#930 Father’s Day Eve partying

Tonight was double the fun, double the love, double the happiness.

We were celebrating not only my bro-in-law’s birthday, but an early Father’s day with the fam.

Any excuse to get together, right? My current one involves a plan to have family over to christen our new flooring… I call it the ‘floor party.’ LOL.

But the night was made especially sweet by watching baby girl do some very lovely things. When my sister wished all the Dad’s a Happy Father’s Day for tomorrow following the singing and cake bit, baby girl turned to her Dad and said (again) sweetly

“Happy Father’s Day Tato.”


I love how she says these things when no one has told her to – it is of her own accord. I mean, there are still PLENTY times I tell her to do and say things, sure… I mean, she IS 5. But when she comes out with lines that I haven’t whispered into her ear, I feel super proud, and I know her Dad feels especially touched.

And then later on, she had a little dance with her Dad…


-(I don’t know where Hubbie’s leg has gone either)-

… And the moment was timely, given the soon-to-be Father’s Day, of this special Daddy-Daughter bonding, where a girl was shown how to have fun and laugh and be respected, by her first Prince Charming.

Just simply, ♥♥♥


#912 Kinder play

I love stumbling upon baby girl playing at kinder when she doesn’t know I am watching. And so it was today, as I walked up the long path surrounded by those huge over-arching and expansive trees, that I spied her from the side gate.

She was in a circle of kids of about 10, and they were with one of the teacher helpers in the yard. As soon as I saw some of the actions they performed in unison, I knew what song it had to be… THE HOKEY POKEY.

I watched, delighted, observing baby girl. I stood there mid-stride, craning my head slightly but trying to stay hidden so that my spying wouldn’t be uncovered by baby girl. She participated happily, and my smile was so wide I swear I would have rivalled a Cheshire cat’s.

They then went on to putting their bottom’s in the circle, and as they all jumped around to stick their bums out, I watched as baby girl did just that, and gave it a good wiggle in response to the song!

I nearly yelled out “that’s right, dance it with gusto!”

I was so rapt.

There is so much to be learnt from our kids when they don’t know we are watching.

And from today’s viewing, I am happy with what I saw 🙂

#866 Dancing in another place, with my loves

It’s not a good thing when you stave off dancing for a considerable length of time.

And I don’t mean the boppy, jump up and down kind of baby girl’s fave dance group Pnau. Nor am I talking of the swaying sensations of Hubbie’s preference Sia, or the hip-shaking rhythms of my, Ricky Martin.

No. What I’m referring to here is the funky feet of folk.

Folk dancing. It is a whole other dance, rhythm and culture all of itself. When you grow up listening to it, it surrounds your family parties, and you partake by dancing along to it whole-heartedly at these festive get-togethers, it creates the very important foundation of shared family love, memories and ALL the happy times.

This time however, it wasn’t in our kitchen. Sure, baby girl and I were present, but Hubbie was at work.

We were in a lounge room. Not our lounge room. My OLD lounge room. And the third person present was my Dad.

We were at my parents place.


Baby girl loves to put it on. There is a small stereo in the lounge room, with a permanently placed folk cd inside. She turns it on, winds up the volume, and happily starts jumping along.

How happy that makes me, that at only 4, that type of music is already engrained into her.

“Come on Mama, dance!”

I tagged along.

I should warm up, right? When ever there we do any kind of ‘warming up’ as we call it, it’s usually because some big family event is coming up, and we need to get our cold dancing feet fired up and ready.

But today the only warming up was done for just thatwarming up. It was cold, there hadn’t been a get-together to get us jumping in ages, and yet I still felt the urge to get the blood pumping, knowing it would help the chills of this, our June day.

I started jumping beside baby girl, with no real rhythm, just to make her happy.

“Come on Deda!”

I looked at my Dad, all comfortable and cosy on the couch. There was as much chance of him getting up to join us as there was in the day moving above 20 degrees.

“Baby girl, leave Deda, he is resting.”

He looked to agree with that statement as I said it, but then as I kept on leaping in the air with baby girl, I saw him get up, and start to –

one two, one two three, one two three, one two three

He was dancing!

“Good job Deda!” I yelled to him.

Baby girl smiled in happiness, and on he, and now I, inspired by his professionalism in the act, kept on going, doing it the right way

one two, one two three, one two three, one two three

Our feet kicking the in air, moving from left to right and left again, and baby girl telling me all the while –


Sure honey. Because she’s the folk-dancing boss.

So I copied her kicks in the air from side to side and left to right, and suddenly she was much more impressed.

(Face palm).

But for those few moments, the three of us mucking about, folk music in the air, legs kicking around wildly…

I reckon the room temperature DID reached 20. 😉


#856 Lotsa everything day

Today I was fortunate to have many things to be grateful for.

I was grateful for… lotsa.

I was grateful that we visited one of the last schools on our primary tour for baby girl… and we think it is the one. Sure, the school we last visited we also felt ‘good’ about. But this one gave me a certain vibe on the info night I attended weeks ago. And Hubbie and I agreed today, that it felt like our own primary schools that we attended, growing up.

It had a real community vibe, and that’s what appealed to us. The clincher was the realisation that the trees out the front of the school are my trees, and if you don’t know what they are, go and look at the background pic on my smikg.com page…

It was a gorgeous sunny day. Absolutely sublime.

I happily took baby girl to kinder late because of this tour, and discovered a coffee truck in the outside car park.

I wasn’t planning on having coffee… but when one is presented with such, one MUST HAVE.

I’ve never seen it there before, because I’ve never been 1 hour late to kinder. I must hang around and ‘help’ them on some other occasions me thinks…

I headed off to do some furniture and flooring window shopping/research on my own, and we all know as a parent, anything you do ‘on your own’ is gratitude enough, especially since such simple tasks such as wiping your butt and having a shower are often accompanied by a little person.

Our kitchen progressed that little bit more today… we have an extra cupboard for storage, hooray!

And speaking of the kitchen… perhaps the best part of the day was dancing around it in the evening before dinner, with Hubbie and baby girl, to her favourite song Go Bang by Pnau.


Our socks may be mismatched, but let me assure you, we are family folks.

It’s a happy day when you don’t quite know what you are most grateful for…

So let’s just be grateful for it ALL 🙂




#829 Follow the yellow brick road…

There’s nothing better than sharing a special evening with the people you love the most.

Tonight was something magical.

I don’t go to musicals all that often, and the last one I went to was to The Lion King a few years ago.

I guess when you go, you go to something big and great and monumental, right?


But with musicals, they are ALL like that. Night after night, with sometimes day performances too, these amazing professionals get up in front of a full theatre, and they perform – singing, dancing, creating – a fantasy and imaginative world in front of our very eyes.

And each time they do it, it is done with such enthusiasm, energy and gusto, that you would be forgiven in thinking it was the first time they were doing it, for YOU.

Well tonight, we got to witness just that. We headed on over to the Regent theatre, both sister, nephew and I, and along with witnessing some amazing performers acting out a classic movie on stage, we walked around the city streets, grabbed some fine dinner, and in doing so created some wonderful memories to cherish together forever.

That mojito in the middle there that we had during dinner was the BOMB. It was the BEST MOJITO EVER, that I have EVER tried. There was a special sugary syrup which masked any alcohol that was in the drink…. dangerous.

The Wizard of Oz was superb. Very true to the original movie with a few little differences here and there, just to keep it modern and fresh and inventive. And the contribution of the special effects ramped up the production and key components of the story in a whole other way, positively so.

I didn’t realise how much I loved the following song…

“The house began to pitch, the kitchen took a slitch

It landed on the Wicked Witch in the middle of a ditch,

Which was not a healthy situation, for the Wicked Witch!”

… until it was in front of me, LIVE! Oh, how that catchy tune I had heard so many times in my childhood, grew on me as the performance by Dorothy, the munchkins and Glinda the good witch was performed.

There are too many amazing parts to mention, so really, you should just go and watch it yourself if it is playing in a city near you.


And then as Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tinman and Lion got to the Emerald City to meet the Wizard of Oz, with the sheets of green background, green dancers, green sequins, green lights, and green set just emanating out to the audience, all I could think of was –






The mojito. That bloody brilliant mojito had gone to my head. Damn.

I was a sook as is typical and teared up at the end, even though I know the ending and have seen it before… but not like this. A sign of a great show. Or just a super softie, you decide. But the Universal message and underlying thread of the story is something that is so true, so real to all of us – there is no place like home.

Sure we often think the grass is greener on the other side. We look at the world through rose-coloured glasses, with our Instagram filters on when observing outside things, but looking through the microscope when dissecting the little annoyances of our own lives.

When something upsetting happens, it is a reminder that the support and comfort of home, is all you really need.

At the end of the show Glinda is telling Dorothy how to get home. She tells her to tap her shoes three times and say

Glinda: “There is no place –

Dorothy: ” – like home.”

Dorothy finishes the statement for her. It is not a question either. She knew it in her heart all along. ♥

And at the end of the night, after the pivotal after-the-show discussion, catch-up, and coffee, I headed home too…

Because as we all know, there is no other place like it ♥♥♥



#811 His shoes were made for dancing

He didn’t dance for a LONG time.

This was a big deal. Dancing was Hubbie’s forte. The way he effortlessly and magically glided to the folk music, his feet seemingly floating in the air, arms waving about in focused movement as if conducting the people and arena around him…

The love and passion were so evident on his face when he danced like this. It was pure joy and happiness for the music manifested, and the expression came forth as his body responded to the music, from the beam stretching from cheek to cheek, all the way to his tip-toes.

It’s all about moving on your tip-toes. There is NO OTHER way to do it, he would say.

So I knew then when his Dad died, that he would stay off the dancing for a while.

Because, not doing the things you love, as passionate as you might be about them, is one of the natural processes of grieving. Hell, you don’t want to do barely anything, let alone something that makes you happy, or used to make you happy, when you are so sad.

It was harder in his case to even contemplate dancing… because it had been a great love he and his Dad shared.

Father and Son. The image epitome. Side by side, arms outstretched, touching shoulders, as they moved in perfect unison, in big grand movements, sweeping their arms wide as they turned around, and kicked and jumped and paraded for all to see.

It was the perfect image of familial bliss. And it was.

But after a year of grieving, Hubbie still couldn’t do it. He forced himself here and there, but there was just no love for the act of dancing…

He stopped dancing. Cold turkey. Just, GONE.

It made me so sad. Here was a part of Hubbie that brought him so much joy, and yet he wasn’t doing it anymore, so strong was the loss and unhappiness in his heart.

“Do it for your Dad,” I would suggest gently. “He would be so proud to see you dancing on in his name.”

But my words were empty. The intention was meaningless, because the person behind the meaning, was not here anymore.

This year will mark 5 years from his Dad’s passing. And though there were some small moments over the past year where he danced here, he danced there, with some substance of meaning, a breadth of the passion he used to hold, signifying a subtle change to the Hubbie of old maybe occurring… tonight something happened.

He had the music on before we headed out, and was dancing around the house, “warming up.”

He made sure to have his dancing shoes on.


And when a suitable song sang out over the dance floor, he took me… and he also took the arm of his Dad’s peer – a close relative and friend of his father’s, a fellow music lover and dancing companion – and he said “you’re coming with me. In place of my Dad.”


I was on one side of Hubbie, looking over as the two of them made light of their feet. They danced and jumped around, hopping and skipping, and turning around with grins from ear to ear.

His late father’s peer stood proudly beside Hubbie, honoured he had been chosen to dance in place of such an important and influential person from Hubbie’s life.

And in that moment as I glanced over at the two of them making a scene, causing a dancefloor stir, and galloping around jovially, something in my heart tugged, and I teared up.

There was that smile.

There was the skip in his step.

The lightness of movement had returned.

He was dancing again, full gusto.

My Hubbie, was back ♥♥♥



#793 Home cooked cheat food

Tuesday nights usually find us not reaching into the pantry or the fridge. It’s our almost mid-week break, where we find reason, any reason to go out for dinner (“it’s a nice day,” “I’m craving that pasta,” “I need or break,” or the good ol’ “it’s Tuesday” simply makes the cut).

When the weather is crap, we need time out from running around, or we are just feeling uninspired, we get takeaway and chill.

So as tonight approached, it was initially option 1 of the above. In fact, we were planning on going out tonight since last Friday, and this decision was probably made more so by my unfortunate late night Saturday shift – we needed something to look forward to.

But then came yesterday, and we both went “it’ll be dark by the time we head out to dinner… why don’t we just take away?”

And so suddenly, option 2. This was great. We would stay home, we could lounge in our trakkies, it was night 3 out of the 4 weekly Bachelor in Paradise eps (only slightly obsessed), and still, we weren’t going to any effort.

But then, between last night and today lunchtime, something happened.

My temperamental husband happened.

“I think I just wanna make a home burger, and some of our home made chips.”

What? This would require cooking? And prep? Cooking every day is something I’m long accustomed to, but when someone tells me I’m not cooking, and then SURPRISE! I’m cooking!” I get a little bit crabby.

However, as the evening arrived, things just flowed. There was actually minimal prep. We shared the kitchen, something we often struggle with as we both need our space in there. He seasoned the chicken, pan-fried it, and cut up the salad fillings, while I did the chips… seasoned with VEGETA, mmmmmm.


We weren’t rushing. In fact, we were early. We had the music going, baby girl was painting, and then as the volume went up, we got to some good ol’ dancing in the kitchen. Artists today included Amy Winehouse, Justin Timberlake, and The Doors, along with baby girls favourite song “Go Bang” by Pnau, which had ALL of us jumping.

We were really happy, and relaxed. And then as we sat down to eat, things got even better.

Our meal was delicious. Amazing. We had created a version of a cheat’s meals – a junk food meal if you will – and it was more tasty, healthy and clearly, WAY cheaper than anything we would have gotten if we had gone out or ordered take away.

It was just win-win-win all around. We were together in the comfort and warmth of our home, enjoying quality family togetherness. We were chilled. We had saved $$$. We had eaten a dinner that was healthy, which was tasty and as close to being junk food as possible, without actually being junk food… and it was all done by the time Keira and Jarrod arrived on screen.