#2145 The story behind the beach

Let me tell you a funny story.

Rest assured, living at the beach means we have a WHOLE LOT of these ‘funny’ stories.

It’s the story of ‘how-the-shit-hit-the-fan-before-we-made-it-to-the-beach.’ 🤣🤦‍♀️

This story might almost trump the time Hubbie brought tuna, salad and feta to the beach and thought it’d be a good idea to make a sandwich there… true story. 😂

First, I wanted to be there nice and early for the good car park. The ‘good’ car park is a dirt car park with no lines, second closest to the beach. We park there because more often than not the spots are more spacious, and the cars aren’t squeezing into each other because of the no lines – it’s a free for all for parking.

We don’t park in the closer car park. Or really, Hubbie hates us to. This one HAS lines, and in peak conditions (aka beach weather) it can get really busy, and Hubbie is REALLY into his cars. He doesn’t want scratches, issues, NADA.

I thought being a cooler morning, that we’d be fine. So, we aimed for 10am to be at the beach. I wanted to make the most out of our beach visit, and so I was bringing the famed beach trolley.

It’s a $50 trolley from Kmart, and it’s awesome because it collapses flat when you’re not using it, but then when you want it to be used you just pull it out, and pack EVERYTHING in there, and just pull it… and it follows you. We were bringing the boogie board, the beach tent, beach chairs, towels, two bags, and even a bucket and spade.

We NEEDED the second dirt car park because of the trolley. It has a nice little boardwalk type path that leads right to the beach, and I had to have it. I was bringing the house after all.

First fail: We got there 10:30am.

No, I lie. I drove past the dirt car park at 10:30… to see it was completely packed. Full to the rafters. There was no point even glancing into the closer car park, though I did… it was also like a tin of sardines. No go.

So I drove into the street we head into when our dirt car park is packed, which is near the beach, but a bit of a walk away from the entrance to the beach 😬😬😬 and I kept driving, and driving, and driving…

Nearly three blocks in! It was also PACKED.

But, I persevered. We were going to have a great beach day, damn it!

So we got out. Packed the trolley. There’s no footpath on that street, so I walked alongside the parked cars on the road with the trolley, baby girl on the grass on the other side, safer.

Randomly, she fell! Lucky it was on the grass. Be careful, I said!

Almost at the end of the street… “ouch!” she cried.

She had just stubbed her toe on the concrete as she was wearing thongs.

“Ouch ouch ouch, quick there’s blood!”

Sure enough there was. She had hit the top of her toe so hard, she had scraped the skin and it was hanging a bit, but there was blood underneath as it was more than just a surface scab, it was deep.


She had a decent open wound and we were headed into sand and surf?


I was straight with her and told her it may just stuff up the whole day, but this time she was determined to persevere. We chucked on a band-aid and kept going.

So we walked… we had to cross the busy Esplanade road, and that was a feat with every Tom, Dick and Nancy trying to park and make their way there too.

We crossed the road, and again, NO FOOTPATH, I had to use the steep driveway down into the beach car park to pull the trolley down…

And I really thought my problems were over once we got there. The far away car parking, the long walk, toe stubbing and blood, steep driveways… surely the roadblocks were past us, right?


There were like 100 kids in fluoro orange on the beach, on top of the normal holiday summer visitors, and there were all these sectioned off areas where you couldn’t sit because they were doing training, drills, swimming…

Basically, the most accessible section of the beach, the first bit, with the access to taps and kiosk and toilets, were all taken away because of some Nippers holiday swim program.

So we had to walk.

No sorry, pull the trolley over sand… for ages.

And ages, and ages, and ages.

Sure the trolley is good in slightly wet sand, but drag it over dry sand and it is a NIGHTMARE.

And then finally…

After packed car parks, parking super far, baby girl falling, then hitting her toe, then managing traffic as we crossed a main road, then being ambushed by a trillion extra people and activities which made us have to go so much further than we had to, we GOT THERE.

I set up a beach spot, and when I was done I decided we weren’t leaving for at least 3 hours just so I could take advantage of all our prior turmoil in getting there. 🤦‍♀️🤣

Sure, these are first world beach problems, but I like to let people know, behind the pretty beach photos…

Lies something else! A very amusing story. 🤣😉

And baby girl’s foot? Amazingly, she was FINE. The sand and sea apparently helped her sore and she played happily for 3 hours. 🙏

#2087 Beach Days no. 3

Last week when we were at the beach, I stepped in, forcing my feet to move through the freezing waters, but it was so icy my legs started to HURT.

Today when baby girl and I arrived, I stepped into the water… and very easily kept on walking.

Summer’s coming folks. 😉🌞🌅💖

#2052 First beach day of 2021

I’m calling it!

Tuesday the 28th of September 2021.

The first beach day… kinda.

Ok, so hear me out. I didn’t submerge myself at all, instead just letting my feet be stung by the super freezing waters!

Baby girl however was in full swimsuit, submerged herself and got totally wet…

And we were there for over 2 hours.

AND it was over 20 degrees (something 🤷‍♀️)

So I think despite the fact I was sans swimsuit, we can still call it an official beach day.

The earliest EVER!

And we have covid to thank, seriously. I would never in the past have considered allowing baby girl near waters so cold, when the weather wasn’t at least like 28, and in September of all months, when the mornings are still so freaking cold!

But I think we are desperate, let’s be honest, to go out and do something.

Maybe too, I am getting used to the fact that the beach is for ALL seasons… I honestly am realising more and more, year after year, that given somewhat ‘appropriate weather’ (no cyclones, storms, hell-bent windy weather) you can totally hang out there and be happy, even when it isn’t the sunniest of seasons.

Which is what we were today. At peace, and happy. 🙏💖

#2025 Alive again

Once upon a time there was a little girl.

She wasn’t a baby, but she wasn’t yet grown either, far from it.

She was in that beautiful in-between stage, of growth, of wonder. An abundance of delicate naivety followed her wherever she went.

She was a friendly, happy girl. She talked it up without hesitation amongst adults, and yet played up a storm with her peers, creating magical worlds, chasing each other around the yard, and racing through the playgrounds, side by side.

She was all light, all magic. She had a deep drive for adventure, with an innate desire of curiosity shining from her eyes.

Then one day, a virus came.

It came seemingly out of nowhere and spread through the world.

Lockdown, after lockdown, after lockdown.

After the 6th one, it started to catch up.

It started to catch up to the girl.

The things she used to love, she did no more. She didn’t want to go out. Home, home, home and that’s where she wanted to stay.

She used to beg to accompany her parents on the grocery shop trip – she no longer cared.

When her neighbour called her to come out… she said she was busy.

She was tired, flat. She wasn’t herself.

Her Mum noticed. She mentioned it to a health professional, who concurred –

“She seems sad. She’s withdrawing.”

The course of action? Getting out of the house more. What she always used to do.

Her mum suggested a beach walk.

But the girl rejected it.

This former lover of sand and sea, said she didn’t want to put on sunscreen.

But… she came around.

And they went to the beach.

And the girl… became alive again.

The sea air, woke her up. The cold snap of the ocean shook something within her soul. She was scavenging for rocks and shells, dipping her body in the water, and laughing like she hadn’t in a long time.

She had found happiness again.

They went home, and her Mum told her Dad… and her Mum cried. She cried because she saw how close her girl had gotten to getting sadder, and sadder, and sadder.

That Mum is me. That girl, is my girl.

My baby girl.

This virus is taking lives, as well as our wellbeing.

But let’s not forget the other virus. The silent one.

The one that infiltrates our thoughts. The one that removes all sense of joy, of purpose, and of passion.

That is the dangerous one we must look out for. We must keep our children’s wellbeing in full view, and keep a close eye on them.

Sure, stay safe from the virus. But we need to keep them safe from dark thoughts. 🙏💖

#2021 Reasons why I love living near the beach no. 5

Reason number 5 is…

Because the beach is within our 5km radius, and most of these lockdown rules (sorry, ALL of them) suck.

But the beach makes it all that much easier. Less sucky.

After lunch we went to get a coffee for me, an ice cream for baby girl, and then we sat on a grassy patch temporarily to consume our yummy goods…

Before making the short walk down.

There were quite a few people there, and I don’t blame them. It is so hard to stay indoors when it is so beautiful out, and when the water is literally right there in the distance, shimmering and winking at you, how can you say no?

Plus, it’s EXERCISE.

There are some exceptionally sunny days coming up, so I think I will be doing plenty more exercise by the water… 🌊

#1901 3 beach day

I stood on the sand after 4pm, telling baby girl’s friend’s mum, that it was in fact my third visit to the sea and sand that day.

“Oh, you poor thing,” she teased.

I did in fact, feel bad to say it out loud. 3 beach visits in a day? Gee, sounds stressful!

But it happened rather randomly and unexpectedly, and the way it happened felt like it was MEANT to happen.

Maybe because things have been so shit for some time, the Universe aligned to give me a great, sunshine-y day. 🌞

I had important errands this morning after school drop-off, and after they were done I grabbed an egg and bacon toastie from Banjo’s, a cappuccino from Store Fifteen, and walked on down to the beach.

I’d had an egg and bacon toastie from Banjo’s YONKS ago, and back then it had blown my mind. Well it was pretty delish today, not really any mind-blowing, but that’s because I think I had cheese then, and not today.

Having not had any food since waking up, that brekkie on the beach was the best thing ever. I made friends with the seagulls, squinted into the sun, and watched a sea plane land in the water! It was incredible.

Then my sister and parents visited after lunch, with the sole purpose being, ‘a beach visit.’

So, again. First it had been Mothers.

This time, Mills.

I really loved that my parents seemed to enjoy it. Sis enjoyed it of course, for sure, she loves the water as I do. She dipped her feet into the mild waters, and Dad even did a light jog alongside the water, which we were rapt to see.

I went to pick up baby girl from school hours later, looking forward to a chill afternoon. The last few days had been pretty busy.

But she and her friend had another plan in mind.

They wanted a beach playdate!

And so we found ourselves at Mills again, 30 minutes later. 🤦‍♀️

The water was colder, and the tide had come in so much, it actually blew my mind how short the span of sand now was. But us Mums sat and talked, the girls wade through the waters looking for so-called pearls, they made sandcastles, and we saw what we were pretty sure were dolphins, far off in the waters, spraying up water! Unbelievable.

3 beach visits. I know I’ve had 2 in a day before, but this is taking the cake, AND for the last day of April, in Autumn… just wow.

And it may seem overly boastful, or excessive… but trust me, with the way things have gone since last year, I need about 54 beach visits in a day to make up for all the hard times that have transpired.

But 3 is good for now. I’ll raincheck the rest. 😉

But now, I AM BUGGERED. Think I’ll stay home and do lots of washing tomorrow… 😂

#1873 April sun in Melbourne

Well would you look at that?

An April beach day!

WHAT? And on the Easter long weekend. Sure we live near the beach, so heading there is often easier to manage than if we lived let’s say an hour away…

But still, you have to be free.

AVAILABLE. When Melbourne decides to turn it on.

And so to get a beautiful and warm summer’s day, in Autumn, in April, on a public holiday, Good Friday no less…

It sure was a Good Friday. We bathed in the sun, and I even read a book (for 5 minutes)…

But still! I read.

And I loved it. 💖📚🏖

#1830 Me time, beach time

At least once a year, I try to do a beach visit ON MY LONESOME.

You might think that is soooo easy living by the beach and all… but let me explain.

I am a Mum, so I have Mum duties. Baby girl has to be at school.

I am a wife, so I have wife duties. Hubbie has to be at work.

I do everything else around the house, so like, it has to be a chore ‘light’ day…

I work, so it needs to be a work free day.

We live in Melbourne, so we need to have good weather…


AND if all of THAT wasn’t enough, we are living in the time of corona, so we need Dan to let us go to the beach!

Phew. That’s a long list.

Can you see why I only aim for once a year?

Maybe in due time, more solo visits will be possible. Maybe yes, maybe no.

All I know is, I chilled for an hour or two…

read a book…

dipped my toes into the warm water…

let the sun beat down on me…

and closed my eyes to the swirl of waves, wind and little kids squealing around me.

The sound was so full. But my mind was so peaceful. 💖🏖

#1822 Reasons why I love living near the beach no. 4

Oh God. All my reasons why I love living by the beach are pretty much the same, with like, two or three very minor differences.

Convenience again, rears its head. Well of course. It is the super convenient to live by the beach, because of the proximity, right?

Today Hubbie and I had a day off, and we decided given the fact that Summer appears to disappear on weekends lately (only reappearing during the working week, have you noticed?) any family time beach visits on let’s say a Sunday, have been pretty impossible.

But when you’ve had the day off, and you live by the beach, well…

We put on our beach gear under our clothes, and waited for baby girl to run up to us after school and work it out herself.

We weren’t even at the car when she realised WHERE we were going.

Yep. Straight to the beach. No home stop here… it breaks the flow. I bring her swimwear, change her in the car park, towels, sunscreen and snacks and water bottles are brought along… and that is MORE than enough.

We ended up staying for longer than we thought we would, when surprisingly baby girl’s school friend turned up…

And then MORE shenanigans ensued.

The water was perfect… the air was still… the sun was shining…

We don’t have to wait until the weekend for the beach. In Melbourne, we aren’t granted with that luxury. Summer comes, and Summer goes, even within the month of Summer.

So making the most of it when we can, mid-week, after school… I just love it. 💖💖🏖🏖