#1867 Out us two

Hubbie and I haven’t been out somewhere, the two of us, AT NIGHT, for, ohhhh…

Maybe over 3 years? The last time I can remember, it was The Weeknd concert, and that had followed the Sia concert the week before, so we had scored two ‘us time’ weekends out in a row…

But then a massive 3 YEAR GAP.

We had a birthday tonight, and it was so great to catch up with great friends, reminisce, talk about the future, and have a couple of drinks.

A couple. Specifically, 2.

There was a bit of a yellow glow to it all… due to the yellow lamps hanging everywhere…

Or, maybe it was us.

GLOWING in excitement at being out. 😁😁

#1757 Capping off a great weekend

After so long of seeing no one, it feels like this weekend we have seen everyone.

Well, almost everyone.

Actually I lie, there are still loads of people to see… see, I’m so used to not being social that I’m forgetting about who we actually used to interact with.

So many people.

Today was a great day to finish off a really full, exciting, loving and happy weekend. It was my nephew’s 15th birthday, and can I just say, I think all Sundays should include…






That is ALL. That’s not a hard list, right?

Yep. All you really need is LOVE.

#1754 The big girl at the party

Today was a little milestone for baby girl and I.

I took her to a birthday party after school… then LEFT HER THERE.

It was part under the belief that it was kids only… and part knowing that she was old enough to be left alone.

It was only 90 minutes long… but I drove off going “I AM FREE!”

(And then proceeded to stop and buy groceries, start dinner prep, then lie on the couch for 7 minutes ONLY because that was all the time I allowed myself and I was exhausted).

This is the remnant of this afternoon’s party.

Yes. A half-eaten chocolate cupcake. I picked up a girl who was emotional from not wanting to go home, high from all the kids, fairy bread and chips, and tired from doing the conga line and jumping in the bouncy castle.

Yes. It was a successful first foray into ‘solo’ kids parties.

And by the way… I was the only parent who ‘dumped’ their child and left. Turns out other kids were there… with their Mums in tow.


That’s ok. Last year we were at the same girls party, and I was the ONLY Mum there… at a kids pretty in pink themed play room.

So, balance.

(I ate the rest of the cupcake, shhhhh).


#1733 Day 235 of getting there: Getting out of HERE!

Today, instead of dropping off baby girl at school, then turning the car around to drive back home to sit at my desk and WORK…

I took the car, to the freeway!

Woo hoo! I was free!

Today was the first day I went outside of the 25kms since the restrictions eased. And it seemed to be one of those days, where things seemed to flow, as busy busy busy as they were.

I made my first stop at bestie’s to drop off a birthday present, because surprise surprise, it was her birthday!

I told you, FLOW.

It was so lovely to catch up, even if so briefly, and to put a smile on her face… behind the mask of course. πŸ˜‰

And although the rest of the day involved stuff like car services and appointments, I got to see my family… yes! My parents, and my sister, who I haven’t seen for so long. πŸ’–

Our minds were elsewhere, and there was much to discuss, and not even the surface of the surface was scratched, that’s how much we still have to catch up on… But to be around loved, familiar, happy faces, to feel that support and be a part of that all, was the sweetest thing ever.

So happy to be getting ‘here’ again. 😍

#1716 Day 218 of getting there: getting better, in 3s

Victoria got some great news today.

Finally, a light. πŸ’‘

Things will be reopening from this Wednesday!

That was something really great to lighten the day.

On another more personal note… I bit the bullet.

I took a step today, made an important decision to move my life forward.

It hasn’t been easy, but I am finally HERE. I am finally here at the point where I’m done with the bullshit, and I’m ready to get rid of the fear and just jump into the deep end.

There are life rafts anyway.

But, on the surface, more widely and publicly… I am also grateful for Hubbie’s birthday. Clearly, things are not normal AS YET, so it was a very low-key birthday for him, especially since he was working…

We even got a small, low-key cake.

But, like with these last 7 months…


Low-key or not, the cake was kinda perfect. Exactly what we needed, just for us.

Can you see the cheeky monkey in the background, eyeing it off? 🀨

Hmmm. 🀣

#1665 Day 167 of getting there: Happy Birthday Freddie

Today would have been Freddie Mercury’s 74th birthday.


But even though he’s not around, he very much lives on in the world…

In our homes…

In our hearts, FOREVER.

It was Queen day in our household. We put on 3 albums in full. Sang at the top of our lungs. Danced. Felt the music, the emotions, the joy.

Sang along to Brian May’s guitar (do you do that?) “noar now now now now now now noar noar noooaaaaarrrrr.”

(Or is it just me?)

So I thought I’d share with you a song written by Freddie himself, that most people know…

But it’s a live version, filmed a year before I was even born, and the intro featuring only Freddie and his piano, is so beautiful, so poetic, just so natural, that I don’t know…

Tell me yourself. Tell me you don’t ‘feel’ love watching that intro.

And then of course, it blends into the song we all know and love, with Freddie and the rest of Queen absolutely rocking it and giving it their ALL.

We love you Freddie. Happy Birthday. πŸ’–πŸŽΆπŸŽ™

#1660 Day 162 of getting there: unicorns and castles

It’s refreshing to see your child happy over such simple pleasures.

Like a change of bedding. Baby girl is always super rapt when I change her quilt cover and sheets. It seriously, brightens my day.

Imagine how hilarious it would be if all adults jumped up and down on their bed screaming “YES!” because their bedding was now pink, instead of purple.

But she continues to do so. Even more today, because it wasn’t just any bedding… I changed it to the Unicorn themed one she got for her birthday. It’s all unicorns and castles, it’s got pretty pink and purple hues, amongst stitched gold string to highlight the unicorns hooves, and it’s just… GORGEOUS.

No wonder she loves it.

She thinks she’ll have the best sleeps ever under those magical horn covers.

Maybe we all need unicorns and castles in our life. Some magic would not go astray in these times… πŸ¦„πŸ°

#1653 Day 155 of getting there: The belated frozen present

You can’t depend on online deliveries at the best of times… throw in a pandemic and the whole system goes to shit.

But at the same time, it only meant that the main present we had organised for baby girl over a week ago, well being delayed, it also drew out her happiness and excitement, knowing that there was still something else around the corner.

Finally, today it arrived!

The Frozen lego. She came up to me some weeks ago and showed me a picture of this lego, saying she wanted it from Santa for Christmas… well my Mum-skills went into overdrive, and having her birthday be sooner than December, and being an iso birthday, we had to get it to her right away.

Baby girl loves lego. She has a lot of it. To be honest she hadn’t played with it for a while, but the last few weeks has seen her take out her assembled pieces, put other ensembles together, and generally just have fun with the mini scenes and characters from predominantly, Disney movies.

And can I say… I don’t mind that she has so much. I kinda realised years ago, that I really like lego too. We sit together, and I find this insane peace in getting these little tiny blocks and piecing them together, creating this colourful, fantastic, magical land in front of our eyes.

She’s not only building a collection for herself… she’d building a collection for me. 😁

And while she asked us to start building it together on my next day off, I’m secretly looking forward to it, as much as she is. πŸ’–

#1647 Day 149 of getting there: Don’t you want someplace to work…

Yesterday I had the day off.

It was requested by me, being the day after my birthday. I thought it would be nice to, you know, chill, and not do too much, and just have an extra day with baby girl to do nothing… on top of all of our other nothings.

You know.

But I discovered something yesterday.

Sure, it was meant to be a chill day…

Only, I didn’t really chill.

I was helping baby girl with home schooling. She has been needing my attention too, big time. I think this extended isolation is starting to take effect on her.

I gave her all I could.

But I needed me time, you know? And in amidst this trying to chill, but then being busy with baby girl, I started thinking of all the things I could and should be doing, but couldn’t.

Sure, I was home. But getting stuff done and ticking things off your list, is so much easier when KIDS ARE AT SCHOOL.

I wanted to chill… but baby girl wanted me… then I wanted to do my own thing…

Wasn’t I just meant to chill?

And instead I was in this weird limbo-land where I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do, and instead I was aimlessly floating from task to task.

All day.

And I realised… work is good.

Work is my saviour.

As much as I keep complaining that I don’t have time to do the things I want to do more of, like write, sort all my photos from the last 5 years, and declutter most cupboards in the house, I find when I do find the time I don’t end up doing it anyway.

It’s like working, gives me more motivation to do these things.

Even though I don’t have the time.

Confused yet? Me too.

Today when I was working again, madly trying to convert some documents before my end shift time, I realised…

I was happy. I had purpose. And like that song

“Don’t you want somebody to love,

Don’t you need somebody to love”

Well I want someplace to work. I need someplace to work.

I work better all around, when I work. I don’t have the time for anything else, but that’s another story…

At the moment, work is saving me.

#1646 Day 148 of getting there: extending the birthday sweetness

What is the only good reason to be woken by someone knocking the door in the morning?

Why, if it’s a surprise birthday package for you!

And what can be better, than enjoying a coffee break up on your balcony?

Well, enjoying the treats you got from your morning wake up call!


I was so surprised this morning to find a package at the front door. I guess you kind of expect a little bit of festivities and surprise on your birthday, even leading up to it… but today, I was like, what, more?

How fun!

I mean, I do tell baby girl repeatedly that our birthday doesn’t just fall on one day… we can celebrate the week leading up to, the week after, and hell, while we’re there let’s just take the whole month and claim it as our own shall we?

My beautiful cousin helped us spread that much-needed iso birthday happiness a bit longer, by sending us an absolutely stunning bouquet of flowers, and array of sweet treats to match…

From one of my fave local cafes!

Like, how did she know?

Baby girl and I picked a couple of treats and took them up on the balcony today, trying to take in as much Winter sun as we could while we sipped our coffee/babycino…

And they were sooo good. Baby girl got this huge sugar rush afterwards, she just couldn’t stop laughing.

Laugh honey, laugh. There will be plenty more to laugh about and be happy for when this passes.

I’m so grateful for kind-hearted people that remember you, and try to lift you up.

Thank you beautiful cuz. πŸ’–πŸ₯°