#997 A day of 7s, and 11s

Let’s start off by noting, the number ‘7’ in the above post number.


It has been an odd day of symmetry and repetition, in numbers.


On this 7th day of the 11th month, baby girl had her first transition day at her new primary school.

It was sooo good. Sooo good, in that she was happy, peaceful, and holding her kinder friend’s hand as they walked off into the classroom to go about the next 90 minutes without Mums or Dads present.


Seriously though. It was gratifying to have her calm and chilled about the process, amidst other crying children and reassuring parents.

It appeared I was the one needing reassurance though.

And how did we spend the short time away from her?


With Cherry Pie and Coffee. Mmm hmmm.

My 2nd gratitude. Comes in the form of my Mum’s birthday, in particular a BIG one, in particular one that involves the number ‘7’….

Get it?!?!

Finally! My third item is an anniversary I am also celebrating today, that of having started working at my place of employment, exactly 11 years ago to the date and day (it was a Wednesday then too).

I started working here then, and I am at work now. In 2007, 11 years ago, I started working at –


But with all of life’s wonderful things, there is a balance right? So the toilets and sinks here are not functioning tonight, due to some pre-organised pipe upgrade, and they have provided us with porta-loos in the meantime…

And all of this started, from 7pm.


(count them↑)



#990 Wednesday family time

Hubbie hates how I work Wednesdays. Like HATES. He hates it in bold, hates it underlined, hates it italicised, any which way you can highlight it, he does it…

He hates my working Wednesdays.

I joke he will hate them in a different way when I am not working next year and suddenly he will be hating the non-money I bring in, ha ha.

But seriously, I do get it.

He is home, and he can’t even look forward to his middle of the week day off with baby girl and I. Because there is no ‘I.’ ‘I’ am at work.

I’ve had to get away to work earlier for many weeks now, meaning the usual go-to-work late time of 1:30pm has been pulled even further back to 11am.

We couldn’t even go and do stuff in the mornings together. I got up, ate and got ready, and left.

Today however was exciting. For the first time in what feels like yonks, I was able to leave at 1:30pm. And we crammed soooo much in.

It felt like the longest and sweetest morning, in fact my time with my family was a day all in itself, that’s how much we did. What made it better was the dress I happened across (which is fabulous I might add), and also our family coffee date:


You know what Hubbie said about it?

“I feel like I’m on holiday.”

And if that is coming out of his mouth on a Wednesday, well then I know we have made it a pretty good one.

#984 Painting day means meals away

I found myself in an odd predicament today.

Odd being 4-Balkan-men-standing-outside-the-front-of-my-house-while-paint-dried type of odd.


Well, two of them I knew. They were our painters. And then, because you’re on a professional job, you like, CALL YOUR FRIENDS OVER TO WHERE YOU ARE WORKING for a brief chat.


Despite the abundance of Balkan men, of which I am all too acquainted with in my life, I actually felt out of place in my house. I had returned home from doing morning jobs to find the kitchen completely covered in drop sheets, with walls and ceilings and floors either in paint, or with plastic.

It was part of the final, FINAL stage of our kitchen reno, the painting touch-ups.


But, I could not move. Let alone have lunch.

It suddenly seemed to me that I was being presented with an opportunity. And because I would usually feel guilty about just doing it without purpose, I realised that I had a very real reason to get out of the house for lunch today.


I ended up at a café just down the road, like literally. I sat on my own, in the sun, sometimes on my phone, listening to the sound of dogs from the grooming shop only a short distance away, and making sure those full-grown Magpies didn’t venture too close to me.

It was great.

But, I got my opportunity again, in the afternoon. They still weren’t done when baby girl came home from kinder, and I have to say, paint mess and residue is just about the worst kind. I couldn’t handle it.

So, again, out we went to escape.


Two times today, two opportunities to get out, relax and enjoy.

And all because of the painting. Annoying, necessary and yet gratifying, all at the same time.

#980 Whenever-we-like, Main street

We had a stopover at the Mornington Main Street festival today.

By now we know what to expect… food trucks, live music at various points throughout the street, and herds of people. It is crammed. Hubbie isn’t one for crowds, so we didn’t stay long, but we did make the all-important crucial afternoon caffeine stop.


We went, because for us the Main Street festival highlights an important milestone – that of our Sea change anniversary. When we first moved here the festival happened literally 2 days later, and I immediately proclaimed that it was our very own personal “welcome to town” party.


But as I said, Hubbie isn’t one for being packed in like a sardine. We went to pay our respects to our welcome party… knowing full well we can have our own visits there when there isn’t 75% worth of out-of-towers filling its streets.

We can have Main Street, whenever we damn well please.

And that’s a great 2nd year anniversary gift. Thanks Mornington 🙂

#975 Baking: blueberry lemon cake

I haven’t baked in a little while, purely for the purpose of ‘just ’cause,’ for AGES. Back in August my mass baking was of an intentional and event-based nature, so when I came across some mouth-watering recipes last week, I decided to schedule in my very own baking day.

I think it was all the more enjoyable because baby girl was at kindergarten. I do enjoy when she is in the kitchen with me… I love that she is curious, that she wants to help, and her sheer excitement at the prospect of the finished product. I also want her to appreciate the cooking process, the effort that goes into making things, so that she may appreciate eating, and the food itself more, since she knows where it came from.

But at the same time, as a Mum… sometimes you just wanna get shit done.

You just want to go at your own pace. No constant questions of

“can I mix?”

“can I add?”

“can I taste?”

“can I put this in?”

Just me and MY kitchen. Putting mess and bowls and utensils and drips of batter, wherever the bloody hell I like.

After a couple of hours from start to finish, I got something like this:


Do you think I got close? 😉


I am being cheeky, sure. Yes I created it almost spot-on to the recipe photo, and even styled the kitchen magazine-style in the process (check the cake under the dome).


But the MOST important question… how did it actually taste?

Well I can tell you this: it wasn’t to my taste at first. It had a definite tangy flavour, what with all that zest and lemon juice in the batter. Which is fine, but then there was the addition of so much extra virgin olive oil, which led to a superbly moist but rich cake.

The berry layer was made from scratch with real blueberries, but the cream was not so… creamy. In fact, light cream cheese was required instead, which made it slightly biting… however this was not too bad in its small quantity in contrast against the lemony cake and mild blueberry jam.

I didn’t expect Hubbie to like it… but he did. He actually enjoyed it. And being a fussier food critic than I, SmikG the food blogger, well that was a massive tick in my book. √

#926 Café-ing with Hubbie, ALONE no. 2

We didn’t get to do it yesterday, since baby girl stayed home ‘kinda sick’ from kinder.

But today she was back, so we did.

Get to do it.

Café, that is 😉

We had lots of little jobs to get to, a lot of starting and stopping the car all over town, but first, as we always say…



We have been keeping ourselves mindful of not rushing about the place, of actually being in the present moment, enjoying what is in front of us, and just taking a slower pace.

Enjoying the moment does not mean you are not productive. Hell no. It just means that when you do take a break, you take it mindfully, meaning you are fully restored and ready to tackle any other jobs throughout the day, because you have had a fully present break.

The coffee was smooth, the beetroot cupcake was divine, and the break itself was…

Ahhh. Just what the doctor ordered.

(And seeing as I am still coughing like a dog, café doctors seem like a pretty good cure…)

#915 A forced break

I had a sudden realisation today.

In amongst the growing to-do list in my mind, starting to madly tackle as many jobs as I could while also keeping baby girl entertained, there was, a shock.

A worry.

Baby girl’s birthday party was in 2 days… and I honestly wasn’t sure if we had enough coffee beans.

HOLD THE HORSES! There can be NO PARTY without coffee beans!

I tentatively showed Hubbie the bag which was about a fifth full, when he was home for lunch. “Do you think this will be enough?”

He shook his head gravely. “NO.”

Damn it. I had planned on spending most of the day at home, because let’s face it, doing any kind of job with a child in tow, ends up being 4 times as long than if you were alone doing it.

And the place I was going to get the beans, was a nearby café… with a playground beside it.

Crap crap crap. There was no chance in hell I would get out of there unscathed.

Damn it then. I may as well freaking sit down and drink a coffee too.

Fine. If I have to.


And so my arm was twisted with not too much difficulty. Sure I was thinking of all the things I had yet to do, counting the hours, and trying to breathe. But I made myself sit. I made myself slurp. I looked out the window at baby girl climbing the grounds and going down the slide, and I was suddenly very grateful, for this forced break.

I’ll take it while I can.