#2032 A different coffee-beach walk

I got the most interesting idea while out grocery shopping alone today.

I usually get some insane insight or flashbulb moment while doing some repetitive routine task, ALONE, such as grocery shopping, dishes, cleaning, or my ideal one, having a shower (because I demand alone time in there so no one can so much as make a peep outside the bathroom door!)

I thought of a cafe in town that I hadn’t been to for a while… and though nowhere near as close as our neighbourhood cafe (an 8 minute walk at most), I wondered “how far was it to walk there, for real?”

So I went home, and searched for the answer on this supremely sunny day. 😉

Google told me, 23 minutes.

That wasn’t long! I shared my insight with the fam bam, not thinking much of it…

But guess where we started walking to after lunch?

It was a very decent walk. Three times the length of our normal cafe walk, and in the sun…

But so close to the water too.

We stopped at a bench overlooking the beach to sip our coffee and have some sweet nibbles, while breathing in the air and enjoying the twinkling, winking waters below.

And then we started the walk home… I LOVED IT.

But baby girl was literally slumping onto the grass minutes from home, going “I am so tired!”

I guess the whole walking long distances thing is a bit lost on her…

But it’s ok! I found another cafe, and this one is at an in-between range of only 14 minutes…

Stay tuned!

#2020 I love Main street, and let me count the ways… no. 5

The savior of this lockdown number 6 for us will be, coffee, cake, and walks.

I felt like a semi-trailer rammed itself into my head today. All of a sudden after breakfast, bang.

I felt flatter than a pancake.

The feeling of sadness just overwhelmed me. All that talk yesterday about taking a path less travelled to feel better?

Well I had no motivation to get up at all, much less follow a different route.

The day was grey. I am 100% certain that there won’t be any lessening of restrictions next week, which leaves me to ponder, how much longer can we live like this? How much longer can we take?

Then there is the book I’m reading. Without too many spoilers (I will post a review in due time) I am charging through it, both because I really want to know what the big horrible secret is, but also because I can guess at it and it’s so traumatising that I must finish it quickly.

All of this was really messing with my head, truly.

After lunch, feeling some mojo start to come back, I insisted on leaving the house.

Baby girl and I walked the Main Street, where she had ice cream, and I got a big cappuccino and cookie.

And we just walked. There was nowhere to go, no shops we could enter. We bumped into her school friend, and it was SO NICE to see someone we knew. I started a full on conversation with a man as we were waiting for our coffees, so strong is my desire to connect and talk to people, even if I’ve never met them before.

He responded happily. He is feeling it too. We all are.

The house is wearing me down. It’s my solitude at night, but during the day, I can’t take it.

I need to get out.

The gentleman I spoke to told me his daily ritual, and I have to say, he’s got it spot on. We gotta do what we gotta do, even if it costs money, even if it puts kg on our bodies, even if we get super cold…

But he’s been getting a coffee in the afternoon, a cake, and then heading down to the local beach (also our local beach) to watch the seagulls.

Huh. There you go. A pretty cool ritual if you ask me, seagulls and all.

My kinda different path today, led me to a different person… that makes me think I must speak to strangers more. 💖

#1997 Wednesdays with Hubbie no. 3

Sometimes you CAN have too much of a good thing.

After dropping off baby girl at school this morning, we headed on down to Main Street for our Wednesday morning ritual.


But we weren’t at all disappointed when we got to our fave, and found that on this rainy and cold day, all the indoor tables were taken.

You see, we felt like we needed a break.

Yeah, from our fave local brunch place! I know.

So down the road we went, to another great cafe…

And sure, the coffee, and the brunch were also yummy as.


I think we’ll be going back to our usual spot next week. 🤣

One week off was enough. 😉

#1933 A cafe/park something

How the hell did I find something novel and new to be grateful for for all those months of lockdown last year?

Not even a week in this time, and I’ve been twiddling my thumbs, like, errrr…

But then, we did do something. Baby girl is going stir-crazy, I can tell. She has been more emotional, picking small fights for no reason, and reminds me much of a cat caged-in with no indication of when the door will be opened.

We walked down to the neighbourhood cafe today, and then went to the park with our bits and pieces.

It was something. Some-thing, right?

That’s all we need to keep going. Even little things. 🤞

Any guesses how much longer this Victorian lockdown will go for? I’ll bet you another 10 days from today.

Your thoughts?

#1913 Feeling good for nothing

Have you ever felt that? It’s the best feeling. You just feel great… for no reason at all.

OK, so maybe that in itself goes against ALL of my gratitude seeking and searching, picking and prodding at life’s little, simple events.

But sometimes, things aren’t perfect, in fact they are far from…

But you wake up, and are in the best mood.

Well, I lie. I woke up today, and I initially felt like shit.

But then, sunshine!


The sun was out, I was cafeing it with Hubbie, and I went about my day… happy!

I questioned myself at one stage… why was I happy? I mean, was there something going on that I didn’t know about?


No! That’s the thing. There was nothing in particular that had me in such a happy-go-lucky cheerful state.

And I get it… we should feel happy, all the time, or at least try to. And we definitely shouldn’t think it is weird to feel happy, instead of sad. Sad/frustrated/angry/anxious shouldn’t be our default. It is not normal.

Nonetheless, I was happy today. I am still content. And I’ll try to remind myself, next time I wake up in a particularly glowing mood, that it isn’t weird…

I will just be grateful for it, and try to replicate it as much as I can.


#1864 The coffee spot

So, I love coffee, right?

But sometimes, I drink it, even though I don’t really feel like it… I do it out of habit.

I think, that might be called what we say, an addiction?


Yeah, FINE. I have a coffee addiction. Oh well. 🤷‍♀️

But this morning while out to have our Wednesday morning ‘us time’ coffee, Hubbie and I actually had, an AMAY-ZING coffee.

It just hit the spot. Completely. I had a scone on the side too, and just the combination, with the strong yet smooth coffee was…

Mmmm hmmmm.

Hubbie was even mumbling in agreement as he drank his coffee and ate his doughnut, doing the 👌 sign and EVERYTHING!

Ahh. Good times. Coffee times. 💖☕

#1853 Coffee time with my girl no. 4

Before all the busy-ness of the day, baby girl and I had our cafe moment this morning on the main street.

You know what made me laugh? As I went to snap our drinks, in the background, I caught her doing this…

Deeply inhaling her babycino.

“Ahhh,” she said.

It cracked me up. 🤣

Kids! 🤷‍♀️

#1816 Sweet sugo

Do you think it’s too much to ask that a cafe stays open ’til past 4pm on a weekday?

Is it? I mean I don’t live in a regional town, and our main street is peppered ALL OVER with cafes… and yet finding one to fulfil my caffeine craving so late in the day, seemed almost impossible today.

First world problems, I know. It might seem awfully petty to be concerned with these little nuisances, especially on a day like today when I went to a funeral…

You’d think I wouldn’t worry about things like that.

But we all deal with life and death in different ways, right? And there’s nothing like the reminder of the end of life, to make us really funny and fussy about all the things that we choose to do before that…

I had driven for a lot of the day. It was hot. Still, not feeling the best. I had eaten lunch in the car, picked up baby girl from school, and then we’d gone to exchange a Smiggles drink bottle she got for Christmas that had a faulty part.

I just wanted to sit down and have a coffee. It didn’t seem too much to ask. I wanted to sit down with my daughter, on what was a tiring day, and just stop for a few minutes.

The first cafe was doing takeaway only… damn you recurrent restrictions.

The second cafe was closing.

The third cafe was already closed.

The fourth cafe was also… closing.

I walked away, gritted teeth, cursing the fact that there were cafes galore but none apparently taking customers.

Finally. We went to our last option in that block – Sugo.

It’s weird that we’ve never actually drank or eaten at this place. There’s nothing wrong with it, it looks really nice… but we’ve never even thought to sit down there…

Too many options elsewhere.

Anyway, they were OPEN!

Baby girl and I sat down for our late afternoon coffee break, sharing a cookie, happy that we had gotten our small happy ending.

It isn’t the be all and end all, and it isn’t life or death, certainly… but it’s what we do in the space between the beginning and end of life that matters.

And if you want to have your coffee and sit down with it, well damn it so you should be able to.

We’ve only got one life.


#1784 Foodie day

I put a dress on tonight, and screwed my face up.


In the past, I may have said “I’m not happy, that’s not sitting right.”

But instead I said “My BODY looks happy!”


Yep. Happy. Relaxed. Probably not cover girl form, but I actually don’t mind that it’s NOT.

It is holiday time, and I am just going with the flow.

Doing what I like, eating what I like… take today for example.

Coffee with baby girl at a cafe this morning.

Making sweet potato gnocchi this afternoon to freeze for later, just because I had sage in my fridge… because I’d decided I must spend 3 hours making home-made gnocchi to use up herbs for an accompanying sauce that cost a few dollars. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Dinner tonight! Mmmm, our fave, at The Royal Hotel…

AND dessert!

So of course my body is happy! Look at all of that! 🤣

You know, all jokes aside, a happy body doesn’t necessarily mean a body that has seen indulgence after indulgence, all day every day. Rather I am talking about enjoying the moment, and listening to what your body wants and needs, like really listening…

For example this morning, my body really wanted fruit on my cereal.

Other times I’m just craving the sweet summery taste of mangos, just roughly chopped up to simply enjoy.

And then weirdly on Friday nights, I end up devouring a bowl of Doritos, only to follow it with an even bigger serve of pistachios…? 😜

It’s been a hard past few months. Let’s try enjoy this holiday season doing what we love, whatever that may be. 🙏💖