#1937 The dancing interlude

In between making some cookies and eating some cookies this afternoon, baby girl and I had a dance lesson.

It was a heap of fun. I often forget how fun dancing actually is, and when you’re teaching someone some moves, it turns into a lot of laughs.

She had mentioned the Macarena earlier that day, and so I said quite randomly –

“let me teach you some dance moves.”

First dance lesson, we went over the Macarena.

I learnt this one back when I was like, 12, 13? This was the BOMB. I knew all the moves, and turns out I still do. We had fun with that, before moving onto…

The Nutbush.

This one gets the heart going. You gottta step, step, to the other side step, step, then there’s more stepping, kicking, knee-ing, and then like a star jump, twice.

It may seem complicated, but you just gotta get out there and throw yourself into it.

The next one I fumbled with before I remembered it properly.

The Bus Stop.

You move to the left…

And then you move to the right…

Then you do like a turn to the left, a shimmy, and like the Nutbush, you end up facing a different direction.

But the lyrics say a different thing ENTIRELY.

This one has nowhere near as much jumping as the Nutbush, or as many hand actions as the Macarena, so it’s kinda low on my list of choreographed dances that you do at a party, but still fun.

Baby girl was wanting to keep up, but losing concentration and kinda doing her own thing since it all seemed so complicated… so I put on a popular party dance that I knew she would LOVE.

The chicken dance!

Photo by Achim Bongard on Pexels.com

We went off. We were pecking, flapping, wiggling and clapping a lot.

And then dancing! Skipping around and around with our arms hooked, first that way, then thatta way!

By the end of it, we were pooped as well as pecked.

That’s how you know you’ve had a great dance interlude.


#1890 Dishes and dancing

Let me share something mundane, but nonetheless something that we all vary widely on.


I actually, don’t mind doing the dishes. Just as well, because I do them 3-4 times a day. I find it somewhat soothing and therapeutic, the very act of water running and cleaning things an automatic act, allowing my mind to wander and reflect.

But ironing? I put off the task as much as I can.

In fact, I don’t think there’s much need for ironing. There, I said it!

Even though I don’t mind doing the dishes, when I’m washing those at the end of the day post-dinner, I like to put music on.

Tonight before dinner, I had on Bedtime Stories, one of my all-time fave albums. I’m in a certain type of mood when I play that album. I can switch easily from the daydreamy and wispy ‘Inside of Me,’ to the raw and upfront ‘Human Nature’ with lyrics like “I’m not your bitch don’t hang your shit on me.”

I absolutely LOVE the album.

But after dinner I put on something else. Something both baby girl and I like.

The Dirty Dancing soundtrack!

She seriously loves the songs. She’s even put it on on her own, just to bop along and dance while we are in the other room.

She loves the high-pitched ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry,’ the mashed potato and twist references in ‘Do You Love Me?’ and even boogies down to the Merengue!

How lovely is it to enjoy some of life’s simple chores, like dishes, accompanied by music? πŸŽ΅πŸ’–

Again, little things. It’s all I have.

#1887 It’s Friday then…

I love Fridays.

Who doesn’t?

I’ve previously written about the anticipatory excitement one gets when Friday rolls around.

For me, when 3pm on a Friday comes around. 😁😁😁😁

Hell yeah! It’s the best. Knowing you have days off ahead, is FAR better than any of those days off, let’s be honest.

It’s the anticipation.

So today as I clocked off from my work office at home, logged off my laptop, and headed into the kitchen where baby girl was happily waiting, I started singing…

“It’s Friday then, then Saturday Sunday what?”

We’ve been singing this song ever since a Friday has rolled along, ever since we saw the absolutely fantastic video of that guy that just jumps out of the car and dances to his hearts content when he hears the song.

And so we did. Baby girl and I ripped up a storm on the kitchen dancefloor, because…

“It’s Friday then, then Saturday Sunday what?”

#1787 The circus rolls into town

I was all BERT tonight.

Of Sesame Street fame. I even screamed while watching these guys –

Up on that circular see-saw like DEATH TRAP, and one of the guys started skipping while on top, on a freaking skipping rope, while the thing went round and round, and then he tripped!



The entire audience reacted, some with gasps, others with squeals, me of course with the “AHHHH!”

It was terrifying… yet sooo good.

The guy recovered instantly, so you can be assured all is well in the circus world. It was a split-second, but that split second up so high, boy oh boy…

It’s been 3 years since I took baby girl to the circus in town, and even longer since Hubbie’s been to one.

He joined us tonight, and I particularly liked his comment at the beginning…

“Maybe I can sleep during it…”


He ate his words in every sense. He was freaking out about the acrobatics and death-defying stunts on stage as much as I was.

And then there was baby girl. She was so happy to be there, thanking us for getting tickets, and then getting beyond excited when we got her one of those light-up wands to shake around during the show.

The show was truly amazing. Her face though, lit up my heart more than any of those circus lights.

Totally worth it. 😍😍πŸŽͺπŸŽͺ

#1665 Day 167 of getting there: Happy Birthday Freddie

Today would have been Freddie Mercury’s 74th birthday.


But even though he’s not around, he very much lives on in the world…

In our homes…

In our hearts, FOREVER.

It was Queen day in our household. We put on 3 albums in full. Sang at the top of our lungs. Danced. Felt the music, the emotions, the joy.

Sang along to Brian May’s guitar (do you do that?) “noar now now now now now now noar noar noooaaaaarrrrr.”

(Or is it just me?)

So I thought I’d share with you a song written by Freddie himself, that most people know…

But it’s a live version, filmed a year before I was even born, and the intro featuring only Freddie and his piano, is so beautiful, so poetic, just so natural, that I don’t know…

Tell me yourself. Tell me you don’t ‘feel’ love watching that intro.

And then of course, it blends into the song we all know and love, with Freddie and the rest of Queen absolutely rocking it and giving it their ALL.

We love you Freddie. Happy Birthday. πŸ’–πŸŽΆπŸŽ™

#1664 Day 166 of getting there: Disco zooming

Friday’s are great for so many reasons.

So many great things happen on Fridays!

Like… discos.

Even in covid.

They are called online discos!

Baby girl joined about 100 or so of her school mates for an online disco today.

Last year it was in the school theatre… this year, well, via zoom.

But it was still so cute. She dressed up for the occasion, and I connected her up to the big screen to… DANCE!

40 minutes of dancing. 40 minutes of jumping. I was working from the other room, in a meeting, and could hear the tunes filtering through…


And then that insanely catchy/funny/irritating, whatever you wanna call it song, “Pump It Up” came on, and I just laughed out loud before walking into the room and dancing near her but making sure to be OFF SCREEN to zoom and her whole grade.

But then she ended up calling me later, because the parents were being summoned! And so I found myseld in my trakkies, next to my dressed up baby girl, doing the hokey pokey.

Ahhh. Hilarious.

And of course, seeing as she’s been missing out on all that school physical activity, guess who was crazy tired afterwards?

And guess who was crazy happy about it?


#1657 Day 159 of getting there: dancing to the rhythm of zoom!

Forget about Friday night zoom catch-ups…

Tonight we did Friday night zoom dance WORK-OUTS!

How lucky are we to have a bestie with professional dancing experience, huh, huh? She organised a session for us, complete with warm-up, choreographed moves, and we followed her through it all… even the kids had to join in on the fun!

It was great. Nothing like a good dance in iso to remind us all of what it is our body needs, and our body wants.

And laughing at yourself with your friends is about the best way to dance to it. 😁😁😁😁

#1645 Day 147 of getting there: The Iso birthdays

I was really surprised to reach the end of today, and find that I felt…

Sad. Bittersweet.

The exact same way I feel after we have one of our big birthday parties.

Only this year was different, right?

What was different…

Firstly, no family, no friends, NO ONE. Just us.

No celebratory birthday outing.


That’s about it.

What was the same though?

The food. We ate most of the day, and felt absolutely stuffed by it all!

The drinks. I went a little ‘woo!’ in my head.

The presents.

(Even Mister F was amazed there was a present hiding up there!)

The cakes. The candles.

The music. Freddie! Dancing.

The surprises… for both of us.

The love and well wishes that came from everywhere.

I have to say, my family and friends made sure we felt the love today.

During such a weird time in our lives, when we are going through celebrations and momentous life events without so much as a peep on the radar as to its significance, the people around me reminded us today that we are loved, we are remembered, and also…

That we WILL party really really really really HARD when this passes!

And so, it comes as no surprise that I would be feeling sad it was all over.

It was actually, still, a really lovely day. πŸ₯°

Everyone was far… but I felt the love.

We felt the love. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

#1630 Day 132 of getting there: Show them what you love

I think one of the best pieces of advice I could give to any current or future parents, is this:

Show them what you love.

In particular, music.

Baby girl is exposed to a whole range of styles. From 70s/80s Queen, 80s Prince, Madonna of ALL ages, pop Justin Timberlake, melodic George Michael…

to contemporary music like The Weeknd, SIA, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Tones and I, and then there’s folk music, rnb music, UB40, songs from movies…

There’s a lot of different styles that she hears from us.

When you show your child what you love, you’re showing them what makes you happy. What makes you sing. What makes your heart soar.

You’re not actually sitting them down and saying “this is what makes me happy!”

It’s in the everyday moments. Putting the volume up for a song on the radio that makes you smile. Dancing in the kitchen because Funny How Love Is came on. Laughing along to that really annoying/catchy tune “Pump it Up,” and then turning everything into that song…

“You know clean it up, you have to clean it up!”

You’re making everyday moments come alive, you’re making them more fun, and most importantly, you’re making memories.

Like today for instance. Following a week of letting everything fall to the wayside in light of more important things, I was on a cleaning frenzy. I had Queen on, FULL VOLUME as I went about the house doing my thing.

I was in baby girl’s room changing her bedding, when Bohemian Rhapsody came on.

As the pivotal moment drew near…

“Oh mama mia, mama mia

Mama mia let me go…”

I quickly threw some things in her wardrobe –

“…Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me…”

I ran out of her room –

“…For me…”

And ran down the hallway

“…FOR ME!” I squealed as I skid into the kitchen, with baby girl charging in from the lounge room.

And then we proceeded to do THIS:

Oh it was fun! The hair clip in my hair was knocking my head we were jumping and head banging so much.

And it was so cool, that I knew I could depend on her to run in to meet me near the stereo… just as she knew she could find me rocking out to a classic tune.

It’s got nothing to do with making your kids like what YOU like. That I am totally against. Children should be allowed to make up their own likes, dislikes, interests and passions, without their parents, or anyone influencing them.

I am fascinated to see what kind of young woman baby girl will grow into of her own accord, not from someone else she has tried to be like, or from someone who has made her feel she should be like them.


It’s about showing them your passions. They should be their own people. At the same time, it’s no wonder there are so many kids out there who followed in their parents footsteps, either by doing a similar profession, choosing a similar path, a like-minded interest… because they watched them obsess, fixate, and enjoy that thing, while growing up.

Baby girl doesn’t need to write. She doesn’t need to read. She doesn’t need to love Queen all her life.

But by sharing what it is that you love with them, you show them what a meaningful, purposeful, and beautiful life is.

At the end of day, whether it’s a life path of not… Creativity.

The arts.




These are the things that make the world go round. Teaching our kids about them can only bring beautiful things.

At the very least, really funny head-banging memories. πŸ˜‰

#1604 Day 106 of getting there: Funny how we celebrate music

Every couple of weeks our ‘celebration’ song changes.

Even though for the longest time, the song has been from the same band.

We might put on our celebration song whenever we just want to celebrate. So like, today, after I finished work, and baby girl and I had our coffee break…

It was celebration song time.

The celebration song can come on as I’m prepping dinner. It can come on as I’m washing dishes. Hell, it’s been known to come on after breakfast on a Saturday morning, and I put it on extra loud just because, you know, make sure the neighbours are properly awake and all.

The most recent celebration song comes from the Queen II album. And what an album it is. The music as a whole is unapologetically loud.

It is in your face, rock, heavy, the lyrics are full, and it takes over all your senses.

And I love it.

By the time track 10 comes around, it reaches its pinnacle of loud. If you were struggling until now, well just go away, this music is too much for you. You can’t escape the music. You just can’t. Even the lyrics don’t have a break. There are no pauses.

It keeps going and going and going.

Funny How Love Is. Baby girl and I danced to this today, and all that was missing was the expansive field of daises with hippies skipping freely across the green grass.

It is so folksy. It is just something else. It speaks of love, love in its truest form, examples of love, and where you can see it in the everyday. I find it a curiously optimistic Queen song, and that’s not to say that they don’t do happy love songs. Think “You’re My Best Friend,” but that was written by bass guitarist John Deacon.

This song is all Freddie. There are no bittersweet tones, like in “Somebody to Love” where he is literally asking for someone, to love. This song is so brash in it’s joy-fest, so in your face…

It really is the best celebration song.

I said it was the second last track, right? The song that follows is just as good.

Seven Seas of Rhye.

That is a WHOLE other blog post (which I’ve actually written about before…!)