#2558 2 Christmases

I love that our family is blended.

It makes it all unique, different, special.

Hubbie has his background and I have mine.

He has his family traditions as do I.

His Easter, my Easter…

His Christmas, my Christmas. 🎄🎄

But the thing is, I grew up with 2 Christmases too, my own parents being part of a special blended family.

It’s all I know, and I love it.

Seeing baby girl’s face tonight as she opened MORE Christmas presents was priceless.

It’s not a his/her situation.

It’s double the togetherness. Double the good times. Double the feasts, and drinks, and people, and love, and memories.

Double all the good stuff. 🙏❤

Hope all who celebrated Christmas today also felt like they had double of everything. 🤞😁

#2549 The new gamers on the block

I am trying to relax and have as much down time as I can these holidays.

So it kinda comes as perfect timing that we bought baby girl a Nintendo Switch for Christmas.

This was a BIG present, for her, and us. But we came to reason that a) she was old enough, b) she wanted it and outright asked for it, and c) we might be home a lot more over the next few months/year, so I want her to have something to keep her busy for when she’s bored!

Today she got to play it for the first time after we set it up. She was so happy, jumping on the couch and squealing with glee as she took her character around the maps in Mario Kart. After a while she said to me “can you play with me?”

You bet I did! I didn’t need any arm twisting. I love a good game as much as the next person, and though I’m not a child, those days where I played my sister’s hand-me-down Commodore 64, my bro-in-law’s Sega, the Gameboy my cousin passed down to me, or the Nintendo 64 I bought myself at Cash Converters, those days of gaming in front of the screen feel really close in memory, even though they are far away in years!

I used to love it, and today, I loved it!

We sat next to each other, playing competitively. Laughing as we threw things at each other, overtook one another, and raced through the finish line. When we were done with the 4 maps of the race, she asked for another round… and even though I had stuff to do, I agreed! 🤦‍♀️ I can see how one gets sucked into this kind of thing, and I dare say that won’t be the last time I say yes, giving a royal ‘stuff you’ to my chores!

I totally lost… one game out of all of them I won, but she won overall. I was so cranky, I was like “that’s it, I’m shitty, not playing again.”

Guess what happened tonight?

We were playing again! 🤣

Taking advantage of these laid-back, mother-daughter game sesh’s while I can…

#2546 Relaxing Day

The only remotely close thing relating to ‘boxing’ today, was baby doing some kind of gymnastic moves and boxing me about from the inside out.

There was no shopping.

There was no cricket.

There was no cinema release.

There wasn’t even, actual boxing (there never is, despite the public holiday name, lol!)

There was only, relaxing.


And it’s so good to be on the other end of it. Christmas, the busy period, the running around, the shopping, the presents, all of the wild anticipation of the festive day.

And I LOVE Christmas. But it has been a busy time. Christmas lead-up, my baby-related catch-ups, and just general getting ready for baby has left me in a wild and crazy state at this time of year.

So I am happy it is over, and now I get to focus solely on other things.

Baby. Relaxing. Spending cherished time with my family, while relaxing. And just catching up with loved ones and on stuff, before baby arrives.

That is it.

I’m hoping now at 8 months, I get to finally put my feet up. 🙏💖

#2545 Photos of a summery, special Christmas

This is the aftermath of Santa visiting last night. (Kudos Hubbie 👏🤣)

This is the moment baby girl realised the very big present we bought her, where she started running to us for a hug. 🙏🥰

This is some of the beautiful lunch at my sister’s house, with my non-alcoholic sparkling so even I could enjoy. 🥂

Their gorgeously festive Christmas tree. 🎄 😍

Dessert time – my mango and white chocolate swirl cheesecake. 😋🍰

Dinner time feast! Nothing says Aussie-Euro Christmas more than a platter of prawns sitting next to a pot of sarma. 🤣🦐🫕

These are only small snapshots of a relaxing, beautiful and love-filled festive day spent with cherished family. ❤❤❤❤

Hope whatever you did today, it was good.

Merry Christmas. 🎄🎁🎅😍

#2544 Christmas wish list

Today was one of those mad days, as it usually is, the day before a big day.

I surprised myself early on when I made the smart decision (for once in my life) NOT to take on an extra thing that would have made me lose an hour from my day.

I tend to do this stupid thing, and I mentioned this in a post just this week, but I take on too much, and if my day is quiet, I just FIND STUFF to add on so I never actually relax.

I was going to drive down somewhere, but in thinking of the trip, how long it would take, all the other things I still had to do, I decided no, I would make do with the resources I had locally. Even with that hour not lost, I was still running around all day without a break!

But my end-of-day goal kept me going: at 8pm, sit on the couch, watch the Christmas carols, and paint my nails Christmas red.

I was 5 minutes late, but I got there.

The music was playing. The nail polish was drying for baby girl and I. The Christmas lights on the tree were twinkling.

I was slowly unwinding. Even baby could tell I was calming down, as usually when I sit down and relax baby wakes up and starts rolling and jabbing me every which way.

We somehow got onto the topic of baby girl’s list for Santa, and as we were pondering what she would get this year, Hubbie went and said, “I’m going to write my own list.”

I kinda rolled my eyes. He is always after something beer-related, car-related, or clothes/shoes-related. He has been intensely researching a pair of sneakers he wants, so I was totally expecting him to come back with that on the top of his list.

Instead, he came back with this:

I read it, and I burst out crying. Like big, uncontrollable, ugly tears. OMG, it hit me right in the heart.

Maybe it was the Christmas carols in the background. My tiredness from the non-stop day kicking in. But my emotions got the better of me, and I was so moved, so incredibly touched, and I had to admit, it was exactly what was on my wish list too.

He admitted he had thought of some other things to put on his list… 🤣 But after a second thought, realised this is what he really wanted. 🙏

I said to him “maybe this is why we’ve struggled to buy each other presents this year. Because we have what we really want.”


Merry Christmas Eve folks. Hope all your greatest dreams come true. Never stop believing. 💞💞

#2543 Christmas prep

Night two of Christmas prep and tonight it was baking gingerbread.

The Christmas songs are rife… both from the radio, and the stereo courtesy of our Christmas CDs.

All presents have been bought! Well, except for two things, which really I don’t need to get, one is for me, I’m trying to find a special non-alcoholic wine that I heard about…

Of course, being the person I am, if I find there is a spare moment in the day, my mind immediately creates A JOB to fill the void and have me dashing around like a mad woman. 🙄

But, all else is good. I know my January work roster now, and so far I am working only 5 shifts… and then I am on leave! For a while!


So the Christmas festive vibes are here, celebrations are nigh, and all I have to look forward to are really good things.

Feeling blessed. 🎄🙏

#2542 A Christmas snapshot

I’ll set the scene for you.

I’m in the kitchen this evening, starting off my Christmas sweets. Tonight it’s almond snowballs.

You know, the good stuff… condensed milk, almond spread, sugar and dessicated coconut.

I’m rolling them into 30 balls.

Baby girl has decided to put on Michael Buble’s Christmas album (I’ve taught her well) and DANCE.

And so here I am, roll, roll rolling…

While next to me, she is dance, dance, dancing.

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”

Photo by Iu015fu0131l Agc on Pexels.com

#2541 Presence, not presents

I think I’ve done my job well when my daughter teaches me what I should already know.

Today we headed off to the shopping centre to do some last minute shopping. Tomorrow I may hit another local shop or two, and do some more LAST LAST minute presents.

But part of today’s trip, was to get presents for Hubbie and me.

We left ourselves last this year. He wanted something in particular, but could only find it online, not in store… other hitting a few places, he said “oh well, I’ll get it after Christmas.”

“We can’t NOT get you a present!”

“I don’t care.”

“We still have to get you something.”

I was pondering just what we could get him in lieu of what he really wanted, as we still walked around for my gift. There was something I had wanted, for months and months now… but after some very decent research (this is an expensive item) I realised it didn’t do something quite important that I really thought it could do.

It’s purpose and ability therefore, had changed.

But… it was still shiny. New. An interesting gadget.

With a decent price tag. $$$$.

I struggled with this today. We went to the shop it was in. Spoke to the salesperson. Hubbie and I looked at each other, debating the pros and cons, and he even said, “if you want it, get it!”

But something was holding me back. It’s function wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be. Even though there were so many sparkly things about it distracting me, the price tag was high, and that DIDN’T distract me. Especially with so many expenses for us lately. And with baby arriving soon.

I walked away. But I sooked about it. I said “now I won’t get anything for Christmas.” 😟

And baby girl, said the best thing:

“Christmas isn’t about presents Mum.”

She snapped some sense into me. Mind you, I was still upset, and mind you, she had a list for Santa with about 10 items on it thank you very much.

But she was right. Christmas isn’t about presents. It’s about presence.

Spending time with loved ones. Making memories. Laughing, and sharing, and bonding over good times.

I kept brewing over this fact, amidst appointments and crazy driving and rushing around all day. And then I had a shower, and those are truly therapeutic for me, because answers always somehow pop into my head during those moments.

I had made the right decision by walking away from this expensive, unnecessary present. Maybe it would be essential or necessary at one point in the future, but definitely not now. My intuition had been right. It always is.

I had been so fixated on this external, materialistic present, that I had lost sight of all that was important, and that was, the life growing inside of me.

Cliche it might be, but it really is the greatest present I ever could have wished for this Christmas. I got confused, because I have everything and didn’t really know what to do with myself. I don’t need anything else.

Hubbie and baby girl DID go out afterwards and get me something else… 🤣🤣 I’m guessing, not as stupidly expensive as the other thing.

It’s very easy to lose sight of the bigger picture, even for me, this glass half-full gratitude girl. Lucky I have a mini me to put me back on track. 🥰💖

AND, another mini me in the works.🙏💖🤰🤰

#2536 I feel it, it’s coming

That above line is from one of my fave songs, Madonna’s Rain, but it’s definitely NOT rain I feel coming.

It’s summer. It’s good times. It’s Christmas fun and festivity, NOT rush and madness.

Today was the first time in a long time that I took step back, and started to really enjoy the space I’m in.

I love Christmas, but it’s been a crazy couple of months, and things have been busier than usual. But I’m in a space, a place, where I think I have a handle on things, and I was just sitting at the table this evening, sure doing some crafty stuff (literally), but when I thought ahead to the next few days, and then week… I felt good.




So, it is coming. Many things are. In fact, I think many of them are already here. 🙏💖

Photo by Valeria Vinnik on Pexels.com

#2531 Our Christmas Wreath

What’s large, with a big belly, and was seen this afternoon setting up Christmas lights from the balcony of our home?

No, it wasn’t Santa, though the description kinda fits. This creature was sporting a straw summer’s hat, baggy black pants and a green top…

It was ME! 😁😆

Despite my intense love of Christmas, I actually hadn’t put up any outdoor lights even though our indoor area was completely done. So I tended to that today, but there was still something missing…

And it has been missing actually, forever. We have never EVER had this Christmas decoration, despite my want of one, because I just didn’t know how it would fit…

Enter, the Christmas wreath!

At our old place we didn’t really have a door that could accommodate one, or, there wasn’t the accessory known to me then to accommodate one.

Only a month or so ago I was at my fave cheap shop (you know those shops in all shopping centres, where you can get cheap cards, cheap kitchenware, cheap toys, cheap pet goods, etc) and saw this interesting and very exciting looking contraption. 🤔

It was only a few bucks (🙏) and was silver, and one end went over the top of your door like a hook, the other coming down in front of your door and providing another type of hook apparatus, for what would be a wreath…

It was a wreath hanger!

This could work! I bought it immediately and ever since then have been waiting to get the ideal, most amazing wreath I could find to adorn our front door with…

With a sale ending today, I headed on down to our closest Myer with baby girl and purchased this:

Isn’t it gorgeous? I just LOVE it, and am so happy we have some festive cheer now as you approach our home… as soon as you duck your head under the hanging curtain of Christmas lights, you see this beautiful green and red wreath staring back at you.

Merry merry. 😍🥰🎄🎅