#2577 Ice cream interlude

Waiting is a tricky game.

It can be boring. Stressful. Anxiety-producing even.

But you just gotta get through it.

I’m trying my best to stay close to home… as you just don’t know. Today was one of those days where I didn’t care much for many things, either than doing stuff around the house, tidying, nesting, you know.

But I had plans for baby girl and me this afternoon. After getting some baby items (it feels never-ending) we went to the Main Street for some coffee and ice cream.

Waiting it out with ice cream isn’t a bad place to be.

Maybe when baby has enough ice cream, they won’t want to wait anymore. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ˜‚

#2532 Falling into place

Slowly, slowly.

For ages I was stressed about the barn door for the baby room. As soon as we booked the job for January, I felt a massive weight life off my shoulders.

But that hasn’t been all. Remember it’s been 9 years since I’ve had a newborn, and so we had to think REALLY hard about where we had stashed certain things.

The monitors. The baby chair. The baby bouncer.

How did we get the play mat to play music? Where were the batteries located?

How the hell did I close up this pram? And where was my oh-so-important coffee cup holder that went alongside the pram?

Where was the baby bottle steriliser? Was there even YouTube instructions on how to use it?

Thankfully for me, all of these things have been solved in one way or another. Most importantly, that coffee cup holder for the pram was FOUND. πŸ€£β˜• (Priorities).

The monitors work.

The baby chair is in the midst of a DEEP CLEAN.

The baby bouncer looks perfect and is just waiting for a cute bottom to fill it out.

The old play mat plays music, and we worked out where the battery compartment was after an extensive google search and then an accidental search and find on our own. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

Hubbie helped me close the pram up… I still need to practice that one.

The coffee cup holder is waiting.

And there are YouTube video instructions on using the portable steriliser.

BUT… one little, but big thing, was bugging me BIG TIME.

The tripod.

Why would I be troubled over a tripod? Well this tripod, originally used for Hubbie’s camera oh-so-many years ago, it actually housed the monitor we used for baby girl’s room.

There is a screw underneath the monitor that can easily fit onto the tripod, and then by tilting the tripod up and down and extending the legs to the perfect height, you can get the monitor at the perfect position so that it’s watching baby from the best view possible.

This was our Godsend. We had no nearby furniture where we could place the monitor on in baby girl’s old room, and in this room now, baby’s room, the same applies.

We needed the tripod. But where was it?

I looked in many places, but ultimately I knew that it was in a place I hadn’t ventured in since we moved house, 6 years ago… I know this because I have gone through all cupboards and wardrobes of our house, cleaning out and decluttering many times, so I would have known if I had stumbled across said tripod.

I hadn’t stumbled across it.

It had to be in a really weird, odd place, if we just didn’t go there, AT ALL. After cleaning out the shed yesterday of some old stuff, and then Hubbie assuring me it wasn’t there or in the garage, I told Hubbie the above (“I haven’t come across it at all during our 6 years here”) he came up with the most perfect idea for where it could be.

And he was bloody right.

It was with the portable cot. Not zipped within it like he had suggested, but sitting on top of the large bag, camouflaged against other grey and black items, accessories for the portacot, that stray pram coffee cup (that I knew was there!) and then of course, this folded up tripod.

All along. But the portacot was so big, I never picked it up, even whilst folded. That was Hubbie’s job, and so he literally would pick it up, plop it here, and then there, and then wherever else it had to be stored…

All the while, the tripod sitting pretty amongst it all.

I was SO HAPPY! I can’t tell you how happy it’s made me to find this tripod, just another piece in the puzzle of having all of baby’s stuff come together.

Another weight, lifted and floating away…

There’s just one more thing though. We need a wardrobe for baby’s room.

Watch this (baby) space…

#2525 Ahhh

This is the sound I make now that I’m getting a break.


Last week was very intense. The weeks leading up to it were too, but then last week I was working 4 days, planning a shin-dig, while looking after home restorations and tradies WHILE working from home, then in the immediate lead-up to the shin-dig had my work Christmas party, a kids birthday, and an engagement party.

All while organising said shin-dig! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Now that it’s over, I am exhausted. My body has gone NUP. NUP NUP NUP.

Been tired all day. Baby has resumed kicking… I think baby was worried about my stress levels and concerningly was keeping mum for a while, but all is good again… the kicks are decent, noticeable, and big. Yes my insides are getting a beating and I’m happy about it, thank you very much.

I have spent so much time go-go-going, that as I sit here tonight I’m like…


This feels good. I might just stay here a while… πŸ™πŸ’–

#2518 Roof stuff

Another super boring house-related thing, but it needs to be said, because I’m grateful. πŸ™

Can I just say, there is nothing like having a big life change, i.e. having a baby, to whip your arse into gear.

We all know about the barn door. That will be happening.

We recently re-painted the two bedrooms upstairs, our bedroom and baby’s room. But in the process the painter identified what might be a leak from somewhere up there, so we set about getting a roof guy.

For some background, we have lived in this house for 6 years. Never have we done anything to clean, check or do anything to the roof or the tiles.

And we strongly suspect, neither did the previous owners who had it for 35 years.


So today, the roof guys came. As I worked from home, there was clanging and pressure washing and all kinds of knocking coming from above. At one point as they walked over the part of the house I work in, I had to press my earbuds into my ear so that I could still hear what I was working on!

Mister F was in the laundry and terrified, meanwhile our bird Orange-cheeks was walking around curiously, wondering if there was a real shower coming from overhead… when he wasn’t napping through the incessant motoring noise, lol.

There is still much to do, in terms of repointing, some more tile replacement, and of course the final thing, the spray. But, it’s already looking better up there… faded, sure (the tiles have been there 40+ years) but CLEANER too!

And it all comes back to baby. If baby wasn’t coming we wouldn’t have painted so soon, and then wouldn’t have acted on the roof either… but now, another problem.

We need insulation. And new guttering. And some fascia covers. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

The house renovation continues…

#2517 The barn door

A lot of things have been troubling me lately, and none more so probably than the bloody barn door.

It’s a super busy time of year, made more so by certain get-togethers, baby prep and planning, and then of course normal life is enough to throw us completely off the loop… and then throw in this most festive time of year, Christmas! πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas. I’m just finding it super hard to dedicate time equally to all the things right now, that’s how full on it is.

However, something big happened today, well it’s big for me, and it’s lifted a load and a half off my chest.

We finally booked someone to do our barn door.

This door has been the bane of my existence since we moved into this house. The room next to ours has always been planned to be the baby room, we just needed a baby, first…

And we also needed a door.

I guess they sold it as a bit of a study room when we bought the house due to its doorless entry, but it’s also a perfect nursery, being right next door to our bedroom, and also being a small, nice size for a baby.

We had actually looked at getting a barn style door for this room years ago, but not only did we not have another baby on the way yet (one big thing to halt the process!) but we also got an astronomical quote for the door, which we thought ‘hell no.’

So it was put off indefinitely… until we fell pregnant.

And then the race for the barn door was on.

We got a couple of quotes, and after today querying Bunnings who could not do a custom door in our height and extra wide size request, it sealed the deal.

We knew who we would be booking.

So that’s it. It’s perhaps a small thing, but just knowing this guy is going to fit us into our schedule so that we can get the door done before baby arrives, is just the greatest gift ever. πŸ™πŸ₯°

#2504 Whiplash but no floods

Our house got whiplash last night.

Whiplash in its truest form. Only whiplash feels like a bit of an understatement… this was like a ferocious beating, not just from the wind, but the rain. The intensity was so great, it awoke us after 4am and kept us up for well over an hour. We even headed downstairs to check if our bird who sleeps outside, was in fact, still there (and still alive!)

But, we got through it. And hearing about all the damage and flooded properties today around our area and other parts of the state, I can say one thing with utter gratitude…

I am sooo glad our house is elevated.

It’s in an elevated part of the street, and I think in horrible weather spells like this, it means the world. Sure, we still get the ‘Bay Beating,’ and it comes right for our bedroom window which faces the street, and the Bay. We hear it all, and it wakes us up every single time there’s a frightening storm like last night’s one.

But fortunately, where we cop the weather extremities, we are spared the water lodgment. Flooding, intense water rushes, they bypass us, and head down, somewhere else…

It may seem like little things, but also in the house scheme of things, it’s kinda big too. πŸ πŸ™

#2473 6 years of the bay

Exactly 6 years ago, on October 14th, also a Friday, we moved our lives to the other side of this city.

It somehow feels like a lot of time has passed, while in some ways it feels like it’s flown by.

There has been a lot of growth though.

We have grown. All of us. Baby girl has grown up here. She’s established her friendships and school life here, and that is something we’ve always wanted.

We finally know the secret back streets, best places that do coffee (priority) have our favourite and then our experimental beaches, as well as our reliable local grocery spots where we seem to spend so much time at.

Our house has changed. We have done a lot to it, renovations and face lifts and improvements, and yet, there is still much more to go.

But, baby steps.

Lastly, our home has grown in love. Years ago we welcomed a feline friend, saved from the local shelter no less, and the love is happily growing even more… we are making way for a new member of the family to make their arrival in about 4 months time.

Yes, things have changed. They are meant to. But our resolve to make a better life for ourself, our child/ren, our pets! has not wavered, and I think we are doing alright.

It’s a forever work in progress, a project I am happily committed to.

To many more years of beach-bum-loving folk. πŸ’—πŸŒ…

#2458 Revisiting the tulips

It’s been a busy school holiday period, what with 🀰and appointments, being busy with house renos 🏑 and then the normal everyday joys of work and routine keeping us going on going on with not much free time.

We have had some fun, but I’ve been yearning to take baby girl out for a whole day, to see and do something special, specific to the school holidays.

After a 4 year break, half of it due to covid, we ventured back to Silvan to visit the tulips at the Tesselaar Tulip Festival.

I tried to make the day as special for her as possible. I said yes as often as I could – yes to craft activities, yes to watching Paw Patrol on stage, yes to the fairy figurines she wanted to buy, yes to the cookies… πŸ™„πŸ€£

I am now so pooped beyond recognition and I think so is she, that I’m almost glad to be staying home tomorrow and working. πŸ˜†

#2447 The 9 night getaway

Tonight we begin our 9 night mini holiday. πŸ₯°

The last time we went away for a duration nearly as long as that was when we were in Europe on our Honeymoon for 5 weeks…

13 years ago!

And tonight, we get to have decent break, finally, yet again…

The location?

Downstairs. 🀣

We are getting away downstairs, to the spare room. Because the two rooms upstairs (including our one) is going through a little renovation.

We’re getting both rooms painted and blinds and sheers put in. The smell of paint will be great no doubt, and this job won’t be done overnight either. The paint dust and smell needs to literally settle, then early next week, the windows will get furnished!

Then, and only then, can we move back to our brand new bedroom. 😁

We’ve spent the last 5 days moving stuff out of those two rooms, bar for some heavy furniture, like the bed, cot, dresser, etc. We’ve brought out pillows downstairs, our alarm clocks, even our doona!

It is super weird to be sleeping in another part of the house, but also kinda exciting. Hubbie keeps joking it’s like we’re going away, and I gotta agree, it does feel like that, there is an amount of novelty attached to the event…

Because, you know what they say…

‘A change is as good as a holiday.’

And we are literally sleeping somewhere different for a change!

#2405 Better here than there

Today was a great day. More birthday party prep, just going going going.

You know, the jobs don’t really end when you’re going to have people over. Especially when it’s a sizeable amount. We were tending to all those odd jobs today, writing up lists, making calls, tending to garden beds, washing, tidying, de-cluttering…

As the week goes on, it will be heavier cleaning, targeted grocery shopping, finalising orders, organising dinnerware, glassware, arranging games, presents, decorations, etc…

It is a busy time. Sometimes it hits me and I get tired, but today wasn’t that such day. I was able to go go go all day, and only now am feeling like, ahh, I’m glad I’m on the couch.

It feels like a bit of a nonsense post, but then I remember that for the past two years, we didn’t have any of this. Mine and baby girl’s birthdays came and went, it was just us three, and it was also very quiet, albeit my family and friends made up for it with their loud messages of love and support.

This year is sooo different, and despite the busy-ness and the craziness of it, I am so grateful for it also.

So much to still do, 5 full days left, BRING IT ON!