#1490 You can always rely on breakfast

What do we do at this time of world uncertainty, unease, lack and limitation, fear and even some would say, global crisis?

Why, you breakfast.

Now, that’s not to downplay anything anyone in the world may be going through in relation to this coronavirus bug spreading. It’s affecting a number of people significantly, yet it hasn’t reached an even larger proportion of people out there.

And let’s hope it doesn’t.

But there has been so much confusion and uncertainty surrounding what to do.

How serious is this virus?

Should we be worried?

Is this all going to blow over before we know it?

And as people fight for toilet paper in the supermarket shelves, clear the aisles of all tinned food, and start to self-quarantine, there is one thing that will never change.

We will always need to eat breakfast.

And what’s better than catching up with some loved ones over such a meal, for a bit of heart and happiness, while everything else around us goes crazy.

It is the most important meal of the day. You might as well start it off right.

Hopefully it makes everything else right. ♥



#1481 School care

Earlier tonight I was telling Hubbie how I would tell any new Mum, a Mum with young child, hell, even a parent who had a child that didn’t have the perks of what I’m about to divulge, about something unbelievably fantastic that they MUST have in their child’s school.

I would even encourage parents without this school perk to seriously consider moving their kids elsewhere.

But firstly, to explain… baby girl has been babied, all her life.

She’s had me picking her up from kinder and primary school, at the precise start and end time, every time.

With the start of primary school, Hubbie was thrown in the mix too, so that on Wednesdays he joined me in dropping her off and picking her up, and there has maybe been, um, 3 times that he’s had to get her that I wasn’t there…

But really, I have dropped her off/picked her up from school 99.99% of the time… Hubbie 0.01%.

But it’s always been US. 9:15 and 2:15 at kinder. 9:00 and 3:30 at school.


But that ALL dramatically changed today. Because not only was she there for before school care… she was there at the start time of 6:45.


And if that wasn’t enough, that wasn’t even all. She was there for after school care for about 30 minutes as well.

Hubbie and I were stressing a bit, I won’t lie… but she was amazing. She got up on time, listened to us in the crazy morning rush, and by the end of the day when I picked her up, I felt like I was interrupting her… here was a hall full of 40 kids, all sitting around tables having healthy after-school snacks, with baby girl lining up to get her share!

She took a plate home though… too right, I paid for that half hour! 😉

But she seriously loved it.

It’s all fun and games for the little ones. And why wouldn’t it be? She was with friends, kids from her class, they got to eat breakfast in the morning, snacks after school, have a supply of movies, board games, colouring, games they played with the care teachers, they had really, EVERYTHING.

It’s a freaking holiday.

On her takeaway plate was some fruit, vegies, a pancake with jam, cheese and crackers, and as we got into the car I said “no fair, I want to go to after school care!”

“Nope, you can’t!”

Damn it. But quietly, YES.

So back to my main point. If you are looking at schools for your kid, look at which ones provide before and after school care. It’s a win-win. Your child has fun, they’re in a familiar place, and you get to be a human being and go to work and talk to adults.

Like I said, WIN-WIN.


#1347 Birds at brekkie

After school drop off this morning, Hubbie and I made some new friends.


As I enjoyed a delicious cherry pie with my coffee, a couple of cute someones popped on over…


They wanted some leftovers.

Aren’t they cute? I positioned my plate closer to the edge just so the birds could grab it easier from their landing post on a nearby chair. And then as I was snapping away trying to get a good shot, I caught one of them, in mid flight…


How cool is that? Well that’s one way to make new friends 😉

#1279 Birthday version 36.0

Snapshots of my day…


Putting a unicorn bikkie in baby girl’s lunchbox today … her birthday too. ♥


My café brekkie. The quiet start to the day was necessary and did not last!


There were blue skies… blue skies!


Google wished me a happy birthday, again… aww shucks.


And flowers at the end of the day from Hubbie to me and our girl made me all googly-eyed ♥

My birthday observation this year is this: it’s better, especially if having a party, to have your actual birthday mid-week, like Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. Because if like me you have it on a Friday, you then spend the whole day running around like crazy getting ready for it all, on your birthday! There is no rest!

We were all crazy crazy running around the house tonight… Mister F was looking at us like “damn I live with insane people.”

But as long as I have my family to be crazy with, life is good.

Life is beautiful 🙂



#1195 School pancake day

I was sooo sure of myself when the fellow Mum brought it up yesterday.

“Have you heard about the big brekkie they’re doing?”

I laughed. “Oh yeah. I don’t have an issue there. Even if baby girl wants to go I’ll just tell here she’s usually sleeping at that time!”

Ha. I was soooo sure. I mean, she wouldn’t even want to go… who would want to go, if you had to get up earlier than normal to get to school just for a shared community breakfast?

I wasn’t even that sure what day it was happening.

She wouldn’t wanna go… would she?

Of course she would. Because as I soon found out, minutes after being so secure in my morning plans with that other Mum, the kids were let out and baby girl exclaimed excitedly – “Mama! We’re having pancakes tomorrow!”

So it WAS Friday.

“No you’re not. We’re not going.”

Sad face. “Awwww!”

Promising her pancakes on the weekend didn’t seem to help either.

It appears, the teachers had revved them all up right before pick-up.

Those rascally teachers.

So guess where I found myself this morning?


Eating pancakes with baby girl.

You know, when I made the calculations, it wasn’t all that hard. I didn’t even have to get her or myself up at an earlier time – we got up at the same time, and did all our getting-ready-for-school things, bar having breakfast, and then headed to school to arrive right after the hotcakes were flipping.

There were pancakes upon pancakes, fruit platters upon fruit platters, and I helped myself to a canteen hot chocolate to keep me warm in the morning winds…

And you know, it wasn’t all that bad. It was actually pretty cool. I mean hot. 😉

#1131 Fresh, toasted bread

The online Collins dictionary defines “queue-jumping” as:

‘the act of obtaining prior consideration or some other advantage out of turn or unfairly.’

Today my loaf of bread jumped the queue so fantastically, that my mouth watered, my heart sung, and really, there was nothing unfair about the whole thing. In fact it was very, very FAIR.

You might think I am totally boring to be writing about bread, or toast, right?

But if you haven’t had my toast, I’m sorry, but YOU JUST DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

Oh-Em-Geeeeeee today peeps.


You know what my favourite thing to hear when I am buying a new loaf of bread is?

“I’m just gonna put it in this paper bag instead, because it’s still warm.”


I hadn’t had brekkie this morning before school drop off, so as I quickly ran to the shops to grab some groceries before heading back home, with the above-mentioned bread, warm… I placed my fingertips together Montgomery Burns style.



Sure, I had to have breakfast. And sure, I still had about 3 slices of bread left in the old loaf…

But it was OLD. And now I had freshly cut, WARM bread just waiting for me. Singing out to me.

“SmikG, SmikG…. eat me.”


I swear.

So I took the old loaf. Put it in the fridge and vowed I would toast and eat it another day.

And I took out these delicious slices of heaven, popped them in the toaster, spread soft and feathery butter ALL OVER, added my smidge amounts of vegemite (being careful not to overdose)… and then I BIT IN.




It was amazing. Crispy and soft, and honestly I don’t know why I even had to consider eating from the old loaf when I had this goodness waiting for me. Ahhh. It was the best bloody breakfast. Seriously.

That is seriously my gratitude post. SERIOUSLY. You know, even after I had my two pieces, I cheekily eyed that crust piece of bread I always avoid at the top/end of the loaf, because it’s, well, a crust… and I popped that super-thin slice in the toaster too, and DEMOLISHED IT.

I mean, it was so thin, it was at least half the size of a real slice… it was barely a toast. You could even say, I didn’t even eat it, that’s what you could say.

That’s what I will say.

But oh seriously. Gratitude done by 10:20am. And despite what the books say, jumping the queue seemed exceptionally fair… to my tummy. Happy me. 😁😜

#1117 How to do ‘me time’

This morning after school drop-off I headed into a café, and sent Hubbie a photo with the caption: “this is what you do when you have the day off.”

You see, yesterday was not only the first Wednesday baby girl attended school, but being the day I work, it was also the first time Hubbie dropped her off at school on his own.

You would have thought he celebrated his new-found 6-hour freedom by doing something great. Something grand. He is always saying how he never has time to himself, and then when he has free time, baby girl and I are around… and you know, no matter how much you love your family, every now and then you need your very own ‘me time.’

He did it all yesterday, right? He painted the town red, right?


No. He did NOTHING.

He was at home all day. He had like, 3 coffees before midday, and was completely unmotivated despite it all.

He completely wasted his free time day away.

Now, I can’t be too hard on him. He had actually been feeling under the weather, keeping at bay some ‘thing’ that has been passed around at his work… so, there was a reason to his sluggishness.

But I myself was feeling a bit off today too. So I did what I knew would make me feel better.

I bought a mag at the local supermarket (I can’t remember the last time I bought a mag!) and took it with me to a nearby café to have some brekkie.



I ate my brekkie brioche. I sipped my tea. I read, and sat, and was mindful just like my mag said I should be. I had that time out, because I don’t give myself enough moments like that to just get out and BE.

And you know what? BE-ing feels really good for your soul. ♥