#2335 Nice start Sunday

I woke up, in the double digits today.

I was well rested.

The house was quiet.

Baby girl was doing her own thing in her room.

Hubbie was tinkering in the garage.

Bless my family… they had kept it down on a Sunday. 🙏

The sun was shining outside as I made my way to the kitchen.

It was so still, so peaceful.

We ended up having breakfast all together on the back deck, and it was simply the perfect way to start a low-key Sunday. 💖💖

#2327 Grateful for it all

I look back on the day just gone, and I gotta say, there is a lot that made me smile.

A lot to be grateful for.

While eating brekkie this morning, baby girl started pointing to her mouth before running to the bathroom. Another tooth had come out! She was so excited, jumping up and down, absolutely rapt that after a long break the tooth fairy was FINALLY going to come to our house tonight! She took a selfie of the missing tooth in her mouth and sent it to Hubbie via my phone, and then kept jumping up and down, so happy with herself.

I am so grateful to have a daughter as strong and courageous as her, able to pull out the tooth that was hanging by a thread, and not be fazed by the blood left behind!

Spoiler alert: the tooth fairy has already come and gone. 😉

Today was a big cleaning day for me. Which may seem a bit of a weird thing to be happy about, but doing something in my own time, after a sleep-in, with no rush, is actually beautiful. Saturdays we put on records throughout the day, so the player was pumping, I was cleaning, pruning, weeding, washing, and the sun was shining.

I am grateful to have a house to tend to and make pretty.

We decided to cook and stay in tonight, and it ended up being a ‘choose-your-own-dinner’ kinda night. Baby girl had fresh pasta with leftover bolognaise, Hubbie fried up sausages with other leftovers, and I made this hoisin beef noodles that I’ve made before, but have been wanting to make again.

It meant quite a few dishes, but I didn’t care. Again, no routine, no rush. We all ate what we wanted.

I am grateful we can choose to eat what we like, and nourish our bodies with whatever it is that makes us happy.

Hubbie gave me a beautiful surprise tonight. It was totally unexpected, for no reason at all, and I love him so much for it.

I am so grateful to have a loving Hubbie, someone who cares and puts effort into making me happy.

There are other small and beautiful moments from throughout the day, and I guess it makes it a really well-rounded, happy day. I am so grateful for so much positivity in one day. I question, is it the day, the unfolding of events making it so, or is it me?

I think it is both. I will try to make tomorrow even better. 🙏💖

Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR on Pexels.com

#2305 The swimming roster

This is a major motherhood gratitude post.

But even non-parents I think will find sense in this logic.

Today baby girl had her first swimming lesson, that was back on a weekday.

She’s been doing Saturday morning lessons at 10:45 since she moved up a class at the beginning of the year. Now you might say, oh 10:45, that’s alright…

I thought so too…. initially.

But no. No it is not alright.

I get a bit of a sleep in, yes… so does baby girl.

But then we can’t chill. Each weekday we are go go go, and then I have the added pressure of needing to get her out of the house earlier when I work, so that I can rush back home and clock-on by 9am.

We rush, ALL THE TIME. Saturdays used to be –

Sleep in.

Get up… slowly.

Eat breakfast… slowly.

Watch Friends while we are doing everything slowly. 1, sometimes even 2 eps.

Then we might keep sitting on the couch. Just because.

Eventually I will get up, wash some dishes, tell baby girl to brush her teeth because it’s now 11:30… 😆

You get my drift. We are slow.

Well, we used to be, until Saturday morning swimming. 🤔

We had a little bit of leeway, but not enough. We couldn’t go slow. Suddenly it felt as if it were a hybrid weekday/weekend morning, where we got to sleep in a bit, but as soon as we awoke it was “time people, look at the time!”

Last week during her Saturday class, I very casually, without expectation, went over to the office to see if there were any weekday classes she could swap to. When we checked last year, only Saturdays worked for us.

But kids move on and drop out of classes. Things change.

The woman said to me, “we have Monday at 3:45 – (bzz, wrong, we tried that once and it was so hard to get there so soon after school finishing) – and we have Friday at 4:15.”

Hmmm. I paused. I thought.

“Some people don’t like Fridays, swimming’s the last thing they wanna do at the end of a long week,” she went on.

“No, that could work!”

We booked it in, and later I told baby girl about it as she finished her class…

And ALL week, the relief has just been lifting off of me, OH MY GOD.

I didn’t even realise how much Saturday morning swimming stressed me out, until I changed it! Even baby girl complained often, and rightly so. She just wanted to do her own thing on weekend mornings, not have to run around and do classes and stuff.

Today was her first Friday class!

So you know what that means… tomorrow we sleep in and go SLOW! YAY! 😆😁😁😁😁😁🏊‍♂️

#2286 Bacon and eggs with fam

I had brekkie with my wider family unit this morning. 🥓🍞🍳

And sure, some important people were missing, but it was still lovely. That will come too. 😜

We had woken up in a different place, and although we were getting up in different beds ‘on the other side,’ getting out on the other side of the bed too, there was no bad luck at all.

Only good. There is only good when your nearest and dearest are involved. 🙏💖

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

#2144 Starting the day right on Main Street

We went out to brekkie/brunch this morning.

Baby girl had pancakes with ice cream, and then had the guts to straight up order a vanilla milkshake from the waiter herself (we gotta watch out for this one!)

We ate, then we went to the park. We said five minutes, but baby girl made a friend, and there was no way we were pulling her out of there then.

When her new friend left with her family, so did we. We walked up the Main Street, the strip BRIMMING, HUMMING, it had a magnificent happening VIBRATION. I overheard one lady say to her friend outside a ‘nice’ shop, “this is a lot like Port Douglas isn’t it?” and I shot an amused look to hubbie with the word “cujes?” (‘you hear that?’) It’s my favourite thing ever that we can use our respective native tongues with each other and no one ever knows a thing.

And at this nice shop, I randomly accidentally came across this gorgeous long summery turquoise gypsy-print dress, and I tried it on and IT LOOKED GOOD, which is amazing because you know how a lot of those gypsy dresses just look like sacks? Well this didn’t. So I bought the non-sack.

And it was the loveliest start to the day that stretched to midday, and I was just like this. 😁😁😁

Just like this 😁😁😁🤣🤣

#2095 Starting the day right

A big breakfast is the best way to start the day, right?

Well, it kinda depends what you mean by big.

‘Cause I don’t mean huge, as in size.

I mean big, as in importance.

And if the opportunity comes to spend the time in the best company, well, take it.

On Wednesdays Hubbie and I drop off baby girl at school, and then go to the Main Street to share some brunch and sip some coffees.

The rest of the school day we are doing mostly our own thing, only to get together again before we pick her up, but it’s that morning moment that is the best in my day, by far.

If we happen to have some yummy brunch and coffee while we are having our together moment, well so be it… but the type of food is secondary to the main point, of just being together. 💖

We have a moment of temporary freedom as we just chill, because that’s all you ever get in parenthood, isn’t it?

Temporary freedom.

And we love it. 🥰🥰

#2078 ‘Yes’ Hubbie

You know that movie I mentioned a while ago, called ‘Yes Day’? Baby girl was obsessed with it and watched it like a gazillion times… it would end, and she would press play immediately and again it would loop around…

The premise of the movie is basically a couple of parents decide to say yes to their 3 kids for a whole day, in order to show them they can loosen the reigns a bit, and prove that they too were once fun people before the kids sucked the joy out of them!

This morning we woke a bit tired, worn out from a pretty big night last night at my parents, having spent it with them and my sister and bro-in-law. I came downstairs and found Hubbie on the couch. He too, looked worn out, tired, a bit seedy, as he had just woken like me.

“Do you wanna walk to the nearby cafe and get some brekkie?” I asked, while fully expecting a “no I can’t.”


“Yeah, alright.”

“Wait, what? Really?”

He confirmed he was really truly ok with it. I ran to baby girl’s room and told her the news.

“Guess what baby girl, I think we have a case of ‘Yes Dad’ because this is holiday week. Go and ask him something.”

So she ran over and started asking for more toys. 🤦‍♀️

I love ‘Yes Hubbie.’ He always comes to town when we have holidays. Nothing is too hard, everything is easy and chilled… we go with the flow, routine goes out the window and basically life is good.

So we headed down to get our cafe brekkie, and it was GOOD.

In fact, the whole day has been super awesome. All because we are on holiday time, and we have ‘Yes Hubbie/Dad’ with us. 💖🥰

#2057 Celebrating more light

There was a big theme we engaged in today.

The outdoors, and light. 💡

Because it was the start of daylight savings time!

The time of year when we move forward clocks and lose an hour of sleep (boo) but we gain an extra hour of light at the end of the day (YAY!)

We had some brekkie upstairs on our balcony, like REALLY lazily… it was almost midday by the time we finished up. 🤭

And apart from spending a massive portion of our day outside in the backyard and on the deck, we went to the beach in the afternoon.

The sky was already greying, so different from this morning’s blue skies streaked with occasional clouds, but it was still beautiful.

A few small outdoor activities, but they made all the difference. 💖

#1967 The only way to make oats

A few weeks ago I watched a Jamie Oliver video on social media, and it changed my life.

So apparently, you don’t cook oats on the stove with milk, or cream as Jamie suggests.

You do it with water, the traditional Scottish way.

3 parts water to your oats. (So if you do half cup oats like me, you would follow with one and a half cups of water).

A good pinch of salt.

And then you stir and stir, letting this delicious pot of oats turn to cream in about 13-15 minutes.

OMG. It is actually amazing.

Don’t worry, you can add the sweetness you desire.

He had a whole bevy of ideas for sweet toppings, but I just went with a simple arrangement of fruits today.

You can look up the video by typing in ‘Jamie Oliver oats five ways,’ or even type in ‘Scottish oats by Jamie Oliver.’

I honestly feel like my body is shouting “thank you!” when I eat this in the morning. It’s become a bit of a recent staple, you know, being in the depths of Winter and all.

But it is important, and Chinese medicine will concur, that it’s vitally important especially at this time of year, to keep our bodies warm, and that includes from the inside out too. 💖🥣