#692 Summer catch-up with Best Man and Fam

Time between catch-ups is often too long and drawn out, usually with those you love and get along with the most. I don’t know why that is, I mean, we should not see the people that annoy us in life (I do that too) but for some reason it is just as impossible to get together with those that feed your soul.

And when your kids get along, DOUBLE THE POINTS.

What to do then on such a catch-up? Why, let’s try everything.

Fish and Chips at the local park – then let the kids run wild.

A quick walk down to the beach, which turns into some splashing in the bay.



Why not some ice cream? The kids aren’t high enough on Summer/beach vibes, and hey let’s tire them out, while simultaneously feeding them sugar, because… January?


But hey, that was intentional for a reason! They sat on the couch later and totally chill-axed because of it, while us adults rocked on.


A fabulous night, all in all, for ALL. 🙂


#531 Dancing in the kitchen with best man and fam

Ahhh. Kitchen. Dancing. It’s become a synonymously SmikG thing, huh?!?!

But today, we were fortunate to spend the best evening ever with some of our besties. It’s always so easy and entertaining – we have fun, we are relaxed, and all of this even more so because our kids are having fun, and they are relaxed too… so relaxed they ran around the house in circles trying to freeze each other with ‘Frozen’ wands repeatedly.

Like I said, relaxed.

It’s a win-win.

And the end of it brought the perfect culmination of the night, when we took to the kitchen dancefloor (because let’s face it, that’s what it is) quite spontaneously, and started to move.

Hubbie and Best Man got personal… man love all the way.


There was standing on stools, Elvis Presley poses


Kids screaming in excited fury!


And just all kinds of colourful feet moving about on the dancefloor.


It was freeing, it was happy, it was wild and it was irrationally crazy… yet mostly the vibe was PERFECT.

As it always is in the Best company. Best man and fam. Makes sense 😉




#469 First taste of Filtered Coffee

It was while being grateful for a LONG overdue catch-up with Best Man and Fam today, that later on in the evening I had another reason to be grateful.

Filtered coffee.

Hubbie’s bestie asked if we wanted a taste of a special blend, and of course there wasn’t much chance of us saying no, being all coffee snobs and all. Off to the kitchen he went to begin the ‘process.’

The ‘process’ went for a good 5 minutes. There was a large jug, something like a fine sieve up top, hot water that went into this, and then ground coffee on top, to just sit. For a good few minutes.


Finally it was brought to the table, and we had our first taste.


Did I tell you Hubbie’s bestie is a coffee rep? How bloody convenient for us. Like, seriously. He told me that if that coffee were unfiltered, there would be earthier notes coming out, but this being filtered, there were fruiter ones. I asked him why exactly the coffee is filtered, and he went on an explanation saying you can have coffee in a variety of ways, and offered a detailed explanation, but the music in the room was too loud, and the kids were running around us and having the time of their lives, so the message got lost in the air. I nodded and drank.

It was watery, quite light, yet still strong. I could get used to it, as it is different, and I like different, but still pleasant. He said it’s a good morning coffee, and I could see why.

Tasting different coffees, one day at a time.

All hail different ways to drink coffee.

‘Hail different ways to drink coffee.’



#323 Post New Year’s Countdown with Best Friends

Saturday January 12, 2017.

It is almost 10pm. On the dot. Coincidentally.

Music is BLARING. (Sia).

Scene? Best Man and Fam’s house.

The kids have just finished going through a box of sparklers. They have been looking forward to lighting them up ALL night.

Party atmosphere is turned ON.

Suddenly, someone mentions that it feels like New Year’s Eve. We’ve spent it together before, but not the one that just passed.

Hubbie decides a countdown. And the older kids join in.

“10, 9, 8” (Just a few of them)

“7, 6, 5” (Some adults join in)

“4, 3, 2, 1” (We’re all chanting now)

“Happy New Year!”

Everyone yells and jumps around. Out on the alfresco part of the yard, they all begin walking to one another with kisses and hugs, wishing each other a Happy New Year. They do it with love and happiness, yet so seriously, like it is REALLY Happy New Year.

Even the kids start going around and shaking hands with each other. Like we are talking two 3 year olds, a 7 and a 9 year old.

When they come to me to kiss me Happy New Year, I am laughing so hard I can barely reciprocate. “What are the neighbours going to think?”

10pm on Jan 12 it’s New Year’s?

I reciprocate the kisses and hugs, still laughing.

“It actually feels like New Year’s!” Someone exclaims.


And it totally rocks.

What makes it more awesome is our kids are in on the act too.

I am so happy, and grateful for these memorable moments. 🙂



#186 Brekkie with friends

I haven’t had brekkie out in a while. Minus when we’ve been away, we kind of have been avoiding it since the kind-of-manoeuvrable days when I’d take a baby girl, then actually a baby, and feed her pureed apple and banana or mango or whatever fruit of choice while we waited for our poached eggs/big brekkie meals to arrive.

It’s hard to travel in the car with a hungry child. I won’t do that to her, just for my sake. I put brekkie out, on hold. We put brekkie out, on hold.

But then, last night happened. At a family function Hubbie found his best mate, and within 5 minutes they had hatched a plan that our two fams would breakfast out the next morning. This morning.

We were all tired this morning, all wondering if the other party would still be willing to go through with the proposed plan. Baby girl was with snotty nose, having come down with something in the last few days. Little sleep was had. Cold. But still, with thoughts of cooked breakfasts beside a fireplace, we all soldiered on.

2016-08-28 10.48.20

It was an interesting brekkie! A review will come in due course. And next time, we will be better prepared and actually book in advance. But it was so nice to not only be ‘breakfast-ing’ again, but doing it with dear friends… who also have kids, so that our scallywag bunch can amuse each other somewhat.

Life is about enjoying each moment as much as you can. Life is even better when you can share those moments with people you love. That, I am grateful for.

2016-08-28 12.32.19



#157 Genuine excitement

It’s always a great night when we get together with our best friends. Tonight we told them our big news.

Our big news. Expecting it just to be our big news. I mean we’re not stupid, self-absorbed, or jaded. It’s happening, going to happen to us, and therefore we should be most excited about it.

But no.

What we saw in their faces when Hubbie told them where we were moving, that we were going to Seachange… wow.

Excitement. Shock. Awe. Happiness. Genuine good will.

It’s a mark of a good friendship when you can be deeply and wholly happy for one another’s happiness without any hint of resentment or jealousy. And we didn’t feel anything but love tonight.

We haven’t moved yet, but still… knowing these people who are so deeply intertwined in our lives, who have our back, and are encouraging us to go full steam ahead, despite the distance it will evidently cause in our visits… I’m touched.

But hey. It’s not that bad. I give it 3 years, tops. And they’ll be joining us by the bay too 😉


#109 A day spent with faves

It’s hard to pinpoint one item of gratitude, when your day has been spent with some of your most favourite people, with many beautiful memories, laughter, hugs, kisses, warmth, and good vibes shared. I’m lucky.

Having said all of the above, it’s been an emotionally draining day too, a day in memory of a loved one not with us anymore.

I guess that makes you appreciate all the more the love you have in your life due to the people who are there for you in thick, and thin. The people with us today, my faves? They have been with us through thick. We have been with them through thick. And we are with each other through the easy times of course, to celebrate all that we’ve accomplished and all that we’ve gone through.

I love these guys, and I’m pretty sure they love me 🙂

Thick and thin. Hard and easy. Love does not measure. It does not justify. It does not calculate. It does not ask.

It is. It does. It creates.

It should be clear to you, where the love is in your life. Who the love is in your life. Where does your heart lead you when you speak the words? Where does it lead you when you hear the words? What picture does it show you when breathe the unspoken thoughts?

Go there. Go to love. Don’t bother with the bullshit. Life is short. Live love. Love life.