#2012 Still sunny day out

What a gloriously sunny Winter’s day it was today. 🌞

I was feeling a bit off, but come work-from-home knock-off time, after baby girl and I did our new routine of watching Friends with our coffee and babycino – yes, my 8-year-old (8!😮) is actually getting through the entire series of Friends! – we decided to go for a slow, leisurely walk around the block.

We found a basket of lemons, even though the sign said limes… maybe they were all out? 😂 And it was truly beautiful, being in the moment and just wandering through the still, sunny afternoon, hand in hand, talking about whatever floated into our minds.

I continued the slow and steady at home when I took a mag I bought recently to the balcony, to indulge in some more ‘me’ relaxation time.

Even on those days when you feel a little less than yourself, doing these small, therapeutic things can make the world of difference.

#1956 New door with a view

We had a hole in our bedroom wall today!

There was banging, grinding, men being super loud, and I’m sure the neighbours were going “what the…?”

It was surreal, really. Even though it was for a good reason, it still fell like…

We could just fall off it? If there wasn’t a balcony deck there, that is. 😂

We were excited to finally get our old, rotting balcony sliding door replaced today.

And though you can’t see it properly in the receding light of the afternoon…

I assure you, it looks a lot nicer now.

It’s not just a room with a view anymore.

It’s a room that has a nice door view too.


#1924 Home, but also away

I felt like I was holidaying it a little as I took my lunch up to the balcony today.

Of course. It’s these little luxuries that we ALL try to do in our lives, to make us feel like we’re a world away.

It gives us escape, a reprieve from the monotony of routine, and takes us back to said routine, all the more refreshed.

You might have a fancy coffee machine.

You might have an outdoor deck that’s the perfect spot for bringing friends and family together.

You might have a fire pit, cosy and warm for those icy nights where you can toast marshmallows and rug up with loved ones.

You might have a pool, that makes you feel like you live in a resort come summer time with drinks in your backyard.

You might have special artwork adorning your walls, reminding you of galleries near and far that you’ve visited.

You might just have a big TV that you like to plonk yourself in front of to take you away from where you are, if only for 90 minutes.

Or you might have a library of books, with a comfy armchair, that takes you to places and introduces you to people you can only imagine.

Or like us, you might have a balcony.

And the balcony may for you, like it does for us, re-centre you, remind you of the bigger picture, and allow you to dream BIG, bigger than what you ever thought possible…


#1856 Writerly wanderings

Finally, a DAY OFF.

A day without jobs. A day without appointments. A day without anything really urgent to do, where I could just let my feet lead me wherever they felt the pull.

It was EXACTLY what I needed.

I dropped off baby girl at school. The clouds were parting, and the sun was already starting to kick in. I kinda drove aimlessly, yet at the same time knowing precisely where I was headed.

To the water.

I walked. I sat. I looked around. I thought. I felt the burn in my legs as I walked up stairs, up red-earth cliff faces that showed sand and dust so raw and bright as the earth’s core.

Later I went to the grocery shop… sure, a job, but I did it slowly, and ambled around the store, with more ‘me time’ in mind…

I got myself a takeaway coffee, and at home headed up to the balcony to research, edit and read and write, for almost 2 hours.


I felt at home. When everything else around me crumbles and falls, things don’t work out the way I’d like, and the future feels uncertain, confusing, and I feel lost… my writing makes me happy.

It’s that one guarantee, that one escape, that one thing, that makes me so light and free.

It makes me feel at home. The process brings me such joy, and I don’t even need to tell you what I did the rest of the day…

Because wandering, writing, musing. Bringing myself back to centre, made me, ME again. That is enough.


#1828 Balcony brekkie

So what else does one do when you’re locked at home, it’s beautiful weather…

Did I mention locked at home? 🤣

Well, kind of. Many Melburnians would agree with me. Others would call me over-dramatic, but I am a writer so…


With not much to do, and with so much time to do it, I looked outside, felt the air, and said to baby girl:

“Why don’t we eat breakfast on the balcony?”

It’s a nicer experience actually, without the gazillion cars going by. I actually don’t really notice them, it’s only that Hubbie loves to bring it to our attentions time and time again.

The cars, oh man, the cars. God help us, THE CARS.

But now, during lockdown? There are minimal cars.

It made our tea, toast and toy experience that much more serene, peaceful, and chilled, up there, on a day where we didn’t do much, AT ALL.

Hey, maybe we schedule snap lockdowns once a month, just so we can get some time off? Anyone?

Ok I’ll duck –

#1751 My balcony moment

I’m feeling a little sheepish, because I didn’t get to capture the most peaceful and beautiful part of my day.

But like many things in life, just because it wasn’t snapped, 📸 doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

The heart can tell it happened.

I find this happens in the most perfect moments. Those where we are free, going with the flow, living from within our purpose.

And we don’t have a camera on us.

AND running off to grab a camera, well it kinda defeats the purpose of being calm, free and all.

But it happened today. I had a coffee up on the balcony as the sun was approaching midday point, so half of the balcony was still in shadow…

But the other half was lit up.

I moved my chair to the part where it SHONE. MOVED IT RIGHT UP.

And I sipped my coffee.

I thanked my lucky stars that I was enjoying this beautiful moment, up high, right under birds as their wings flapped above me, dragonflies whizzing about in the garden below me with butterflies gently meandering, the waters shimmering in the horizon, with the still and warm air enveloping me in a gentle embrace…

While my coffee got me buzzing. 🤩

Still, I was calm. I was grateful.

The sun was shining on me.

That was all I needed.

#1706 Day 208 of getting there: alone again

It’s been something like 4 months since I’ve had alone time.

I mean alone in the sense of, no hubbie, no baby girl, and NO WORK.

Proper, nothing time.

Because things have been so up and down lately, I didn’t even plan my day out.

It was all, go with the flow.

Enjoy a coffee in the backyard.

Pat the cat Mister F.

Talk to the bird orange-cheeks.

Have a big ol’ long convo on the phone.

Potter around the house.

Watch TV.

Lunch on the balcony.


It was a real chill, real down and taking it easy day, and I very much needed it. 💖

#1675 Day 177 of getting there: work-lunch-sun

You can’t go to the park every day, as much as you’ve missed it for the past couple months.

Some days it’s busier. Work. Home stuff. This and that. A busy night. Routines for all of the family.

The sun can be beckoning, the day will be still and silent, but still, you can’t silence the busy-ness.

That was my day today. I knew we couldn’t park’ as we did yesterday.

So what did I do?

At lunchtime, I took my meal upstairs to the balcony…

And I enjoyed my lunch break there!

I still enjoyed the sun, and I got away from the screen, something I definitely had to do after the morning I had.

Perks from working at home? Love it. 💖

#1670 Day 172 of getting there: the balcony ukelele

I don’t have a photo to share with you about today’s gratitude.

But just sit with me, and listen as I talk you through it.

Imagine… the sun is bright. It’s 3:30, so the sun is just past it’s halfway point in the sky.

Still, it’s blinding.

Not a whisper of a breeze. Nothing. The horizon is clear. You can see the blue waters of Port Phillip Bay.

I am on the balcony.

I am relaxed. Breathing deeply. I’ve just finished work, so all the day’s rushing and routine is melting away under the heat.

But my empty coffee cup sits on the small table in front of me, so I’m starting to perk up too.

Baby girl is sitting next to me… with a toy ukelele. She strums it, showing me how she can do so with both hands.

“Sing a song Mum,” she goes.

“Mama,” I begin. “Ooooh.”

But I realise the words will go dark soon, and with only me and baby girl there, it’ll be even louder.

“I’ve got another one.

Love of my life, don’t leave me

You’ve stolen my love, you now desert me…”

And so I went singing a few more Freddie lyrics, while baby girl strummed the ukelele.

It was the sweetest, loveliest little moment. I actually wished I was a professional singer, as the practise of singing along to an instrument felt so soothing and special.

“That was beautiful honey,” I said. “But I don’t think I’ll give up my day job.”


Still, that little musical moment made my day. 💖

#1656 Day 158 of getting there: shelter from the storm

All of a sudden, it just happened.

Baby girl and I had been working on her new Frozen lego set, when the the wind picked up intensity and the rain started to pour.

When we looked outside, we saw currents of rain being thrown about like someone tossing buckets of water about with no real method – here there and everywhere.

It was madness.

I mean, the day had started off alright. Windy, but sunny. Looking out of the window was pleasant when it was bright, wind or no wind.

But this? This was hellish. This was… crazy. Up on the balcony, I happened to hit record on my phone, and the chairs that always sit there fell over…

They never fall over!

Except for today of course.

Oh. It was scary, crazy, but kinda cool to look at, from inside looking out…

Just another time when I am grateful to be all locked up. Sheltered from the storm.