#2235 Disney sing-a-long

Sharing some cute moments with baby girl tonight. 💖

So she’s playing a game on her ipad, and there’s this Disney princess soundtrack playing behind the game in the background…

All night the songs are changing and we’re bursting out with –

“That’s Belle.”


“And at last I see the light,

And it’s like the fog has lifted.” (Rapunzel!)

“Under Da Sea!” (Surely this one’s obvious).

“And no one knooowwws, how far it gooooeeeessss.” (Moana).

And then the killer, where she stood on the couch and I burst forth too with our little Frozen re-enactment:

“For the first time in forever,

There’ll be magic, there’ll be fun,

For the first time in forever,

I could be noticed by someone!”

Um, can you tell we both love Disney? And breaking out into song?


Photo by Zichuan Han on Pexels.com

#2155 Do you wanna build a Frozen musical?

Oh wow, FINALLY!

I’ve only been looking forward to this since I heard they were bringing the movie version to stage in Sydney.

Then I was only looking forward to it, since they announced they would be doing Melbourne shows.

Then tickets were released! We booked them, and the countdown was on… it was going to be baby girl’s birthday present.

We were looking forward to it!

Then… well, you know, world narrative at the moment… 🙄


Bloody covid happened.

EVERYTHING was cancelled. And so the wait commenced and the question was valid, would we still get to go?

Shows that had been rescheduled a second time, a third time, were still getting cancelled. Horror stories of multiple reschedules and cancellations ensued, and since only last week the show had NOT gone on in light of cast and crew being absent due to ‘covid-related’ reasons, I was still unsure, up until the very last minute, whether it would actually go on.

But, I grew excited as we got near the theatre today and saw all the little Elsas and Annas in costume, so excited like baby girl to see their favourite characters up on stage.

Hell, as you can see, I WAS EXCITED! I really wanted this for baby girl. I wanted this for us. So much crap has been passed around the past two years, I just wanted something to go right.

And so fortunately for us, it did.

We had the most amazing time. I went all emotional Mum and was teary SO much, especially at the start where the announcer said before the show “…and a special welcome to those in the audience seeing their very first musical. We hope this is the beginning of a beautiful journey with you and the theatre.”


The show and performances were spectacular as expected. I’ve seen snippets of the overseas stage show, and I have to say us Aussies pretty well smashed the Frozen interpretation. 💪💪 Sure they stuck to the main plot and elements, but there were little additions, adjustments, that made it so well-rounded, inclusive and unique, that I was left with tears in my eyes at the end (again, I know!)

Feeling so very grateful for our beautiful day. 💖🙏

#2066 Tangled up

I had a really lovely day out and about with baby girl… at the park, enjoying the sunshine, getting an ice cream and strutting down the Main Street…

But it wasn’t until we were all on the couch at the end of the night, eating pizza and watching a Disney movie that I felt really content.

Baby girl has been hassling us for a movie night for a week now. So she got her wish. We put on Tangled, Disney’s most recent version of the Rapunzel tale, and watched it from start to end.

Things like this don’t happen as a parent. You’re constantly catching bits here, bits there. Maybe some of the start, the end, and a handful of scenes in between.

You think you know the movie, but until you watch it all, you can’t really come to understand everything, and appreciate it in all its Disney-esque beauty.

I already loved it, but I love it even more now! What was surprising was how much Hubbie enjoyed it. Well it does star his mate, Eugene… it’s our little family joke that Eugene, and Kristoff from Frozen, are Hubbie’s ‘mates,’ not just because they’re the guys, but because baby girl has them in doll form, and often she ropes him into voicing their parts when she wants him to play dolls with her. 🤣

So his mate was in it, the male interest comic relief, so that was good. 😀 A strong-willed heroine, some interesting animal sidekicks, an evil witch, and a fascinating story… all with a happy ending.

All from the comfort of our couch. 😊

#1656 Day 158 of getting there: shelter from the storm

All of a sudden, it just happened.

Baby girl and I had been working on her new Frozen lego set, when the the wind picked up intensity and the rain started to pour.

When we looked outside, we saw currents of rain being thrown about like someone tossing buckets of water about with no real method – here there and everywhere.

It was madness.

I mean, the day had started off alright. Windy, but sunny. Looking out of the window was pleasant when it was bright, wind or no wind.

But this? This was hellish. This was… crazy. Up on the balcony, I happened to hit record on my phone, and the chairs that always sit there fell over…

They never fall over!

Except for today of course.

Oh. It was scary, crazy, but kinda cool to look at, from inside looking out…

Just another time when I am grateful to be all locked up. Sheltered from the storm.

#1653 Day 155 of getting there: The belated frozen present

You can’t depend on online deliveries at the best of times… throw in a pandemic and the whole system goes to shit.

But at the same time, it only meant that the main present we had organised for baby girl over a week ago, well being delayed, it also drew out her happiness and excitement, knowing that there was still something else around the corner.

Finally, today it arrived!

The Frozen lego. She came up to me some weeks ago and showed me a picture of this lego, saying she wanted it from Santa for Christmas… well my Mum-skills went into overdrive, and having her birthday be sooner than December, and being an iso birthday, we had to get it to her right away.

Baby girl loves lego. She has a lot of it. To be honest she hadn’t played with it for a while, but the last few weeks has seen her take out her assembled pieces, put other ensembles together, and generally just have fun with the mini scenes and characters from predominantly, Disney movies.

And can I say… I don’t mind that she has so much. I kinda realised years ago, that I really like lego too. We sit together, and I find this insane peace in getting these little tiny blocks and piecing them together, creating this colourful, fantastic, magical land in front of our eyes.

She’s not only building a collection for herself… she’d building a collection for me. 😁

And while she asked us to start building it together on my next day off, I’m secretly looking forward to it, as much as she is. 💖

#1597 Day 99 of getting there: the cat-astic third iso puzzle

It had to happen.

Winter spreading germs, and people are shit.


Lucky for me, I somehow forecast this crap ( I have become strongly accustomed to expecting all kinds of shit, yes even for this glass half-full gratitude gal) and last week when baby girl was at school, came across this $16 puzzle at ‘the cheap shop.’

You know, ‘the cheap shop.’ That budget dollar shop where you’ll find onesies, kitchen accessories, cat litter bags, 50 cent greeting cards, 57 different variety of candles, a range of quirky homewares you think you need (but really you don’t) and also, some kind of party/decorating station in one corner of the shop.

All at below reasonable prices.

It was here I went “a puzzle might come in handy soon.”

And I had to get the most trickiest one yet.

A billion cat faces, mwa ha ha.

It meant that today, we had to pack up the completed Frozen puzzle that’s adorned our dining room table for the past several weeks.

If you find and follow me on Insta, you’ll see the delicious anti-OCD video action.

(Psst, @smikgwriter)

Anyway, we learnt upon opening it tonight that it’s split up into 6 categories… that is, A, B, C, D, E and F. Those letters are at the back of each puzzle piece, so by sorting them alphabetically, well half the work is kinda done.

Such a great idea. Well, we better get cracking then…

#1596 Day 98 of getting there: fiery hair, UP THERE

Look at that girl! She’s on top of the world!

You know you have a child, when their toys follow you ALL AROUND THE HOUSE.

The bedroom, the kitchen, the car, the other car…

The balcony!

We had an afternoon coffee break in the cold biting Winter’s sun today, and four of baby girl’s dolls followed…

I just love it. Anna’s fiery hair flapping in the wind. A force to be reckoned with.

She might be made of plastic. But she’s a reminder of the love we hold in our house.

#1572 Day 74 of getting there: bike ride with Elsa

You know what I love about kids? They use their imagination for everything.

They aren’t daunted by conventions, routines, rules.

Pop on that princess dress. Go for a bike ride in the Winter sun.

One of our pretty tree-lined streets

She even wrapped her long flowing veil around her waist and everything.

Check out the veil

Crafty. 😉

#1562 Day 64 of getting there: finishing the Frozen puzzle

We finished our second 1000 piece puzzle tonight!

We saw that we had a handful pieces left before the end, but let me tell you, 20-30 pieces still takes a long time to finish when they are all shades of blue. Oh my God!

We thought we were done and dusted with the final piece, and then realised, there was still one empty gap in the puzzle… with no piece in sight! We searched around the table, underneath it, under the tablecloth, everywhere… We were wondering if it had somehow gotten jammed under the table, when I saw something sticking out the chair seat padding… the last piece!

Baby girl snapped it up, put it into place, and we all clapped. Seriously. After 1000 pieces you would throw a party too.

With restrictions easing, that might be the last one we do for a while now. But if anyone else has a puzzle they wanna swap with, and don’t mind Elsa, Anna and gang… hit me up. 😉