#941 New things to sit on

Frankly, simply, and very, very basically… stools.


Stools to sit on. New ones at that. Shiny and lovely and all earthy-looking. I love them, they are new, they match our kitchen, and they make everything just gel together that much more in there.

And there is my gratitude for the day there, in a simple acorn shell. An acorn, because the stool tops are made of oak you see…

Ba boom tish!


#929 Floors for days

A huge, MASSIVE stepping stone in our work-in-progress kitchen reno today:


New flooring.

To say this has lifted the atmosphere and overall unity of the room/s is an understatement. We had three different coloured floors over the three areas which are all joined, and to now have the same floor running throughout, it not only completely transforms the area, but the uniform look lengthens and enlarges the entire space.

Not to mention it looks absolutely rad… but I think anything would have been better than a 3-toned floor.

It is really satisfying when a long-held vision starts to take shape… and the shape is even smoother and shinier than you would have ever imagined 🙂

#921 The ferry ride we fought for

The immediate theme apparent today soon after waking up?

“God help those trying to drive into the MONA ferry area and find parking for longer than 2 hours.”

Firstly, baby girl was not well. She went from absolutely fantastic and bubbly upon waking, to a seriously fast decline of blah.

And although we repeatedly asked her if she was sick, or sore, or was going to vomit, she continually declined the suggestions, saying she wanted to go on the boat.

We tentatively left the house, watching her carefully.

But it was meant to be even harder. The only parking’s surrounding the ferry were 2 hour slots. This was no where near enough as simply a one-way ferry ride across the river to the Museum of Old and New art (MONA) was 25 minutes.

The only 3 hour parking we found, required coins.

No credit card. JUST coins. At $3.50 an hour, did they expect me to be carrying around bags of gold on my hip? Seriously did these people just carry around bags of coins?


After I let out some steam bitching and moaning (or should I say, MONA-ing) about the lack of credit card facilities available on parking meters, I got some helpful info from a MONA staff person who told me there were 8 and 10 hr parking slots available, but it was a good 10 minute walk from the ferry pick up point.

Fine. Fine fine fine.

We headed there, scrounged around for gold coins, and finally, FINALLY, found a park!

Baby girl had repeatedly denied food, I’d had to force a sandwich down her during a small lunch, and she was so, so tired.

It seemed like the idea of going to MONA, wasn’t meant to be.

But alas. We GOT THERE.

We boarded the ferry, talked with the staff, and while revelling in some gorgeous and breath-taking riverside views on the other side, also wandered around the dark corners and twists and turns of this most eclectic and thought-provoking museum, holding baby girl’s hand and carrying her (because it was a tad scary).


A day that was so hard to come by, was a unique experience that we came to treasure. It wasn’t perfect by any means, but sometimes, you need to do the best with what you’ve got.

Baby girl crashed enormously once we were back at our place… and yet she still said through squinty and teary eyes as she lay on the couch watching her Tangled DVD…  “best boat ever.”



#911 The male teacher milestone

I found it truly puzzling when baby girl refused to go into the swimming pool with the male teacher.

Well, granted it wasn’t her usual teacher. Many months ago she had to take a make-up swimming class for the usual one she had missed… and when we arrived to find a male instructor, and not her usual female one – she balked.

It’s not like she doesn’t have great men in her life. She has loads. They are all so wonderful and caring and funny and inspirational.

But this dude, with the beard? Maybe it’s because he reminded her so much of how her Dad HAD looked like only days earlier (Hubbie had shaved it all off before that male-dominated swim lesson).

Did she detest the beard that much? (LOL).

And I know it was the fact that he was a male that played a part in her not wanting to get involved. Because when offered the opportunity to go into another lesson with a female swimming teacher, after 15 minutes of continuous begging and pleading, she practically RAN into the other pool.

Also, SHE TOLD ME. Listen to what your kids tell you, they won’t lie when it comes to stuff like this.

But today? Today we had a little victory. Today her usual female teacher was away, and in her place… another male. I was assured by various staff that he was the best male teacher to have, and he was awesome with the kids. I crossed my fingers in hope, but I also had the back-up plan of putting her into the female-led class 15 minutes later just in case…

When she saw him in her usual lane… she faltered. She paused. She thought about it.

Then she showed him her barbie.

I breathed a sigh of relief. This was going to be ok.

I don’t want to force her into anything she doesn’t want to do, or make her do things that maker her feel uncomfortable. But at the end of the day, it is likely she will come across other male teachers at some point in her academic and social activity life. And, let’s face it, they won’t ALL have beards. (!)

I was patting myself on the back, happy I had taken the risk, when she ran up to me 30 minutes later, dripping wet, lesson finished, and said loudly

“I wanted a girl teacher, not a boy! Yuck!”


I guess, baby steps 🙂

#907 For the love of Baking

I am quite pleased with myself. Pleased in that I don’t despair too much when faced with the task of cooking or baking, whether for myself or for others.

I don’t despair, because… I enjoy it. A LOT.

It is another avenue of my creativity coming forth. It requires thought, planning, precision… but just like the creative process, it also takes intuition, passion, and a healthy dose (perhaps a few tablespoons?) of spontaneity.

I’ve been baking a bit this week in the lead up to my nephew’s 16th birthday bash this weekend. And although I know I don’t mind cooking, the thought of making so much was initially, a bit of a worry in my mind.

How would I get it done?

Would it go as planned?

Would any hiccups occur along the way?

Amazingly, so far, none. Today was the last baking-fest, and each day that I had to prepare or tend to the oven, I’d put on a cd, turn it RIGHT UP, and begin the creative process in my kitchen.


I have found real happiness and delight in making things with passion. With heartfelt intention. While singing out loud to Queen/Prince/Sia/Michael Jackson, other creative geniuses filling the rooms of our house with meaningful music.

I guess I’ve realised whole-heartedly, how important the act of baking is to me.

It brings people together. It carries on age-old cooking traditions and recipes.

It is magic, at your fingertips. Much like writing 😉

And it creates love and unity. Nothing is more rewarding that your Hubbie and daughter stealing baked goods that you’ve created for a party, knowing how happy it is making their tummies.

I do it, for the ♥

And that is how the magic comes in. You must do everything, out of ♥♥♥

#899 Hello August my old friend

A new vibe today.

Waking up, August.

The mood had lifted. The sunshine was out in full force. Smiles were on. Decisions were made. Things progressed.

The skies, were BLUE.


Ahh. Just like that. Leaving more of Winter behind us, with more good times, gorgeous rays, and happy memories before us.

And, BIRTHDAY month.

Just like that. A new day. A new month. A new mentality.

Bring it on.

And it even started with a ♥


#889 Park Days no. 5

You know what’s better than park days in warm weather?

Park days in JULY.

You know why?

Because it is Winter, and when any opportunity presents to get out and enjoy some sliver of warmth in the middle of the coldest time of year, well that is a big


right there.


It was still fresh, but there was no wind, making the suns descendance down onto our skins that much easier. We walked on over the short 10 minutes to the park, after our necessary coffee and babycino stop at the nearby corner café ( 🙂 ) before enjoying some family time in the park.

And by the way, another reminder that we are MORE than half-way through this coldest of seasons, meaning that…

Spring-time is coming!