#2576 Kingdoms and dreams in the sky

I haven’t posted a sky pic in a while.

I guess I’ve been very caught up in more pressing matters. 🤰But tonight I saw this sky, and I just loved the spotted purple clouds, reminiscent of faraway places and kingdoms where dreams and fairy tales come true on the daily, the immediate blue of the sky making way for the colours to turn to lilac, then pink, then peach… and then the horizon of a deep purple ocean.

It really did look like a fantasy. Then I realised, it was, and it was real. I was seeing it with my own eyes.

Those fantasies and dreams are as true in real life as they are in the fairy tales.

Pinks and blues, pinks and blues. 🥰😍

#2444 The sunset that wouldn’t give up

I have a lot to be grateful for.

But even so, the clouds were heavy today, and they seemed to weigh on me so much that I just wanted the day to be over.

It was gloomy, it was weird. I was crying out for sunlight.

But then something happened.

I snapped this photo in the evening.

And it reminded me of something I really shouldn’t have forgotten, because I should know better.

Can you see the sun’s rays breaking through the clouds, creating pools of light on the water below?

I remembered that the most beautiful things often come out of the most darkest times.

Those rays of sunlight would not be as beautiful if they hadn’t fought their way through the clouds to break free.

And when the clouds cleared even more, further beauty was waiting.

Even nature knows, not to give up. 🙏💖

#2435 A French sunset

Excuse my almost-French, but look at that f#*king sky!

No filters. No special effects. No fanciful stuff. Just a basic 3-year-old phone and gorgeous Mother Nature strutting her stuff, doing what she does best.

Let’s zoom in just a little.

Ahhh. Just truly amazing! This might have to go in the best ever photo file. 😉

#2431 Fiery sky

The sky was on fire tonight. 🔥🔥

You know it’s getting harder for me to run up and down the stairs to catch the right shot, what with my growing bulging belly. 😂 I may just need to be more selective with future photos in that case…

But for now, enjoy the fiery sky on a Friday night.

It’s dark, mysterious, magical and natural… just the way I like it. 😍🌅

#2350 No words

What a beautiful sky.

Can you see the two ships there, in the distance? Yeah.

I’m out of novelty, but the views here are always breath-taking, so that’s my excuse… no words. 🥰😍

#2311 Introspective clouds

I got into the car. 2:40pm.

I had just finished with an appointment. I felt… heavy. My head was full. I was confused, but somehow enlightened. It was a bit of a bittersweet feeling: like a new beginning, while still feeling like I had no idea where to go, and what to do.


Do I stay here? Do I go? Do I go home? School pick up is soon…

What do I do?

Questions questions questions. Life is just a series of questions. Big, small, revolving, cyclic, the same questions, new questions, questions that never seem to get an answer.

I opened the window.


I’ll go home.

No, I don’t wanna go home. I just… need to be someplace else.

Stuff it.

I turned the ignition, and minutes later was at a coastal lookout.

There was no point in going back home, when school pick up was so close. Why should I wait at home and do job after job, when I could sit in my car, relax, and just watch those waves, watch those clouds?

So that’s what I did. 🙏

And they didn’t give me any answers… but as I later drove to pick up baby girl, I caught the smallest glimpse of the end of a rainbow in the darkened sky… and that was enough.

#2280 How to turn a grey day around

Yesterday was the perfect grey day.

Today, not so much.

I felt flat, and really quite down. What made me feel somewhat better was learning that so many people around me also felt the same… was it the colder weather? The clocks changing? The dark, overhanging skies?


Just knowing I wasn’t the only one feeling it today, helped. But then I did a number of things to try and lift my mood this evening/night.

I put on an album, Queen 2. And just as it too matched my mood in its solemness and slow heavy music, it turned upbeat in the last two songs so much so that I pumped up the music and was singing “Funny How Love Is…!”

I lit candles. Like, a lot. I lit three as the rooms got darker much earlier than what we have become accustomed to with our summery days, and then I went a step further and lit some incense, taking the musky smelling stick from room to room.

We need to change the atmosphere when things feel dark and dim, so introducing light, scent, even sound to our environment can profoundly make an impact.

I set in motion plans. There is nothing like taking charge of that which you can control, and by making future plans for something that you will look forward to, immediately puts you in a better mood, even if the event is weeks away… you can see it. You know it’s coming.

Lastly, I took charge in another way, and did something wild. I booked something, WILD. And when I say wild, I don’t mean Las Vegas wild, I mean SmikG Writer wild.

And if you still don’t know, well that’s because I’m frankly terrified right now, but let’s just say it’s right up my alley… or right up my bookend… something like that. 😏🤔✍️📖

And those are my little itsy-bitsy things that turned my grey day into something much nicer after all. 💖💖

#2273 Neptune, the dreamer

I am ruled by the planet Neptune.

That’s what they say anyway, in astrological/planetary terms. If your birthdate number adds up to, or is 7, then that planet rules over you.

My birthdate number adds up to 7.

I have always been a dreamer, and I think part of my head will always be in the clouds. Even before I knew about this little tidbit of info, I still knew myself, what I was, what I did, how I daydreamed.

So when I found out about the number 7 and Neptune, it all made that little bit more sense.

Sometimes dreaming can be bad though. Your thoughts and fantasies and wildest dreams are so unreal, how can they ever come true? Am I just setting myself up for upset when I dream and hope and plan so freely, without contingency plans, without a plan B, without considering the other…?

Life as a dreamer can be hard. You can float in your head, but then you can also fall, HARD on the ground, and trust me, it hurts.

I think as I’ve gone through life, I’ve been using that part of my head, the dreamer part, for my stories, my writing, and not applying it to my life for fear of things not going to plan.

And I’ve lost that part of me. That part that flies in the sky without care, the one who doesn’t know how she will land on the ground, only that surely someone will catch her.

I am trying ever so slowly to get back to her, because frankly, I miss her. I miss being in the clouds where it is light and airy. Where anything is possible. Where rainbows shine bright around you and there is no end to them, because possibilities are infinite and so anything goes… anything floats… including you.

Including me.

I’ll see you in the clouds. ☁️🌈💫😉

#2213 The other end of the bay

Still on beach posts, but you gotta admit the photos are pretty. 😍

It was an overcast, cloudy and humid day, and yet those conditions still made it practically perfect beach weather. There was a mildly gentle breeze, and without the sun directly blaring down on us, it felt sublime.

I had the idea to walk all the way down to the end of the beach, until the tip of the alcove coastline as it were. So we walked.

And it was different. Beach boxes still adorned the sand, but they grew fewer in quantity, whereas the trees and sloping green landscape rose in abundance. A few small staircases leading down from the grand clifftop houses above appeared out of nowhere, only visible to the immediate eye, and it really did feel like our own private beach.

It was simply lovely to view our local from a different vantage point. An essential life skill I think. 🤔😉