#2574 Sharing paradise

I love going to my favourite place with my favourite people.

And so was the case today when my sister met up with baby girl and me at our local beach.

We spent 4 blissful hours there… 4 hours! Because we are so close, we generally don’t spend that much time at the beach – we don’t have to. But to be honest, I think a part of it is Mum guilt… feeling like we shouldn’t spend that much time there, because there is always something TO DO.

As I was saying to sis today, we need to forget about all of that! Replenish our mental and emotional stores. There will ALWAYS be some job to do, so if we wait until we have none, the time for ourselves will never come.

So, just have the fun, do the ‘me time,’ NOW.

The entire day was beautiful, mainly locals about, the sun not too hot but hot enough, the water clear and rippling and mild in parts… but I do have a favourite part of the day. I was sitting in my sister’s beach tent, as she and baby girl beckoned for me to follow them from where they were in the water.

So I did. I got up, and started walking over. And as I got closer and closer, all I could hear was…

GIGGLES. They were mucking about and playing games, trying not to laugh, but then they would crack themselves up and be laughing silly at nothing in particular. Laughing, just because.

And then I was laughing, just because too.

And that is a beautiful place to be. Laughing in the water with loved ones. Just because. 🥰🌅

#2573 More baby girl fun, more baby ticks

So this morning, this happened.

A new baby seat in my car… rearward facing! 😍😍

We are officially ready for the drive home from hospital. 🥰🙏

And in the afternoon, this happened…

Baby girl has been wanting to go to Legoland for so long now… finally we came through on our promise today. It’s kinda been the theme these holidays, of ticking things off her list, as well as mine for baby. I’ve had so much planning and organising to do on baby’s behalf, but I don’t want to affect baby girl, or take anything away from the fun she’s wanted to experience.

She has a week left of school holidays, so I will try to inject as much FUN into her remaining days off as I can. 🙏

#2561 Let the games begin

We are on a very short family holiday spell… as of tonight.

It was mine and Hubbie’s last day of work, for a little over half a week… and sure, we are going to chill, do holiday stuff, go to holiday places, and try to sightsee, as well as relax majorly.

Tonight was the opening ceremony for all that, so we headed to a predictable fave restaurant that we like to go to, and followed it with some games.

Baby girl was almost screaming the place down as the motorbike swung her from side to side, and it really was fabulous to watch, and hear… it was the sound of freedom, and many fun times to come. 🥰💞

#2536 I feel it, it’s coming

That above line is from one of my fave songs, Madonna’s Rain, but it’s definitely NOT rain I feel coming.

It’s summer. It’s good times. It’s Christmas fun and festivity, NOT rush and madness.

Today was the first time in a long time that I took step back, and started to really enjoy the space I’m in.

I love Christmas, but it’s been a crazy couple of months, and things have been busier than usual. But I’m in a space, a place, where I think I have a handle on things, and I was just sitting at the table this evening, sure doing some crafty stuff (literally), but when I thought ahead to the next few days, and then week… I felt good.




So, it is coming. Many things are. In fact, I think many of them are already here. 🙏💖

Photo by Valeria Vinnik on Pexels.com

#2499 Wednesdays with Hubbie no. 7

Wednesday fun snaps.

Honestly I love this mid part of the week so much. It breaks the working week in two and makes getting to the weekend so much more bearable.

The fact that I have the day off with Hubbie is just gold. We drop off baby girl at school, and then do some things. He helps me with grocery shopping at the moment, lifting all the heavy bags, and then we go and do coffee and brunch.

This time of year, we always walk to the beach.

I took my sandals off to sink my feet into the sand, to ground me.

Then the rest of the day is usually spent doing our own thing… we meet again for lunch, maybe an odd job here and there, and then it’s school pick up.

I often wonder now, as is the case being pregnant, just how our Wednesdays will change, and will be come February next year. Everything will revolve around baby, and we probably will have very limited ‘us time,’ if any.

But still, I know I will count down to Wednesdays happily, knowing I have my partner in crime by my side. 🥰🥰

In the meantime, here are snaps from today. Both make me happy for various reasons. 😅☕🏖️💖

#2460 Speaking my truth

Tonight was about expression.

Love, safety, understanding and a lot of fun.

We finally caught up with some dear friends who didn’t make it to our big birthday baby bash reveal, and suffice to say I probably revealed a lot more to them than I did at the party.

Now is a time of revelation. Of speaking my truth. Of letting those in who I’ve been yearning to let in for so long, but couldn’t.

It’s a wonderful thing to be yourself and speak from the heart with people who care for you. I think, it’s the only way to live.

If you don’t have people like this in your life, find them.

And if you do, be completely grateful like me. 🙏🙏

#2418 The Stayers

From relaxing getaway, straight into a 2am nighter.

It’s been a chilled albeit full on day/night!

And as we were one of about the last 6 left at my sister’s place for her sons 20th tonight, for what was a super awesome, heartfelt, sweet, fun and crazy night, I had one of my realisations.

When it comes to her parties, we are the stayers. The last ones standing.

You might be the stayers for a group or person in your life. You might be the stayers for several people in your life, or, for none at all!

But what’s super fun is when the people you are stayers for, are the stayers at your parties. That’s a special type of relationship. ❤❤

I thought all this post-midnight sipping my tea in front of the fire, as we all had turns picking songs up on the screen. It was a brilliant night as it always is at their parties, and I realised that together, no matter what, our catch-ups will always be meaningful and fun.

Because we are the last one’s standing to appreciate it all. 🙏🥰🎉💥

#2410 Plans and parties

I should have grown used to hiccups by now. After all of these years of delays and roadblocks, really, I shouldn’t be surprised.

And there was a damn full moon today too. 🤔

But we are nearly there. Sure there were times today I felt quite down about things not going to plan… but I won’t focus on those, because they are not part of the gratitude ‘quota.’

Instead I will pat myself and Hubbie on the back for all of our hard work done! All the tasks we achieved. The fun that is going to erupt. The playlists we tested out.

The awesome day that is going to be had. 😁

There is a lot of life that you can’t control. But what we can control is our attitude, and we will go in tomorrow smiling, music pumping, drinks flowing, food in abundance, and with games galore to keep old-er and young, happy. 💖🥰

#2409 Gaining momentum

With baby girl finally at school for the first time this week, we actually managed to get some shit done.

A LOT of shit done. 🤣

I’m feeling really good. Tomorrow’s list is looking super achievable and I just couldn’t be happier, but there is a full moon out there that is wreaking havoc, so stay aware, vigilant, and be careful people!

I also want to publicly mention that coughs are ok. In the sense of non-covid, post-cold coughs. Baby girl has a post-cold cough, other friends and family member’s kids have post-cold coughs, and hell I might even have one on the day!

If it isn’t a contagious flu or cold, (or covid, clearly) then I am all for people coming, because I get it… coughs can last forever. In the first year of covid I had a 3-month non-covid cough that just would not go away. That same year when kids were finally allowed back at school after lockdown, baby girl wasn’t, because she too had a post-cold cough that just wouldn’t go away, and she ended up missing an additional 2 weeks of school because of it, this non-contagious cough, where she was even given approval to go back to school by the GP… but nuh uh. The school said no.

I would hate for someone to miss out on baby girl’s special birthday because of a stupid non-contagious cough.

I have said my bit. Let’s be strong, let’s be safe, let’s fight this crazy super full moon’s influence over the next few days and make some FUN happen!

#2372 Wordle progress

Here it is.

Now I’ve had a lot of heart attacks during my time playing this, evidenced by the 13 times I made it to the 6th row, like tonight. 😬😬

But overall I have done well, and it’s not just the 159 streak that makes me happy…

It’s the group play, the fact that my friends and I share in our group chat our result each day, we all have a day that we pick a word (yes we are that slightly obsessed) and it just brings us together each day, sometimes when nothing else does.

With that in mind, let’s definitely keep it going. 🙏🥰