#1981 Lockdown sleep

I had this thought like the night before baby girl started Term 3 of school.

So, last Sunday night.

“Hmm, so no lockdown? This will be a LONG term. No public holidays. But she’s back at school… So that’s good.

That’s good.”

Next minute?


But we need to look at the positives. Like sleep. Sleeping in, that is. Because when I’m not getting up for work, I am actually sleeping in to late morning with her, and it’s the only saviour in this Winter July Lockdown, that has no definite end date, while I am agonised during the day with home-schooling.


You know, I am doing an extra job! A job I haven’t been trained in, that I am not paid for, and a job that is made much worse because I am her mother, not her teacher…

Do you know the stuff they get away with because they’re at home? Do you know the number of times I’ve said to her “Would you do/say/be like that in front of your teacher?”

And the response I get?


No! That’s right, the smart-arsed difficult replies are reserved to only me, the parent, because I know so clearly what I am doing!


But this is turning into more of a whinge, so let’s go back. The sleep.

Yes, the sleep.


Or more…


#1595 Day 97 of getting there: to have like-minded souls

It was wonderful that we got to see some of our dearest friends tonight.

Via Zoom, of course. 😉

We had a great chat with bestie and her hubbie via our computers. I tell you, technology is a Godsend at this phase of our lives.

You can’t be with loved ones, but by seeing them live, hearing their voices, and watching their mannerisms, in their lounge rooms, (with their pets!)… it’s the next best thing to being there with them.

After the video call was over Hubbie and I spoke about how wonderful it’d been to catch up with familiar faces, and people that we cared for. And I don’t know how it came into my mind, but I said to Hubbie “you don’t have to have the same interests. It’s not about that. It’s about finding like-minded people.”

Because we don’t all have to like the same things. Do the same things. Go to the same places. Eat the same food, or sleep the same way.

It’s about how our minds work. And you seek out people who are reflective of your morals, attitudes, and generally your way of life.

I don’t need everyone in my life to love writing. I don’t even need them to love reading. I don’t need them to love cats, yoga, the fact that I can’t stop listening to Queen at the moment…

I just need them to get me, and I want to get them.

It was a really lovely thing to contemplate, after a video call with friends who get us… as we get them.

#1550 Day 52 of getting there: getting new, getting out, getting around

Yesterday I did nothing, and felt one sole emotion.

Today I did MANY things, and subsequently felt so many more.

Good emotions, that is. ♥

Sometimes you can’t help it, and that’s how life hits you. You just have to roll with the punches, and accept blow by blow.

But it doesn’t meant the attitude you take, and how you respond to it, means nothing.

It means everything.

I had some odd jobs this morning, and so when I came back at lunchtime to have baby girl running up to the car, I just thought she felt like I did: we missed each other.

But as I got out of the car, she kept her lips tight, and then opened her mouth wide…

Before opening her palm and showing me, a tooth!

Like an oyster opening up to show a shell!


Her fifth tooth! Another one! When your child goes through yet another milestone, all I could think of was “this happened when I was gone? I was only gone a couple of hours!”

I was so happy for her, while she was just rapt that the tooth fairy would be visiting yet again tonight.

Bloody hell. All this ‘tooth losing’ is gonna put us the tooth fairy out of business.


And the happy mood just followed. After getting some new pants delivered, courtesy of Target (pronounce, Tar-zaaayyyyyy) baby girl and I put on our new wear, and we all ran and bicycled around the block.

After the sluggishness of yesterday, there was no chance I was going to be lying around as I had. I was going to make my heart PUMP.

But that wasn’t it. Huffing and puffing, our cheeks red from the wind and exhausted as we got home, I wasn’t even finished. No.

I joined Rachel Finch’s Body by Finch club after her insane promo this past weekend, where the special was join for 12 months for only $15.

$15 a year! Instead of like, $300!

I figured if I did one meal and one workout, a month, I was still winning.

I popped on a yoga type workout, but this one was more intense. 21 minutes of stretching and toning and flexing and pumping, it was great. Had me shaking a bit, as you do as you’re trying to slowly LOWER YOUR BODY down, instead of letting it fall in one big FLOP.

But I felt amazing afterwards. Sooo pumped. Even baby girl joined in, for like the first 10 minutes before the novelty totally wore off. But just as I was proud of me, I was proud of her, for standing next to me and going through the motions, for choosing to do something good.

Oh, who am I kidding. She just wanted to show off her pants, that’s all.



#916 Best pre-party planning day

As I stood there in the kitchen icing cupcakes, just over an hour ago before midnight, I felt content.

Sure the day had been rushed. Manic. Full on, and the only times I sat was when I ate quickly, or was on the toilet… and let’s face it, even that wasn’t long.

But it was definitely one of the easiest pre-party days I’ve had thus far. Not that I didn’t have stuff to do. Not that I didn’t have a massive list of items to tick off my to-do list (that is continuing tomorrow). Not that I haven’t had any chance to chill, bar now.

It was easy because of my attitude. I woke saying “I am going to smash the day!”

And somehow, I did. Baby girl was an amazing assistance through it all, helping me pour flour into the cupcake batter, organising the lolly bags, and helping me wrap presents.

It was crazy, busy, but fun. And I like to remember, that the pre-birthday party stage, is some of the fun-est of them all… because baby girl can experience the anticipation of it all, and sometimes, that really is where the memories are made.

#495 Shopping with my girl no.4

Today was a day, that could have gone either way.

I had a long moment of frustration this morning. There is an aspect of my life that I’m struggling with, that I’m unable to talk about at the moment – hopefully I’ll be able too, sometime in the future.

I walked into the bathroom about midday, and had to breathe. I didn’t physically cry, but there were tears in my eyes, I had tension all about me, and all I wanted to do was give up. Give up, give in, and let the sorrow wash over me like the crashing waves in the horizon.

But then something happened. A little voice, tiny tiny, made a noise in my head. And it was enough to snap me out of my disillusioned haze to ask “how is your day going to be?”

And in that moment, I decided my sadness was NOT going to rule. It was NOT going to be the defining moment, feeling or event, of the day.

Still, it was a bit of a Let It Go day. Elsa sings it about letting go of her powers that she’s been holding in and hiding from everyone for so long. But I was using the term to not care. To just be. To not think too much, to allow myself to over-indulge, be free, merry and stress-free.

After baby girl and I surprised Hubbie with a little visit at his work, we headed on down to Bayside for some retail therapy. I am mindful that I shouldn’t be purging the account in light of important renos that need to be made to the house soon, but still, a little focused spending was necessary.

I Let It Go when we had Maccas for lunch (I had a chicken salad, but still ‘helped out’ with her Happy Meal)

I Let It Go when she got yet another toy, a doll that she was so happy to hold and hug (wait for it…)

and finally, I Let It Go when we sat down for coffee and a babycino, and instead of just coffee, I also got cake mofos:

Yep, that’s her new doll, Rapunzel. By the way, I forgot to mention that I Let Her Go, and leave the house in costume, Rapunzel-style herself. Because when else in life do you get to leave the house as a princess? I totally would have done Wonder Woman today if it were at all acceptable.

So yes. A bit of food, a bit of drink, a bit of toys, a lot of costume… and IT DID make me feel better.

But that was my attitude too. Deciding ‘we’re going to move on from this. We are.’

And WE did. For now…

#312 A bit of everything for the first day of 2017

It was a good first day to the year.

It involved

*a sleep-in

*late-night takeaway

*white wine

*running amuck with baby girl in the supermarket

*a late coffee with cake

*making baby girl laugh uncontrollably during playing ball

and although it may not please others, the task of

*getting washing done, tidying the house, putting stuff away, and finding homes for bits and bobs that have been staying in random corners since our move over 2 months ago

really makes me satisfied. When I am organised, I feel better about getting other stuff done, and I just feel free.

And let’s not forget the simple and beautiful luxury of

*having Hubbie home with us so we are one, as family, united in our shared relaxation and productiveness of the day

So, for a Jan 1st, it was not too bad. Not massive, but still, it had enough of everything that I feel good about the days ahead.

And you know what? Even if I didn’t have a good day, Jan 1st is not in any way indicative of what the year ahead will hold. Each day is a clean slate, a new opportunity to start fresh and make a start to whatever plans and hopes and dreams you cherish.

You know what is indicative of your year ahead?

Your Attitude.