#563 Fanciful wishes

So, you may have realised by now that I live by the water…


…and also, I work by it.


It’s occurred to me a few times now that there is water almost everywhere I go. And the funny thing is, I never really AIMED to live by the water, or work by it. Work location was pure chance, and even when I was a teen, I’d say wishfully that one day, I’d love a beach house. A part of me never really wished for it, because it felt too hard, and too unrealistic.

I thought it may happen if I was loaded and filthy rich after my young-adult series took off, by let’s say the age of 45. And then it would be a holiday house, not a living-in 365-days-of-the-year house.

And instead, by early 30s, not rich by any means, I found myself living by the bay and I didn’t even want it bad for my whole life… only like, 7 months of it before we moved in.

And so this story comes to mind as I stared at these boats near my work today. Because I’ve always thought it would be cool to have a boat, but only like, when the mortgage is paid off, I am comfortable, the children are grown up, my designer wardrobe is complete, and then and only then with the excess money I have left over from several overseas yearly holidays, then and only then would I think, ‘a boat.’

And as I thought this hilarious yet delightful sequence, something triggered, and I went ‘oh dear.’

Be careful what you wish for.

So today, here’s to fanciful wishes coming true, and being surprised by Life.



#440 Meeting an Angel

I never in my life thought I would get an opportunity to meet David Boreanaz.

It’s been 20 years since Buffy first aired on our screens. 13 years since the Angel season finale “Not Fade Away” tore our hearts apart and made us sob for days on end.

Surely the time had long past for a member of the cast to do a comic/supernatural type fan event.

And definitely not the main star, right?




That isn’t my only photo. I actually met the guy. At Supanova. TODAY. Like I paid to stand next to him, and he shook my hand, and then he put his arm on my shoulder as we smiled at the camera.

Well I smiled stupidly. He kept the serious brooding look, in true Angel style.

And then I listened to him charm the pants off (well, pretty literally) every member of the thousand or so crammed into the theatre for one of his Q&As, before returning to queue again, and this time get an autograph of the dude.

The dude. Like he is so average.

He is soooo not. He is an Angel, and I can’t bloody believe (pardon the pun), that I met him today. Angel. David Boreanaz.

It was an unbelievable moment, and I’m happy to say, one more bucket item list, checked off.



#263 Hopefully local

As soon as we discovered the café about a 5-10 minute walk from our house, we were hopefully optimistic.

I mean, we had always longed to move to somewhere where we could leisurely walk through back streets to a quaint little café where the owners knew our names and we could say “we’ll have the usual Dave,” and then we’d laugh and talk about the crazy Melbourne weather, plonking ourselves in our regular spot while talking about how damn lucky we were to have amazingly accessible coffee that close to home.

Well. We saw this place and decided we had to try it out, together, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

That was the problem though, you see. Because we were working on opposite shifts, we had NO TIME TOGETHER.

However, we’re now in the process of trialling something new out, and so far, it’s worked. Hubbie’s Mum stayed with us one day this week to watch baby girl while Hubbie and I worked, meaning we got one day off together: today.

It was cloudy, overcast, and rain threatening to spill at any moment, but this morning we rugged up in our jackets, and due to the weather, took the car instead. To the hopefully local.

And it was great. The food was pretty good for a corner back street café, it was intimate, the staff were friendly, and the coffee? Most importantly… it was fantastic. Very strong, yet very smooth, something I find a difficult combo to combine, and yet here it was done brilliantly.

Ahhh. Hopefully local? I think, definite local.




#226 The keys

Today, I received these:


So many emotions have been had today. Sheer joy. Relief. Tiredness. Elation. Appreciation. Excitement. Wonder at the World.

Deep Heartfelt Gratitude.

Because although we now have the keys to our Sea change home, I am even more grateful for the things behind the home that really, truly matter: health, family and happiness. Those three important things, both prevalent and intact in our lives, are what really matters and what is making the obtainment of our special keys, that much sweeter.

They are the real keys to life. Every other key is just a bonus: whether it be a car key, house key, holiday key, or work key. Or any other key. All these keys are sweeter when you have your top 3 present in your life.

So, I’m rapt with the house keys. Of what they mean to us. And they mean so much more because I know how lucky we are to have, what we have…

I am expressing a profound sense of gratefulness today. I really am humbled.


#225 Falling into place – Kinder

I only put in the late application last night. It had been the first kinder we had visited at our Sea change destination, yet it had made an impact on us – the teachers were warm and friendly, the room was filled with kid-fuelled, inventive and funny nik-naks, and I immediately felt like baby girl would love it there.

However, I felt the need to research some more – surely the first kinder we visited wouldn’t be the right one straight off the bat, could it? I had to be sure.

A few drive-by inspections, and another kinder visit yesterday, told me that often you don’t need to do any further research. Sometimes you should just go with your gut, regardless of what else is out there. We spoke to a lovely lady from another kinder who said that spots were tough to come by at this stage of the game, so I took her kindly advice and applied for the first kinder we had seen.

A phone call this afternoon: baby girl was offered a spot. I happily accepted, then got off the phone to jump up and down with baby girl telling her she was going to be painting to her hearts content next year. Her cheeks were rosy and bright, from being outside all day – in my parents yard, and at the park I had frequented so much as a child. The thought of painting endlessly thrilled her.

Later during her nap, as I was being appreciative of how easy it had been in the kindergarten application process, a song came into my head. As I hung her clothes to dry on the inside clothes rack, I smiled as the words filtered through:

Que Sera, Sera

Whatever will be, will be

The future’s not ours to see

Que Sera, Sera

I used to find a strong affinity with the song as a child. Dreaming, imagining, wondering what my future would hold. I would hum the words to myself as I played in the park, thinking deep thoughts that I’m not sure a normal 9 year old would think.

Who would I marry?

What would I become?

How would my children be like?

What would I do?

Being a naturally inquisitive person, the questions posed in the song (will I be famous, will I be rich, here’s what she said to me) reflected my own curiosities and doubts, fears and wonders over life and what would come in the future. But in the end, no matter how much I wanted to know, anything, the words of the song rang truer still:

The future’s not ours to see.

Funny how things work out? Today as I remembered the lyrics:

Now I have children of my own,

They ask their mother, what will they be?

As we are on the verge of so many life-changes, with moving house, moving lifestyle, and now our baby girl going to start kindergarten next year, I wonder what her questions will be? What will I tell her? Will I be honest, or will I put on my rose-coloured glasses and paint the world a vibrant rainbow?

I’ve always swayed heavily between two lines of thinking, two ways that are directly opposite one another and yet BOTH that I believe to be true.

  1. There are things that are ‘meant to be’ in life
  2. We control our actions and our futures

They are highly contradictory thoughts, and yet some things in our life I believe we can’t escape, yet simultaneously I believe we can do what we want to do…

I’ve always imagined having a beach house, but it was always just a silly fantasy, wishful thinking. I never really put any kind of plan or action into it, ’til the start of this year. And in very little time, we made a purchase, and are now moving.

So did we make that happen, or was that meant to happen?

All my beach house, silly references throughout life… was that me attracting the beach house to ourselves the whole time?

Or was that meant to be, and the Universe was throwing me snippets of our future forecast before it happened?

I still don’t know, and I don’t know what I’ll be telling baby girl in years to come. I think I’ll be realistic, yet I’ll inject a good dose of romanticism and wishful thinking, because you know, as I say to her:

Reach high for the stars, and follow your dreams. You can achieve whatever you wish for.

I honestly don’t think that that line of thinking could harm anyone.

I am grateful that so far, things are going smoothly, and this kindergarten process has gotten off without a hitch… almost like it was meant to be.

But, ‘whatever will be, will be.’




#172 The verge of happenings

It is quite a surreal experience, when you have been wanting something, planning something, envisioning something, for so long, that when you finally do get it, there’s a few moments that occur.

‘Shit. I have it. What now?’

‘I really have it?’

‘We can now start with our plans!’

The next part, after getting whatever it is you want, is always particularly thrilling. This phase, when you have all the boldest and brightest ideas, and you can see them all happening, is the most exciting. Everything is possible, anything can happen, and the world is your blank canvas. Or in this case, our Sea change house is:)

We are now on the verge of all of this starting to propel down the hill at full speed, and the ball we’re balancing on makes it scary, yet a hell of a lot of fun.

I’m grateful to be at this stage. I will take ALL the stages in, and revel in the novelty of all of them.

This is the best bit… is what we should say every time.




#171 I outbid them

It’s become a bit of the norm now, me posting post-midnight on a Saturday night/early Sunday morning.

Things are done, events happen, circumstances change, enlightening moments are had. D&Ms, partying hard, routine completely out-of-whack, no time to rest – these are all the elements of what constitute me usually posting so late on a Saturday. Usually one, or many elements join together to make it a memorable and jam-packed day.

But what if all of the above happened in one day?

Today, my blogging friends, was a big day.

You know that speech Jerry Maguire gives towards the end of the film when he walks in on Dorothy during her sister’s group for ex-wives/disgruntled women/desperate-and-dateless-whatevers, he says something along the lines of their company having had a huge night, a very big night.

I am Jerry Maguire, saying that today was mammoth. Because today I learnt for real, that dreams can come true. They do.

Today I bid at my first auction, and won our Sea change house. I still can’t freaking believe it. It happened. It really happened. It’s still happening, and I need to seriously pinch myself.

I was freaking out. I had to do it without Hubbie. He couldn’t get out of work for the auction, so I had a large support team with me: my Mum, sister, bro-in-law, and of course my good luck charm, baby girl.

And boy was she good luck.

Having never raised a hand at any auction before, today, I brought it home. Amidst intense competition. I was scared and shaking and dizzy, and somehow I pulled a poker face and planted some sunnies on to shield my eyes Jerry Maguire style, and I brought the mother fucker home.

We will now be moving to our beach-side lifestyle, our Sea change dream, our destination of destinations, in a matter of months.

I am not only so grateful we got it – WE GOT IT! – but I am so happy that I managed to hold it together and find that fire within me, that force that is to be reckoned with, that Lion that announces itself with a “ROAR.”

I realised that that feline in me has been stifled for quite some time. Call it life’s pressures, insecurities, doubts. Whatever. But I was reminded of what I have in the depths of my soul, and at the end of the day, I had to rise to the challenge, because… who else would do it? Not my neighbour. Not my colleagues. I wanted the house, Hubbie was unable to come, and I came to the party. Which I’ll be throwing for quite a while now let me assure you.

The main message out of all of this?

Dreams can come true. They do. You just need to find the fire within you.

Stay passionate and unrelenting.

Keep positive vibes flowing around you. Don’t let any toxicity or toxic people into your sphere of dreams.

Keep your vision clear, and bright in your mind, and feel the joy that comes with it.

I sound like The Secret I know, but seriously, this shit is real. I learnt that myself today.

And then came the applause… the auctioneer yelled “SOLD!” and I laughed as everyone in the yard started clapping for me, in shocked disbelief about their genuine happiness, baby girl chiming in and laughing at them all, unaware that her whole life was about to change…