#2567 My beachside celebration

So when I said a while back that shit’s getting real, well now shit is really getting REAL.

So, apart from our little ‘babymoon’ now over…

Apart from my half-packed hospital bag…

Apart from the one adjustment the baby room needs (happening Friday)…

Today, I finished work.


Another big thing, DONE!

It just keeps going on. Tick, tick, tick. Things are happening, finishing, progressing, completing, and it’s all bringing me closer to meeting baby. 🥰🥰

I like to use the beach as celebration, and just as I took baby girl on her last day of school in December, so too did we go again this afternoon as my little celebration.

My fave thing to do at the moment? Because it’s a bay beach and there are plenty of shallow waters, I like to sit in the shallow water and just relax, with the belly I have, lounging around like a beached whale because that is most comfortable to me right now. 🤣

The countdown is most definitely on! If only I knew what number to start at… 😬🤔

#2547 Holiday vibes

They are already starting, and I’m not even on holiday yet.

Working today, and being told I can clock off early, because things are quiet… holidays.

Deciding to put my feet up (I kinda have to) and watch me some Netflix during the day… holidays.

Catching up with some dear family tonight, on a weeknight no less… holidays.

It’s all holiday vibes, even if you’re not on holidays!

That’s what I love about this time of year. Even if you aren’t taking time off, you can feel it in the air. It is easy, free, no routine, no rules.

Only holiday vibes. 😎😎

#2543 Christmas prep

Night two of Christmas prep and tonight it was baking gingerbread.

The Christmas songs are rife… both from the radio, and the stereo courtesy of our Christmas CDs.

All presents have been bought! Well, except for two things, which really I don’t need to get, one is for me, I’m trying to find a special non-alcoholic wine that I heard about…

Of course, being the person I am, if I find there is a spare moment in the day, my mind immediately creates A JOB to fill the void and have me dashing around like a mad woman. 🙄

But, all else is good. I know my January work roster now, and so far I am working only 5 shifts… and then I am on leave! For a while!


So the Christmas festive vibes are here, celebrations are nigh, and all I have to look forward to are really good things.

Feeling blessed. 🎄🙏

#2525 Ahhh

This is the sound I make now that I’m getting a break.


Last week was very intense. The weeks leading up to it were too, but then last week I was working 4 days, planning a shin-dig, while looking after home restorations and tradies WHILE working from home, then in the immediate lead-up to the shin-dig had my work Christmas party, a kids birthday, and an engagement party.

All while organising said shin-dig! 😆😆

Now that it’s over, I am exhausted. My body has gone NUP. NUP NUP NUP.

Been tired all day. Baby has resumed kicking… I think baby was worried about my stress levels and concerningly was keeping mum for a while, but all is good again… the kicks are decent, noticeable, and big. Yes my insides are getting a beating and I’m happy about it, thank you very much.

I have spent so much time go-go-going, that as I sit here tonight I’m like…


This feels good. I might just stay here a while… 🙏💖

#2523 Hectic days

These are hectic days.

All December days usually are, ESPECIALLY weekends.

We already have Christmas get-togethers and Christmas parties in this most festive of months (for me last night at the work Christmas party).

Then there are the people born in December who wanna celebrate their birthday (baby girl’s friend, today at a rock climbing centre).

There are also people who just decide to throw a function at this time of year, because it isn’t busy enough (Hubbie’s work mate who had an engagement tonight).

And then there’s ME, who’s also decided to do a little catch-up tomorrow, because life isn’t busy enough. 🤦‍♀️😆

But, I remind myself, they are all good things. Sure I can’t catch my breath, but all these festivities are about celebrating, and isn’t that what life is about? Getting together, spending time with loved ones and making beautiful memories.

Yes, that’s what it’s all about. 🙏💖

#2522 Seeing work peeps

Tonight I funnily got to spend time with people that I see and chat to on a regular basis, but that I haven’t seen in person for years… some of them, NEVER.

Clearly this concept is not so novel to anyone, because we’ve all been working from home or in the dreaded lockdown at some point over these past couple of years.

Tonight was the first time I was amongst real-life work people at a real-life work function since March 2020 when covid hit… it was the work Christmas party!

Considering I’ll be going on leave very soon, I really wanted to make the effort to go and see these people in person, these people that I spend so much of my time with, but which I haven’t seen for a long time, or others, at all.

I have to say, I probably sound really boring, but I do love working from home. It’s super flexible for me around dropping off and picking up baby girl from school, and the commute in would be horrendous for me… also, during pregnancy it’s been a Godsend.

But I can’t lie. I miss the social aspects. Bumping into someone in the kitchen, having a chat, doing a coffee walk… man I miss the coffee walk.

So tonight was wonderful. Getting out on a mild Summer’s night. Yes, the weather actually matched the season this evening! Realising how tall some people were, seeing their choice of drink, talking about stuff NOT work related… it was super refreshing, and I realised that I am enjoying myself there a fair bit, and I really do like these people.

Both good things to contemplate as you reflect on the year that was.

Merry Christmas Parties folks. 🧑‍🎄🎅🎄🎄

#2518 Roof stuff

Another super boring house-related thing, but it needs to be said, because I’m grateful. 🙏

Can I just say, there is nothing like having a big life change, i.e. having a baby, to whip your arse into gear.

We all know about the barn door. That will be happening.

We recently re-painted the two bedrooms upstairs, our bedroom and baby’s room. But in the process the painter identified what might be a leak from somewhere up there, so we set about getting a roof guy.

For some background, we have lived in this house for 6 years. Never have we done anything to clean, check or do anything to the roof or the tiles.

And we strongly suspect, neither did the previous owners who had it for 35 years.


So today, the roof guys came. As I worked from home, there was clanging and pressure washing and all kinds of knocking coming from above. At one point as they walked over the part of the house I work in, I had to press my earbuds into my ear so that I could still hear what I was working on!

Mister F was in the laundry and terrified, meanwhile our bird Orange-cheeks was walking around curiously, wondering if there was a real shower coming from overhead… when he wasn’t napping through the incessant motoring noise, lol.

There is still much to do, in terms of repointing, some more tile replacement, and of course the final thing, the spray. But, it’s already looking better up there… faded, sure (the tiles have been there 40+ years) but CLEANER too!

And it all comes back to baby. If baby wasn’t coming we wouldn’t have painted so soon, and then wouldn’t have acted on the roof either… but now, another problem.

We need insulation. And new guttering. And some fascia covers. 🤦‍♀️

The house renovation continues…

#2515 KK ’22

After a truly crazy week, I had something great to look forward to tonight.

KK with my bestest girly pals.

I took this photo before I left. I literally was wrapping and writing cards up until I left this afternoon, and had been organising presents from as recent as yesterday.

It’s been a mad week. Sick, no car, working, and appointments, all on top of each other fighting for my attention, while me with my baby brain went from room to room, feeling lost, needing a constant reminder of things, 55 tabs open in my head and wondering why it is I walked into that room?

But it was all good. It all led to something sweet in the end. 💖 We had a beautiful night, enjoyed a yummy meal, exchanged presents, and it’s true what one of my friends said, it’s never enough time when we are together. 🥰

Just as well one of the gifts tonight was a calendar where we can pencil in monthly catch-ups together… now that’s a great idea! 😁😁🎄🧑‍🎄

#2491 The cold public holiday

Hubbie and I may have worked today, but come mid-afternoon when we clocked off, we made sure to act like we had been on holiday indeed.

Coffee and cake. 😬

We played Monopoly, which baby girl was OVER the moon about!

He then napped, while baby girl and I read. I actually finished a book!

And then we got really excited watching one of the traitors get banished tonight from the show of the same name… it’s getting to the pointy end!

It was cold. It was rainy. It was windy. I really didn’t care that I had to work today. But yet, doing those slow, relaxing things in the afternoon and then at night with my family…

Having a coffee break. Playing a game. Reading… it was bliss.

It slowed the afternoon right down, and reminded me that we don’t always have to be go-go-going.

We can just sit, relax, and be, be, be in the moment. 🙏💖

#2490 Sharing the bump, and pregnancy musings

One of the great perks of being pregnant is sharing the news that you are. 🥰

It was great when in August we broke the news to our family and friends at baby girl’s and mine birthday party. Nothing quite beats the excited cries and squeals you get from loved ones as they run up to you.

It’s happiness, it’s shock, it’s excitement. It happened weeks before that with our own immediate families, telling my parents and sister’s fam, and then my MIL.

Being there to see their faces, is something else. Maybe that’s part of the reason why we haven’t done the whole social media reveal… the people who I genuinely care about and want to know our news, well most of them have found out face-to-face, or at the very least, phone-to-phone.

There are still those who are tinkering on through and discovering. Many people are starting to see photos of me on facebook sporting the bump, and so some congrats and messages are coming through…

But what about work? What happens when you work remotely?

I told my boss after our big reveal. He was the only one that knew, until today. It’s hard you know… there’s no kitchen, water cooler talk. Back in my old job, our inter-dependent departments shared information as well as gossip, and I would be standing in the kitchen making a cheese and tuna toastie when someone would go “hey, when are you due?”

All they see is my face here, once a week, and even then sometimes I miss the weekly meeting altogether.

I had feedback on a recent training session this morning, and talk turned to this new stuff we were learning, with this guy from another department. The conversation moved to that area, naturally, when he asked me if I was still enjoying what I was doing…

It’s not a matter so much of what I enjoy. I mean, I do enjoy my job. At the moment, it’s more about, what role will I perform, can I perform, when I want to come back from maternity leave?

So I told him. It was funny, because I was quite serious, going well, “my personal circumstances have changed in my life” before adding the clincher – “I’m expecting my second child.”

OH MAN! For a guy (no insult, hear me out) he was ecstatic for me. He doesn’t have kids of his own, but he was so, so happy, absolutely floored, shocked, excited, and kept saying, “what a beautiful thing, you have life!”

It was great to see, even if via a Teams chat, lol, and extremely refreshing for a guy.

I’ve had so many guys act awkwardly. (You know, even some girls!) Some of these people are relations, and they’ve made no congrats to us at all, only making some kind of joking remark that I’ve eaten too much lately. 🙄🤦‍♀️

Others are weird in another way. My pregnancy is not a secret anymore, and yet again (women) get weird about not finding out from my mouth that I am expecting. I’ve had them outright ask details, when are you due, how are you feeling… no congrats. Like none, AT ALL. It’s like they’re offended that I didn’t take them by the hand and sit them down to tell them that I was expecting. The fact that they found out from a cousin, aunty, friend, means they will not say any congrats.

It’s just sooo weird.

I’ve spoken about the guy-pregnancy thing to Hubbie. “What do you do when someone is pregnant? Do you react? Do you say congrats?”

He admits, it can be weird. Firstly, he thinks guys will NEVER ask or assume, just because, it is weird to comment on a woman’s body by asking if she’s expecting. (So what about that family member that joked I ate too much? 😅)

What if they’ve told you? Well then congrats is expected, he says. But unless he knows the person well, he probably wouldn’t go there.

You know what I think it is? It’s what men don’t understand. They don’t get it, they don’t live it, and therefore they’re terrified to go there and comment. Instead of congrats, they bark out questions: when are you due, what are you having? That’s the extent of it.

Also, if there’s blood running between the two of you, your bump is physical acknowledgement that you’ve had sex and are now growing a baby! I know, I know, it’s so juvenile. But I sooo believe there’s a subconscious thing at play here, that makes them IMMEDIATELY uncomfortable.

So anyway. You can see why I was so touched and impressed by this work dudes super excited display. After a lengthy and very informative chat, I went back to work, only to soon get another message from another fellow dude colleague…

He had been told my exciting news by the other guy. And he was reaching out, because he and his partner were expecting their second child too!

What an interesting turn of events. 🥰 I had two male work colleagues completely turn the tables on what I had become used to receiving from guys, and were super congratulatory about this exciting life event.

It’s really nice, about 6 months in, to still see people getting excited. I’m kinda hoping no one else finds out, just so I can walk into the Christmas party and blow everyone’s work socks off. 🤣

On a different pregnancy aside… I’ve just realised something. No proof, only myself as evidence really. I was telling baby girl tonight how I started her solids using sweet potato, or potato I think… I received sage advice not to start her on sweet foods, the reason being is that is all they will then eat! I was saying this tonight, reminding myself to do the same with baby…

And now as I have a late snack, eating some yoghurt, it hit me.

Yoghurt. Savoury.

I remember my Mum telling me she fattened me up as a baby on sour cream and bread. 🤣 It may seem weird but you gotta try it, it’s delicious.

And there is it, the realisation! I generally love savoury, because look what I was wolfing down as a baby/toddler!

Ahh, pregnancy musings. Love it. 💖💖🥰🥰😍😍🤰🤰