#1281 Down time after the birthday weekend

Tonight, there is no writing.

Tonight, there is no reading.

There isn’t even a pre-emptive to-do list for the week ahead.

I think I will work it out. I always have.

Tonight, I do nothing. After the birthday weekend we’ve just had, I am spent.

I am satisfied.

I am exhausted.

I will sit here on the couch and smile as I go through photo after photo, and snuggle in closer to the cushion as I hear the wind howling outside, all while giving thanks for yesterday’s sunshine.

Tonight, I take a break. ❤

#1274 Your turn

I am stuck tonight guys…

It’s not like I am overly upset at anything… but I am tired. My flu has eased but left in its wake a terribly sore throat.

I am a bit meh. Anything I think of, I have no motivation to write of. It’s all very ho-hum like Snow White’s Dwarves… (wait a second, isn’t it hi-ho??!!)

So I hope for this blog’s sake, this plan of mine works.

If you have anything to share about which you are grateful for today, please post in the comments below.

You will save my daily gratitude blog for one day.

The more, the merrier. 🙂


11:59 pm UPDATE!

My friend saved the gratitude day on facebook!


That’s still a nifty record, #1274 down and counting… 😁



#1177 Changing plans

A day where you end up where you didn’t expect, is honestly as good as a holiday.

Away from the routine. Away from the housework. Away from the same old same old, blah blah blah.

Do it on a school/work night, and shock horror… “you are doing what on a Monday night?” (no less)… tee hee hee. 🙂

Imagine you thought you were going to end up in one place (uh, home?) and then, the night brought you to another location?

With family. Cousins.

And vanilla slice.


Yep, it is that vanilla slice AGAIN. Any day that ends in vanilla slice, good company and a change of scenery, is happy times for me.

(Don’t forget the coffee).

#1124 Chai latte

Sometimes I don’t need a coffee.

Sometimes I need a different kind of latte…

Chai, speaking.


This place off the Main street in Mornington does a really good one. For a proper fix, I go to one of two places on that strip. Today, as my tasks and adventures took me to a particular side, I knew it was time to ‘check in.’

It was an indefinite intermission from the tasks of the day. The morning sun shone brightly through the windows, burning me through my jeans. I read the local magazine from cover to cover, not due to avoidance of the day ahead, but… the chai was so damn hot! I could barely hold the mug, and so I read, and sipped, and relaxed in this deliberately imposed state that the barista had put upon me…

And for that, thank you 🙂

#1043 Balcony break

Not having a set of table and chairs didn’t stop us.

After lunch today, baby girl and I carried up a picnic blanket, some treats and drinks… and set ourselves up for a little coffee break.

From the balcony.


It was hot with the sun beating down mercilessly on us.

I just breathed in deep and took in my surroundings.

I thought of how long I had wanted to have this balcony re-done, so that we could enjoy it in all of it’s view-tastic glory.

Those thoughts led to other moments in my life, where I had been wanting something wholeheartedly – whether it was something materialistic, or something from deep within my heart’s wishes, and each time, no matter how long it took, it happened.

It didn’t happen overnight. It didn’t happen in 5 days. But nonetheless, this persistent wanting, and never-give-up attitude got me there.

Got me to what I wanted.

This interesting thought stayed with me as I viewed my surroundings…


#1001 The 15 minute seaside break

What can you do in 15 minutes? Rather, if you find yourself with a little free time, what do you usually fill that time up with?

A phone call?

Clear up that corner mess?

Pay some bills online?

Start folding the laundry?

15 minutes can come and go by so quickly, that we often don’t make the most of it – in a personal sense.  Instead we pass the time by doing some odd boring job, most of the time one of our ‘never-ending tasks’… you know the ones, that like boomerangs always come back, no matter how many times we do it?

We tend to put off doing anything good or fulfilling for ourselves, usually saying “I’ll do it when I have MORE time.”

“When I don’t feel so tired.”

“When it’s not a Sunday.”

“When I don’t have groceries in the car.”

“When I have planned for it better.”

Today, after our quick stop at the shops, I had all of the above reasons and more as we grappled with the idea… to stop at the coastline, or head straight back home?

Hmm, it seemed like such a good idea.

But, was it? We were tired. We still had sooo much cleaning to do at home post-birthday bash celebrations, so that mammoth task was still awaiting us and looming in our minds…

We decided for and against as we drove down the main beach road in our town, swaying like a pendulum as we went to, fro, to, fro…


Until I said “stuff it.”

I turned right – it was to be TO.




So often we put our enjoyable moments on the backburner, waiting for the most perfect, opportune time.

But any moment can be the perfect time. Any moment you can manage it. We need to stop living in such limiting ways so as to think “oh, I am too busy.”

You are NOT too busy to make yourself happy.

You are NOT too busy to make yourself smile.

You are NOT too busy to give yourself a timeout and a chance to enjoy the life that you live, doing whatever it is that makes you, and only you, uniquely happy.

So today we sat on a brick wall, breathed in some lovely sea air, and decided, we are going to make the most out of life, whether that includes the beach or not.

And so should YOU.



#964 The ice cream break

The bane of every shopping trip with baby girl…

Any outing…

Any trip that requires us to get into a car…

“Can I get a small toy?”



It can be sooo frustrating. It can be a big shop, or just a simple ‘getting bread and milk’ stop over.

Or like today, where I needed to get new shoes for baby girl, and the usual spiel immediately followed…

“Mama… can I please get a small toy? A very small toy?”


I try really hard to say no. Sometimes I say yes. Who am I kidding I say yes most of the time. But since she is getting older and understanding more, I try to reason with her. Remind her of what she has at home. Distract her. Tell her about something else she can have at a future date if she doesn’t get anything now.

I am honest with her. I tell her “Mummy doesn’t get a toy for every shop!”

Man I wish I did.

But today, after we got said shoes, and she was ‘looking’ for something else to take home with her, I got an idea.

“Baby girl…. would you like some ice cream?”

SURE, I still spent money. SURE she still got something.

But our small ice cream break meant that we got some little together time, where we talked about what our respective ice creams smelt like (rainbows and unicorns), and chilled by each other’s side watching people walk by, as we licked our spoons clean.

It was a small and brief moment nonetheless, but we gained so much more from our ice cream purchase, than any small toy we would have taken home with us ♥