#655 SIA!


Clap clap clap.


Clap clap clap.


Clap clap clap.

What an incredible and talented performer and ensemble we were privileged to be in the company of tonight.

As if it isn’t enough that she has conquered the vocal world with her chords, what makes it all sweeter is that…

She is OURS.


Aussie gal through and through.



#618 The classic Theme song

I have said on many occasions here, that one of the important things with gratitude, is appreciating all the little things, as well as the clear and obvious and staring-you-in-the-face BIG things.

Well, I’m well acquainted with that notion. And you will probably LOL at my gratitude for today.

I have been really enjoying my Bold and the Beautiful catch-up episodes of late (I say catch-up because I have approximately 70+ episodes on my Foxtel Planner, and as it is Australia is about 3 months behind, soooo…..).

It is the 30th year of their being on our screens, broadcast around the world in too many countries to even begin to count, and in lead up to their ‘anniversary date,’ they were showing small clips of significant moments throughout the years, at the end of some of their episodes. These significant recaps were fantastic: huge fights, people coming back from the dead revelations (at least two), declarations of love, meltdowns, affairs… you name it. I have thoroughly enjoyed these little snippets at the end of each ep, some I even vaguely remember – I have been watching it since I was 11!

That’s 23 years of my life! Sheesh, I need to get me another hobby.

Anyway, these end of ep recaps ceased once a select group of the cast headed on over to Australia NO LESS, to film and celebrate the wedding of two of their most popular characters, and my most favourite couple, Steffy and Liam… yay they got hitched!

But no, there is MORE.

Because as this most fantastic 30th anniversary wedding episode happened in front of the Sydney Opera House, hell I will even call it in my backyard, something else incredible, ingenious happened.

They went back to basics, in the BEST, FREAKING, WAY.

It is the original theme song! I LOVE IT! A throwback, updated yes, but a brilliant homage to the original theme song that quite frankly knocks the ball out of the park when it is compared to the ‘runway theme song’ they had before this, which was new, but lacked any thing really…

Bold. Or Beautiful. Yes I went there.

So gratitude. Yes, basic things. But it reminds me of my childhood, and things that should remain as they are when they are working.

I ā™„ this show.

#375 Chaddy shopping day no.1

Because us Aussies have to over-familiarise and give a not-really-syllable-shortened nickname to EVERYTHING.

We haven’t been to Chadstone in a little while. But now that we are living 20 minutes or so closer than when we were on the other side of town, it somehow feels more accessible.

Even though we are still in the car for a good 40 minutes.

But when there, we make the most of it.

Today’s buys:

For Hubbie – gold jeans and grey jeans for work, courtesy of Jay Jays

For baby girl – a Frozen Elsa doll, a Frozen Elsa aqua princess dress, and a variety of clothes, courtesy of Targe-t, daaarrrrlliiiinnngggsss.

And for moi? Why shoes of course. Lovely Summer sandals from Wittner.

And then in the car, I enjoyed one of these:


It’s a bakedĀ cheese tart, and I believe it’s becoming quite a thing. Hokkaido is the name, their story originates in Japan using dairy from the island of Hokkaido, and as well as the Chadstone location, there is also a couple in the CBD, and in Box Hill.Ā The short-crust pastry is crisp and warmĀ yet soft, and the cheesy filling has a definite hint of sweetness, which upon completion youĀ go “woah. Hand me the water.” Subtle, creamy, and smooth, I enjoyed it, and it is definitely worth trying to understand the unique combination of sweet and savoury.

So there has it folks. Chadstone shopping day, no. 1.


#222 Going loco for Ricky Martin

My colleague didn’t send me a link for a Ricky Martin clip this morning – no, rather he sent me a clip saying “I know you like latino stuff, and like (love) Ricky Martin, so here’s a song…”

In my head, through my eyes, all I saw was this

Ricky Ricky Ricky

likeĀ I was in some self-imposed hypnotic coma. I clinked on the link and it took a while to realise ‘no, Ricky does not make a special appearance in this other dude’s clip.’

It was some other dude, singing a song. He was alright. He was no RICKY.

I, if you haven’t guessed it yet, have LOVED Ricky, since I was, oh about 13. It is a long-standing love affair. I happened to see him before most of Australia did too, since I was overseas at the time and anyone who’s ever been to Europe will know that often songs are released a good few months before arriving here on our shores. I saw this man and went “oh my.” Even at the tender age of 13, I was saying ‘oh my.’

But it wasn’t just the way he shook his hips or the way he sangĀ the song made out to my middle name. Or his devilishly good looks. Or his smile. Or his charming personality. Or the fact that you could feel the warmth of his disposition in his interviews. Or the hair. Or the physique. Or the hips (I said hips didn’t I?)

Ok, so maybe it’s all of these things. I’m being cheeky I know. Seriously though, what started out as teenage lust, has turned into something so much more.

I really do love the guy.

My first concert was his first Australian tour back in 2000. I was 17. Since then I’ve bought his albums, listened to his music, both Spanish and English ones, learnt a fair bit of his native tongue inadvertently along the way, and just last year I had the pleasure of seeing him again on tour, for the second time.

I still love his music. He is very safely in my list of top musicians… you know, the few musos you have that no matter what style of music they go through, you still love their tone, their current experimentation, their voice, and their lyrics. You love what their music does to you. You love how it makes you feel. You love the story it tells you and the way the pictures dance magically in front of you as the strong yet gentle voice caresses its way out of the stereo…

Stop. Ok.

Now, I’m not the only one, as most of Australia fell in love with Ricky when he appeared on our version of The Voice. Even straight men are like “I love Ricky.” Like, seriously. He is just amazing. People who don’t know him think of him as that guy who sings poppy commercial stuff and shakes his bon bon around all day long while dancing in the rain on top of a car. No (although that would be a sight). In fact,Ā Shake Your Bon Bon is one of my least favourite songs –Ā I don’t like it one bit. I feel like it paints a very inaccurate picture of his musical talents and scope. The people who don’t look beyond the commercial stuff don’t realise that there is a world of emotion and meaning and seriously funky and upbeat latin tunes just waiting for you to discover.

In line with his caring nature, he has also been heavily involved in his own foundation against child sex trafficking, a cause that needs no further emphasis to prove its importance. Not only is he a talented man, but he has heart, he has compassion, and above all you can tell that he is a genuinely good soul.

I can’t begin to tell you which of his songs I love most. I love so many.

(La Bomba, Spanish Eyes, She’s All I Ever Had, Lola Lola, Pegate, Private Emotion, Drop It On Me, Asignatura Pendiente, Raza de Mil Colores, Besos de Fuego, Almost a Love Song, Stop Time Tonight, Save the Dance, Cambia la Piel).

Ballads. Upbeat percussion beats. Swoon-worthy songs. Dance ’til you drop songs.

But what happened this morning has had me singing Adios in my head repeatedly.

Without going through the whole story, I basically came across Ricky Martin performing the song Adios on the American Today show recently. It stayed in my head and then today after my colleague mentioned Ricky in a comment (albeit his link didn’t contain Ricky, but it was all the ammo I needed) and with the knowledge that it was a quieter than normal work day, I looked up more clips of the Adios song in question.

Where has this song been all my life?

Well, actually, where has it been for the last two years? I couldn’t believe it had been released in 2014, and I was just learning about it. Some Ricky fan I was.

And then I remembered – 2014. I was raising a tiny human then, a pre-1 year old. I was forgiven.

So, the video has been viewed in both English and Spanish version by ‘moi’ today, a combined total of at least 30 times, and that is no exaggeration. I am obsessed. I need this song in my life, at full volume pumping up the jam and hassling the neighbours to no end. I need it. And the above mentioned song comes from an album that I also had no idea about (MASSIVE FACE PALM).

So tomorrow you know what I am buying at my local JB HI FI, don’t you?

This current Ricky song obsession, is just further proof that he is a stayer, of musical proportions, and hu-manly proportions, and all other proportions in my life, FOREVER. I haven’t even gone into proper depths, on the impact this man’s music has had on my life, as this post being written pre-midnight just would not do it justice.

I’ll just need to be grateful for every Ricky song ever madeĀ for the length of this blog’s existence… my whole life.

And what makes this relationship even better is that Hubbie totally agrees with me that he is pretty cool… he likes his hair.

Whatever it takes.

I’m in love with Adios right now… but with Ricky, it’s always hello.



#219 Grand Final Holiday

Here in Victoria, we have recently been blessed with the addition of a new public holiday: AFL Grand Final Eve.

Because for the state that has footy running through their blood, who has every old man, young woman or child having to barrack for at least someone even if their heart isn’t in it (by Victorian default you MUST have a team) of course there should be a holiday to prepare for the mammoth intake of beer, sausage rolls, party pies and hot dogs to be consumed on Grand Final Day, often the last Saturday of September, but lately the first one of October, as is the case tomorrow.

A bit of hoo-ha has been brought up over the financial stress placed on small businesses because of this new public holiday. I get it, but… guys? Public holiday?

We get another public holiday!

The period between the Queens Birthday holiday at the start of June, to the Melbourne Cup weekendĀ in November isĀ a LONG one, so a holiday in the middle of it is not only adequate, but completely necessary.

So whether you spent your Grand Final Eve day off having coffee and cake, looking at beds, shopping for groceries, cleaning the house, having friends over for dinner (or all of the above as we did!), I hope, fellow Victorians, that your day off was a good one.

And in light of the mighty Pies not being in the final tomorrow, I am too with the rest of the state to proclaim: ‘Go Bulldogs!’

#97 May 31st

This is a weird one for me, very unusual being that here in Australia, May 31st is the last day of Autumn. This in itself is not particularly unusual, but the fact I am happy for the fact of it beingĀ the end of Autumn, means that I may just be consequently happy for the start of Winter…





Let’s take things one step at a time folks. I’m not entirely sure I will ever be happy, or feel overly joyous at the thought of 3 plus months (because Melbourne Weather, that’s why) of freezing cold, windy and just stupid hell-bent crap weather. But since I’ve been doing this gratitude thing, it’s as if I’m seeing things in a newer, different light. Suddenly, parts of Winter don’t seem so bad. Suddenly, parts of Winter I’m becoming appreciative of, and even, maybe, grateful for.

Woah. Hold on there. Appreciating, Winter? I know I know. No, no one has slipped anything into my drink. I only had one glass of red for dinner, it’s alright. My little ideas of Winter not being so bad will follow in due course. Maybe it’s only because of this challenge, and being aware of thoughts of gratitude, that I’m even feeling this way inclined towards this most miserable of months. But even if so… isn’t that the point? Doesn’t it then mean, that this whole thing is actually working?

And that, excites me šŸ™‚

But, I am happy, and yes, relieved, even slightly grateful, that today is May 31st… only because the damn waiting and dread leading up to June 1st will soon be over. That’s one of the worst bits you know. Knowing something dark and cold is looming around the corner, and just waiting for it to hit. That’s what I’ve been doing these last few weeks… on edge… just waiting… bracing myself.

But, in approximately 1 hour 14 minutes, Winter will be here. The wait will be over. And then we can just put on our coats, turn up our heaters to full-ball, and get on with it.

I have my sleep socks on, my flannel pyjamas, and my cuddly sleeping gown as I write this on the couch… yep Winter, I’m ready for you.

1 hour 13. Who’s counting?

#71 The sleepsuit

I was so giddy with excitement at the Baby Bunting store yesterday, feasting my eyes happily on the ErgoPouch sleepsuit, complete with legs.

We were there to move baby girl’s car seat from my old car to my new one, and I had been planning for weeks, with the sure arrival of their Winter stock, to upgrade her sleeping bag.

Sleeping bags for babies and toddlers, are in my humble opinion, the best invention EVER. I cannot think of oneĀ baby/childĀ item thatĀ is superior toĀ this type of sleepwear. Maybe it is so good because of its design and the end result – being a bag as such that the child can sleep in, and thick enough that additional blankets aren’t required, at that stage of life where blankets inevitably always endĀ up at the other side of the cot/bed, pushed to the side, or on the floor, it is a saviour in that it helps the child sleep comfortably and snugly, therefore letting the parents sleep soundly.

Who am I kidding. It helps the Mum sleep soundly.

Baby girl has always been a wriggler. In her swaddling days, she would wriggle her hands free most nights. When I didn’t have to swaddle, I used other swaddling tricks, such as this one:


This one I also loved. It helped as it allowed her to raise her arms up, which was her preferred sleeping method (and for many others babies, apparently). Soon after though, I came across sleeping bags, and while she was crawling and learning to walk, I thought it was just damn super. It helped her to stay calm and positioned without moving too much, something I think definitely keeps them up at night. Having the slight restriction of the sleeping bag, was a God send. Is. I mean, the point of sleeping is not to move, right? This was helping her settle and get into that habit. And I didn’t have to worry about wayside blankets either.

Anyway… I kept her in sleeping bags until one night ago. She’s a walker, a mover, a shaker… yet still I loved how the sleeping bag kept her in place at night. Baby girl being who she is, still managed to shuffle along in it and jump around in her cot, but it was minimal.

A while back I read somewhereĀ about the ‘sleeping bag with legs,’ and was immediately entranced. It would still keep her warm, but keep her happy because she could walk? Really?

I soon discovered that the ErgoPouch brand that was one main leader in these sleep bag/suits with legs was actually created by an Australian Mum – love love love! My obsession grew, eventually leading me to almost clap with excitement as I finally saw the brand name on the sample sleepsuit in the baby store yesterday.

It can be converted from sleeping bag


to a sleeping suit with legs!


(we actually got thatĀ colour too)

I don’t know how Mums did it back in the day, but I swear, there are so many wonderful resources and items to help make your life, and bubs life more convenient. I LOVE living in this day and age where if I have a problem with baby girl, Google will help me find the answer and solve it, and there are a wealth of baby products to help with almost anything out there. I absolutely love it, and I am so grateful for the ErgoPouch sleep suit bag – it’s a contest between baby girl and I over who loves it more!

(I am definitely not being paid for this! All over-excitableĀ opinions are strictly my own šŸ™‚Ā )