing takeaway during this highly uncertain time.

Yes! Saturday night dinner was confirmed!

We haven’t dined there loads of times, but we went there for an anniversary a couple years back, and one chilly and windy winter’s day sis and I went there for an unforgettable lunch.

Yet the quality of their food stood out firm in my mind, and so hearing they were providing that in takeaway form, well…

We were excited. It was ON.


We feasted.

You can just tell, immediately upon opening a package, how good the food is going to taste.

Just as I knew I was gonna be a gluttonous pig and eat nearly everything even though my seafood pasta fed two (not in European terms it wouldn’t!)

So bloody delicious. These guys will help us get through this iso… perhaps a couple kg heavier, but we’ll get through nonetheless… 😉

#1200 5 years

1200 posts of gratitude, a crap load on my parent blog SmikG, and it all started when… ?


YAY! This blogging journey on WordPress started 5 years ago, and all after I read a book…

How wonderful these pages bound together in a unified spine can be 🙂

#1176 Sunday Our Day

All week we were looking forward to today.

Even more so was today a day to get excited about, as it came off the back of celebrating our anniversary over dinner last night… and you know, I think we were still somewhat more excited about today, than Saturday night.

What happened today?

Not much.

Firstly there was a sleep in. Not massive, but hell, MUCH needed. Sunday is the only day I get to sleep more than usual, and as I average 5 and 7am wake-ups ALL week, and being under the weather and fighting some seasonal transition as it was, I was keen for Sunday to come around pronto, so I could sleep.

Amidst all our boring jobs at home which made us feel super-productive, we headed out for a coffee after lunch. Via Boffe on the Main street is getting better and better in their food and coffee taste and presentation, the pro display evident in baby girl’s babycino.


And then… she got some new shoes. Man I wish I had gotten freaking pink shoes like that when I was 5… but alas, times were different then, and they are MUCH different now. She got some new runners as her last ones had the bottoms literally peeling off, and she was bouncing around the shop (and at home) with her new purchase.


Just a family, quiet Sunday… no pressure… no where to be… no rushing around… no one waiting for us…

Just US. Doing our easy Sunday thing. ♥

#1175 A Royal Anniversary

I’ve only been waiting to return to The Royal Hotel since, hmm, I don’t know… last Spring?

We really love the place. It was easy to decide to go there then, to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.

Arriving to that ⬆️ view… the food, the old refurbished hotel, the poshy vibe at the front in contradiction to the live rustic band out back… we love it all.

Cheers 🍾🥂❤️


#1174 10 years of the 3rd of May

Today Hubbie and I sat upstairs in the sunshine, our lunches on our laps.

“What were we doing this time 10 years ago?” he asked me.

I put down my plate of leftover lasagne to pick up my phone. 1:22pm.

“We were at church! We were getting married about now.”


Hubbie was working today, and sure we didn’t have an opportunity to do much outside of that… but we could still sit outside in the sun when he came home for lunch?


Which we did. We made the most of the situation, and our lunch date was going to happen no matter what, even if it had to happen on our balcony.

10 years is a big deal.

You wouldn’t think the newsagency thought so. Nooo. No cards for your partner signalling a decade of wedded happiness. They all started at 25, I noticed today, and internally, I had to disagree.

10 was still important.

Of course it was! It is a milestone. A decade. A decade of happiness, joy, fulfillment, as well as sadness, disappointment, frustration… and we have stuck it out. We have stuck through it all, and today our lives are so much fuller and richer because of it.

I love him more today than I did 10 years ago, and I think that means we are doing well.

Every other anniversary we’ve had has felt like a little “yay.” But this one definitely feels like “YAY!” Shouting from the rooftops type yay… or should I make that the balcony…?

Feeling happiness, love, and all the good feels today. Happy Anniversary to us. 🙂