#1183 My Thank You on Mother’s Day

The day started with baby girl and I in bed.

It ended with baby girl and I in bed.

The beds were different.

And much of the in-between, was frustrating and crap.

Yes. I know it was Mother’s Day.

I have one. I am one. I have the best ones, around me.

But things have just been too hard lately.

Too frustrating. Too sad. I got mad/frustrated/sad umpteen billion times today. I cried about the same amount, and said “you are f&%king kidding me” another 57 times.

There was definitely good in the day. I had really great moments, with my whole family, and tried to pay the most amount of gratitude and appreciation to my own Mum, with all she has done for me and my family in my life…

While still having, this really crappy day.

The morning started off with baby girl coming upstairs to where I was sleeping. Hubbie had already gotten up. I had instructed her clearly yesterday, several times, “do not wake me up early tomorrow, I am sleeping in… it is Mother’s day.”

She came up, and coming over to my side of the bed, tapped my shoulder (I was pretending to still be asleep) and whispered “Mama… I just wanted to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day…” before placing a gentle kiss on my cheek.

She climbed into bed with me, and it was now 8:50am. I told her to sleep. Of course we didn’t sleep.

We found ourselves soon sitting up in bed and chatting. And that was my lovely start to the day. ♥♥

Because this is a gratitude journal, I will just say –


And come back to the end of the day. This time, her bed. We had literally just had an argument within the last half hour. She knew, that I was pissed. I sat on the bed as she snuggled inside the covers, but sat up when she saw my face.

I was just staring at her.

“Mama… what you wanna say?”

I sighed.

“I want to say… that no matter what happened today, Mummy has a very big thing to tell you.”


Tears started welling up, and she was probably thinking I was going to lose it for the 1001th time that day.

“I want to thank you soooo much, for making me a Mummy.”

We hugged, and suddenly, she was crying too. She was crying because I was crying. We were both there crying and I was telling her it’s okay, and then Hubbie heard us and wanted to join the party, entering and giving us a big bear hug as we sat there, enveloped in a hug and crying into each other’s arms, but of course he was not crying, he was LAUGHING.

Typical Dad.

And that is it. If only life were as simple as the good moments, right?

But life cannot be simply reduced to just the best and happiest moments of our day.

But as I try again and again here, they can be something we try our best to focus on, the most. ♥♥♥♥

#1176 Sunday Our Day

All week we were looking forward to today.

Even more so was today a day to get excited about, as it came off the back of celebrating our anniversary over dinner last night… and you know, I think we were still somewhat more excited about today, than Saturday night.

What happened today?

Not much.

Firstly there was a sleep in. Not massive, but hell, MUCH needed. Sunday is the only day I get to sleep more than usual, and as I average 5 and 7am wake-ups ALL week, and being under the weather and fighting some seasonal transition as it was, I was keen for Sunday to come around pronto, so I could sleep.

Amidst all our boring jobs at home which made us feel super-productive, we headed out for a coffee after lunch. Via Boffe on the Main street is getting better and better in their food and coffee taste and presentation, the pro display evident in baby girl’s babycino.


And then… she got some new shoes. Man I wish I had gotten freaking pink shoes like that when I was 5… but alas, times were different then, and they are MUCH different now. She got some new runners as her last ones had the bottoms literally peeling off, and she was bouncing around the shop (and at home) with her new purchase.


Just a family, quiet Sunday… no pressure… no where to be… no rushing around… no one waiting for us…

Just US. Doing our easy Sunday thing. ♥

#1163 Love through a window

Often I forget how good I have it, despite my concerted daily gratitude journaling.

It happened this morning. I was at the kitchen, finally tending to the dishes that had piled up since the day before… dish after dish I washed, while Hubbie passed my immediate view from outside, off to do his put-off job of cleaning the barbeque left over from Saturday evening.

He passed me once. Twice. Three times. We smiled grandly at each other. Blew kisses. Mouthed “I love you’s.” I realised as he walked off that I was still smiling stupidly from our little gestures.

Which were big, in fact.

And that’s when it hit me – I was so lucky. I was so lucky to be in the place, the relationship, the state we were in. In love. Happy. There were people in loveless marriages. Who felt stuck. Confused. Unsatisfied. Unheard. Used. Mistreated.

I had a man who thought I was pretty cool… and likewise, I thought he was pretty awesome too.

And all of this, at the kitchen sink 🙂

#1144 Going back to bed

Right. So I didn’t really get a chance to sleep in today.

But I got the next best thing.

I shouldn’t have received anything extra. But then again, baby girl shouldn’t be sick in the last week of term either.

But, she is. I got up as usual, making her lunch, hopeful she would feel better today…

I crept into her room…

Kissed her head…

Whispered a “good morning…”

Her eyes flickered open. She groaned.

“Honey… are you feeling better? Or you think you need to stay home?”

“I’m still sick.”

Which is how my situation came to be. I tucked her back in, told her to sleep as long as she wanted to…

And I went back to bed. I didn’t exactly sleep…

But I lay.

And that was the next best thing 🙂


Photo by Yuris Alhumaydy on Unsplash

#1128 Un-asked dish washing

Today, as I held my head in my hands, grappling with not just a thumping headache but sorrowful emotions from the day, Hubbie took his empty dinner plate to the kitchen while baby girl and I had our last bites.

Running water. Clinking of dishes. The opening and closing of the rubbish bin.

It was unmistakable. He was doing the dishes.

My Hubbie. A helper, but also a ‘hater-of-dishes’ kind of helper.

Still he got up.


No fanfare.

With simple action, practically in the background, he got up and got to it.

And I suddenly loved him ALL THE MORE. 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🍽🥣🥄🍴

#1114 Happiness at a bedspread

So I have written about this doona before, but it was the reaction I got today, though still so positive and excited, that was different.

She will be happy all the times I change her bedding, but she will still be happy in a million different ways.

Which is why I love it. ♥

Baby girl. She finds happiness in the smallest of things. Like, when I wash all her clothes and she sees them drying on the inside clothes horse… “Thank you Mama, you washed my clothes! They’re all clean… (deep inhale into a dress) I love it!”

(Yes, appreciation! Someone, finally!)

And you already know about her pasta obsession… she will jump up and down in extreme joy when she knows that food item is heading onto the dinner table in the evening.

But when I change her bedding? It is something else. She even knew I was changing our beds today, as she asked me before I dropped her off at school – “what you gonna do today?”

There was no surprise factor. Still, as we got home after her school and subsequent swimming lesson, she went to the loo, went to her room, and then –


I Swear.

It is the cutest, funniest thing ever to witness. I need to tape it, really I do. The excitement, the love, the insane jumping on a newly-made bed… to show her when she is older, wiser, and unimpressed with all of life (i.e. when she is a teenager).

I somehow hope she retains some of that naïve simplicity, that love for the little things, that solid appreciation for everyday tasks.

I want her to be her own person, but in that regard, I really hope I rub off on her.


#1111 The lollypop man

I am convinced beyond doubt: baby girl’s primary school has the best lollypop man.

Maybe it is a thing. Maybe ALL the lollypop men and women go to the same lollypop school, and go off to their respective crossings full of character and humour.

If your child’s school also has an exceptional lollypop person… please, let me know. Give them a shout out for goodness sakes.

But from the day I started crossing the road with baby girl to get to her primary school, I knew he was something special.

He is something extra. Because he carries with him something, something amazing, something more common than the brightly coloured-neon vest of his work attire, his seasonal hat, and something more regular than the red stop sign he carries every day.

It is his contagious smile and ability to notice every single person that passes him.

Every single person. Every day he greets parents and children with a smile. A genuinely warm greeting. He makes a joke and wishes every one of them a wonderful day.

He talks about the weather. Makes a jovial tune out of his whistle so you could almost dance to it as you cross the road.

He gives the stop sign to a 2 year-old going to pick up their older sibling with their Mum.

He completely stops to goo at babies and makes a whole conversation with their Mums.

But today he went, above and beyond.

Today his stop sign, though still present on the scene, was replaced with a very important object. So vital and monumental it was, that surely his lollypop man status has just skyrocketed to legendary status, worthy of some school crossing hall of fame.

As I arrived after 3pm for school pick-up, on what was yet another 35 degree day, I saw from afar something different in his arsenal.

The stop sign lay against a shrub to the side of the road, and instead there was a…

spray bottle.

He was spraying parents with cool water as they walked by!

Of course in this socially conscious day and age with movements like #metoo, he asked me jovially if I wished to be sprayed as I approached, to which I nodded vehemently while asking if he would be spraying kids on the way back. I knew baby girl would just LOVE it.

“Keep walking keep walking!” he instructed with his usual smile as he sprayed water in my face.

And guess what? Baby girl did love it. And on such a hot day, would you believe those wet drops of air actually did make a difference?

Even supposedly little things, make a difference 🙂 ♥


Photo by Anwaar Ali on Unsplash