#2577 Ice cream interlude

Waiting is a tricky game.

It can be boring. Stressful. Anxiety-producing even.

But you just gotta get through it.

I’m trying my best to stay close to home… as you just don’t know. Today was one of those days where I didn’t care much for many things, either than doing stuff around the house, tidying, nesting, you know.

But I had plans for baby girl and me this afternoon. After getting some baby items (it feels never-ending) we went to the Main Street for some coffee and ice cream.

Waiting it out with ice cream isn’t a bad place to be.

Maybe when baby has enough ice cream, they won’t want to wait anymore. 🤷‍♀️😂

#2573 More baby girl fun, more baby ticks

So this morning, this happened.

A new baby seat in my car… rearward facing! 😍😍

We are officially ready for the drive home from hospital. 🥰🙏

And in the afternoon, this happened…

Baby girl has been wanting to go to Legoland for so long now… finally we came through on our promise today. It’s kinda been the theme these holidays, of ticking things off her list, as well as mine for baby. I’ve had so much planning and organising to do on baby’s behalf, but I don’t want to affect baby girl, or take anything away from the fun she’s wanted to experience.

She has a week left of school holidays, so I will try to inject as much FUN into her remaining days off as I can. 🙏

#2571 In between two loves

I don’t know which I was happier about today…

Getting the barn door done for baby’s room! It is now complete! 😯🙌🤰🥰


Going to Pixar Putt and having a wonderful time with my baby girl! ⛳🥰🌅💞

It occurred to me today that this is now my life… my happiness will be split between baby girl and baby, and now the excitement, good times and memories will come times two.

In between… there’s no place I’d rather be. 🙏💞

#2567 My beachside celebration

So when I said a while back that shit’s getting real, well now shit is really getting REAL.

So, apart from our little ‘babymoon’ now over…

Apart from my half-packed hospital bag…

Apart from the one adjustment the baby room needs (happening Friday)…

Today, I finished work.


Another big thing, DONE!

It just keeps going on. Tick, tick, tick. Things are happening, finishing, progressing, completing, and it’s all bringing me closer to meeting baby. 🥰🥰

I like to use the beach as celebration, and just as I took baby girl on her last day of school in December, so too did we go again this afternoon as my little celebration.

My fave thing to do at the moment? Because it’s a bay beach and there are plenty of shallow waters, I like to sit in the shallow water and just relax, with the belly I have, lounging around like a beached whale because that is most comfortable to me right now. 🤣

The countdown is most definitely on! If only I knew what number to start at… 😬🤔

#2562 Wednesday water play and washing

I got some more baby stuff today, and got myself a big juice to sustain me and keep me going in my baby decision-making.

Then after some acupuncture, at this stage now designed to help baby get into and stay in place, my other baby (girl!) wanted to run through the sprinkler. So of course…

There is nothing quite like seeing your child so happy, and gee was she happy. She totally woke up (she is a water baby!) and was running through the streams of water for the longest time. Ahh, nice and refreshed at the end of it all. 💦💖

Another standout memory has to go to what I did at the end of the day…

Some perspective… 2013 to 2023.

It brought me such happiness to do the washing today… because I was washing baby’s newborn clothes! Seeing them out there on the line, reminded me of doing it 10 years ago, and it was only 9 days before baby girl entered the world that I got it done.

Let’s hope I get more than 9 days this time around between washing and baby arriving! 😬🤞😁🙏🤰🤣🥰💖

#2560 Baby parcels

Baby parcels. It’s been a fun day 😁

The first one came in the morning. It was small and flat, and I knew it was one of the two things I ordered last week.

And so it was. The outfit I’m planning on putting on baby, one of their special ‘first,’ once they arrive. 🥰🥰😍😍

Oooh, I can’t help it, it’s so cute! I was oohing and aahing over it, and baby girl was like “come on Mum, yeah say you love it some more.” 🙄🤣

And I paused and went – “I love it!”

A sneak peek. 😉

Then, an hour or two later, there was another parcel. Baby girl informed me as I worked, that there had been something left at our door. We went to have a look… and I was immediately puzzled. The thing I’d ordered last week was small. This was in a medium rectangle shaped box. There was something that was meant to come in Hubbie’s name too, which may have needed a larger box, but this was in my name.


I couldn’t wait. I ripped it open, and saw a packet of nappies. 🥰😁🤣

I knew immediately it was one of my besties who had gifted me this, before I even read the note that came with it. And so it was, she was giving me a pack of the ones she used on her little one when he was born.

Ahh, nappies! It’s already beginning! I need to have myself an arrangement of nappies, creams and wipes before baby comes, so I can start experimenting and seeing what works for baby (and me) and so I don’t have to worry about running around when baby is here.

It’s so exciting! I flit between being petrified, to excited, to anxious, to happy, to petrified again, to freaking excited!

AHHH! 😁🤣🙏🤰

#2559 Baby wardrobe – tick!

It’s finally done!

Hubbie and I finished the baby wardrobe today! I give him full credit for the manual lifting and screwing and putting together of the entire unit, and he calls me his project manager, as I read the instructions and try to work out what goes next, handing over the materials and keeping it all moving along. 😁

I felt really tired after we finished that, and just sat for the longest time… but knowing the wardrobe was up there, just waiting for me, I had to like, go in the room and potter around, moving this, moving that, sorting this, sorting that…

Here is the wardrobe complete, and then to the right is the wardrobe after I’ve been dabbling in the room.

I actually love this organisation part of it, I get such a buzz from putting things in their rightful place! I still have a lot to do, but knowing I’ve started and am on my way gives me such joy. 🤩💖🤰😁

#2555 Baby, baby, baby

So much BABY stuff today.

So I had my 34 week scan, and got to see baby moving about, seemingly a bit sleepy, but then, hand on forehead again (gee it’s a tough life!)

Hubbie and I started putting together the baby wardrobe (oooh, exciting!)

And then in the afternoon I went and did a prenatal yoga class!

I was so happy I did it. Admittedly I would’ve done it earlier had I had the time… but seriously, the last two months of last year were so busy, I actually didn’t know how I would find the time to fit it in, it was that impossible, so I just put it off to literally, the last month or so of this pregnancy. 😂

It was AMAZING. It was a class of 7 pregnant mamas and the teacher, with beautiful new facilities all around, and the backdrop? Why, as I stretched from one side to the next, when my eyes weren’t closed to meditative breathwork and focusing on my body, they were trained in front of me along the coastline of the Port Phillip Bay.

Just wow. 🤩🌅

It wasn’t just the view though, the teacher was super friendly and informative and the other Mums seemed really nice, so I already can’t wait to go back.

I may not have a lot of time with them since I am 34 weeks, but guess what…

They do Mums and Bubs yoga too! Winning! 😁🤱

#2548 The baby wardrobe


I am sooooo very excited that today, we finally purchased the baby room wardrobe!

Everything else we have… it either has to be cleaned, washed, looked over, or installed… just the wardrobe was the big question mark, until today that is!

The room that will be baby’s is more of a study type room than a bedroom, hence the small size, but it’s small size is actually quite perfect for a nursery, we just had to have a barn door installed (coming soon) and a wardrobe put in.

Having gotten this today is that final check off our list. Sure we still need to get the door in, and sure, we need to actually assemble the wardrobe now (Ikea, right? 🤣)

But just knowing that all the big things on my baby to-do list are ticked off or accounted for, omg…. the nerves, the excitement!