#663 Work ‘do’ doughnut joy

Anyone that knows me, knows I have a soft spot for doughnuts.

I’ve written about them a bit too, both here and here, as well as in MANY other posts.

So when I went to my work Christmas party tonight, and saw all the different varieties of free booze…

Hmmm, yeah. I expected as much.

What about the buffet style food layout that required plates (all we’ve had is finger food for years).

Oh, that’s different.

What about the special espresso martinis and mojitos?

Ooooh! Interesting.

The circus-tent like venue?

Very cool.

What about…

A doughnut food truck.


I headlined it over there with my work colleague as fast as I could.

This was amazing.

This was incredible.

This was legendary.

We waited about 15 minutes in a small queue before we got to choose from 3 amazing and mouth-watering doughnut combinations.


Drool Drool Drool

Do I really need to tell you which one I ordered?

And then… the MOMENT.


Can I say, that they were amazing. So soft, warm and fresh, with the melted and warm Nutella swimming around them and sticking to the roof of my mouth in the most deliciously insane way.


Sorry I don’t think you got that.


Best work surprise EVER.

Work winning 🙂



#505 Home-made food

Baby girl was hell-bent on some sickly sweet treat from the bakery today, so I succumbed. It was a pink meringue, and looked something like this


but it was long, like a plait. There were two m&m blue eyes, and sprinkles throughout. At home, I broke it into chunks for her, and popped a piece into my mouth to see what was so good about it. I tasted some kind of bakery taste, but not necessarily a pleasant one, and something oily. It WAS sickly sweet. I didn’t think baby girl would last with it, knowing her palate, and yet I left the room and left her to it…

I was making my Nutella-filled baked cinnamon doughnuts. I too had a disposition towards sweet things today – maybe it was the cold, dark and dreary weather, and the menacing clouds hanging over us and threatening to spill with rain at any second, that made us need the sugary pick me up.


As I was near the end of the process, my doughnuts now out of the oven, and close to buttering and sugaring them up, baby girl ran in.

“Yuck!” she was saying. She appeared to be spitting, and needed some kind of help so I went over to where she had been eating her meringue while watching endless Nickelodeon in the other room.

A few pieces had been eaten, yet several chunks were still there on the table, with one wet, clearly chewed up and spat out piece.

“This is too sweet baby girl. I knew you wouldn’t eat it.” I told her we would pack up the uneaten pieces for another day, and I cleaned up her spat out piece. She needed water, and it was here that I crouched to her level.

“You know baby girl, this stuff is no good. What Mummy bakes is the best. You know when Mama was a little girl, she only ate the cakes that Baka made? Home-made food is the best honey, know that.”

I went back into the kitchen with such conviction, with baby girl happily gulping down water and converted, behind me. Home-made food, no matter the dish – savoury or sweet – was always going to be a fresher, healthier, and smarter option compared to store bought or processed ANYTHING. Even as I finished off my Nutella doughnuts and reviewed the ingredients in my mind (caster sugar, butter, flour, cinnamon, milk, egg) they were all pantry/fridge standard staples, and though yes butter and sugar prevailed, I’d rather that than artificial colourings and sweeteners. This is the stuff the old, old, old generation used. This was the stuff to eat, when you ate sweet. Anything home-made, ruled.

Anything home-made RULES.


It’s a lesson I knew I was always going to teach baby girl, and today I was grateful in the knowledge that I received that much-necessary education from my own Mother, by her words and strong example, so many, many years ago.

Thanks Mum… as always, you are totally right 🙂




#422 Shopping with my girl no.3

Today’s successful shopping purchases at Bayside, were:

A pink front, blue back, star sparkly-circled top

A battery-operated ‘Thomas’ the Tank Engine train

A packet of Crayola washable stamp textas (washable is A MUST)

A packet of 240 Unicorn stickers

AND a little man shaped doughnut topped with icing and smarties…

Can you tell they were all for baby girl???!!!

And yet, we had a beautiful day together, holding hands, dancing to Justin Timberlake in the clothes aisles, and eating hot chips. Bliss 🙂

#334 Tabbouleh from The Kitchen Passport

It’s always a really satisfying feeling when you find a ‘keeper’ recipe. More so when it’s simple, fresh, healthy AND incredibly moorish.

I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to help a fellow blogger out a while back, who needed testers for a cookbook she wanted to publish of recipes that she had gathered and been inspired by from her around-the-world travels.

Back then with the help of my trusty assistant baby girl, we dished up the Chocolate Filled Donuts – to rave reviews from us all in the household – and only a few weeks ago did I receive the final cookbook edition in the mail, something I had been eagerly looking forward to.

Tonight I made tabbouleh, with my eyes on Jess’ falafel recipe for later on in the week. The tabbouleh was amazing, such a simple yet wow dish, and Hubbie could not stop going back for more.



If you’re interested in purchasing the book, more details can be found here. I highly recommend it, and cannot wait to try out some more!

Oh. And page 23. Just sayin’.


#265 I’m bringing baking back… YEAH

It’s been a good day, even though we stayed home… half imposed upon, half because I needed it. I decided to do something with baby girl after lunch, both to excite us a little and also because like the above, I needed it.


If there is a blogger out there who continually and repetitively posts pics of the same dishes they make, over and over, well let me know. Kindred spirit. These baked cinnamon doughnuts with Nutella filling are super easy, which is why it’s so fun to bake them again and again. And they’re great to make with a little one who possesses curious fingers, curious eyes, and a curious mind (or in other words, an impatient and sweet-toothed toddler!)

But I also had to make them, to prove a point to myself. I recently crammed all the kitchen items that were worthiest and used most by me, into this old 80s-style kitchen in our new home. I was feeling down when I still had all my kitchen stuff packed in boxes and shoved to one corner of the room, and then when I found out our kitchen reno may be further away than we thought, I was shattered. I felt out of control. I couldn’t cook how I liked, my stuff was everywhere, and now I felt like it was going to remain that way for months to come.

But then I firmly took matters into my own hands. I unpacked what I could, and in doing so regained control. And though its not an everyday task for me, I took out my most used baking instruments, therefore assuring myself that I COULD do, and bake, whatever I liked, whenever I liked.

It was this small yet large action that helped me. And the icing on the cake? Actual baking. Today.

Baby girl couldn’t contain her excitement, with those cheeky fingers getting into the mixing bowl a few too many times. It was great. I did it for her, I did it for me, and I did it for us. And knowing there will be many more cakes and muffins and doughnuts makes me excited that I have control of my life back and things will be getting better. Sooner than we even know it 🙂

#202 No dickhead noisy neighbours

First I was going to talk of rain. My ever-growing, intense fascination with this ethereal substance.

Then I was looking at the bevy of umbrellas bouncing along the sidewalk as I walked in the rain today, under my own umbrella, and considered that picture of beautiful imagery something to be grateful for.

Then my boss. Another post will come there. (Suck).

Then the Reese’s peanut butter Krispy Kreme Hubbie got for me on his petrol doughnut run earlier tonight (Mmmm).

But no. 15 minutes ago I changed my mind from all those gratefulness-worthy possibilities.

My dickhead neighbours started being loud. Again. And I thought “I’ve got less than 2 months of this.”

I can’t express how grateful I am for that.

If I were staying on, I would take further action. Write to their body corp. Expressly convey my frustration at the inconsiderate couple choosing to put on loud music and clang God knows what, slam doors and talk exceptionally loudly (shall we just say shout?) past the hours of 10:30pm, very, very often.

It doesn’t happen every night. I might have already committed a sin if that were the case. No, these guys pop up with their loud demeanours, maybe once, twice a week, and every so often it gets so upsetting that like tonight, I immediately call the cops.

I am not a music-scrooge! I can hear him now, he’s freaking sawing something!

IT IS 11:07pm!

I don’t mind music. However generally people don’t start to play it on a weeknight, post 11pm. These guys are not normal. Every time they get noisy, it begins post 10:30pm. They even have kids, primary-aged, and I think they go outside so that their own kids can sleep…

I don’t know how, because I can hear every freaking thing.

They’re also cheeky, in that their loud periods won’t last for much longer than about 15 minutes at a time. Then there might be a half hour gap, and again, I hear the sliding door, and the abrupt jolt as they slam it shut. They must be smokers. I have beautiful visions of calling the house owners and telling them how their roach tenants are slowly tearing  their home to shreds.

I don’t like to cause trouble. And I’m not against having some fun. But you cannot deny, that these guys are repeat offenders and inconsiderate bastards who have no common sense about how to go about living alongside their neighbours.

I mean, live on a 27 acre farm, and make ALL the noise you want. Go for YOUR LIFE.

I can’t stand them.

And it may be awfully negative to talk of being grateful for the absence of annoying people…

But man I will be. I just can’t wait to be rid of them.

I am so grateful to be moving far, far away from them.

Let’s just hope our new neighbours are better than these guys…

#148 Convenient doughnut proximity

I don’t need to tell you all the details of my difficulties from today. That will surely come to you very soon in my ‘Things That Shit Me’ series, over on SmikG…

No. But what you do need to know is that I had enough just prior to 3pm. As in, ‘that’s it, I’m outta here, put me on a rocket and send me into the galaxy’ type enough. After packing a tired and cranky baby girl in the car and reversing out of my parents’ driveway, I spontaneously turned and said to her “do you want doughnuts?”

She, poor thing, had also had enough. Her eyes nonetheless sparkled with tired excitement. The decision was immediately made.

15 minutes later, we got home with this

2016-07-21 15.57.47

And tonight we will devour this

2016-07-21 15.58.36

I already sneakily ate one mini cookies and cream doughnut. I had to. Man Hubbie’s lucky I didn’t smash a few big-sized donutella’s before he got home.

I really needed it. And in that moment, leaving my parents house, I was so grateful that the famous Mick’s Place milkbar is literally a minutes drive from their place. I’ve written about the milkbar and the beginnings of the Nutella doughnut craze before, but now I am expressing gratitude for it. The way Xzibit pimps dirty shitty old cars over on MTV, so too has this milkbar been pimped to an unbelievable food-porn level. And being on an average corner in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne, a milkbar that I frequented too often as a teenager (which Hubbie still hangs shit on me about)…. well I couldn’t be prouder.

I actually need those doughnuts to find a supplier in our Seachange location. It is a must.