#1509 Day 11 of getting there: Puzzles

Who thought doing a 500+ puzzle would be so damn exciting?


There is no time like the present to get stuck into some good ol’ fashioned puzzle FUN. And if you think it’s no fun, oh LOOK OUT.

We lay all the pieces on the table tonight, from Hubbie’s car puzzle he got from who-knows-where, who-knows when many many moons ago, and got busy grouping similar coloured itsy-bitsy pieces together.

When you get started, and start linking up only a couple, you get this surge of excitement! Like, I am doing it!

I am doing it!

And then you absolutely can’t leave the table. You just can’t. We said we were finishing for the night about eight times before we actually left. Hubbie was on his way to the couch, when he saw some colours he was after, and proceeded to plant his arse back near the puzzle.

Whether it’s because of the changing colder weather, having nowhere to go, or even just family bonding time… a puzzle is a great thing to do at this time of year.

#1474 A date with the parentals

In light of things about to get a whole lot busier, it was lovely to have this pre-planned day, to head across town and meet my parents in a shopping centre, near my old ‘hood.


First I was just wandering without a care. Look here, look there… go wherever I damn like.

When I met up with them, it was BUT FIRST, COFFEE.


And then the pinnacle of the day, being also the least active… when Mum and I lay down to have massages.


The lady who did my back, was kneading a point in my left shoulder blade so much that I nearly cried out. But I gritted through the pain, to get to the glory.

Huh. Much like life I guess.

It was MAGIC.

Then for lunch I introduced my parents to Roll’d… and if you haven’t tried their food, you are missing out. They are delicious.

And now my parents think so too. 😉👌

Best of all, was the bonding and quality time spent with them… because I just know at the end of it all, we all walk away, feeling happier and lighter.

#1127 Vino memories

Today, our family gathered at my parents’ house to make WINE.

It was a magical day. The sun shone as we carried buckets of sun-warmed grapes over to be squashed through a barrel… we all jumped into the challenge and in perfect teamwork and harmony we worked together to do the whole lot in just under an hour… and we revelled in the fact of getting our hands right into the sticky grit of it, and feel our day’s work.

It was a wonderful family bonding experience, and something I do hope can become a bit of a tradition as the years go on… but most happily, is the fact that it is not over yet…

Soon, coming to a shed near you… the taste test!


#1079 January family bonding

Let’s squeeze one more family day trip in before the holidays end, shall we?

That was the thought as we headed down to the luxurious RACV Cape Schanck Resort to meet my parents and sister and fam, 2 days before baby girl is set to start prep.



It was a magical day. Did we need a reason for it? Other than Summer, holidays and family love? Nah. Well we had it though. An after-present from my Mum’s 70th late last year, and a timely silver anniversary celebration for my sister and bro-in-law.

We spent the day, doing what we do BEST.




Making memories. 🙂

Oh, and of course swimming.

We enjoyed the stunning views, and vowed, like all the times, that we WILL be back again…



It was a perfect day. 🙂

#1006 Generational girl parallels

Life is funny in the parallels it sometimes throws at you, isn’t it?

Today there were two girls, sitting happily side by side… and later walking with love and happiness, holding hands.

One was baby girl, and the other was her cousin, who we shall call Miss O… but is more a ‘baby girl’ than baby girl is at 4 years her senior.

And that’s the thing. The age difference. The girls club. Their Mamas, my cousin and I, were there with our girls as well, and it was like watching our childhood all over again. Sure we didn’t get the luxury of growing up from that young of an age, due to initial seas upon oceans between us, but we soon got the chance to grow up together.

Myself, at 4 years her senior.

We find it so odd and humorous now, with a healthy dose of ‘touching,’ that we should be watching our first-borns, girls, also 4 years apart, start to develop this beautiful bond that we already share.

Cousins, by blood… but friends, forever.



#988 Awesome Horse

I was a good 5-10 minutes late taking baby girl in to kindergarten today. But it ended up being the best thing.

Because I helped her make a horse.


The kids are getting all revved up for Melbourne Cup next week, with a planned Oaks Day picnic planned where the kiddies will have their very own Race That Stops the Kinder… on their kid-made horsies.

And we walked in this morning to a massive horse-making operation, of which we unwittingly soon became a part of.

Take 1 long and hollow toilet roll-like contraption.

Take a sock. Stuff it with, well what else, some type of stuffing? They used something resembling cotton wool, only this was more wool-like. (Man I am a good writer).

Once the stuffing is firm and packed in up to the ankle section, place it over one end of the roll. Secure the looser part at the bottom with an elastic band.

Next, take some felt cut-outs for eyes, nose and ears… long stringy pieces for the mane… and tie a piece of string around its nozzle, for the reins.

And there you have yourself a kinder-made horse.


What started off as me just helping her with a few odd bits here and there, ended up in me staying on for an extra 30 minutes, participating with all the other teachers there with gluing and cutting and stuffing, and even though I spent the rest of my afternoon chasing my tail (pardon the pun) and trying to get things done around the house, I was so happy that I had spent some of my morning with baby girl, bonding with her and making memories… and helping her make a horse.

An AWESOME horse, at that. I’ll even put $10 on ‘Sprinkle Horse’ to take out the Oaks Day race.


#986 Generational Bonding

I love these moments.


Moments where I catch baby girl looking up to her with the same adoration I did as a child.

Moments where baby girl is playing with her, and they are laughing, and I feel this great surge of pride and contentment.

Moments when I know that without a doubt, if I am not there, baby girl has one of the best female figure’s to lean on.

Moments when I know baby girl will have the best role model as she grows up… in my sister.

Her aunty. ♥

I hold great satisfaction in knowing that I don’t tell baby girl what to do, how to act and even who to like… she gains that all herself, from seeing the people who are around her, from watching the actions and words of those that cross our paths, and seeing others’ interactions with us as a family.

She sees how special and amazing my sister, bro-in-law and her cousins are, without me saying a peep. Because it is there.

Being separated by generations either, doesn’t make a difference.

When I see that wonder and awe in baby girl’s eyes, I recognise it, because I used to hold it as a young girl too, looking up at my big sister.

But, I LIE.

Because, I still look at her in awe 🙂 ♥