#1300 The Patron send-off

How perfect that our send-off party for my old work (note the use of old, not current  – I am well-adjusted and dealing with it) we have the next-level type of coffee drink to see us off…



Of course. It makes perfect sense. Patron liqueur, a combination of both coffee and tequila…


It was always going to be coffee related. Always. How can it not be when me and my work friends are involved? (note the use of work friends, present tense, not ex work friends… that’s because we’re forever friends 😉👊)

Yet I didn’t know it was going to be coffee related… until the shot was put in front of me.

And I thought “I really shouldn’t have this.”

But then I said “fuck it.”

No asterixes either. Just all foul mouthed.

And then it made perfect sense.

Coffee. Of course. It was the perfect send-off for me and my friends.

It makes sense, even if I don’t… 😂




#1173 Love for May

Even though it heralds one more month until the coldest time of year, I still find myself loving the last month of Autumn in a special way.

May holds beautiful things for me. Wedding memories, sunshine-y days, last hurrah bursts of warmth… parents anniversary, Dad’s birthday… Mother’s Day… May is a month that holds a lot of celebrations, a lot of get togethers, and a lot of reflecting on moments and how far we have come.

The Autumn leaves are falling… there is still occasional mildness in the air… the sunsets, are sweet…


Who am I kidding? They are on fire.

The sky, was on fire tonight.

Even just consider the word, ‘May.’ It suggests an allowance of things to come, a natural ebb and flow of events, a gentleness, a receptiveness that makes everything so easy.

A season that lets things happen if you want them to.

May. May your May, be good to you.


#1146 Surviving/celebrating end of term 1

Ahh. What a week it has been.

Baby girl is totally ready for the holidays.

I am totally ready for the holidays.

If we’re being honest, if it weren’t for the fact that it was the last few days of term this week, she would have been at home a lot more often than she was at school.

The poor darling was losing her voice at the beginning of the day. 😦

But the Easter Hat Parade was happening. And I just couldn’t have her miss out…

And the teacher said it was going to be much of a chill day for them…

And they got to dress how they liked…

Geez. Just one more day.

She made it. She survived. And they celebrated during their parade with a couple of interesting visitors…

The police service and fire trucks arrived to bring along Elmo, Mario and Luigi!


And then the major drawcard, the man of the moment…

Or should I say, the bunny of the moment.


In another freaking fire engine. Well that’s just egg-celent.

(I had to).

Sure she walked the parade. She was happy in her Sleeping Beauty costume. Her hat we made days ago stayed atop her head only because she was holding it in place (so darn cute). But the girl was wrecked. I was so happy to pick her up at the earlier time of 2:30.

And so, as I prepared dinner hours later, I opened up a new bottle of wine, inhaled deeply –


-and then proceeded to ENJOY IT VERY MUCH.


But I had to ask myself… was that a celebration wine, or a survival wine?

Because I got through too.

Only another 100 or so terms to go…

#1118 Getting my shit together on March the 8th

To the immaculate woman.

To the wild woman. 

To the one that smiles politely and only engages in conversation when asked.

To the one who speaks her mind and doesn’t put a zip on it.

To the woman who is a stay-at-home Mum and has spit on her shoulder most of the day.

To the mother who has gone back to work almost immediately and feels massive amounts of guilt.

To the woman with immaculate nails.

To the woman who didn’t brush her hair this morning.

To the girl who runs with the boys and kicks the ball harder than they do.

To the girl in the corner playing shyly with dolls.

To the girl who wants to be a pirate when she grows up.

To the girl who wants to be a princess.

To the girl who acts like a ‘girl.’

To the girl act that acts like… whatever the hell she wants.

To the woman who has her shit together.

To the woman, who is getting her shit together, seemingly, EVERY DAY…


That is, Me. My bedroom today. And that is a tidy picture of my progress.

On this day the 8th of March, I went upstairs and hauled myself into action. Sorting through boxes of stuff, throwing things out, putting them in order… Marie Fondo-Schmondo you ain’t getting your tiny hands on my piles, as I am keeping most of them.

To the organised, and to the hoarder.

I’ve actually been throwing things out slowly over the past year and half, hence why today was more about organisation rather than expelling. I have sent Hubbie to Vinnie’s with piles of donations so often, we joke that one day he will enter and they will have his photo framed up on their wall. So I do know how to purge…

I just do it my way. At my pace.

To the women who make their own rules, and to those who follow them.

Going through piles of stuff today, both useless and nostalgic, and ‘one day’ items, I thought a lot about women. How different we all are. How often we are told to be a certain way.

‘Toughen up.’

‘Be more ladylike.’

‘Why are you so bossy?’

‘You like that?’

‘Clean up this way. ‘

‘You should follow this book.’

‘Why do you feed your child that?’

‘I wish you weren’t a wallflower.’

‘Lower your voice.’

‘You can’t say that!’

I think there is no greater opportunity than today, to think of all the women we know, to celebrate them and congratulate them, and to support those little women amongst us who are starting out, learning through us and through life, and show them that no matter what they want to be, IT IS OK.

ALL WOMEN should be celebrated. Not just the ones we are told to celebrate.

Not just the athletes.

Not just the working ones.

Not just the together women.

Not just the smiley ladies.

But to celebrate, also…

The ones who get up and fail and still try again.

The ones who are floating from job to job and can’t quite find their passion in life.

The ones whose house is never clean.

The ones who fight so hard to put a smile on their face, when all they want to do is cry.

I salute you all.

Happy International Women’s day, to ALL the women.

Even you, Marie Kondo 😉

#1079 January family bonding

Let’s squeeze one more family day trip in before the holidays end, shall we?

That was the thought as we headed down to the luxurious RACV Cape Schanck Resort to meet my parents and sister and fam, 2 days before baby girl is set to start prep.



It was a magical day. Did we need a reason for it? Other than Summer, holidays and family love? Nah. Well we had it though. An after-present from my Mum’s 70th late last year, and a timely silver anniversary celebration for my sister and bro-in-law.

We spent the day, doing what we do BEST.




Making memories. 🙂

Oh, and of course swimming.

We enjoyed the stunning views, and vowed, like all the times, that we WILL be back again…



It was a perfect day. 🙂

#1051 A grateful start to 2019

What more can I ask for?


Photo by Oskars Sylwan on Unsplash

Seeing in the New Year with family, friends.


Love, happiness, fun, laughter.

Dancing and d&m’s.

Roasted marshmallows.


Splashing by the pool.

Selfies by the tree.


All the good things, are all the simple things.

Happy New Year to all. May 2019 bring you all your greatest desires.

Every year with my loved ones, I am supremely grateful.

Here’s looking to a 2019 filled with more gratitude, or ways to find it, than the last.


Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

#1000 Reasons to be grateful

Read that – 1000.


1000 days of gratitude!

That in itself is something to be immensely grateful for.

1000 days in a row I have found something to be grateful for.

Whether it was super easy.

Whether it was super hard.

Whether I cried from happiness that day.

Whether I cried from sadness that day.

Where I looked up to the heavens and thanked those above for what I had.

Where I threw my hands up in the air and questioned if any of this being grateful crap was worth it.

Because as much as I am a self-proclaimed glass half-full gal, practicing new gratitude every day can be an enormous task, when faced with life’s challenges, disappointments, trials, and negativity.

But I have also learnt, there is so much of life to be thankful for.

I look in the simple. The everyday. The ordinary, and the natural.

And I find that some of the best moments are the ones that cost nothing at all, and are always available to me.

That is what I believe to be a rich life… away from any monetary value at all.

And despite all my gratitude towards this important milestone, how coincidental (and you know I don’t believe in coincidences!) that my 1000th post falls on another huge day.


Finally! It was my Mum’s big birthday party today. And I don’t know how, what and why this has coincided the way it has – as like all of life’s mysteries – but I think it is something truly special that her 70th birthday, and my 1000th post, were on the same day.

Not two days apart, tomorrow, or yesterday… but the same day.

I haven’t quite worked out the significance of this at this post midnight hour, but I really don’t mind.

All I know, is just to be grateful.

And I will continue to try doing that for as long as I can. 🙂🙏