#1619 Day 121 of getting there: When winter springs forth

It’s getting to the part of the winter piece, where I start to get excited.

Even on grey days like we had today.

Even during these cold cold cold mornings.

Even while the heater blasts all day, every day.

I get excited, because there are signs everywhere.

I don’t know if it’s earlier, or weirder this year…

But –

I have roses. This is one of two, and it is July. Mid-winter.

This isn’t supposed to happen.


Check out my Birds of Paradise.

All out there and ‘look at me,’ poking it’s orange beak out, waiting for it’s mate to join in on the journey.

And finally, the piece de resistance…

Ahhh. My orchids. These ones were actually hidden amongst other greenery, leaning against the outside window, and I didn’t realise they were there until someone pointed out, that they very much were.

All these blooms and pictures of growth, are signs that beneath the surface, things brew.

We might be in hibernation mode, where the tree branches lay bare, colours don’t tend to be bountiful in the garden, and growth is at a standstill.

But just because we can’t see things happening, it doesn’t mean they AREN’T happening.

And I love my little reminders around the house.

Reminders. Signs of hope. Use these words as you may, whichever way serves you best.

#1526 Day 28 of getting there: the Autumn walk no. 2

We had so much love surrounding our big, 50+ minute walk today.


You know, you don’t really know your neighbourhood until you’ve walked through it. Drive all you like, drive high, drive low, drive all day if you wish…

But until you’ve walked…


You just don’t know.

We took time to ponder, plan our home renovations, question plant choices, muck about, and breathe in the lovely fresh air, all while progressing to over 4000 steps, and taking in a whole lot of water views too.


So good. ♥

#1320 Super seedlings

While Hubble is going off-the-chart planting trees and shrubs at the front of our house, I have been slowly gaining momentum with greenery of a smaller… nature. 🌱

Insert, the Woolworths Seedlings promotion!


As soon as I heard about the Spring giveaway, I had both of my green thumbs up. 👍 I was ON BOARD. After each shopping trip I go about turning the dry discs into soil, placing the seedlings in between, and tending them with water, sunshine, and fresh air every day.

On last count I have about 18. They are lined up along the laundry and kitchen window sills, and I think I’ll need another room soon, so big my collection is growing. Mark my words, I plan on converting them all to little pots so that I have herbs, leaves and vegetables growing in our yard, fresh and free, for us to enjoy.

The greenery sprouting so far? Bok choy, lettuce, rocket, and there is the smallest inkling of chamomile starting to spring forth.

Seeing them grow gives me so much satisfaction. Watch this space…

#1316 The Briars Market

Today we finally got a chance to go to the Briars market.

I have been hearing about the Briars for some time now. Funnily enough, it is only a short 5 or so minute drive down the road from us, and we kind of, accidentally stumbled upon it on mine and Hubbie’s last day off on Wednesday when we were looking for nurseries, in search of plants for our front yard.

The Briars is a historic property steeped in history. Its settlement dates back to 1840, by retired army officer Captain James Reid. It was one of the first houses built in Mornington Peninsula by Europeans, and the Historic Homestead remains as this link back in time.

The beautiful and hilly grounds are comprised of 230 hectares of trees and gardens, wide, rolling hills, and contain a nursery (which we came across the other day), a Wildlife Sanctuary, the Historic Homestead, even an Astronomy Centre amongst many other points of interest.

Due to its wide and expansive location, it also makes sense that it can hold a market or two. Enter the Briars market. Held once a month in the sunnier parts of the year, stall holders and local produce people converge in stalls to bring the locals and those who travel from far, something to see and do with the family on a Sunday.

Well it was our time to see it today. While we didn’t stay for long and didn’t buy anything, it was a pleasure to walk its grounds and breathe in the crisp Spring air… and going by the historic nature of the grounds, it’s a place I would love to re-visit and explore, to plant my roots as it were, into this most humble and cherished of Peninsula grounds.



#1313 Signs of Spring no.3

Everything around us, is beauty.

It started this morning. Our third birds of paradise flower, finally opened up.


I was excited. I have been eyeing it off for weeks now, observing the other two already-open flowers and wondering when this one would decide to grant us with its presence. The 19th day of Spring it was, then.

But then I wanted to capture the rest of the garden…


Even our neighbours’ tree is doing its annual Spring-time blossoming. When that thing blooms in full, watch out. Colour explosion.


I can’t wait.

But the one that made me so, so happy… maybe more so than my bird of paradise, as it is something I have been checking on with more wonder and curiosity than any other flower around us at the moment…

Is my tulips. The very first blossom has begun.


It is here! I am soooo excited! And when they start to bloom even more I can hardly wait to share it with you all.

I must reiterate again (and I probably will, again) that the bulbs lay dormant in a bag in the garage since last Spring/Summer, and I was meant to plant them in Autumn, whereas I forgot and did so in later Winter… I had no idea then if they would even catch.

Well they are getting caught up all right.

As the sun set this evening, I wondered –

‘What beauty would my eye fall upon tomorrow?’

‘What exquisite sight from Mother Nature would we be blessed enough to open and enjoy?’ 

‘What would she bestow upon us?’

I can’t wait to find out. ♥♥♥♥


#1312 Hubbie the gardener

I think it’s lovely that Hubbie loves greenery.

He loves trees, and flowers, and all manner of plants and shrubbery, even grass… and is constantly trying to think up ways to pretty our yard, bring more colour and green leaves in, and also, when all that fails and he has no inspiration, he does the next best thing – he moves the pots around ;););)

He has been working along diligently on our front yard. Even on today, our day off together, he spent a good portion of it digging up grass and making a path along the fence for our new garden bed to go, making holes for new plants and the best part… giving them a positive welcome message as he puts them in the earth.

“Good luck!” He calls out as he pulls the wound-up and compacted plant roots from the plastic tub. “Hope you like it here.”

OMG. It is so darn cute. He does it with every plant. EVERY. ONE.


He is proud of his progress, and proud of what he is creating… and I couldn’t be prouder either. ♥♥♥♥

#1304 The joy of weeding

The first thing I did when baby girl and I got home after school pick-up?

Put my feet up? 

Have a coffee?

Read a mag?

No no no.

I put on my gardening gloves and pulled out weeds.


I LOVED IT. I was outside and at it for 90 minutes. I hovered and crouched over the garden bed, the afternoon sun shining brightly on my humble work as my hands got to it.

Baby girl was running around and digging up holes, Mister F rolled his winter belly around in the sunshine when he wasn’t keeping a keen eye on oversized black crows perching nearby, and even Hubble got in on the act when he came home from work, finding homes for 3 new plants.

All 4 of us outdoors, breathing in fresh air, loving this Spring weather.

It was therapeutic. Pulling out weeds in your garden, or your life garden… same same. Either way my body aches from the new positions I was in, and I am thoroughly exhausted…

But I love it. And I want more. ❤☘

#1252 Sawing away at negativity

Today I took out the saw. Both in the literal and metaphorical sense.

The first time it was intentional. I literally went to the garage, got out Hubbie’s saw, and took to the task of pruning old branches from my rose bushes with focus and determination. I knew what I had to do. I had been planning to do it for months. I took joy in the process.

Sawing. Cleansing. Removing the old to make way for the new. A new stage was emerging. Soon the dry leafless branches would be filled with green foliage and ravishing ruby red roses. 🌹

Tonight… again the same.

But instead I took out the saw… metaphorically.

This one wasn’t planned.

I didn’t go into it with purpose. It was something I had been kind of putting off.

But yet like the rose bushes, it was something that needed to happen.

I paused. Hesitated. Sure I knew what HAD to be done… I had known for years. I didn’t accept it though. Recently, this year I knew I had to take out the largest tool in my figurative shed, and rid myself of the negativity, the anger, the frustrations and deep-seeded hurts that had planted and manifested themselves in my body.

You would think letting go of such harmful things would be easy, favoured, wanted even… but often we hold onto our hurts, because they are so familiar. They are all we know. Sure moving on is most beneficial, but it requires starting again… and then there is forgiveness.

The thing that has struck me most about forgiveness is this: you don’t forgive for those that have hurt you… you forgive to lighten your heart, soul, mind and body, and give yourself the freedom to live your life unweighted by unnecessary hurts.

I always knew this… do you think it was easy to implement, in spite of the sadness?

No. This glass half-full gratitude girl has been struggling for YEARS.

But tonight, a change. I took little steps… and maybe the fruits of my labour won’t show themselves for a little while… they won’t sprout green leaves and red roses like my cherished flowers as soon… but there is sign of life.

Seedlings have been planted, and my saw has taken to the old ways with understanding and gentleness.

Yes, you can be gentle with a saw.

Really, there is to be no more.

Remember… do it for yourself. You are the one that matters. The saw is in your hands.



#1249 Hubbie, the arborist

Let’s get one thing straight… Hubbie LOVES trees.

The arborist definition from the online dictionary explains it as a ‘tree surgeon.’

Yes. And Yes.

That is exactly what he had to perform today… much needed and long overdue surgery. Surgery that removed most of the twigs, leaves, and all heavy and thick branches from this annoying berry-producing type tree we have that is just making a mess EVERYWHERE.

Sorry… we had.

All that is left now is the stump, and some high poky leafless branches.

Tee hee hee.

Before you start crying out “MURDER!” let me tell you this…

This tree was very annoying. It produced some weird kind of berry that stuck on you and your shoes (and Mister F’s feet) which in turn brought it inside often.

It didn’t produce any kind of lovely flower. Nothing pleasing AT ALL.

It had grown so tall and wide it was encroaching over and impacting the growth of another tree we have which actually produces a lovely pink flower in warmer months, and that tree doesn’t create annoying berry-like things that fall on the ground.

Lastly, we have plans to plant and grow like, A LOT of small and big trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables and herbs, so much so, that IF any impact is felt short-term by our local birdlife or insects, I SWEAR, it will be reversed positively and go in an even better flora and fauna direction in the months to come.

But for now… Hubbie 1. Annoying tree… NIL.

Hubbie, the arborist. Performing much needed tree surgery. Available soon, in a town near you… 😉


#1121 Injecting indoor greenery

Where do you go when the family has a day off together and you are absolutely buggered by the weekend’s events?

Why, to Bunnings of course.

Home and DIY projects eat your heart out, and even the kiddies are entertained, what with dangerously miniature trolleys, an indoor playground, and let’s not forget that café that has ALL the treats…

But for us really, it was all about the foliage.

Hubbie has been seriously focusing on plants and trees and mulch and pebbles and bark now for God knows how long. This outdoor fascination has led to looking inwards inside the house, which brought us to this purchase today:


It does look beautiful. You don’t realise just how uplifting some indoor greenery can be until you place it by a window, and just like that, an aura of light and colour just lifts the energy of the room.

Just like that.

The best, cheapest and healthiest way to renovate and inspire a room I think. ♥