#1609 Day 111 of getting there: The Bittersweet, Boof-head Brunette

I had my hair appointment booked for this past Thursday.

Cut and colour at my hairdressers.

But then, second round lockdown happened.

Wednesday night 11:59pm.

Talk about timing.

And because I still frequent my hairdresser on the other end of town, well, travelling an hour to do my hair, didn’t really feel like an “essential” thing, seeing as I pass about 12 hairdressers when I drive just down the main road two minutes from home.

Still… it is SOOO essential. I was desperate, really I was.

I haven’t cut my hair since sometime Feb. It is so long and flowing, with probably a gazillion split ends, that makes brushing it absolute hell (just as well I wear it wavy and DON’T brush it).

And even though the last time I coloured it was in April during the first lockdown, when I did it myself, I did really really really need to get rid of those annoying ‘light-coloured’ hairs popping up around my forehead…

But in the scheme of things… I sucked it up. Like all of us are doing this year.

I bought a hair colour again from the supermarket. Same one, bittersweet chocolate, because that is so me this year.

And then after colouring it tonight, I thought I would go a STEP FURTHER…

And blow wave it.

Oh geez.

Now doing this on regular basis is a feat in itself because my hair is always thick, usually long, but now it is just out of control. Iso has given me a chance to give the hairdryer a rest, and I honestly have not used it since early March.

Wavy hair all the way friends.

So after colouring tonight, that’s what I did… I blow dried my hair.

And even though I used that super creamy conditioner from the box that made it feel all silky, my hair had just been coloured… so then drying it with the hair dryer, made it go all frizzy, making me look like a –


I was refreshed, I looked new, I liked the colour, but my hair was all wiry and funny and just looking like it was crying out ‘SOS!’

I pinned my long fringe away from my face to try and create the appearance of smoothness… kinda 60s like, something like this:

But it wasn’t pretty like that you see, it felt more like THIS:

Yeah that’s better.

I’ve been a boof-head all night in my bittersweet brunette hair. But it’s actually okay.

You know how they say a change is as good as a holiday?

Well I’ve just been back in time to the hippie era, so I’m good thanks.

#1607 Day 109 of getting there: footpath rainbows and sunshine’s rays

It’s chalk time again guys.

Though it’s not so clear because I didn’t go over it repeatedly, take a look at my sudden inspired thought when I took chalk to footpath with baby girl this afternoon.

It reads: “No rain, no rainbows.”

It’s become one of my favourite quotes of late. It’s so relevant, and can be transferred to anything and anyone. Also, it’s highly appropriate for what we are going through worldwide, but for me and my fellow Victorians, it feels quite personal.

Now we have the rain. When we pass this, we’ll have rainbows. 🌈

And if you don’t believe me, look at this:

Look at that sun bursting through the clouds, shining that bright glare onto the waters below.

Just look at that beauty. 😍🌅

#1606 Day 108 of getting there: The Last Cuppa

Ok, so for 6 weeks.

Not forever, clearly.

But today we headed out to grab our last, in-store, sit-down, cafe experience…

Along with the rest of the town.

I mean, really July. What trickery are you fooling us into? How gorgeous was today? And it’s meant to continue for 2 more days… only for the sunshine-y days to return again next week!

Ahh, Winter. You’ve made me kinda like you again.

You know, I have to say… it is A BIT annoying. And I think I am allowed to say this, because last I heard, our shire had NO current cases of coronavirus.


And yet we are suddenly part of ‘metropolitan Melbourne’ (only when they want us) and yet our neighbours across the Port Phillip Bay in Geelong have 2 CURRENT CASES, and are exempt from this lockdown.

Kilometres wise, they are further from the city than we are.

It does not make sense.

I’m not gonna focus on it too much though. We have to do what we have to do. And if too many shires are given reprieves (ahem, Geelong) well then no one is going to listen, and they won’t be happy, right?

I’ll suck it up.

Baby girl took my cue from the other night, and had stuck this note on our bedroom door last night:

I mean, we couldn’t say no to a 6 year-old, right?

Everyone was out and having their last lunches, last drinks, last cuppas…

They were all still social distancing. Counting numbers inside and outside the cafe. Sanitiser was within reach. It was very much across the board.

And the coffee was GREAT. But, it all felt a bit surreal. I mean, you could tell people were getting in their last whatever’s before midnight tonight. I could hear the cafe owner telling loyal customers they would be open for takeaway every day.

We enjoyed it. And then we left. Walked down the main street…

And to the PARK.

Poor baby girl. Poor all kids. They have to go through this shitty time again. Look I get it, we have to do this. Baby girl is actually amazing and totally understanding of what we have to sacrifice again.

But, I wanted to let her run. I wanted her to play.

And she did.

I’ll see you all on the other side… but stay for the gratitude journey, of course, as always. 🙂

#1605 Day 107 of getting there: the cafe calm before the storm

It’s like I KNEW we were going into lockdown. AGAIN.

How did I know?

It’s like I had this freaking sixth sense about it.

Because about one hour after the announcement, baby girl and I found ourselves here.

But it didn’t happen on whim. The weird thing is, it was all pre-planned you see. Our ‘coffee date.’

I decided to surprise her with it yesterday. She’s been so good while I work from home, sitting around all day and being inventive with things to do and play with, to then sit around and be more inventive when I finish work… all events, visits, catch-ups, fun activities and experiments are off-limits these school holidays as Victoria continues to go through higher coronavirus cases each day.

So I wrote her a note, and stuck it on her door last night.

If you can’t read my doctor’s handwriting (I am in the wrong profession) it says:

“Dear ‘baby girl,’

Can you come with me to a coffee date tomorrow afternoon?

Love Mum.”

When she found it, she was particularly rapt. More so because it wasn’t just going out for a babycino and coffee…. no, this was a coffee and babycino DATE.

When we got to the cafe, after hearing what we had heard already about most of Victoria going into lockdown, well let’s just say I really sat back and took it all in.

Baby girl read out some words she had written and drawn on, and I asked her stuff like, “so, how was your day?” even though we had spent the whole day together already!

We had our little treats too, and she knocked a whole OJ down as well because she wanted to, and well I didn’t mind that she’d already had a massive cookie and babycino with 2 marshmallows, because hey, it was school holidays, and she would have had a lot more every day if things were as normal…

They weren’t.

So for that half hour anyway, we pretended all was right with the world.

Talk about timing.

#1603 Day 105 of getting there: broth with the lot

It’s the third time I’ve made this bone broth.

And every time I make it, the scents of galangal, apple cider vinegar and chicken infuse every part of the house, with the scent wafting around the house for days.

Literally days, since it is on the heat for 48 hours.

It’s a little self-care practice I do to look after my mind, gut health, and seeing my skin look smoother after repeated use, I know other parts of my body are reaping the benefits too.

It’s a lovely thing to do on a winter’s day. With the weather making you want to stay in, (and the government making you want to stay in!) it feels like the best thing to do on a slow Sunday…

Look after myself. 🙏❤🍲

#1602 Day 104 of getting there: the Saturday night concession

Tonight, amidst corona cases rising rapidly to 108 in Victoria, we went out to dinner.

In our town. Some blocks away. Dining at a table where no one was near.

Sanitiser within reach. Waiters prepared to leave your food at the empty designated table next to you, so that they weren’t getting too close.

It was our concession.

We all have them. We will cry “stay home!” to all that we know ’til we’re blue in the face, and yet we have these things that are helping us stay sane in the face of possible further, and tougher, and meaner restrictions.

You’ve got them. I have them. We do the right thing, we stay home, we wash our hands, we don’t see family…

But then, we might go out to get a coffee. Support local.

See that friend that you’ve been dying to catch up with, and hey, you’re both staying 1.5 metres away and not touching so technically that’s a pass.

You might still see relatives, so your kids can play together.

You might still be getting your hair done, because you have to physically be at work, and CAN’T work from home.

You might just want to go out and have a God-damn nice dinner at your fave restaurant like we did, because the last time we were there it was March, the sunshine was pouring through the window in the evening, and although corona was on the near-distant radar, there were no lockdowns.

We were by a window again tonight. But the umbrellas dotted amongst the outdoor seating outside were bound tightly, spotted with rain that had not stopped all day. The night was black. The restaurant wasn’t packed.

Corona, corona… the bloody virus was a reminder, everywhere.

Tonight. Our concession. Whatever it is that you do sometimes, to keep yourself happy, to keep your family happy… it’s okay.

Do it. Despite all the fear mongering, if you avoid the hotspots, if you avoid almost all of your unnecessary ‘wants,’ if you’re doing your damn-dest not to go out and mingle and be social…

I think you are allowed a concession.

I had a great dinner tonight, and a great wine. This might keep me going for another 3 months, because let’s face it –

Who knows anymore???

#1601 Day 103 of getting there: corona in Winter

I’m really glad we’re going through all this now.

‘This,’ being the virus that’s taken over the world.

How lucky are we that it hit us here in the southern hemisphere, as we were approaching winter.

And now as we are in the middle of winter.

Can you imagine if this was happening in spring? Worse yet, summer? With the waves at the beach beckoning, lush fields sprawling green, and sunny days singing out, calling us out…


Can you imagine?

Look, I’m under no misconceptions that this could go on for ages. Months. Years even. As one example, international flights are meant to be delayed ’til next year.

We might be living in, what I hate to say for the fact of it being thrown around so much, but this ‘new normal,’ where social distancing, limited group numbers, more done from the comfort of our homes, and sanitising sanitising sanitising, become part of our way of life for the indefinite future.

But hopefully, we pass the peak, NOW.

While the skies go grey. As the rain pours. During the strongest height of wind, and as the temperatures struggle to hit double digits.

Let it come now, let it come. How lucky are we, that it is cold, and we don’t wanna go anywhere.

We’re not allowed to… but so what.

It’s corona, in winter. ❄

#1599 Day 101 of getting there: The Winter beach walk

We didn’t have to go far to feel like we were on holiday today.

Just as well. With all the fear and frustration so rampant around Victoria lately, we don’t really want to be going anywhere.

How far did we go? Well, just down the road.

It was amazing to be able to head to our local beach, the beach we frequent so much over Summer. I’ve been feeling particularly ‘locked’ lately, like I’ve lost my freedom, and all those little things we take for granted as always being there…

And we aren’t even in a lockdown suburb.

But today, it was Winter. Sunny yes, but so windy too. We walked amongst trees, on a short track that led to a major beach lookout.

I expected it to be freezing there… actually it was not so bad. The air had warmth, and the view was just spectacular…. it took our minds off Winter, if only for a bit.

#1598 Day 100 of getting there: One month down

On my centenary of getting there (let’s face it, our whole life we are trying to ‘get there’) we are celebrating one very important thing.

Total cause for celebration.

One month of winter is DOWN.

WOO HOO! I know times ahead are still tough, particularly for us Victorians at the moment, but it gives me much joy to know that we’ve survived one month of winter amidst all the other crap that’s been thrown at us.

Yes. 💪

Photo by Kristin Vogt on Pexels.com

#1597 Day 99 of getting there: the cat-astic third iso puzzle

It had to happen.

Winter spreading germs, and people are shit.


Lucky for me, I somehow forecast this crap ( I have become strongly accustomed to expecting all kinds of shit, yes even for this glass half-full gratitude gal) and last week when baby girl was at school, came across this $16 puzzle at ‘the cheap shop.’

You know, ‘the cheap shop.’ That budget dollar shop where you’ll find onesies, kitchen accessories, cat litter bags, 50 cent greeting cards, 57 different variety of candles, a range of quirky homewares you think you need (but really you don’t) and also, some kind of party/decorating station in one corner of the shop.

All at below reasonable prices.

It was here I went “a puzzle might come in handy soon.”

And I had to get the most trickiest one yet.

A billion cat faces, mwa ha ha.

It meant that today, we had to pack up the completed Frozen puzzle that’s adorned our dining room table for the past several weeks.

If you find and follow me on Insta, you’ll see the delicious anti-OCD video action.

(Psst, @smikgwriter)

Anyway, we learnt upon opening it tonight that it’s split up into 6 categories… that is, A, B, C, D, E and F. Those letters are at the back of each puzzle piece, so by sorting them alphabetically, well half the work is kinda done.

Such a great idea. Well, we better get cracking then…