#979 Saturday night out

I told you I’d meet with my ol’ friend red again.

It was simple, and good things that had me grateful tonight.

Great food.

Happy wine (the Pinot Noir is called ‘Kuku’ for a reason – it makes me so 😉 ).

My family ♥

And amazing views.



Happy Saturday y’all.

#963 Royal Love

Why do I love this place soooo much?

Is it the spectacular views from across the road?



Is it the amazing food that we get from within its premises?


Well it is surely both. I love The Royal Hotel, and it has become a firm favourite in our family.

But I loved something else a little more today.

I loved our impromptu decision to go there in the final hours of the day.

Because there is nothing better in a bought dinner, than one that you didn’t expect until the very last second.



Oh, and dessert too 😉

#962 Pardon tu, Croque Monsieur!

Ohhh Lordy Lord Lord.

I accidentally had the most decadent sandwich today.

A decadent sandwich? How decadent can a simple sanga be, you might ask?

Well well well… just feast your eyes on THIS

A croque monsieur. I had this unintentionally today, and by that I mean I was heading into work and hadn’t yet had lunch, was hungry and about to pass out if I didn’t have something in my belly immediately, and then the café I went into didn’t have many roll options (least of all healthy ones), but they had THIS.

A cheese, ham and béchamel sauce toastie. YUP. The stuff that goes in lasagna. I mean, I don’t know, just when we think the world is failing us, this miraculous creation comes up….

Like béchamel, in a sandwich? What the?! Oh, there is a heaven!

This is a trademark classic French sandwich snack. They have become a bit of a thing here in Melb-town, and I had heard about them, but by no intention did I plan on having such a rich and indulgent sandwich for lunch today.

My verdict? (Well I am posting here, soo…)


It was “dee-licious!” as baby girl says so enthusiastically.

It instantly filled the empty hole in my stomach, satisfied my need for grub, and then there was all that cheese….


Just as well I RAN to go and move my car before my ticket was up. I ran and I thought of that croque monsieur…

And so I RAN and RAN some more.

But…. Drooooollllllllllll…….

#950 The 5-minute parental break

I wonder if my peers out there who have their parents look after their kids, realise how lucky they are.

I mean, it is a GOLD deal. You have the people that raised you, who love you and care for you and who are your number one supporters, caring for your child. You might be at working, getting your hair done, or even lucky enough to get a night out with your partner while your parents put your kiddies to sleep at night.

I was lucky for a short time anyway, where my parents co-assisted in watching baby girl when I first went back to work after maternity leave. Although it was only part-time, there was the greatest security and comfort in leaving my daughter with them, knowing she was being looked after, let’s face it, with MORE care than they had ever looked after me!

It lasted just under 2 years, until health issues and a major move impacted the schedule, and nowadays, they aren’t involved.. in that way.

But when I go to their place, I love, that I will always know the care, love, and babysitting duties are always there and on offer 😉

My parents said today: “Go and lie down. We’ll take her outside.” I was feeling tired after ALL THAT FOOD (i.e. Mum going overboard as usual) and was just feeling a little heavy, so I took the advice they had so adamantly laid out for me.

I lay in my old room, looking at the picture that has been on my wall for at least two decades.


I can safely say with 95% confidence that it was given to me on my 12th birthday, and I can even tell you with assurance who gave it to me. I find there are many things from my childhood that are cemented into me, whereas ask me about my early 20s and I am all “HUH?”

But I lay there for all of 5 minutes, enjoying the calm, listening to my breath, my body, and the happy cries of baby girl yelling excitedly from the yard.

So when I got up, I naturally spied on them from the kitchen window and saw them playing.


I could have gone back to lie down. But I decided it was better to join them. 🙂


#945 Sunday ‘chef’s special’ night

Hubbie has been doing something lately on Sunday night’s.

Wednesday night’s too. When he has been home all day you see, he takes it upon himself and becomes…


It is all the more sweeter, because I never asked him to do it, nagged him, or even dropped hints hoping he would take it on board. It just somehow… happened.

I ain’t complaining.

It gives me some time to do things I don’t ordinarily do. Often I have found myself sorting a part of the house that has recently become disrupted by our kitchen reno. Finding a box, that still hasn’t been unpacked, and unpacking it. Even if it’s just blogging about something, taking an earlier shower, or like today, sitting on the couch with baby girl while she watched her youtube dolls play, and I researched rugs, well, so be it. It is awesome, and any person would agree that no one would say NO to extra, free time to do whatever it was they wished.

I love it, and the dinner ain’t bad too.


😉 My man, looking after me. I am very grateful for it 🙂


#938 Ticking it off the list.


Eat Sleep Daniel’s Repeat. That’s the tag line of this exceptionally popular doughnut shop in Springvale, Victoria. It stays true to its motto, as it is actually open 24/7.

I mean, that’s A LOT of doughnuts.

We were in the area today, and having heard about them through friends and social media, as well as being very curious ourselves being doughnut lovers and all, we thought we would check them out.

The line was out the door. Which isn’t that incredible to believe, seeing as the shop is wide more than it is deep, so if you take a few steps in you’re already at the counter. The only way to line up IS out the door. But still, an impressive sight as I walked up.

$15 for 6! Well, why the hell not?! I was only going to get 3 doughnuts, but then seeing the line, and realising we probably wouldn’t go back there for a while, I thought I may as well make it worth my time.

From top right clockwise: Nutella custard, custard, snickers, Bueno chocolate, M&Ms, and Jam and Cream – their best seller.

Baby girl and I walked back to the car confidently and happily, content that we had secured our 6 pack amongst so many others that day.

But… then we had them.

And I don’t wanna burst any bubbles. They were good. But…


They were about the same as our Mornington Rebel Donuts. No actually, I think I prefer Rebel’s. There was no defining characteristic that made me wanna line up the door for these.

And they were nowhere near as good as the actual real Nutella doughnuts (or any doughnuts there for that matter) of Chocolat’s off the Main street in Mornington.

If you want a REAL bakery style doughnut, this will BLOW YOUR MIND.

The best there is.

So, I am glad I tried Daniel’s today. I am grateful because it means I can tick that foodie to-do off of my ever-growing to eat and drink list…

And by ticking it off, I can focus on the places I actually want to go back to, time and time again. Like Chocolat. 🙂


#914 Sharing the day with her

Here’s something not many people know about me: I never wanted to share my birthday with another person EVER AGAIN.

This implies two things – that I have shared my birthday before, and that my wish for not sharing it again DIDN’T come true.

Yes and Yes.

I have family who are born on the same day as I… or me on the same day as them, whichever way you wanna look at it. Throw in random people I’ve met over the years who are also born on my ‘birth’ day, including the legendary Madonna and the anniversary of Elvis’ death, and well, I just felt like the day was all a bit overused.

When it looked like baby girl’s arrival on this earth was going to come much earlier than expected, and therefore, on my birthday… well I can’t say I was too rapt. And it wasn’t solely for selfishness sakes. I wanted her to have her own day. As much as sharing my birthday with family had been interesting and exciting to say the least, I wanted her to have her day, and her day alone.

Can I now say, how wrong I was?

Sharing a birthday, with not just anyone, but with my daughter – well it is the best thing ever. Double the fun. Double the excitement. Double the special times. Double the partying. Double the surprises.

Double the ♥

I had a beautiful day today, and sharing it with my baby girl was all the more special.

Here are some gratitude snapshots of the day:


Morning brunch



Her kindergarten cupcakes


Afternoon treat break with my girl (her first milkshake was THE FREAK)



Dinner was comforting and sublime. Just perfect.



And Hubbie got us both flowers… a gorgeous gesture that shows baby girl the loving actions a husband should do for his wife, but by getting her some too, he is setting her up for the love and respect that she will come to expect, in years to come.

Today, was all about sharing, and ♥♥♥