#1445 The ‘1’ first day

I’m grateful we are here.

I’m grateful she was happy.

And I’m forever hopeful.

Here’s hoping baby girl’s school year is as rich in hues, bright in contrast, and stunning in beauty as this sunset.


Made even more beautiful because she took this photo. 😍

#1416 Who you’re with on New Year’s Eve

It doesn’t matter if you have fireworks.

It doesn’t matter if you’re at a raging party.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on the banks of a river, on a 25 storey high-rise, or up on a bridge.

It doesn’t matter if you are surrounded by 100 people, or 1.

All that matters is that you’re with people who you love, and who love you.


(Oh, and some Moet and choc-dipped strawberries don’t go astray either). πŸ˜‰

Hope your New Year 2020 is all you want it to be. β€πŸΎπŸŽ‰β€


#1237 Revisiting sweet strawberry memories

It took me a long time to work out if we should go or not.

But this morning, 2 hours before the session was to begin, I quickly logged onto the website and booked a workshop for baby girl.

I knew it was going to be sunny, and I knew the day would be good.

Deep down, I knew.

Because although this was baby girl’s first time at Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm, she had kind of been before… when I was only 4 months pregnant with her, in my tummy.

Back then it had been strawberry picking season, and I had picked loads to take home and DEVOUR.

Today we were in off-season, so instead, baby girl made an enormous chocolate shard. πŸ™‚


It was a school holiday activity. There were kids all around the room, with melted chocolate on their plates, adding mini marshmallows, little chocolates, coconut, honeycomb and cocoa puffs to their giant freckle creation.

Into the freezer it went, coming out all hard and ready to EAT!

More than the fun chocolate activity, for me was going to a place that we had been to so many years before, and which held such fond memories of a really exciting, happy, and hopeful time in our lives.

Nothing has changed.


The strawberries may be covered from frost in the far distance, but we are…

forever excited,

forever happy,

forever HOPEFUL.

And the sun shining down on us today proved that more than ever.


#1209 On the 7th day of Winter…

… Melbourne weather gave to me –

A sunny day to open the car windows!


This is a deal in the Southern hemisphere. I was driving along today, and look, look, check out my evidence:


It was warm in the car. Squintingly sunny out.

Sure, we might be in the coldest months of the year… but then hope comes along, in the form of rays of sunshine.

Things are looking up πŸ˜‰πŸ˜β˜€πŸ’—

#1202 Heart on her hand

“Do you wanna sit on my lap?”

“Yeah!” baby girl yelled excitedly.

We were at swimming after school today for a catch up lesson. She jumped on my lap happily as we waited for her session to start, and as her hands came close to mine, I observed the heart shape I had drawn on there just this morning.


A fellow school Mum had given me the idea the day before. Talking to her about some of the anxiety baby girl was recently displaying at school drop-off, this warm, friendly and self-confessed parenting book expert told me that she had started the practice of drawing a heart on her son’s hand last year, and telling him that when he pressed the heart, even though she wasn’t there, it was like getting an instant hug from his Mum.

I immediately LOVED the idea. It spoke to me.

So this morning as we were getting ready to pack her bag and leave, I said to baby girl “I have something for you.”

She followed me into the kitchen in wonder, looking around: “what?”

“No, it’s not a ‘thing,” I explained, getting a pen. Bending down to her I asked –

“Can I draw a heart on your hand?”

She watched in awe and surprise as I carefully drew the small symbol. So small, yet so full of hope, promise, and good vibes.

“Now every time you look at it, you can press it and think of me and all the love we have for you, all the love in your heart.”

I drew back and looked at her – her face full of happiness and excitement. It filled my heart with joy… that little drawn on heart, and how it could affect my beating heart.

How it could affect her beating heart.

A small heart. But, full of such love. β™₯


#1089 Rebirth of an orchid

I entered the laundry today.

Within moments – “Oh!”

Shocked. Startled. Amazed beyond belief.

I was moved even.

It was about the Phalaenopsis plant. Rather, to you and me and most Tom, Dick and Nancy’s, the orchid. MY orchid. The plant that had been gifted to us when baby girl was born, the plant I had kept alive… until recently.

Until the move.

I am honestly not sure if it has bloomed since we moved house. Last summer, despite it being next to a window, I don’t recall seeing it blossom once, NOT ONCE… it soon moved to a less prominent position, but still by a window, and still facing the same side of the house as it was before… only it was in a different room. The laundry.

I was hopeful for so long. This plant held ties with baby girl’s arrival. Sure, it’s miraculous to keep these things growing beyond a few years. Plants die, ndoor potted ones more so… I get it.

But this one I COULD NOT LET GO OF.

I watered it. Gave it food. Trimmed some dead leaves and branches from it. With no change and the soil becoming more like sand than dirt, I started to contemplate throwing it away.

Again… I just couldn’t. I left it there in the laundry, facing the window, with dust settling on the leaves… thinking one day, I would do something with it.

I just didn’t know what.

So to walk in today and find this…


What? My orchid was alive? Reborn from brittle soil when I least expected it, its seed lying dormant for the longest time, waiting, just waiting, for the right combination of circumstances to spring forth…

I honestly, clapped with glee. Got teary. I am so glad I didn’t give up.

You all know what this means. I may not throw out a plant now, NEVER EVER EVER.

Because you never know if a seed of hope is lying around somewhere, just waiting.


#959 Planting tulips

How do you move on from a massive team loss and Saturday night downer?

Why, you inject some colour.

You grow some inspiration.

You plant some seeds of Hope… in the form, of Tulips.


I was super excited to get this going today. Because they are the tulips I bought from the Tesselaar Tulip Festival from late last week, and I have been hanging to repot them and give them a stable and hopefully, very LONG-TERM home.

We found a pot on the side of the house that did not have any practical use, other than housing about 7 saucers. We bought some more potting mix, added in the fertiliser, baby girl gave it a good water…

… and Voila! Those three flowers have provided so much colour to our front porch, it is seriously blinding us with happiness and good vibes.


Honestly, next time you are bored? Head down to your local plant place and buy yourself a pop of colour in a pot. Even if you just leave it in there… watch your mood and the atmosphere around you change. I DARE YOU… to be happy πŸ™‚