#943 Primary acceptance

I’ve been waiting for it, for weeks.

I’ve been thinking about it.

Bugging the kindergarten teachers with my random pop-up questions about it.

Trying to oh-so-casually investigate other kindergarten parents and their knowledge of it.

But today, in letter form, I finally got my answer:


“She has been accepted!”


I am sooo happy. Grateful, YES.

(Insert heavy sobbing, heart-clutching, and animal-like wails, reminiscent of the Mother mammal when she realises her offspring is growing up ever more…)

#936 Life lessons at the park

Today while on the other side of town at my parents’ house, we went to the park. This isn’t the hardest thing to do, since the park is literally NEXT DOOR.

Watching baby girl climb, slide, swing and re-discover the playground, I came to a realisation.

Learning at the park, is a lot like learning in LIFE.


Sometimes you find yourself pondering, ‘what is the meaning of it all?’



Other times you will be as high as a kite, like a Princess with her head in the clouds.



Times can be tough. You will need to push on through the battles, and climb higher and higher, work harder and harder, until you have reached your break-through… the clearing.


Moments will be scary. You will want to turn back, and you will question if you can get there. But you can’t look down. You must keep your eyes straight, and take things, step by step.



And if you don’t give up, you will reap the benefits of celebration – throw your hands up in the air if you will!


And because life is cyclical, and we are meant to stay grounded, these phases will happen all over again.


#935 The spray MOP

What is the number one sign that you have reached adulthood?

Is it daytime naps?

Avoiding late-night parties?

Falling asleep on the couch at 8pm on a Saturday night?

Always telling your friends you’ll ‘catch up’ but never finding the time to do it?

Always being tired?

No. No no no no NO.

The epitome of peak adulthood, is…


Excitement at NEW cleaning products.

(Gasp! Horror!)

Oh you KNOW it’s true.

For me, today? It was my brand new spray mop which I can say absolutely and positively, I LOVE. ♥

Let me tell you ALL about it.

So, with new floors, comes new and improved ways to clean it… I had seen some sponsored ads online about an Australian business called ekoWorx, and after watching some videos of the cleaning products and reading many, MANY positive reviews, I was sold.

Today, my parcel came.


Never have I been more excited to receive cleaning products in my entire life! It helps that it started on our Aussie shores, with two Bondi Dads wanting to make cleaning easier, safer and more eco-friendly.

I had ordered a package which included the mop, their Universal Cleaner, and several other mop pads and cleaning aids. I excitedly got it all connected, but alas, someone else wanted to get involved…


Baby girl! It is that simple, I mean, two Dads created it so really how hard can it be?

Spray. Mop. Done.

The floors are practically dry as you go along, the mop itself is light and easy to manoeuvre, and I can actually say, I enjoyed it! What the actual F*&K?

Like I can’t actually believe it, I think I am going to be looking forward to mopping ALL THE TIME NOW. Geez Louise. What have they done to me?

Hey, any product that can get me to enjoy a task that cannot be avoided, well that is a BIG PLUS from me!

All hail the ekoWorx mop!

#917 Another year, another birthday/s

Well, whoops. Here I was talking abut being soooo party ready yesterday, that after writing last night’s post, I totally forgot to hit ‘post.’ I have now posted very fashionably, late, AFTER the party fact.

The face paint was fun. The hand paint was fun too. There was cake and food, drink and coffee… Kids were everywhere, “the air was like ice” (in true Frozen-themed form) but inside we were warm, and honestly as the kids went bezerko for a little while after the hail decided to grant us some respite, they didn’t even notice.

The happiest part for me? Baby girl is a very friendly and happy child, but even so the thought of entering rooms where there are a lot of people, even if they are family and friends, well it terrifies her at the moment. And though she had moments like that today, where she shied away from happy birthday greetings and photo ops of people that decided to just GRAB her (like seriously, what the actual F*&K, I would run away from them too!) she was absolutely amazing during the official happy birthday song.

In last year’s post I wrote about the birthday song NOT going down so well, to put it mildly…

And this year? She said we could make it a little noisy 🙂 And then proceeded to smile happily as everyone sang to her.

It made my heart explode with happiness.

A cold day, but a warm one that was filled with love, bees and butterflies. ♥♥♥


#913 What she said no. 6

I have been talking to baby girl about her birthday.

I have been talking to her about MY birthday.

And it comes as one, as I have been telling her about OUR birthday.

Our birthdays are on the same day.

I don’t think she really understood it when she turned 4 last year. I think she kind of figured “hey, it’s my birthday!” and then “hey, it’s your birthday!” and then assumed “hey, it’s everyone’s birthday, woo hoo!”

This year though, only a week or so ago, I sat her down properly and said that I actually shared a birthday, with her. I further explained that many years ago, on my birthday, she had jumped out of my tummy (no need for specifics just yet) and gone “Surprise! I’m here!” and it was the best birthday present I could have EVER asked for.

She later went on to tell me that her birthday was still first. Well actually darling, no because I was born in the morning and you were in the afternoon, and also, I have 30 years on you my little Lion.

But then, she started to get it. And she has been so mature about it, including me in her birthday celebration countdown. I said to her today something about it being her birthday tomorrow, and she replied

“And your birthday Mama.”

Tug at my heart right there. Kids are selfish let’s be honest. So for her to keep including me like this every time there was a mention of our birthdays today, well it just melted my heart sooo much.

She is happy to share it with me.

“Yay, Mama tomorrow my birthday AND your birthday!”


And then this convo, while tucking her in tonight…

“Good night my 4 year-old.”

“Me not 4 me 5!”

“No, tomorrow you’ll be 5, you’re still 4 tonight.”

Pause. “Me turning 5 tomorrow, and you turning 64!”

And then we LOLd and LOLd. :):):)


#912 Kinder play

I love stumbling upon baby girl playing at kinder when she doesn’t know I am watching. And so it was today, as I walked up the long path surrounded by those huge over-arching and expansive trees, that I spied her from the side gate.

She was in a circle of kids of about 10, and they were with one of the teacher helpers in the yard. As soon as I saw some of the actions they performed in unison, I knew what song it had to be… THE HOKEY POKEY.

I watched, delighted, observing baby girl. I stood there mid-stride, craning my head slightly but trying to stay hidden so that my spying wouldn’t be uncovered by baby girl. She participated happily, and my smile was so wide I swear I would have rivalled a Cheshire cat’s.

They then went on to putting their bottom’s in the circle, and as they all jumped around to stick their bums out, I watched as baby girl did just that, and gave it a good wiggle in response to the song!

I nearly yelled out “that’s right, dance it with gusto!”

I was so rapt.

There is so much to be learnt from our kids when they don’t know we are watching.

And from today’s viewing, I am happy with what I saw 🙂

#909 The 16th Birthday

It was his 16th birthday tonight. But it’s not the usual ‘he’ that I am talking about. I am talking about another man in my life.

A young man.

A growing man.

A man who has made me, and who has made US proud to be able to call him family.

A man who we have watched since day 1, placed so sweet and cuddly into his parents arms… and then ours.

A man who when young, I used to carry.

A man I used to do sing-song with.

A man who used to tell me the names of all 40 + of his trains.

A man who has been growing up with a beautiful heart, genuine spirit, and kind-hearted soul.

A man who I can say, I have great D&Ms with.

A man who I share interests with.

A man who I have a lot of fun with.

A man who we continue to make memories with, because he is part of our family, our circle of closest, and always will be.

My nephew.

It was a wonderful night and party for this very special young man. Happy 16th Bro (as your uncle would say 😉 )