#2577 Ice cream interlude

Waiting is a tricky game.

It can be boring. Stressful. Anxiety-producing even.

But you just gotta get through it.

I’m trying my best to stay close to home… as you just don’t know. Today was one of those days where I didn’t care much for many things, either than doing stuff around the house, tidying, nesting, you know.

But I had plans for baby girl and me this afternoon. After getting some baby items (it feels never-ending) we went to the Main Street for some coffee and ice cream.

Waiting it out with ice cream isn’t a bad place to be.

Maybe when baby has enough ice cream, they won’t want to wait anymore. 🤷‍♀️😂

#2564 Highlights of Phillip Island Day 2

San Remo to Cape Woolamai boat cruise (dolphins were spotted!) – San Remo Pelican feeding – lunch at the very lovely Haven Wave Cafe – strolling down Thompson Avenue in Cowes (RELAX!) – quiet dinner amongst our accommodation garden. 💞🙏

Also I had ice cream twice, because I am craving it at the moment, and baby more so, soooo…. I must listen, right? 🤣🤰

#2556 Girly and sweet

I had some recent good updates on my pregnancy and progress today, so I gave myself the allowance…

for indulgence. 😍

I had some mummy-daughter time with my princess today, where we went to the Main Street and I said “you choose where we go!”

She wanted to sit in a cafe for babycino and coffee… and some other things.

I said indulgence, didn’t I?

The girly and sweet theme continued into tonight, with a dinner catch up with my besties. I tell you, nothing fills up my well as much as being around my people, and they definitely fall into that category.

And, following lead from earlier, right after dinner…

More sweet. If you know how ‘good’ I’ve had to be, you would seriously applaud this, trust me. 🤣

It occurred to me at some point today that it was at that exact Pancake Parlour booth, 6 months ago, I was 6 weeks pregnant, seeing my friends for the first time after finding out that fact, and holding onto this big baby secret which was so exciting but still so early to share.

And tonight, 28 weeks later, same Pancake Parlour, same booth, same friends, lots of thanks and gratitude, but stronger love. 🙏❤

It’s all come very nicely full circle, and I can’t help but wonder two things:

Are all these girly and sweet vibes trying to tell me something? A theme for the future perhaps?

Second, seeing as the catch ups have come full circle, I don’t know if I’ll make next months catch up… I think baby will come early!

I’ll just have to host the catch up at my place… with the new addition close by, of course. 🥰

Now that’s sweet. 🤱

#2501 F*&k it, it’s Friday

Do you like my photo?

I call this, F*&k it, it’s Friday.

Actually, that’s something along the lines of what I wrote to Hubbie this afternoon after I sat down with baby girl to have some end-of-week ice cream in between getting some jobs done.

F#$k it, because I’ve been very, very good, or trying to be at least, and so this was my treat.

F*%k it, because it’s Friday, and we’re kinda allowed to let loose of the reins on Friday.

And lastly F$*k it, because sometimes you just gotta, well…


#2454 Park and paint

Today I had a lot to be grateful for.

And the source of gratitude came in ticking things off the list…

Renos from the list, and family time on the list.

The latter, which is sooo important.

A perfect Sunday is created when you strike a good balance between being productive, but also having some relaxing down time. We painted the first coat of the window frame in our bedroom today before the sheers and blinds go in (‘we’ meaning Hubbie did the hard yakka, and I did the project managing 😆) and then spent the afternoon venturing down to Flinders for an afternoon walk, some ice cream and park play.

Then we sandwiched the Flinders drive with a second coat of paint as the sun shone brightly through our bedroom at the end of the afternoon. Again I was the ‘overseer’ as Hubbie finished the job, and we felt super content and productive as we reflected on the Sunday that was. 🌞😁

#2451 Living like a tourist

The one thing about living bayside that bugs me the most?

Tourists coming here and living my life when I am not doing it!

Living where we do, it becomes an ultimate hotspot in warm periods and over long weekends and public holidays.

Today was a public holiday, at the start of a LONG weekend.

And, it was sunny.

Of course, the people were out and about!

However, I was working today. Even so, having the sun out, shining through the window, and Hubbie and baby girl walking through the house made me feel good.

But… we wanted a tad more. So as soon as I clocked off, we headed off to the Main Street, to tourist with the rest of them. 😁

We grabbed some ice cream, lining up for 15 minutes behind the hoards of people, and then did a slow meander down between the park and the beach, before doing a walk across the sand, then a stop at the park for baby girl.

So many years ago we were like those tourists. In fact we loved it here so much, we decided to actually move. But often as is life, it gets away from us, and we end up going through the motions and the routines, obsessed with our to-do lists, more than we do the living in the present moment, which is how it gets, I think for everyone, from time to time…

It takes effort, it takes balance and it takes patience, but living your life and enjoying it is very well worth it.

And if it means you have to act like a tourist to make it happen, well so be it. Just as well I have a bed locally to sleep in. 🤣

#2438 End-of-week ice cream

Baby girl and I did something today that we haven’t done in a LONG time.

We went and grabbed some ice cream. 🍦

This used to be a regular occurrence. Hell, during covid, we went out to grab takeaway ice cream and coffee more than we do now, out of lockdown.

It’s been a long cold Winter. So with the sun shining gloriously today, I picked her up from school, and she asked me “Muu-uuum. (You know when they drag out your name so much it becomes two syllables?)

Can we go to the Main Street and get ice cream?”

I was already half-prepared, half-expecting it.


We weren’t the only ones with this after-school, end-of-week idea. We saw heaps of students, young and older, and a lot from her school too, including a boy from her class.

Despite this, the vibe on the Main Street was super calm. We got our ice creams, just small serves in cups, and sat down under some part-shade, part-sun.

And I discovered something… I really needed it. Just some down time, quiet time, time doing nothing, enjoying some ice cream (which I made sure was made with pasteurised milk! 😂🤰)

And I discovered something else… a really yum ice cream! Rock salt caramel, mmm hmmm! 😋

#2144 Starting the day right on Main Street

We went out to brekkie/brunch this morning.

Baby girl had pancakes with ice cream, and then had the guts to straight up order a vanilla milkshake from the waiter herself (we gotta watch out for this one!)

We ate, then we went to the park. We said five minutes, but baby girl made a friend, and there was no way we were pulling her out of there then.

When her new friend left with her family, so did we. We walked up the Main Street, the strip BRIMMING, HUMMING, it had a magnificent happening VIBRATION. I overheard one lady say to her friend outside a ‘nice’ shop, “this is a lot like Port Douglas isn’t it?” and I shot an amused look to hubbie with the word “cujes?” (‘you hear that?’) It’s my favourite thing ever that we can use our respective native tongues with each other and no one ever knows a thing.

And at this nice shop, I randomly accidentally came across this gorgeous long summery turquoise gypsy-print dress, and I tried it on and IT LOOKED GOOD, which is amazing because you know how a lot of those gypsy dresses just look like sacks? Well this didn’t. So I bought the non-sack.

And it was the loveliest start to the day that stretched to midday, and I was just like this. 😁😁😁

Just like this 😁😁😁🤣🤣

#2133 Whatever Saturday

You know, that whatever day?

It doesn’t even have to be a Saturday, it could be a Monday, Friday, even a Wednesday… but it’s that day when you have no plans in particular, and just decide to go with the flow.

Now let’s be very clear. I have A LOT of stuff to do and certainly have had a lot on, but I needed this day of no routine, of ‘whatever.’

I easily could have written up a to-do list last night for myself, for today, but I fought the OCD urge… instead I woke up and tended to things here and there, and mostly let the day lead me.

Baby girl wanted to go out for coffee time, and that meant she wanted me to get coffee, so she could get ice cream. 🤦‍♀️🤣🍦 So we went, because a) holidays, and b) like mother like daughter, but even more so like daughter like mother, I agreed with her. 🤣🤣

Then we went to the park, because ‘whatever’ right, and she swung up to the sky, her words.

And I made espresso martinis tonight, both because ‘whatever’ and because I bloody well felt like it.

Doing whatever feels freaking good!