#421 Kinder days no.2

….. and we are BACK. Back from school holidays, and back to kindergarten.

(Mwa ha ha).

Even though baby girl only goes one session a week because she is 3, those 5 hours mean a lot to me, let me tell you. If only for sanity, for catch-up, for myself, those few hours make such a difference, and the absence of them over the past few weeks has been sorely felt.

Today I did grocery shopping, alone.

Today I recommenced Zumba – my body needed and wanted it, BAD. (My left leg not being able to perform a particular movement towards the end of the session, showed me how badly my body was out of whack).

I ate well, having extra time to prepare a healthy lunch.


(No that’s not cucumber, that’s broccoli stalk – shop your vegies finely, pop it into a Microwave safe container, fill 1/4 to a 1/3 with water, and put in the microwave for about 2 minutes with the lid ajar, or if you have the above Tupperware contraption, even better. Mix with tuna, carbs, or all of the above – done).

I cleaned the house – let me tell you it was very necessary.

I completed and ordered online invitations for my parents 50th wedding anniversary – sis and I are extremely excited.

Ahh, there’s nothing like catch-up. Getting ahead. Feeling accomplished.

I love Kinder.

#393 Enjoying the burn

I never thought I’d be so happy to have really uncomfortable stomach pain. But, I am.

After dinner, this growing feeling I’d had throughout the day in my middle region just kept intensifying. Totally manageable, but still… ouch.

Was it our dinner? I hadn’t really over-eaten. I certainly didn’t think I had over-indulged in the carbs. I have been watching myself, and today being the day baby girl goes to kinder, is also the day I get to workout at home alone, and the fact of working out actually supresses my need to eat anything too heavy or junk f00d like. It’s great like that.

It was only after realising, that this was a bit of a different stomach pain, more concentrated on the tummy muscles, that I realised –


It was working.

Yep, I still have a long way to go to where I want to be. But to know that finally, the moves I’ve been practicing at are finally starting to pay off… well, it is gratifying. Obviously. I’m getting it. And by getting it, I’m able to throw myself into the actions and exercises more fully, therefore…

Feeling the burn. Yes.

Let’s all stop for a second and thank the Lord that there are home workout DVDs. If not, poor unsuspecting persons would have to be subject to watching me in gym classrooms, trying like hell to work out how to perform ‘that’ certain movement, and only getting it at the 6th repetition .

“6… 7… 8… now turn.”

It is so annoying.

But, like I said, I’m getting it.

So now, less annoying… but more BURN.

Slowly but surely. Slowly but surely.

#390 Baby girl’s naps no.2 – catch-up

This post has very little to do with baby girl, and all to do with what I do when she is NOT around.

I’m lucky that at the age of 3 and a half, she still naps. About, an hour to 90 minutes a day, sometimes even 2 hours if we’ve been to the beach, or she’s been to kinder or run around heaps. And even then I start to make a lot of noise at the 90 minute mark, as I know that putting her to bed that night might be a tad difficult after a long nap.

She’s just like her Mum. She loves her sleep, and I’m fortunate to say, she always has.

Today she went for an hour 40 minutes. During this time, I plop myself in front of the laptop, and begin all kinds of writing tasks/passions.

Today it was personal journal writing; food review writing; and book review writing.

I’ve been behind in my food and book reviews for so long. Soooo long. You know when you are so behind in something, you start to consider giving it up?

‘It’s too hard. I can’t keep up.’

‘My life is too busy right now.’

‘This is getting out of hand.’

‘Maybe I’ll try this in 5 years time.’

I wasn’t sure, whether any of it was worth it. The reviews. The blog. Even the gratitude. I question myself on some days, when things are hard, when time is pressed, and I don’t think I’m going anywhere.

But, I am grateful for the stubborn Lion that I am.

Because I just can’t freaking give up so easy. It’s not in my DNA.

You shouldn’t either.

As hard as it has been in the last months/years/life since parenthood (!) I have still persevered. I have moved EVER SO SLOWLY. And I fortunately, have not given up. These moments I get when baby girl is napping, and then when she is sleeping late at night, I am able to move on, to try and catch up, to keep things going with my blogs, my personal writings, my passionate pursuits, as much as I can.

They are slow, ever so slow, baby steps. A snails pace. And there are days when I have to do other things. ‘Responsible’ things. I can’t write every day, and those days feel so wasted on me. But when I can, I try my damn best.

But today, after doing some more writing, and then taking a kind of step back to go ‘hmm, my food reviews are almost catching up,’ and ‘hmm, I’m heading through my current book review at a decent pace’ (with 3 more looming in the background but that’s not the point!) I felt, good. I felt like, I was getting somewhere. And I started to feel like, I might actually be catching up.

That was such a good feeling. And I am so grateful, I had it. More so, I’m grateful that baby girl’s reliable naps, gave me the opportunity for it 🙂

#322 Re-commencing the holidays

Our holidays have been on hold since my Dad was taken to hospital several days ago. And even though he was discharged yesterday, I was still busy with both him and Mum today, organising many other things for them.

I would run to the side of any of my immediate family members or close friends who needed me, whether due to health, heartache, or general ‘help’ reasons. And I am so grateful that Dad is now doing better.

But I can also say that I’m grateful our holidays are starting up again. We went out to dinner tonight, and it was great to do so with such satisfaction and relief, knowing that not only did Sis and I do everything we could for our parents these last few days, but they are both getting looked after and WILL be getting better. Things ARE actually, genuinely, on the improve.

Which means my last few days of the holidays, will surely be on the improve too.


#295 Enjoying the lead-up

One of the things I love about Christmas is getting everything done. Getting it all done as soon as possible, before excitement turns into crazy rush, before buying presents turns into throwing money at salespeople, and before wrapping presents turns into paper flying everywhere.

Year by year I’ve been somewhat successfully managing to send out cards and buy and subsequently wrap presents, earlier, so that I can relax in the final week/days lead up.

This is what I love. The observing. The watching. The enjoying.


I love sending my cards out early. I love knowing it will put a smile on people’s faces as they open up their mailboxes.

I love wrapping presents as early as I can. I love looking at the Christmas-coloured wrap and ribbon under our tree, taking it easy, and basking in the fact that I can enjoy all that Christmas has to offer.

Reflecting. Christmas songs. Baking Christmas goodies. Looking forward to time off work, and happy times spent with family. Eagerly anticipating the opening of the presents, excited about seeing baby girl’s face when she goes through hers.

Christmas is the best. Christmas through a child’s eyes is better.

So although I haven’t bought and wrapped ALL my presents yet, I have about half under the tree right now, and even now, I feel ‘Ahhh.’ Almost there.

But I don’t need to be ‘there’ yet. I like being here too. Enjoying and reflecting.

#278 Catch-up posts

Very simply, I am relieved that I have finally caught up on some posts that have been gathering electronic dust on my laptop, instead of here on my blog for all to see.

You see, right before we moved house, our internet connection was disconnected prematurely. This meant that I actually didn’t post in full for 3 of my carcrashgratitude entries: #230, #231 and #232. Instead I still wrote a little caption of what the entry was about, and kept the full-length post on my computer to publish once we had moved… (the only post I didn’t write in full was #232 – I did that only minutes earlier, now – but I maintain I didn’t cheat as I still placed my gratitude thought down for the day) however I didn’t realise how long it would take to actually get internet connection at our current house. Let’s just say, thank goodness for mobile phones, because that’s how I managed to maintain my gratitude blog for a good couple of weeks.

But, now they are up, and if you’re slightly curious over them, you will find

#230 is about the surprising nostalgia of leaving the place you’ve always wanted to leave behind,

#231 is about an awesome dentist, AND

#232 is about a perfect moment, found in the most insane of times.

I’m just rapt that for one of my many pending writing projects, for this one I can say –

Tick. Complete.


#265 I’m bringing baking back… YEAH

It’s been a good day, even though we stayed home… half imposed upon, half because I needed it. I decided to do something with baby girl after lunch, both to excite us a little and also because like the above, I needed it.


If there is a blogger out there who continually and repetitively posts pics of the same dishes they make, over and over, well let me know. Kindred spirit. These baked cinnamon doughnuts with Nutella filling are super easy, which is why it’s so fun to bake them again and again. And they’re great to make with a little one who possesses curious fingers, curious eyes, and a curious mind (or in other words, an impatient and sweet-toothed toddler!)

But I also had to make them, to prove a point to myself. I recently crammed all the kitchen items that were worthiest and used most by me, into this old 80s-style kitchen in our new home. I was feeling down when I still had all my kitchen stuff packed in boxes and shoved to one corner of the room, and then when I found out our kitchen reno may be further away than we thought, I was shattered. I felt out of control. I couldn’t cook how I liked, my stuff was everywhere, and now I felt like it was going to remain that way for months to come.

But then I firmly took matters into my own hands. I unpacked what I could, and in doing so regained control. And though its not an everyday task for me, I took out my most used baking instruments, therefore assuring myself that I COULD do, and bake, whatever I liked, whenever I liked.

It was this small yet large action that helped me. And the icing on the cake? Actual baking. Today.

Baby girl couldn’t contain her excitement, with those cheeky fingers getting into the mixing bowl a few too many times. It was great. I did it for her, I did it for me, and I did it for us. And knowing there will be many more cakes and muffins and doughnuts makes me excited that I have control of my life back and things will be getting better. Sooner than we even know it 🙂