#926 Café-ing with Hubbie, ALONE no. 2

We didn’t get to do it yesterday, since baby girl stayed home ‘kinda sick’ from kinder.

But today she was back, so we did.

Get to do it.

Café, that is 😉

We had lots of little jobs to get to, a lot of starting and stopping the car all over town, but first, as we always say…



We have been keeping ourselves mindful of not rushing about the place, of actually being in the present moment, enjoying what is in front of us, and just taking a slower pace.

Enjoying the moment does not mean you are not productive. Hell no. It just means that when you do take a break, you take it mindfully, meaning you are fully restored and ready to tackle any other jobs throughout the day, because you have had a fully present break.

The coffee was smooth, the beetroot cupcake was divine, and the break itself was…

Ahhh. Just what the doctor ordered.

(And seeing as I am still coughing like a dog, café doctors seem like a pretty good cure…)

#915 A forced break

I had a sudden realisation today.

In amongst the growing to-do list in my mind, starting to madly tackle as many jobs as I could while also keeping baby girl entertained, there was, a shock.

A worry.

Baby girl’s birthday party was in 2 days… and I honestly wasn’t sure if we had enough coffee beans.

HOLD THE HORSES! There can be NO PARTY without coffee beans!

I tentatively showed Hubbie the bag which was about a fifth full, when he was home for lunch. “Do you think this will be enough?”

He shook his head gravely. “NO.”

Damn it. I had planned on spending most of the day at home, because let’s face it, doing any kind of job with a child in tow, ends up being 4 times as long than if you were alone doing it.

And the place I was going to get the beans, was a nearby café… with a playground beside it.

Crap crap crap. There was no chance in hell I would get out of there unscathed.

Damn it then. I may as well freaking sit down and drink a coffee too.

Fine. If I have to.


And so my arm was twisted with not too much difficulty. Sure I was thinking of all the things I had yet to do, counting the hours, and trying to breathe. But I made myself sit. I made myself slurp. I looked out the window at baby girl climbing the grounds and going down the slide, and I was suddenly very grateful, for this forced break.

I’ll take it while I can.

#914 Sharing the day with her

Here’s something not many people know about me: I never wanted to share my birthday with another person EVER AGAIN.

This implies two things – that I have shared my birthday before, and that my wish for not sharing it again DIDN’T come true.

Yes and Yes.

I have family who are born on the same day as I… or me on the same day as them, whichever way you wanna look at it. Throw in random people I’ve met over the years who are also born on my ‘birth’ day, including the legendary Madonna and the anniversary of Elvis’ death, and well, I just felt like the day was all a bit overused.

When it looked like baby girl’s arrival on this earth was going to come much earlier than expected, and therefore, on my birthday… well I can’t say I was too rapt. And it wasn’t solely for selfishness sakes. I wanted her to have her own day. As much as sharing my birthday with family had been interesting and exciting to say the least, I wanted her to have her day, and her day alone.

Can I now say, how wrong I was?

Sharing a birthday, with not just anyone, but with my daughter – well it is the best thing ever. Double the fun. Double the excitement. Double the special times. Double the partying. Double the surprises.

Double the ♥

I had a beautiful day today, and sharing it with my baby girl was all the more special.

Here are some gratitude snapshots of the day:


Morning brunch



Her kindergarten cupcakes


Afternoon treat break with my girl (her first milkshake was THE FREAK)



Dinner was comforting and sublime. Just perfect.



And Hubbie got us both flowers… a gorgeous gesture that shows baby girl the loving actions a husband should do for his wife, but by getting her some too, he is setting her up for the love and respect that she will come to expect, in years to come.

Today, was all about sharing, and ♥♥♥


#903 Westfield Doncaster shopping day no. 4

Sometimes you just need to go back to your old hood to get any shit done.

That was my intention and thoughts as we headed to Doncaster this morning.

Chaddy last week? Yeah, it had been seriously so-so. I know I know. First World Problems.

The plan was to get all of this stuff for baby girl’s and mine upcoming birthdays.

The day was NOT as expected.

I unexpectedly got avocado in my brown rice and spicy prawn sushi rolls, and that is a big NO-NO for me as it usually ends in me being sick for a good while after. It’s my stomach’s choice, not mine that I can’t eat avocado. I picked it out as best I could, but was still feeling all tummy topsy-turvy for hours later.

I deliberately held off on the coffee to counter this fact, but even so, when I did have my cappuccino, once again my tummy did a little backflip and belly dance as it mixed up the coffee with any ill-feeling avo pieces that were left.


This lasted the entire visit.

Add to that feeling achy, and then there’s this cough I’ve had for a week now, which I’m sure wants to CHOKE ME TO DEATH at the most inopportune time.

But there was some good. (I mean I am writing this post, right?) We got baby girl a very cute outfit for her birthday, and she loved it so much she carried the shopping bag around the centre for almost the whole time.

That is HUGE for a 4 year-old who was adamant she was going to hold her Elsa doll the whole day, and then as we got out of the car when we arrived, was already handing her to me to put in my bag.

And the slime. She loves slime. Slime makes her happy.

Dear-y me.

Doncaster Shopping day fun and games.

#889 Park Days no. 5

You know what’s better than park days in warm weather?

Park days in JULY.

You know why?

Because it is Winter, and when any opportunity presents to get out and enjoy some sliver of warmth in the middle of the coldest time of year, well that is a big


right there.


It was still fresh, but there was no wind, making the suns descendance down onto our skins that much easier. We walked on over the short 10 minutes to the park, after our necessary coffee and babycino stop at the nearby corner café ( 🙂 ) before enjoying some family time in the park.

And by the way, another reminder that we are MORE than half-way through this coldest of seasons, meaning that…

Spring-time is coming!


#884 Inverloch getaway

It is night 2 of our mid-week Winter Inverloch getaway.

And the only thing guaranteed about a mid-July escape, is that there are no guarantees on the weather.

Which is why today has been such a delight.


Yes, it was windy. Yes, the waves were wild. But there was sunshine out, it was even mild at times (I kid you not), and along with heading out amongst the elements to experience it all, we had just as much fun watching it all from the comfort and warmth of indoors, once the fiercer weather rolled in.


If you’re not sure whether or not to do it, I say DO IT. A random winter escape is the perfect way to escape winter and the routine of life, by doing something unexpected, at the time of year where people probably least holiday out and about.

But enjoying uninterrupted time with my family has been the bestest escape of ALL.


#876 My arty mug

Well, talk about BALANCE.

After the full-on day that was yesterday, today totally lived up to my wish of doing not much at all.

But amidst all of the nothingness, there was still one thing that provided me with novelty, and it was actually in its reminder of the great day we had yesterday.

Meet, my new mug.


I think I officially have a thing. I like to purchase souvenirs when I visit interesting places, whether they are from concerts, shows or exhibitions… and mugs seem to be the perfect memory capsule. I mean, I use them, EVERY DAY. You can never have too many. And they are the ideal small-sized reminder of whatever it is you’re remembering, without taking up too much selfish space.

I saw this print somewhere else a while ago, which is why when I saw it again, I knew I had to have it. I think the simplistic representation of each artist’s style via face is excellent, a great resource for any arty novice, and just a cute little joke for anyone with more of a discerning artistic nature.

The mug has already settled in comfortably… in my hand. ♥