#1540 Day 42 of getting there: The Wedding Day

Today, we went to a WEDDING.

Now before you all dob me in and I’m dealt with a $1600 fine, let me add that we went to a wedding… in our memories.

We put on our wedding DVD in fact, as it was our anniversary. It made it all the more poignant, seeing all our friends and families around us for one of the biggest day’s of our lives, and knowing that right now, we couldn’t be around ANY of them.

The viewing was magical. We sat down all together, baby girl even put on a white dress for the event (she was upset that she wasn’t there!) and we laughed, we cried.

No I lie. I CRIED.

Of course.

Sharing the viewing with my loved ones today was something truly special… and I’m surprised to realise that this iso thing is making me appreciate, and really get used to, family alone time.

I’m in no rush to get back to the life I used to have, just yet.

Not when I have so much love in the house, and so many memories to keep me happy and warm inside.


#1521 Day 23 of getting there: Back to the Future

It felt as if time stood still for about 2 hours tonight, as we all sat down to watch a movie on the couch.

Well, time didn’t really stand still. If we did anything with time, we manipulated it.

That’s right… it was Back to the Future time!


Pardon the overly obvious pun, but I HAD TO. After coming across the second installment of this classic 80s trilogy the other night on TV and watching the second half of it, Hubbie came home from work today actually wanting to watch the first one!

What? He wanted to watch a movie, and it was one of my faves???

I didn’t ask twice.

The box set came out!

Even baby girl got involved, and was actually intrigued for most of it, though she kept saying she liked the character of Duck best… when I told her it’s actually Doc, she said “no not Doc, Duck, the other guy!”

Time travelling movies are kind of hard to explain to a 6 year-old. I just ended with…

“It’s a bit tricky honey. You call him duck if you like.”


Daggy pun or not, it was amazing as we all sat together to pause life, if only a bit… as we questioned the past… pondered the present… and made room for a better future. ♥

#1479 The surprise DVD

I definitely wasn’t expecting it. As I wandered into Target this morning, shopping aimlessly like I have been doing since mid last year but with no $$$ (ha ha), thinking how days like this were limited in itself, I saw this huge Frozen 2 cardboard display.

I stopped.

WHAT? The DVD was out already?

I wasted no time in buying it. Surely baby girl would be as surprised as I was. She would be over-the-moon. I would even, tape it.

After school Hubbie turned on the camera on my phone to capture what would undoubtedly be a high-energy moment. Surely she would be ecstatic. Lose her mind. Go ape-shit.

“Baby girl,” I started. “What would be like, the best present ever?”

A huge smile spread across her face as she finished drinking her milk.

“Actually, get off the stool. I don’t want you falling off it when you hear this.”

She got off, and I spent a few moments asking her a series of really generic questions… but then it started to get specific.

“So, who are your favourite dolls to play with?”

“Anna and Elsa.”

SCORE. I knew she would say that.

“And, what’s your favourite Disney movie?”

PAUSE… “Ariel?”


“Ariel? Any others?”


This was NOT going to plan.

“Okay, what about movies you’ve just seen… what was the last movie you saw at the cinemas?”

“Frozen 2.”

Without a word I pulled out the DVD from it’s hiding place and handed it to her. She took it and stared at it, looking it over.

“It’s the DVD! From the movie! Frozen 2!”

She smiled… faintly. I looked at my phone. “You can stop taping now!”

OMG. Her reaction was so underwhelming. I think it was the shock of having it suddenly… there.

But within no time over the course of the afternoon/night, I could hear her singing songs from the sequel with such heart, songs she had only been able to access through small snippets on youtube…

So we got there. Finally.

#1469 Legends Live at Wembley

It was a simple thing that made me happy today.

You don’t necessarily have to go to, let’s say, a Queen concert, to have a grateful day, right?

(It doesn’t hurt though 😉)

You can just watch them on DVD, instead!

Which is what I did. If you think I wrote about Queen too much before Thursday night’s famed and unforgettable concert, you have another thing coming.

After seeing any performer/band live, I go a bit cray-cray and have to listen to their music for days, sometimes weeks on end.

I took out the Wembley DVD I’ve had for a while now, but sadly not watched a lot of, and started watching it today.


They are so damn good. Energetic, their vibe is palpable, bursting off the stage with their powerful and unique brand of soul-thumping rock.

I just L❤VE it.



#1360 Terminator 2

*In case you’ve been living under a rock, this post contains some Terminator 2 spoilers*

Hubbie and I have been looking forward to it ALL week.

I’m sure you’ve done it, just as every other person has. You have a movie or series on DVD, and you rarely put it on…

But suddenly it’s on TV and you must drop everything and watch it.

Last Tuesday night we discovered the very first Terminator movie on free-to-air TV. We watched most of it, including the last nail-biting, squirming-in-your-seat scenes, and all the while a part of me, knowing the latest film in the franchise was coming out, and also knowing a thing or two about schedules (I happen to know TV a bit 😉) I went trawling through the tv guide, looking for…

Terminator 2. Yes. It was going to air exactly a week after the first one aired.

I knew it. 👌

So, we watched it tonight.

I’m not a massive sci-fi gal. Well, not much at all. Yet this movie has many futuristic elements of it, and yet I still consider it one of the greatest movies of all time.

The premise is fascinating, yet also easy enough to follow: machines vs humans.

Human resistance leader sends a programmed machine back in time to protect his younger self from being killed, against a machine that has also been sent back in time to kill him.

Maybe I’m not confused, because time-travel also features in one of my other favourite movies – Back to the Future.

“Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”

Sorry I had to. Back to the… machines. 😂

I think what is absolutely brilliant, the biggest plot twist in this the second, and I argue the BEST Terminator movie, is that Arnold Schwarzenegger, the ‘bad’ terminator in the first film, comes back as the ‘good’ one, now programmed to save Sarah and John Connor from the latest version of killing Terminator machine.

This insanely good plot twist is cemented by Arnie’s re-emergence into the second one. As viewers, you think “oh crap the bad terminator is back.” Watching it too, you don’t actually get any indication at the start of the film as to who is the bad terminator, and who is the good one.

The only point at which some may argue tips it off, is right at the beginning after Arnie ‘good’ terminator takes the clothes and motorbike off a bikie in a bar, and when the bar owner runs out to protest his theft, Arnie walks up to him, deadly serious… takes his gun…

and takes his sunglasses.

Before riding off on the bike to comical country background music.

Even then, on the first watching of T2, you would be forgiven in thinking Arnie is bad… I mean, remember all the horrible things he did in T1?

But the scene, as both terminators catch up to John at the arcade, is THE BEST. John is running from the proper bad terminator, simply thinking he is trying to get away from a cop because of all his delinquent behaviour, and then…

Arnie good terminator arrives from the other side of the corridor. The box he is holding tears opens up, and a massive gun hidden amidst roses is pulled out.

The roses crunch under his feet.

John falters. Turns back.

But the bad terminator arrives from the other end of the corridor, and he pulls a gun out too.

John is caught. He looks back at Arnie.

And then Arnie speaks the two words which let us know what side he is on: “Get down.”

John’s side.

And Arnie proceeds to shoot the mofo bad terminator as much as he can.

It is the one of the best movie plot twists… EVER.

We’ve watched this film loads on times. But it still keeps us on the edge of our seats, and I still had my hand over my mouth in horror in the last 20 minutes.


For a movie so heavy on the sci-fi and ‘termination,’ there sure are some deep moments, courtesy of Edward Furlong as John Connor, who was cast perfectly in the role.

He balances the role of a delinquent gone-off-the-tracks due to a messed up and insanely confusing upbringing, versus a kid who just wants a father figure, so, so well, imbedding it with humour, gentleness and real warmth and sensitivity.

Oh man. Maybe all my writing course stuff is rubbing off on me, but John’s dialogue is spot on. His dramatically teen-like “this is deep” statement, after the termintor tells him that ‘future John’ re-programmed him and sent him back in time to protect younger John, is hilarious… or even when John realises the terminator must obey him, and tests the theory by making him stand on one leg…

If you just found out you had a terminator that had to obey you, would you tell it to stand on one leg? But he is 10 and so this totally makes sense from his youthful and untouched point of view.

If you missed it tonight… just get it from your DVD collection and watch it. Go on. I know you have it.

‘Hasta la vista, baby.”

#1334 The write quote

I was leafing through a writing book while at the library with baby girl today.

We’d had our obligatory coffee/babycino hit, and she had gone off to, I later found out, find up to 10 dvds to borrow, while I just kept on leafing.

I was looking at something to grab my attention, and then something DID.

A quote at the top of the page. Regarding rejection:


“As the inventor Thomas Edison said, ‘Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.’ So, don’t give up too early. In fact, don’t give up at all. You may just be about to succeed.”

At a time when I’m deeply evaluating and questioning so much, in regards to writing  and other parts of my life, this quote literally jumped out at me, from the most random yet perfect of pages.

So I closed it. And then I took it home. ❤✍📖

#1108 Much Ado necessary

I am the type of person who hoards books from shops, only to hold onto them for literally, years before I even get a chance to read anything beyond the blurb.

I’m a little this way with DVDs too.

Which is why I’ve had Joss Whedon’s remake of Much Ado About Nothing sitting beneath our DVD player since I don’t know when.

You can see where I’m going?

I watched it today.


Firstly, I love the story. I first read the Shakespearean play and posted about it here in a Book Review, before having the opportunity to watch the play recreated in a garden setting early last year. And it appears that the more I watch it, in the many forms and reincarnations and settings it appears in, the more I appreciate, and LOVE it.

First and foremost, because it is a Whedon-verse project. And if you are a lover of anything Angel, Buffy or anything else Whedon has cast his creative spell on, then you will know what I mean. Whedon’s characters often appear in other projects of his, and for me, seeing Fred and Wesley, uh, that is Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof, appear together on-screen in a romantic coupling role again, well it is beautiful closure.

The line that blew me away? When Amy Acker’s character, the normally sharp-witted Beatrice, says “I love you with so much of my heart that none is left to protest.”

And the laugh-out-loud moments came with scenes often featuring Benedick, and in the below scene you can see him eavesdropping on a conversation…


with just a branch to camouflage him. The even more amusing thing?

The three men are pretending NOT to see him.


Equal parts drama, love, tragedy and humour, this is a story I strongly encourage you to see, in any form.

I think one of my most favourite of Shakespeare plays… thus far 🙂

#1063 Saturday Night In no. 6

I promise I won’t just be doing ‘saturday night in’ posts every weekend.

But it just so happens I’ve had several great ones in a row. 👍

Tonight for example. It was just a little bit of this, a little bit of that, that made the night awesome…

Kinda like the song “Mambo number 5!”


But instead of –

“A little bit of Monica in my life,

A little bit of Erica by my side,

A little bit of Rita is all I need,

A little bit of Tina is all I see…”


“A little bit of rakija in my life –


A little bit of chicken wraps by my side” –



But it wasn’t only the spirits of various colours that put us in a Saturday Night happy-go-lucky mood, or the fact that the chicken wraps with our home-made chips tasted way better than any takeaway could… it was a movie that we finished watching tonight that we started earlier this week.

You know a movie you’ve watched has made an impact on you, when you

a) Go out and buy the DVD (who buys DVDS anymore?)

2. Start obsessing about the movie and researching the actors (imdb is my best friend), and

4: Tell anyone who will listen to you about it, including roping in loved ones (i.e. Hubbie) to watch it with you once ‘ordered’ DVD arrives at the store (yes I went that far).

And you know what is better than watching a terrific movie with someone you love?

Hearing them agree at the end that IT WAS WORTH IT.


If you have read this far through my mad movie ramble, please watch the above trailer for Frequency. A highly underrated 2000 film that combines thriller, sci-fi, mystery and drama with significant poignancy, honestly why aren’t you putting on your shoes and going to your local DVD store??????? 

And Jim Caviezel, is you know… alright. 😍😜


#719 Mini movie time

It was a full and fun day for baby girl and I, what with shopping, gift buying, babycinos and pink doughnuts to boot.


But none of that compares to the quiet moment we had after.

While purchasing one of our many things for the day, being the highly-anticipated new JT album (!) baby girl decided she too had to have a new disc. I told her no, as she already has about 35 DVDs (probably no exaggeration), but then I had an idea. I had a Moana idea.

Every parent under the sun asks me about this movie. They say “oh, has she watched Moana yet?” and when I reply “no,” they say “it’s really good.”

Really good.

But I figure she doesn’t need to be inundated with all the great kids flicks at once. I even held off on introducing her to Frozen years ago for that very reason (also to escape that highly addictive ‘Let It Go’ number).

But today, as she was asking for something, and I figured she had been so good for kinder yesterday… I picked up the Moana DVD facing us, discounted too. I mean, I had already decided, right? But that only made the decision easier.

When we got home, I put it on for her. And then I did something I don’t do often… I sat down. I told her I’d only watch it with her for 5 minutes, and then I had to go do “Mummy jobs.”

But it was a Disney movie. Which meant of course, it sucked me right in.

5 minutes later and I was almost sobbing, with baby girl turning to me with concern and saying gently “it’s ok Mama, it’s ok… her Tato find her.”


Time passed, and passed, and I was LOVING this movie.

It was really good.

After about 40 minutes of quality viewing time with my girl/my arse planted firmly on the carpet, I dragged myself off to go and prepare some dinner, or else all that would be on the menu was a whole lot of “How Far I’ll Go.”

Even so, I kept peeking around the corner to see the storyline’s progression, and then at the end when the food was all underway and getting going, I sat down to finish it off.


And though it had been a full day, of walking around, laughing, spending money and eating out, the most precious time had been with my girl, watching Moana from the floor of her play area.

The best things in life are free… (or $15 as was the Moana DVD… 😉 )

#496 Unexpected Sex and the City re-runs

Another Saturday night, another LAZY night in.

Cold, wind whistling outside, and freezing icy air, so takeaway (noodles) was necessary.

Blast the heater up and put on trakkies.

Hot showers and ultra-bubbly bubble baths: I had the hot shower – baby girl was fortunate enough to have the bathtub full of foamy bubbles.

A little bit of “Hokey Pokey, and then you shake it all around…”

Some warm milk, TV channel flipping –

Oh. Hang on. What do I see here?

Sex and the City eps back-to-back on Foxtel.


Why do we glean such pleasure from watching our fave shows/movies on TV, when in fact we have the DVDs at home? This continually puzzles me, why something I haven’t watched for ages, suddenly becomes a must when your old-time characters are staring back at you from the small screen.

Suddenly, you must drop everything and watch. Like you DON’T KNOW what’s going to happen.

And I happened across a repeat SATC, in fact, one of the most brilliant ones… I happened across the Finale 🙂

And so I watched. Hubbie and baby girl also chimed in and watched Carrie chase Big up the stairs, and then they came crashing down on the floor in a fit of laughter.

I saw Big say to Carrie “you’re the one.”

I heard him also say “Abso-fucking-lutely.”

And then I saw her walk into a New York café where her friends were sitting, unexpectedly screaming in excitement as she walked in.

And I was sitting there, just beaming.

Just great. Great 🙂 Love this show.

For anyone in Melbourne, reading this right now, and who has Foxtel, they have followed this up with more back to back SATC eps – starting from the very beginning: S1, E1.

I mean, if you want to. Or you could just pop on your DVD player, or Netflix. But that’s too hard…