#2031 My home hair help

I kind of had to face a mammoth task today. One I’ve been avoiding for some time now…

But, it was unavoidable.

More than necessary.

Once again… I had to colour my own hair. 🤦‍♀️

My hair is LONG.

It is THICK.

And for the last month, it has definitely had regrowth that needed attending to.

But, there was a catch, an extra element of difficulty that meant it would be all the more harder.

The ends of my hair are a golden colour, much lighter than the roots.

They kind of gently fade as the eye travels down, and I love it, and I don’t wanna lose it… I didn’t wanna lose it, it’s the only thing that makes me look like I may have recently been to a hairdresser (I most definitely HAVEN’T).

Instead of just rubbing colour into all parts of my hair like in other lockdowns… I had to be careful, and really only focus on the roots.

Enter Hubbie.

You know you’ve progressed to a crucial part of a relationship, when you start to rely on the other for self-care. Sometimes this comes about because of ill health, a new child entering the family… or lockdown.

Like, the amount of times I’ve cut his hair… I just can’t handle it, it is SOOOO stressful!

But I claimed my credit back tonight.

I got him to help me out. We were both there in the bathroom – actually baby girl was too, supervising and providing entertainment and all – and he was helping me get to all those back of scalp places that makes it all too hard with long, wavy, thicker and wider and crazier than a Lion’s mane type hair.

Thank God we got each other for these things. 🙏

#2030 A lockdown balance

You need to achieve a level of balance, EVEN in lockdown.

I didn’t realise ’til today that I too, like I said for baby girl last week, had started to withdraw. Sure, I’m eager as to have my freedoms, see my family and friends again, resume life as we were before all this happened.

But at the same time, being home all the time, has made me wanna stay home, and kinda, be up-to-date on everything.

Not even important things.

It wasn’t until today after I finished work at 3pm, that I realised my old ways. I had several things to tick off my to-do list, but given the sunshine, and my promise last week to get her out more, I instead asked baby girl “what do you wanna do?”

She wanted to have coffee and babycino on the deck.

(We don’t have furniture yet, so we just sat on the floor).

But it was actually really beautiful.

Then, still ignoring the growing pile of dishes on the sink, I asked her –

“Which park do you wanna go to?”

Well it had to be the one with the big net that she loves to climb to the top of.

Even better, I messaged her friend’s Mum, and they joined us too. The kids were running, screaming, we all stayed way too long, and when I came home…

I quickly rushed to start dinner, get the cat out, put the dishwasher on…

Ahhh. Like the good ol’ days. To hell with routine. Who needs an orderly and clean house anyway? 😉🤣

#2016 Simple laughter, simple things

I felt a familiar lockdown feeling wafting over me today as the sun shone through the window, and I set off to work from home yet again.

It was this flat, gnawing feeling of unsettledness. Of unsatisfaction.

I did my best to remind myself that all was good in my world, and even argued with some of my thoughts. I reasoned that it was lockdown blues, yet again, making their presence known.

I’ve grown to get used to their presence, and even allow them to pull up a chair at the table.

Just as I finished work, I came across a hilarious Sooshi Mango video. If you haven’t seen these guys and you’re of European descent, you MUST check them out. Anyway I watched this latest vid, gasping from breath and nearly crying, and quickly went to share it into the messenger group chat of the Sooshi Mango fan club.

Otherwise known as, me and my four friends. 🤣🤣

I had to share the joy. It was a quick share, a comment here, comment there… insert some laughing emojis, some OMGs, and all was good.

All was good in the world.

And it had me thinking… how lovely it is that I have this group with my friends, where we just come and go, drop in random stuff about our lives, share memes and jokes and more personal stuff, and some of us comment, some of us don’t, but you know what?

It’s all ok. We move on. We don’t take it personally.

You know those people where you feel as if you are walking on eggshells constantly? You need to watch what you say, how you say it, and then you need to check in, ALL THE TIME. If you haven’t spoken to them, you need to justify why, and I HATE justifying.

Like, life, that’s why.

That’s what I love about this messenger group we have, and that’s why I love my friends. We are bloody mature people. There are no freaking games and bullshit.

We drop in, we laugh, we comment.

We move on.

And then the next day/week, we pop in again, and it’s like the conversation never ended.

I was thinking all of this, feeling super proud of us, and then I realised…

I had a lot more to be grateful for than I first thought.

Those lockdown blues, I chased them away. 💖🥰

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

#1984 Home-school made easier

So the above is a bit of a fallacy, certainly in the minds and prayers and thoughts and screams of parents everywhere ALL over the world!

But, age does matter.

I’ve noticed anyway. If I compare last year’s lockdowns to this years ones (can’t believe I’m speaking in the plural for BOTH) baby girl has been able to apply herself independently to her learning this year, and seems to be getting better at it.

She’s more likely to try something on her own, is more confident in giving it a try without me there sitting next to her, and doesn’t kick up as much of a stink when there’s like a literacy online group session that she must attend.

And this makes my life easier, because instead of going from work from home, to then school from home…

I go from work from home, to… only a very tiny bit of school from home. 😂

And can I add… we both love Fridays.

Other than the obvious… they are device-free days. No set tasks, yes! 💪🙏

#1966 Chocolate slice and Ricky

Two things brought me joy today.

(Well, many really, but I gotta talk about something different now, don’t I? 😉)

  1. Cooking.

It was such an inside day, and I was happy to spend most of it indoors, willing the rain to rain down even more, so I could revel in the inside-ness, even more.

I did lots of cooking, and was most happy with this chocolate slice I made. It’s a recipe I’ve had for yonks but never tried. Honestly, I have a trillion recipes scattered in magazines, books and clippings all over the place, and need to go through them more regularly so that I can discover more interesting things to make.

It was good.

2. Ricky Martin.

I’ve been on a massive rock fest of late, and most of the time Queen is the only thing I play. But I put a song on YouTube tonight, a live Ricky Martin performance, and after that was done it gave me another Ricky Martin song…

And I just REMEMBERED. I mean, it’s not like I forgot. But you can’t love everyone at the same time, and you gotta play music according to your mood.

But man, I still love the guy.

I ended up finding a CD and pumping it up as I did the dishes, because that’s the rule in our house… whoever does the dishes, picks the soundtrack.

And it was a whole lot of ‘ola’ tonight!

Chocolate slice, and Ricky. Both so, so sweet. 🤣💖😉

#1954 My new favourite movement place

I was overcome with profound happiness and lightness today.

I finally got back to The Loft, a place that I visited late last year for a discovery session.

And discovered myself I did. Part yoga/exercise/pilates/psychic (I don’t know how else to explain it) this integrative movement space that uses reformer beds made me question and think things I hadn’t before.

I became much more aware of my body and the way I carry myself, the way physical and emotional pain can store tension in the body and create dis-ease, and so, so much more.

But today I went back, just to a small class environment. Not a one-on-one this time though.

The discovering (in some sense) was over. Now it was the DOING part.

I was nervous initially. Whereas in large classes you can kinda hide within like, 15 people in a large room… in a small, no, tiny room of 4 other ladies, there is NO WHERE to hide!

But I got through. All the stretches, the burns, the moving your legs in a circular motion this way, then that way… 😂

But I was moved most when we got to the end of the class, during the relaxing, Savasana.

I was moved emotionally. Because as we all lay on our reformers, breathing deeply, letting go of distracting thoughts, I let the teacher’s words fill me up from within. She was telling us how in moments of peace, of meditation, we tend to think of the past, or the future, and with the future we try to guess how things will be.

We try to predict, and we think we know, but we don’t. None of it is true, they are just thoughts, assumptions, most of which probably won’t even come true.

The only thing true, she said, is this present moment. And with the eye pillow resting lightly on my face, my feet meeting at the soles resting on the bar above me, she said “All that is true is that you are a beautiful woman. You are sitting on a reformer. And you are relaxed.”

And with that she left us to breathe and be still for a few more minutes.

It really struck a chord, so much so I felt my eyes welling up underneath the eye pillow. Something about it hit me hard. It hit a spot, and I don’t even know which spot, except for it might be a place where I tend to overthink, or expect too much, or am too hard on myself.

I walked out of that room, feeling lighter. Happier. Freer. More hopeful than ever.

Absolutely amazing.

And to celebrate, well you can guess what I did…

I had to get a coffee from down the road, and one of those super clean treats, a Snickers bar, except this thing is like gluten/vegan/dairy free for example, and is loaded with things like nuts and dates and coconut oils and what have you, and it was THE BOMB. Oh My God. How can healthy taste so good?

I was still amazed at how incredible I was feeling. I felt on top of the world.

I wanted to feel like this every day.

I’ve found a new favourite place. 🙏

In case you’re interested, here is what I wrote to her, which she shared on her Facebook stories… 💖

#1948 My moccasin love

I will forever be a lover, of the papuce.

That is moccasins to you, my English speaking friends. 😉

Do not show me an ugg boot. Do you know what I say when I see an ugg boot?


Get it? The ugg is named aptly, because it is DAMN UGLY. Only once in my whole life have we had ugg boots in our house, and that was because baby girl got them as a gift when she was a baby, and even then when I put them on her, Hubbie stirred me forever and a day because he knows I don’t like ugg boots.

I think they pass on a baby. I mean, everything looks cute on a baby.

But, ugh. Pass on the UGG-LY boots, please.

Moccasins, ALL THE WAY.

From as long as I can remember, these things have been on my feet all year round. A couple of months around summer, I live in thong-type cushiony slippers… but these things, these moccasins, spell one thing.


I wore them all through my childhood and teenage years, and really they remind me of my childhood home, of my parents, of keeping feet warm and protected through everything.

I mean, why would you wear basic slippers when it’s cold? There is no proper support, or protection, or warmth… they can so easily slip off.

Actually, slippers are a hazard.

Moccasins fit snugly around your foot, providing cushions of love and goodness to keep those toes toasty, all day long.

(And yes, I know ugg-ly boot lovers will argue that their boots do the same, but the fact that you have to pull them off makes them so inconvenient, and did I mention, ugly? 🤣)

I got a new pair today at the local Wednesday market, because I wore my old ones to the ground to the point that there was literally no cushioning left in the moccasins!

There has been a lot of working from home and home-schooling over the past year, so they have been in high demand. 😁

But, ahhh. A new pair of moccasins. To set me up for the cold months ahead…

Welcome papuce. Welcome. 😁💖

#1947 The never-ending chat box

Have you heard that statistic about how if you have shelter, or access to food, you are like, X per cent better off than the majority of the world?

Well I did some digging, and found the quote.

If you have food in your fridge, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep…

Then you are richer than 75% of people in this world.

Just pause and let that sink in for a moment.

Another one that causes thought to sober up.

If you can read, you are luckier than one billion people who cannot read at all.


If you have money in the bank, in your wallet, and spare change in a dish someplace…

You are among the top 8% of the world’s wealthy.


With all my sobering and eye-opening quotes and statistics I’m now inclined to continue with this theme, but alas I’m making a point about something else.

A statistic that I will make up, if you will.

I suggest that if you have an ongoing chat with anyone in your life… friends, siblings, cousins, colleagues, like-minded individuals… whether it’s on Messenger, WhatsApp, or any other message sharing app, well then you are…

Part of the world’s privileged that is fortunate enough to engage on a regular basis with people who make you smile. 😁😁😁😁

I call it, the never-ending chat.

Insert The NeverEnding Story theme song here. I was led to these thoughts when during the day today, while working from home, I was bombarded by messages in my friends group chat.

This is the group of my oldest and nearest and dearest friends, girls ranging from my primary to high school years.

And I will say this – getting messages from your friends when working from home, is both a pro, in that you can respond to the messages…

But it is also a con, because it’s a MASSIVE distraction.


One theme started, and then another, and another… I went back to work after a few replies and GIFs, trying not to get distracted, and when I looked back like, 10 minutes later, there were 50+ new messages.


But it was the best, it made me laugh, it amused me to no end, and I had something to come back to, for the whole day.

That my friends, is why it’s called the Never Ending Chat.

It’s amazing, because when it’s shared with loved ones, well you know it will NEVER end.

It is the chat that never ends! Ooh, that reminds me…

“It is the chat that never ends, and it goes on and on my friend…”


Ok, I’ll stop now. 🤣

#1944 Saturday DIY pizzas

We’re enjoying our Saturday nights in more and more.

Maybe because we know we have our freedom, and can go out if we want to.

Plus, Winter, and that other thing, BALANCE.

When we knew we were staying in, Hubbie suggested we get pizza… and I was like, “but we have all that ham in the fridge!”

So he said, “why don’t we make our own?”

BOOM! Idea born.

It’s not the first time we’ve done it, but we definitely don’t do it near enough.

I went out earlier today with baby girl to buy the bases and some toppings, and I got several bases because they weren’t really huge to be honest.

This ended up being a blessing in disguise, because when it came time to the ‘decorating’ part…

Well, we each had our own! I got the toppings ready, and then we all set about constructing our own idea of a delicious pizza!

And man, it can vary, heaps. I did long strips of ham and big mushrooms chunks, with heaps of mozzarella cheese piled on top.

Baby girl wanted her mushrooms in teeny tiny bits, even breaking up bits of spinach into pieces that looked more like parsley garnish.

And Hubbie did loads of sauce, with hot salami on top of all the usuals, AND pineapple! I know!

It was so good, and it felt heaps healthier after, there was none of that heavy feeling or anything.

I think this will be a regular addition to our dinner menu. 😋

#1932 What is (not) good

It dawned on me this afternoon.

The feeling. It was the same.

“You’ve got that lockdown feeling… oh that lockdown feeling

You’ve got that lockdown feeling and it’s gone, gone, gone

Freedom is gone.”

Ok so I am being cheeky changing the words to The Righteous Brothers. But that feeling of same, same, same, same, same house, was starting to seep it’s way back.

On a Monday, I would work from home. Maybe a quick shop to the bakery before picking up baby girl from school. then we were off! Straight to her swimming lesson, where she would get changed into her swim gear there, and have her lesson. Before the lesson she would sit with her swim buddy, and they adored each other, so I would be privy to all kinds of kid-crazy knock knock jokes before they ran amuck in their lesson.

During the lesson, I would email, message, write to-do lists, check social media. Then the other half I would chat to a parent there. She would get changed, then we would head home where she showered, I would start on dinner,.

Dinner was her and I. Hubbie was at basketball on Monday evenings.

And it would start all over again – the clean up, the get ready for school/work the next day. He would get home late, and we would spend what little family time we had before bedtime.

Pre-lockdown, I left the house. I was more social. I was busier.

Today… well I worked from home. Same.

Baby girl slept in ’til 11am. 11! She did like one homeschool task while I worked, and when I finished for the day…

We headed up to the balcony. We had our coffee/babycino break, in her words, to “enjoy the last day of Autumn.”


I defrosted outside.

Downstairs, still home. Washed two sinks worth of dishes as I helped her with more homework.

After that, I edited a story for a competition. She played on her ipad before getting called out by the neighbours’ kids, and then proceeded to yell over the fence with them until it got dark.

Hubbie didn’t have basketball. Things have been cancelled. Like the swimming. Like school.


I prepared dinner slowly.

After we ate, we worked out this maths symbol challenge together, and then as I cleaned up, listened to Hubbie and baby girl do a crossword together.

Sure, we can’t go out, or do the things we used to do.

But we’ve been able to relax a bit. Stay together more. Slow it down a lot.

I will take the bad, but I will also take the good. 💖💖