#815 Primary thoughts

It’s a simple and yet a big one today, and I don’t know how to write it in a story form, so I’ll just lay it out simply: today we went to a primary school to see if we could feel a vibe…

and we did. A bit, anyway.

This school had much more of a vibe than the one we saw last week. Although last week that school was pretty, immaculate, actually environmentally and practically PERFECT in every Mary Poppins way you can think of, the only vibe we got from that one was the…

nose-in-the-air vibe.

Today, a much different story. We still have one school to check out. But you know what? If we didn’t have that one to tour, I would be absolutely content about enrolling baby girl in this one. It was, dare I say it, even, maybe, just, without committing too early…

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. (And I totally did google search to see if I spelt that right, and turns out I only got 1 letter wrong! Only 1!)

She even hugged the vice principal at the end. All together now…


#449 Wireless mouse is re-born

So lately my laptop mousepad has been pissing me off. It is extra sensitive, and no it is not a setting (it just tried to delete that sentence there) whereby I’ll be trying to delete a misspelt letter in a line 3 rows up, and instead it will reposition whole sentences. I will be dragging a photo I want to later develop into another folder on my computer, and instead short-cuts and whole folders will be selected and they will disappear before my eyes into another folder. Shit happens, before I save.

It is computer, NOT user. In particular, mouse pad.

I did a frustrated scream of “Grrr Argh!” hours earlier when again folders disappeared and the photos I wanted to save, didn’t. I yelled that I was going to hurtle the laptop, and baby girl came over and rubbed my back supportively. Awww.

I remembered that we still had a wireless mouse stashed away in our desk somewhere. I couldn’t remember exactly why I stopped using it – was it low batteries, or the fact that with laptop, my mouse was now ON my computer? – but I decided enough was enough. I needed control back.

I tried with little success, to get it to work again, first re-installing the wireless mouse programme, and then changing the batteries inside. As I did this I noticed it was especially rusty on the contact ends, and only after new batteries didn’t even work, did I start to suspect…

I was still hell-bent on buying another wireless mouse, soon, but out of curiosity googled, because ALL OF THE WORLDS ANSWERS ARE ON GOOGLE. I google EVERYTHING.

I asked something along the lines of “what does green rust come from?”

I got heaps of options to click on, but the one that grabbed my attention was a youtube video on how to clean rust from your battery compartments, yourself.

I mean, of course. There was a youtube video for everything, even how to fold fitted sheets (still witches I say).

I watched the short video, observing how easy it was to do:

  • dip a cotton bud into white vinegar, carefully cleaning and removing as much of the green rust as possible
  • then using a clean cotton bud dipped in water, wipe over as much of the vinegar as possible
  • before finally dabbing all parts with some clean paper towel.

I had all this stuff at home. I would do it.

I wasn’t able to get all of the green rust off, so I wasn’t sure how effective the procedure was. Still I dried the internal parts of the mouse with some paper towel, and then popped in the new batteries, before plugging in the mouse’s usb key into the laptop.

I turned the mouse over and… it lit up green! On screen, the cursor was moving!


I was pretty chuffed with myself. I had saved myself about $70. 🙂 And just with a little D.I.Y too. I may need to revisit the cleaning with vinegar thing again soon, since the rust wasn’t all removed… but for a first time, I think I did good.

I’m so happy with my mouse right now.


#448 Early night

So, it’s 11:40pm as I write this. Clearly, I’M still up.

But, what makes the difference is I have had alone time since 10pm. This hasn’t happened in a LONG TIME.

For the first time in Forever… wait, I sound like a Disney movie. Start again.

For the first time in a LONG TIME, I managed to put baby girl down earlier than usual, since she missed her nap today, went to bed LATE last night, and also spent the previous night restless and unwell since she was complaining of a sore throat.

She went to bed with chills last night, she had two doses of medication during the day to thwart that and her sore throat off, and on top of all of that, being so unwell, she ate very little.

All in all, after her warm bath, she was tired. She was ready for bed.

So my reasons for being free don’t come from the best circumstance. But, now with her sound asleep (fingers crossed), I have been doing my thing – drinking camomile, writing lists, messaging sis, journal writing, and googling, and I haven’t even finished yet.

Just a bit more. A bit more of ‘me time.’ And then I too, will have an early night.

12am instead of 1am. It’s a Mum’s life.

#286 The ‘you don’t have a clue’ video

A lot of people talk of today’s increased technology and all its other subsequent advancements as some kind of demise of humankind. However, I tend to think that there are some brilliant inventions and possibilities that have come out of technology. They have made our lives healthier, easier, and so much more convenient.

Take the fitbit. People can be acutely aware of how much movement they make a day and increase that for optimum health results.

Take the electric garage door. You can sit in your car, rain, hail or shine, and with the simplest press of a button allow a huge chunk of metal to cascade up, or down, while you stay in heated/air-conditioned luxury (another technological amazing advancement).

Take the internet. You can google almost anything, I mean ANYTHING, and have some kind of valid/legit answer pop up. Look up a country’s demographics, find out how long it takes to travel by plane from Melbourne to Maroochydore, what is the proper, English/Australian spelling for manoeuvring (this one ALL THE TIME)… it goes on and on and on.

And then, YOUTUBE.


Well of course technology would also make our lives more fun, wouldn’t it?

I came across an unbelievably funny video last year. I then saw it again when a friend shared it on facebook, where once again I died laughing and nearly passed out from laughing so hard and forgetting to breathe.

I had wanted to show it to Hubbie at the time and share the video love, but time got the better of us, and then I forget… ’til tonight.

After showing him something else on facebook, I suddenly remembered. I then summoned my inner stalker detective, and proceeded to trawl through my friend’s facebook timeline, until I found the God damn post from over a year and a half ago. Finally.

He watched it, with me cacking myself in the background. He found it amusing, but not Laugh Out Loud hilarious like I did.


Warning. This is probably funniest to those with children… in particular, Mothers. Because, you know, we know.

And the childless, have no fucking idea.

And that’s why the video is so hilarious. Early into it, I saw myself and Hubbie so vividly with the comedian’s remark “we could have a mini you and mini me…”

Oh man.

Enjoy 🙂

(I own no part of this video or any rights associated to it whatsoever).

#201 Internet access at work


So, people often are like “ugh, desk job.” I can see why the foul expression for it exists. Stuck in a dimly-lit office space, partitioned work spaces, windows visible only very far in the distance on the other side of the room, the advantage of their windows into the world given to the privileged individuals who feel the need to close the blinds on them constantly: rain, hail or shine.

The shine part is the one that hurts.

Air con that spreads coughs, colds and any other beautiful diseases that you can so do without. Also, keeps you at a frosty 4 degrees in Winter, 2 degrees in Summer.

Fighting over the food, fridge space, and microwave time in the kitchen. Signs on the 7 tubs of margarine in the communal fridges all read “keep away!” and other unidentified objects remain wrapped in plastic, slowly gathering frostbite and some other unsightly green form in the corner of the freezer.

And let’s not forget the HR complaints. Not for your colleagues, although you wish it were that easy. (No, the ‘foul’ ones receive special ‘interest’ and 15 strikes before they are politely escorted from the building with ALL their benefits, and then a box of wine too). HR is brought over constantly to deal with the damn chairs and consequent back/leg/arm complaints.

Sit straight, adjust your posture. Arms at this angle. Foot rests.

Now this is where things start to turn interesting.

Because of the common body ailments due to desk positioning and extended hours at the computer, you are advised to take short breaks. Often. Stretch your legs. Go for a walk. Have a chat to your colleague. I know people who stand while at their workstations still performing their duties; others stop to do exercises while their amused colleagues watch on by; and then there are those who take it upon themselves to take a ‘walk’ 7 times a workshift.

The downfalls brought on by the work desk, lead to deliciously get-out-of-work possibilities.

So too is it beautiful to have a computer in front of you. Albeit, one with good internet connection.

(Angels sing!)

Do you know what that means?  You can youtube. Send personal emails. Email your colleague, not even a metre from you, and smile in delight when they snort after opening that clip you just sent them of James Corden’s latest carpool karaoke. You hear their laugh as you ask ‘coffee time?’ with a pic of a cat sniffing at the caffeinated beverage, rugged up in a fluffy scarf and mittens.

You can google. EVERYTHING.

What do I eat tonight? Hmm let me look up my pantry ingredients…

That concert goes on sale next Tuesday, how much are the tickets?

What are the session times for the latest Bourne movie?

How do I catch a train from work to my cousin’s place?


Do you know what I like to do with this master of technologies at my disposal?

Well of course, I will preface by saying I only do non-work related stuff during my lunch break…


I email. I commbank. I used to realestate.com A LOT, before we purchased our Sea change home. I look up whatever it is I currently need to urgently look up.

Is a virus contagious?

Who is that actor in the midday movie and where have I seen him before?

What’s the difference between an oven and a cooker?

Melbourne weather tomorrow? Radar? Will it rain as I walk out of the building?

Lyrics to Free by Prince.

Which cinemas are showing The Secret Life of Pets?

Peter Alexander pjs.

and so on and so on.

But do you know the best reason why I love the internet and my computer access at work?

I can write.

I can have an affair with my writing, as per what Elizabeth Gilbert says in ‘Big Magic.’ I can type up 500 words in 10 minutes while sneaking looks over my shoulder. I can journal my private most innermost thoughts and then shoot a copy to my personal email for ‘later.’

And I can blog. I can write things that have inspired me in the last few minutes and hit ‘post’ for all to see.

I will take a desk job any day. Aches, pains, small kitchens, ungrateful window seaters, bacteria-spreading Antarctic air con, and so, so much more.

Desk jobs to writers, are what the sun’s rays are to Sunflowers.

Vital, necessary. Can’t turn away.


#71 The sleepsuit

I was so giddy with excitement at the Baby Bunting store yesterday, feasting my eyes happily on the ErgoPouch sleepsuit, complete with legs.

We were there to move baby girl’s car seat from my old car to my new one, and I had been planning for weeks, with the sure arrival of their Winter stock, to upgrade her sleeping bag.

Sleeping bags for babies and toddlers, are in my humble opinion, the best invention EVER. I cannot think of one baby/child item that is superior to this type of sleepwear. Maybe it is so good because of its design and the end result – being a bag as such that the child can sleep in, and thick enough that additional blankets aren’t required, at that stage of life where blankets inevitably always end up at the other side of the cot/bed, pushed to the side, or on the floor, it is a saviour in that it helps the child sleep comfortably and snugly, therefore letting the parents sleep soundly.

Who am I kidding. It helps the Mum sleep soundly.

Baby girl has always been a wriggler. In her swaddling days, she would wriggle her hands free most nights. When I didn’t have to swaddle, I used other swaddling tricks, such as this one:


This one I also loved. It helped as it allowed her to raise her arms up, which was her preferred sleeping method (and for many others babies, apparently). Soon after though, I came across sleeping bags, and while she was crawling and learning to walk, I thought it was just damn super. It helped her to stay calm and positioned without moving too much, something I think definitely keeps them up at night. Having the slight restriction of the sleeping bag, was a God send. Is. I mean, the point of sleeping is not to move, right? This was helping her settle and get into that habit. And I didn’t have to worry about wayside blankets either.

Anyway… I kept her in sleeping bags until one night ago. She’s a walker, a mover, a shaker… yet still I loved how the sleeping bag kept her in place at night. Baby girl being who she is, still managed to shuffle along in it and jump around in her cot, but it was minimal.

A while back I read somewhere about the ‘sleeping bag with legs,’ and was immediately entranced. It would still keep her warm, but keep her happy because she could walk? Really?

I soon discovered that the ErgoPouch brand that was one main leader in these sleep bag/suits with legs was actually created by an Australian Mum – love love love! My obsession grew, eventually leading me to almost clap with excitement as I finally saw the brand name on the sample sleepsuit in the baby store yesterday.

It can be converted from sleeping bag


to a sleeping suit with legs!


(we actually got that colour too)

I don’t know how Mums did it back in the day, but I swear, there are so many wonderful resources and items to help make your life, and bubs life more convenient. I LOVE living in this day and age where if I have a problem with baby girl, Google will help me find the answer and solve it, and there are a wealth of baby products to help with almost anything out there. I absolutely love it, and I am so grateful for the ErgoPouch sleep suit bag – it’s a contest between baby girl and I over who loves it more!

(I am definitely not being paid for this! All over-excitable opinions are strictly my own 🙂 )


(#66) The A-Z April Challenge: Z – Zenith of this challenge!

We have reached the flag-bearing point of our journey… looking high into the sky, at the primary goal of our trek, after searching and climbing and often crawling clumsily through the earth, we are now finally at that peak – the zenith of the A-Z challenge.

And I’m grateful for it.

But not for the way you might think. I was already posting once a day for my gratitude blog, so it wasn’t much of an exertion to do it still for this challenge. I’m grateful for reaching the end of it all, sure, but I’m also grateful for what I learnt along the way.

I learnt that sometimes it was interesting to have the direction of a letter to keep you focused on what to be grateful for. Prior to that, I’d be going through my day asking myself ‘should I write about this?’ With the A-Z challenge, knowing I had a certain letter, such as ‘C’ coming up, I’d be running through things in my head as the day approached, to try and prepare myself for something ‘C’ popping up.

That was another thing too. I completely winged it, going day by day and seeing what interesting things would pop up in my life. There were probably only 2 days where I knew more than a day in advance what I’d be grateful for, that being W for Wind and ‘Z for Zenith,’ actually (it makes it easy there not being too many Z words!) Although this can be seen as particularly hard, and even somewhat limiting as I was fearful of, I was surprised to find that it wasn’t too bad overall, and felt promise that even though my goal was to be grateful for something of a certain letter on a particular day, something that may sound forced, all the things I wrote about were genuine and relevant to that day. It made me think that there is so much to be grateful for, only we are generally too oblivious to realise it. Overall, this provided me with hope. There is hope not only for me, but for everyone out there.

Having said that, it forced me to get creative. I went slightly abstract with A for Absence, and Y for Yonder… and also, with Prince’s passing, I was desperate to get my feelings out in a post, and searched for songs of his that I loved beginning with S – there were some I didn’t mind, but in honest gratitude blog fashion (and SmikG fashion) I just couldn’t fake it. So I got crafty with one of my favourite songs of his, and posted “Star, Baby I’m a.” You sure are you Purple genius.

I did get stuck, undeniably, and ran to Google and the good old dictionary for help, churning out my V and X – hey, I didn’t even know what Xylography was until I came across the definition, but I sure as hell am grateful for it! Coffee was mentioned a few times, as was food, and my V showcased my everyday appreciation of baby girl with her Vigour – these posts displayed part of what I generally think about, what I love and what inspires me. It represented a few facets of me, and all I was doing was presenting different aspects of appreciation for them.

I had to question whether I would have normally had Quiet time on my Q day, and whether it was just the letter of the day forcing me to sit down and take a photo with my feet up on my favourite chair. But, I didn’t mind. I mean, I needed it, 1. And 2, I was genuinely grateful for those moments. That was the point, right?

I’m grateful overall that I’ve reached this point. In fact, I think all A-Zers should be grateful and thankful for this process. I did write after midnight on some days, coming in a tad late, and I don’t know if that counts as a fail or not… personally I don’t think it does. Whether it was me doing it, or you doing it and you couldn’t get your post in on time, I think the point here is that you got your post done AT ALL. Life happens, shit. Sometimes we fall behind. Getting up and trying to get the job done is the hard part, so if you did it, but did it late, well good on you. You did awesomely.

And for those of you who stopped the challenge without reaching the end? I respect you. I know how hard it is to admit it’s too hard and stop a project half-way, or to realise it is not for you… but I will tell you something. That takes guts. It’s hard to even start something and give it a shot in the first place, to commit to a new goal or a plan or just something completely left-of-centre for you. That’s credit in itself. I’ve never done something like this before, so I’m pretty pleased with myself I won’t lie, but even having the balls to start it to begin with, is plenty in itself. And to stop something and realise it’s not working, is just as hard. Remember, you tried, which is more than a lot of people can say. That’s brilliant. You should be proud of yourself.

Would I do the challenge again? Life is ever-changing, fluid, in a constant state of shifting, so that answer is… I don’t know. Who knows where my life will lead me by next April. But in the meantime, I’ll keep on with my blogs. I’ll keep doing my writing. And I’ll keep looking for things to be grateful for. That I will try with all my might.

I hope you can stay on for my journey. If not, I wish you well in yours.